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     LargeInCharge was founded March of 2004 at a time when Information for the Plus Sized Community was scarce, limited or difficult to find.  Many Organizations and Publications existed, but few were updated regularly and none were in a magazine format.  Our Founder saw a need for the Plus Sized Community and LargeInCharge was born.

     What started as a Newsletter with two writers and 740 visitors the first month, has turned into a Online Magazine with close to a Million monthly visitors. We offer Large Sized Writers, Models, Artists, Business Owners, Designers, Authors, Musicians etc. the recognition they deserve. a place to shine so to speak. When the rest of society will not recognize there worth. LargeInCharge does.

     A Online Magazine was not enough.  LargeInCharge is constantly evolving and growing.  April of 2008 LargeInCharge Radio was created. A weekly Online Radio Show on the Blog Talk Radio Network every Friday Night.  The Show focuses on giving a voice to Plus Sized People.  Taking the many circumstances of daily life, the joy, sadness, dreams, thoughts and struggles all people face and discussing how it affects the Large Half of Society.  Giving our listeners a chance to openly communicate and give thoughts in a safe environment.

     In 2010 the Triad of the Plus Sized Community finally took form.  LargeInCharge Online TV. While this project is still in development and will surely grow as the years progresse is it none the less an exciting venture that in many ways completes what LargeInCharge is about.

     Our Motto People of Size... Taking Control is literal. Showcasing Big People who are making moves toward their dreams. Giving you the real in your face information you want. This no nonsense website caters to every nationality and shape. We believe the only thing that keeps you from achieving what you wish is your mind. Taking Control of your life and destiny is the key to success.

The Big in Heart and Body are everywhere, we just have to have the courage to step out of the dark, into the light and make our dreams happen.


LargeInCharge is a site that addresses adult issues for Large People. Some Material may be objectionable for those under 18.

While LargeInCharge is NOT an ADULT ENTERTAINMENT site. We ask if you are under 18 to view with the supervision or permission of an Adult. - the best dating site for plus-sized singles!


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