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Issue#5 - July 2004

Welcome to the Large In Charge Newsletter


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Featured Person - This month we feature Queen Aishah! Well known Plus Sized Comedian.  We have an interesting interview!


Raqui's Spot - Big Sized books!  Their are many more than I thought there would be.  See the great type of size positive reading material you can get your hands on!


Jay's Spot -  BIG TV. we finally get to do it our way. See how a certain California Company has been hitting the tube with The Big Girls Show!


Food Relations - Low Fat Food Products, are all those processed food products claiming LOW FAT really good for you?  Find out the Real Truth!


Art - Special order Betty Boop Cartoons of many flavors available! SEXY!


Guest Spot -  BIG WOMEN ARE EASY?!  From a mans view


Ask Us - Some of the most interesting Big Sized Questions are asked here!


FREE RAFFLE PRIZE - Our Monthly Sponsor makes an item of Plus Sized Clothing Available.  ENTER NOW AND WIN!


Events & Pictures - L.I.C.  Delivers Info. on the hottest BBW events and parties. Check out our Promo's, See what is happening near you!




Large In Charge July Feature


Plus Sized Comedian


Queen Aishah and Raqui

And then I met a Queen!

     I entered a event on a rainy night.  As walked into Mumbai on W 26th street, I had much attitude.  I was wet from the rain and tired from the humidity…  this better be a good event.  A comedy night and I wasn’t disappointed when Queen Aishah walked in.  I said hello to her and introduced myself and a couple of friends.  She worn a bright smile and warm glow.  She walked with the confidence that every Queen should.  She was vibrant and I wanted to see her work in person. Seeing her on TV was one thing, I wanted to feel her energy.  I made myself comfortable on one of the couches to the side and waited for the performance.

     I sat through the starters, the singers, and rappers,  Up and coming people, some well known.  The poor DJ who kept making mistakes, nothing to major but the jokes about it made us all laugh like crazy.  Now Miss Aishah is taking the stage and low and behold her music wasn't on time.  "OK LETS DO THIS AGAIN!" Queen Aishah bellowed walking off the stage. Finally her music was right and tight!  She walked on prancing like the world was hers and showing some moves.

     Her routine was entertaining and I was laughing up a storm while she went through a few issues that we all could relate to.  Then she shouted out to the Big Girls, when she screamed on me for not waving back to her from the crowd, I was like damn I like her style.  "Yeah you, the one who I was talking to when I came in!" She said with some sweet tude. (As I pointed to myself, wondering if she was talking to me)  "I know your not that tired to put your arm up and wave!" Miss Aishah said questioningly.  I put my arm up and waved with a passion.  I should I have gotten up and did a dance to!

     What can I say about Queen Aishah?  She pulls you into her, She fills you with wonder not because she is a big woman.  But because she is a good entertainer who just happens to also be a proud woman of Size with plenty of style!  She strutted with a confidence only a woman who knows who she is can accomplish.  She made us laugh so deep, that we almost cried with realism.  She talked about mind catching things, and then just when we thought it was over she dared a man from the audience to come up and dance with her.  While she danced with natural movements only a women of size can accomplish. She showed him that he was not in control and shoot that poor man fell on the floor. 

    Queen Aishah is a woman that people of size should be proud of.  Much love to you girl!  Keep doing it BIG GIRL STYLE!






Interview with Plus Sized Comedian Queen Aishah


Dear Raqui,


     Thank you for this interview.  It allowed me to take out the time to see where I am and where I am going and all the things and people in my life to be thankful for.  I appreciate you and your organization for this opportunity.  All the best to you all and I thank your readers and supporters for learning more about Queen Aishah.  Here is my website for the readers to visit and please feel free to post a message on the message board.


Be well,


Talents That Are Not Shared Are Not Talents!


Queen Aishah   What is your name (Real and Stage)

Queen Aishah:   My real name is Aishah, stage name is Queen Aishah   Where are you originally from and where is your home state now?

Queen Aishah:       I am originally from Newark, New Jersey and I now reside in the Maryland (near Washington, DC)   Have you always shown an interest in comedy?


Queen Aishah:   My entire family “Got Jokes” from my parents to the nieces and nephews.  We have always had a sense of humor.  It keeps me light.   How old where you when you started your career?


Queen Aishah:   I was 23-24 years old when I started doing comedy   How long have you been a comedian professionally?


Queen Aishah:   I have been a professional comedian for 10 years.   What agency do you work for or who is your manager?


Queen Aishah:   Right now I am representing myself.  I have worked with a few companies in the past.   Tell us about the first time you were on stage, Date, location, feelings etc?


Queen Aishah:  The first time...  I went to the stage was at Mr. Henry’s, Washington, DC Feb of 94.  I took my Husband and two close girlfriends of mine.  I am not a drinker, and that night one of my girlfriends (Carlora) introduced me to Kuala & Crème, and I got bent.  That three minute set felt like forever.  There were many people in the audience, which may have been a great thing but I have been doing it ever since.   Were you always a person of size or were you smaller when you started your career?


Queen Aishah:   I have always been a thick person.  When I was younger my Mom would put me in her clothes because the “children’s clothes" were too small, but really hers were too big and too grown but that’s what safety pins and a sewing machine is for (WINK)   Did you find it hard to break into the business since you were a person of size?


Queen Aishah:   I did not find it hard to break into the business.  Thus far I have been blessed that when people in the business come in contact with me they see beauty, talent and intelligence.  I always believe in staying true to self.  If someone came to me and said we need you to lose X amount of pounds for a role/project.  I would tell them if they are paying for my personal trainer and nutritious than we can work it out.  I know that I need to work on my health and fitness and if they want to supply me with these things and I don’t have to come out of pocket than let’s work it out.  I go to the gym and practice working on eating habits but we can always make improvements.  And note, I will not be a tooth pick, I know how much weight I am willing to drop.  That’s the first thing.  Size is honest in my family.  It is on my Mom and Dad’s side. But I have no diseases or ailments.   Do you feel that your size helps you come up with routines?


Queen Aishah:   My knowledge and experience of life whether from my own experience or someone else’s helps me come up with material.  I use my size in my material to let people know I, (people of size) have no limitations because of size.  I limit myself.  The first thing they see is size and beauty so I use that to pull them in to where I want to take them.  My entire set is not on weight or big girl jokes.  It could be but I talk about many things, family, marriage, children, cell phone companies, gas prices etc.   How do people of size feel about your routine, do you get more positive or negative feedback?


Queen Aishah:   Most of the time I get a lot of love.  If there are folks in the audience that are having trouble dealing with there size than they may just sit there and stare, complain to the club owner, not want to pay there bill etc.  Nothing major and that is not very often.   Please Tell us about the many TV, Show, appearances you have made?


Queen Aishah:   I have done Amateur Night @ the Apollo, the Wednesday night talent show.  I was the first comic to make it through a line up, let alone a performance in two years and I was beat out by dancers . . . not singers.  Showtime @ the Apollo.  I was booed yea, yea, but my hair looked good and that is the only thing really mattered to me. I went down looking cute. I’ve also performed on BET Comicview/Club Comicview five times and appeared on the Ricki Lake show eight times during her last season.  I have done some impending projects and am always looking for new and challenging things.  I have performed live in many cities, colleges clubs etc.  But I must say the most meaning performances has been the once for the US Military overseas and teaching comedy workshops and performing with an organization that I work with in Baltimore.  It is so fulfilling and they are all appreciative.   Are you currently on tour?


Queen Aishah:   I am not currently on tour but I am looking forward to be a part of some tours in the near future.  I am also working on putting together some of my own tour dates.  Last year I got to tour with Jaheim and it was quite an experience.  He is a very cool and talented spirit.  Every night he bought me on stage and sung house is not a home it was a beautiful thing.  I know the small woman were pissed but I also know that it took his big girl fan base through the roof because it made them stop and pay attention and say hey “he’s feeling us like that”.  The last night he was singing “Me and my B****” and I was standing behind him and he went to slide down and lost his balance.  If it wasn’t for my strong ass, breast, thighs and hips he would have been on the floor.  And in the song where it says she got my back, he pointed to me and said “She got my back”.  So to all my heavy ones your weight can offer you balance   Who are some of comedians that you admire?


Queen Aishah:   I love Queen Aishah; she is very talented and funny.  She gives it to you from the soul.  I also love Eddie Griffin; he is an intelligent brother, Sheryl Underwood, Monique, Mike Epps. There is some many.  Everyone brings their own style and THING to it and that’s what it is all about.   You have helped to pave the road for big women in comedy, who do you believe was paving the road

before you and other current comedians?


Queen Aishah:   Thea Vidale, Roseanne Barr,  Monique and also Kim Coles   What would you say to other young ladies and women who are looking into being a comedian?


Queen Aishah:   If it is your life’s work, don’t waste your time doing anything else.  Don’t let fear imprison you.  Create a circle of people who will support you.  Write down your thoughts.  Study comedians on television and live performances.  See if you can speak with them and give you some tips.  Know that as you grow as a person and in your personal life so will your materials.  Please feel free to contact me for support and guidance as well.   Do you have other comedians that you collaborate with?


Queen Aishah:   Yes, I do collaborate with other comics on ideas.  It is a good thing to seek guidance and support especially if they are in your field.   Do you have a good support system from family and friends?


Queen Aishah:   Yes, I am blessed to have a lot of support from family and friends as well as supporters who love and appreciate my work.   What do you contribute your success to?


Queen Aishah:   I contribute my life lessons to my success and most of all God for keeping and leading me.   Where will you be appearing next? What are your future goals?


Queen Aishah:   I have performances scheduled in the Maryland area, Delaware and TX.   What are your future goals?


Queen Aishah:   Some of my future goals are, growing and exploring all possibilities in film, television, commercials.  I would also like to do some more radio.  As well as having some babies.  That is really at the top of the list.  If your home life is not peaceful either will anything else.  I am 33 years old and I am anxious to have some little ones around me.   Give us one word that you can say best represents your performance?


Queen Aishah:   Soulful!       How much have you evolved as a performer since that first appearance?


Queen Aishah:   I have evolved a lot because I am comfortable with myself and always seeking growth.  I am not afraid to grow and see what will become of Aishah.       How can the readers at help support you?


Queen Aishah:   They can support me by letting others know about me and coming to the shows when I am in their area.  If you are not in the area where I will be but you know some people out there.  Ask them to come, if I have free tickets I can put them on my guest list.  Visit to see schedule and sign the message board.



     Thank you Queen Aishah for the interview.  We know that you will continue upon your chosen path of success.  We hope to encourage more size positive events to ask for you to appear at there locations.  We know you will delight everyone you come across. 

Wishing you the best





Raqui's Spot

From a Female's Point of View

This month's subject: Big Time Books!


Email Raqui:


This Months Subject: Big Time Books!

    Not many people know that along with Writing I am a person who loves books.  I read often and I am almost always holding a book when I am out and about.  This month I thought it would be great to see how many BIG TIME BOOKS I could find.  Books writing with big people in mind.  I used and found 30 books.  I haven't been able to read any yet but they all look quite interesting.  I am going to have to start a little book club anyone interested contact me because we have 30 books to buy and discover.  We have some great material here. Many books have Large Characters in them but these seem to be right on subject of life for people of size.  Join me in the adventure of reading.  The thumbnails will lead you right to and the books review page. 

Happy Reading Raqui -


Skinny Women Are Evil : Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World
by Mo'Nique, Sherri McGee, Sherri A. McGee
Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes
by Laurie Toby Edison, Debbie Notkin
Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica
by Hanne Blank
Big Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them
by Hanne Blank
Bountiful Women: Large Women's Secrets for Living the Life They Desire
by Bonnie Bernell, Carmen Renee Berry
The Big Girls' Guide to Life: A Plus-Sized Jaunt Through a Body-Obsessed World
by Bunkie Lynn
Fat Girl's Guide to Life
by Wendy Shanker
Just the Weigh You Are: How to Be Fit and Healthy, Whatever Your Size
by Steven Jonas, Linda Konner
The Obesity Myth: Why America's Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health
by Paul Campos
Big Fat Lies: The Truth about Your Weight and Your Health
by Glenn A. Gaesser
Self-Esteem Comes in All Sizes: How to Be Happy and Healthy at Your Natural Weight, Revised Edition
by Carol A. Johnson, Gary D., Phd Foster, M.A., Carol A. Johnson, Gary Foster
200 Ways to Love the Body You Have
by Marcia Germaine Hutchinson
The Body Image Workbook: An 8-Step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks (New Harbinger Workbooks)
by Thomas F. Cash, Ph.D.
Wake Up, I'm Fat!
by Camryn Manheim
Zaftig: The Case for Curves
by Edward St. Paige
FAT!SO? : Because You Don't Have to Apologize for Your Size
by Marilyn Wann
Such a Pretty Face
by Lee Martindale
What Are You Looking At? The First Fat Fiction Anthology
by Donna Jarrell, Ira Sukrungruang
Shadow on a Tightrope: Writings by Women on Fat Oppression
by Lisa Schoenfielder, Lisa Shoenfielder, Barb Wieser
Sexy at Any Size: A Real Woman's Guide to Dating and Romance
by Katie Arons
Life Is Not a Dress Size: Rita Farro's Guide to Attitude, Style, and a New You
by Rita Farro
The Invisible Woman: Confronting Weight Prejudice in America
by W. Charisse Goodman
Fat Chance: A Love Story of Food and Fantasy (Red Dress Ink (Hardcover))
by Deborah Blumenthal
Revolting Bodies?: The Struggle to Redefine Fat Identity
by Kathleen Lebesco
Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs
by Cheryl Peck
Bodies out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
by Jana Evans Braziel
Interpreting Weight: The Social Management of Fatness and Thinness (Social problems and Social Issues)
by Jeffery Sobal
Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body
by Susan Bordo

The Strange History of Suzanne Lafleshe: And Other Stories of Women and Fatness

(The Women's Stories Project)
by Susan Koppelman

Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West
by Peter N. Stearns




Jay's Spot

From a Male point of view.

This months Subject : Big People on TV!





     I sometimes hear the complaints that Big Women have about how society treats them and I wonder if its generally getting better or worse? It seems like the Big World has a variety of new businesses, websites, clubs, clothing lines and creative ideas popping up left and right! But is it getting better or not? Is it still the same or has times changed for Women of Size? They say "girls just wanna have fun" but are the big girls having fun too? We've seen the big rush of Big Girls on the talk shows in the recent past. Riki Lake, Jenny Jones, and even Jerry Springer had their share of Big interviews and talent showcases. I'm unsure if there was any positive progress made for people of size or if it was merely a hot topic for the moment. Well now ladies and gentlemen, Introducing the Latest, Largest Invention in Big World Television..."The Big Gils Show". While searching the net I found a TV Show that's dedicated to promoting the stuff that we like to see and hear. This company is definitely one to keep your eye on. They are very informative, professional, and you can tell they are working hard to make their dreams happen. I called them, just to get a LargeInCharge opinion and first impression vibe going. I was very impressed because their show changed the game for People of Size who longed for that chance to be a part of television shows who understands substance. I've seen many talk shows and even local cable TV shows who showcase People of Size but this show takes the game to another level.

      The LIC family supports this show and hopes all our readers help support them also. The most important fact is that this is a television show which gives opportunities to People of Size to grow and explore new talents. This show sends inspiration to many viewers and The LIC Family is glad to be part of the movement.

Jay of


From Raqui:  I am proud of these ladies for taking things to another level, I wish them success and hope there show travels everywhere.

Interview with The Big Girl Show: Who are the owners/founders of your company?


The Big Girl Show: Lisa Marie Garbo and Cher Rue Where are you from?


The Big Girl Show: Lisa Marie is from Long Beach, Ca. Cher Rue is from Dana Point, California. How did your company get its name?


The Big Girl Show: We are both plus size girls and want the world to know. How did your company begin?


The Big Girl Show: Lisa Marie and Cher Rue wanted to promote " Size Acceptance" and thought this would be a good avenue. How long has your company been in business?


The Big Girl Show: It was formed in November of 2003. Tell us about the concept of your company?


The Big Girl Show: The concept of the company show) is to show the world that we are beautiful no matter what size we are. That we can be what ever we want and do what ever we choose in life and out Size doesn't matter. Who are the staff members and what are their job assignments?


 The Big Girl Show: We have a public relation person who gets the word out about The TV. show. We have studio people who film our shows. We have a wonderful cameraperson who goes on location and helps with any other issues. Do you consider yourselves BBW’s?


The Big Girl Show:   Yes, of course we have been BBW's for most of our lives. We are proud to be one! Tell us about the concept of your television show?


The Big Girl Show: The concept of our television show is ...... The first show about plus size people, for plus size people, Hosted by plus size people.   What's the funniest thing that has ever happened on you television set?


The Big Girl Show:   When a guest froze and wanted to stop the cameras, she was so sweet and we are live to tape so we gave her a hug and just kept going. Is the show growing successfully?


The Big Girl Show: Yes, we have 1,200 people in our yahoo group and growing. Who are some of your special guest?


The Big Girl Show: Our guests include Dr. Afifi a cosmetic surgeon, The Orange County breakers, plus size women's football. Avenue clothing store, And musical guests. Do you promote size acceptance?


The Big Girl Show: Yes, that is the whole idea of the show. Have you had any super sized ladies or super sized men on your show?


The Big Girl Show: Yes, on our dating game. Is your show only based in California or does your show travel?


The Big Girl Show: California for right now but would love to travel. Tell us some of your plans for future episodes?


The Big Girl Show: We just did a work out video targeting for the plus size community. It is an easy workout with plus size women doing the workout. We will have more dating games and fashion, and business's who promote size acceptance. We do makeovers, hair, make-up and clothes from start to end. Tell us about your up & coming event in Las Vegas?


The Big Girl Show: We are so excited to go to Vegas to meet other bbw's and bhm from other areas. We will have a booth to meet and greet and have give aways and to sell our workout video. Does your show ever promote ‘Dating Shows’ for People of Size? 


The Big Girl Show: Yes, that is all we have. "The Big Connection." Dating of the plus size community. Where and when does your show air?


The Big Girl Show: Our Show airs different days and times which are posted on our website.    It is most of the Los Angeles area, and coming to Orange County soon. Is your show only available in the California area or is there a way other areas can view your show?


The Big Girl Show: It is only available in California on a regular basis for now. Some shows have been seen in Florida.   

  Name your 5 Favorite Television shows?


The Big Girl Show: Seinfield, Charmed, The Parkers, Ricki Lake, Elimidate. Is there a Television show that inspired you to create your own show? 


The Big Girl Show: Yes, Elimidate and 5th wheel we thought the big girls need to date too. Do you promote other Size Positive companies?


The Big Girl Show: Absolutely, we have many plus size stores, services we work with to help them. It is all about helping each other in the community. If so what companies have you promoted so far?


The Big Girl Show: Lingerie at Large, Avenue, Vbwtimes, Club Bounce. What are your long term goals?


The Big Girl Show: Long term goal is to get our message to the world and help as many people as we can. Being that your company has two partners, is it easy to get along when making business decisions or harder?


The Big Girl Show: The company is Lisa Marie and Cher Rue and everything is agreed upon together. What is the response you receive from the BBW / BHM community?


The Big Girl Show: We have had wonderful letters saying it is about time for the bbw community to have their own show. How can the readers at help support your company?


The Big Girl Show: By becoming members in our yahoo group and letting us know different ideas. Do you have any other companies or entrepreneurs that you admire or collaborate with?


The Big Girl Show: No Tell us about viewing audience, what have they said about your show?


The Big Girl Show: We have gotten very positive feedback saying they love the dating game, make overs and fashion shows. They think the hosts are very real and can relate to them. Who are some of the business or influences that you admire?


The Big Girl Show: Rosie Odonell. Give one sentence that best describes your company?


The Big Girl Show: The Big Girls Show is "size acceptance" and we are here.






Food Relations

What does food represent to us?


     Welcome to Food Relations.  The subject of food and people is an ever present concern.  What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, why you eat.  We all have to eat at some time or another.  Most of the time we eat for nutrition.  But food also makes us feel good.  The taste, texture, feeling, smell of food.  Some use food for release, or as a weapon for control.  Here in this section of our newsletter we hope to talk about the many aspects of food and get feedback from our readers of what food means to them.  Also how they view food.  So now sit back and read what this months food subject is about. 

The Large in Charge Staff


Low Fat Food Products! Are they good for You?

NOTE: This article is about Low Fat Food Products created and sold to the Public.  NOT Low Fat food diets.

     Ok here I am food shopping.  I am not on a diet, nor do I buy diet food. I always believed good regular food is the best.  Even though at times instant foods can be a nice change.  I am looking in the dairy section and pick up some cheese.  They have regular and they have Low Fat.  On a whim I look at both.  I noticed something disturbing.  The regular cheese had the calories, salt, fat etc on the label.  On the Low Fat label it did have a lower fat content of one type of fat, but another kind was the same as regular.  The worst part was that the Salt was sky high more that twice that of regular and the sugars were up also.  Made me start to think what is the point of people buying this junk!  Lower my fat to be healthier but die of high blood pressure from all the salt they put in, or a clogged heart because of the amount of bad fat and cholesterol, or just plain out get diabetes from the outrageous amount of sugar!  Am I missing something here?


     For a long time, low fat diets have been the recommendation of nutritionists and doctors. Why? Because in theory they should improve health, lower cholesterol, and reduce the number of calories consumed

"The theory was that a low-fat diet would control weight and help prevent killer diseases. But most of the studies that followed actually failed to show a direct link between fat in the diet and heart disease and cancer.

By investigating the beginning of the low fat theory, It was  found that the government's initial decision 30 years ago to promote low-fat diets was not based on recommendations from doctors or scientists, but rather from lawyers who worked for Sen. George McGovern in the mid-1970s.

     Ok so really it is not medicine that says we need a Low Fat Diet was a bunch of lawyers?  While yes it is proven that Low fat diets (not products) are beneficial because,  excess fat can stress the liver and contribute to health problems.  But there are a few things they are not telling you, they just seemed to overlooked them.

1.     Fat is one of the three essential macro nutrients (In other words your body NEEDS FAT it is nutritious)

2.     Some fats are health-promoting, others are unhealthful (Some fat is good, some is bad.  Which ones are

        they taking out of processed low fat food products?)


3.     Together with protein and carbohydrate, fat is an important source of calories. We need essential fatty acids,

         linoleic and linolenic acid, or Omega 6 and Omega 3 for many important functions.


4.     Fat keeps us warm, especially in the winter, breakdown of fats creates heat. The diet of the Eskimos gets

        about 60% of its calories from fat. Their native diets includes eating WHALE FAT/BLUBBER and they

        don’t have heart disease.


5.      Fat is needed for proper hormone function, especially for women. Women who don’t get enough good quality fatty

         acids may end up with low Vitamin D stores. If your low in Vitamin D guess what happens?  BONE THINNING!


6.      Excess Fat can cause problems.  No one said ALL FAT causes problems.  That means the body is supposed to get

         some amount of fat.  That can come from normal food and a watchful eye to reduce Excessive fat intake.

7.      Fat is not the beginning and end of disease.  Just because you eat fat doesn't mean your UNHEALTHY and will DIE!

Some diet gurus, claim that low fat diets are ineffective because they don't satisfy you or keep you full. They contend that there are "good fats" that actually improve your health and that a certain amount of fat is necessary for certain body processes. Young children, in particular, should never be put on a low fat diet as they need the fat to grow and develop their brains.



     The average person is probably unaware that low-fat food products are often extremely high in calories. “Manufacturers usually add sugar-and calories-to replace the fat and restore TASTE! 

     A low-fat diet is no good if the food is so bad you can't eat it - or it's so light and sugary that you are just filling up on empty calories. A better bet, says a panel of food experts, is to use moderate amounts of full-fat products.  That way you're satisfied at the end of a meal.  The trick, say food experts consulted by U.S. News, is knowing which products are truly low in fat and which are wasted calories or lousy tasting.  Nutritionists also note that labels on "low fat" foods can be confusing, so check them carefully for sugar and salt content, and the type of fat they contain.

     So now you have to be careful because the labels are tricky and you don't know what the hell your eating?!  One thing I know it sure isn't natural real food. It is food they pulled something out of then packed up with other things that only make you hungry later because your not getting any fat. Fat in foods delivers a feeling of satiety, the sense that we’ve had enough to eat. If there is no fat in the meal, you can keep on eating and eating until your busting open. So your always hungry and overeating because you didn't get what you needed the first time.  No wonder you crave food all day, you never feel that you had enough!  If you think Low fat will make you lose weight HA HA, you're ending up with many more calories than if you just ate some regular food.  Guess what you might have to eat some fat to close you mouth and not be hungry anymore!

     Remember the excess fat causing problems with health? Just as an excess causes problems, so will a deficiency, and it is possible to become fat deficient. What are problems associated with a lack of fatty acids we can count: dry skin, eczema, low energy, impairment of kidney function, slow wound or infection healing, vision and learning problems, depression, even miscarriage. A low fat diet is also associated with a higher suicide rate.  So actually you might not be feeling like you want to kill yourself because your fat, it is probably because your not eating enough fat!

     There's no doubt about it, a low-fat eating plan is good for your health. But all the chemicals and sugar that are added to low-fat processed foods to make them taste as if they have fat are not good for your health.  There are dozens of studies that show that a high-sugar diet contributes to the development of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.  So while your eating low fat processed food to prevent the above diseases, the added ingredients to make it low fat cause THE SAME DISEASES!



    What is the answer? Eat some regular food and trim the fat.  Cook a little different and find out what fat is good and which ones are bad.  Stop paying 2 dollars extra for low fat processed full of all that other stuff your not supposed to eat ingredients.  Moderation, being healthy doesn't mean losing weight with low fat processed food.  Healthy is eating regular food and knowing what is good and what isn't.  Some exercise wont hurt but at least get rid of those fake processed foods.

GOOD FATS: Liquid oils found in most plants, as well as the fats in nuts, seeds and many fish.

Foods to Look For: fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines; pecans, walnuts, almonds, etc; seeds, including sesame, sunflower, pumpkin; olives, avocados; plant oils including olive oil, peanut, canola, corn, soybean, and products made using these oils.

BAD FATS: Saturated animal fats found in meat and dairy products, and the trans-fatty acids found in vegetable shortening, most margarines, and many processed foods (look for "partially hydrogenated" on the ingredient label).

Foods to Limit: marbled red meats; full-fat dairy products such as butter; hydrogenated vegetable oils such as margarine and other oils that are solid at room temperature; commercial deep fried foods, tropical oils such as coconut and palm oils.

    Remember you don't have to CUT OUT all the Bad Fats, Just moderate them and try making your diet a bit different. And your not doing it to lose weight, your doing it to prevent some diseases and to make you more healthy. Try some diversity, come up with some new recipes and ways of cooking foods to moderate the bad fat intake.  They are not saying to stop eating steak, just don't eat steak all week long.  The internet have tons of good tasting low fat recipes that you can cook yourself with out the fake food products.  Get a George Forman grill and grill instead of fry sometimes.  Bake instead of oiling it down.  Just be good to you and trim the fat so you don't over do it.  Love your food and make sure you eat a decent meal that will satisfy you.


Can you relate to the above?   Do your own Food Relation to submit?

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Large In Charge Guest Spot

We want to hear and see your talents!


One of our favorite parts of the newsletter.  The Guest Spot is for our readers to submit there talents to be viewed.  We want to see all you wonderful supporters making moves of your own.  If you write poetry, short stories, commentaries, or just thoughts in general, please submit them to us.  If your a designer we want to see pictures of your clothing.   We would love to include your talents in our newsletter.  We hope you take an active part in the L.I.C. newsletter.

NOTE: The Opinion of the writer is not always the opinion of The Large in Charge Staff.  We support the Right to all views.  We do not Condemn or Approve writing based on our personal thoughts.  We approve writing based on if the subject is a concern for the BBW / SSBBW / BHM Community.  Thank you for your writing and please send in those articles!  - The Large in Charge Staff



Big Girls are Easy?

A Man's View


About our Guest Writer
Name: David James
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Black as they come
Location: Newark NJ (Displaced Trini)
Goals: To be able to say "I did it my way!"
Hobbies: Art: watching dumb 80's action movies; 
Reading, 'riting & 'rithmetic




Big Girls are Easy?

     I frequent a few BBW-centric web boards on this wild and crazy thing we call the world-wide web, both as a participant in some cases and lurker in others. In my virtual travels, I get to sample a taste of people’s thoughts, perceptions and attitudes towards a myriad of different topics, mostly of course relating to all things (well, sex a lot of the time) BBW.

     One such conversation on a message board started with the question, “Are big girls easy?” The poster then went on to talk about the stereotype of big girls being more willing to give up sex than their smaller (and let’s just admit it; less sexy) counterparts. Well, the thread in the message board was promptly replied to by bevies of beauties saying that the whole idea was nonsense, that they would never give it up or belittle themselves because they were desperate. Other replies said that it was true, and that all one had to do is go to one of the BBW events to see people practically sealing it up in envelopes and paying first class postage, sent directly to waiting male predators’ doors.

     So, where does it lie? Are BBWs easy? Can you go to the nearest event, bring your B game (or even C game), spit some corny lines, and get some sweet big girl loving with less trouble than it takes for a thug to have his pants sag? According to the aforementioned message board, the answer is simple in its complexity. There were about twenty to thirty replies, and that’s at least how many answers there are to the “easy BBW” question. For as many BBWs there are on this big blue marble, there are as many answers to the question if big beautiful women are desperate. It is a simple answer that belies the complexities when you take into account the individual. As a poster commented in the aforementioned bulletin board, it’s not as if there are no skinny easy women, or tall easy women, or bald easy women. It’s all on the individual.

     But of course, that’s just a small part of the equation. It still doesn’t answer where the clichés come from. Well, I like to believe that stereotypes have some basis in reality, or rather the reality of the person who is doing the generalizing. There are a lot of women (and an increasing number of men willing to admit it) out there that have negative self images. There are women who, because they don’t see themselves as attractive, feel the need to give their bodies, in a hope that someone finds the outer beauty that they cannot find within themselves.

    The thing that we in the BBW community sometimes fail to take into account is the fact that we are a subculture, a small facet in a greater whole. People not in this small circle of individuals look, act, smell and talk like us. They don’t really like us though. They think we are weird for liking large breasts, or hips wider than a size twelve. They don’t understand or don’t care to understand the beauty inherent in soft curves or the swell of a round belly. So, as people are wont to do, they ridicule and belittle those that they don’t resemble or, heaven forbid, don’t fit into their idea of beauty. How dare you not look attractive to me? My idea of beauty, because it’s the majority, is obviously correct. And you’re walking with a man? How the hell did that happen? Only one way I see how… You must be giving it up.

     But guess what? You’re probably not. You’re more than likely a beautiful, confident woman; uncaring of society’s views about you. Hey, you fit into my idea of beauty. Because it’s my view, it’s obviously correct.

I gone

David James









Large In Charge - Ask Us

Ask Raqui and Jay the questions you always wanted to.

Get the female and male point of view.


Ask Raqui and Jay your questions                                                                             


Dear Raqui Dear Jay

Q:   DAMN, I keep getting these messages from men who call themselves feeders. Do you know what the hell these guys want? they want to make me fatter, WHAT THE HELL!

What the F*&^K is a Feeder

A:   Well girl, let me tell you something.  There is a whole bunch of men and women who call themselves Feeders.  They like to feed there mate until they grow very large. Some even like to feed there mate until they are immobile.  They often will take there mate out to eat or cook for them some fabulous food and just feed them until they just cant eat anymore.  This is a lifestyle.  There are also persons male and female who are called Feedee's they like to eat until they just cant eat anymore, lot of times so full so they cant move just sit.  There are women who are slim or medium sized who are Feedee's. gainers and want to eat and eat and gain until they are super sized or immobile.  So this is a lifestyle that people enjoy. In fact I am sure that a lot of us with ethnic backgrounds are some type of feeder,  Especially our moms and grand mothers always cooking all that food and asking, DO YOU WANT MORE?  They love to see you eat.  There are Feeders who just want to see you eat and enjoy, some want to see how much you can put away in one sitting, some want to feed you daily and see how big you get.  Next time someone talks about it just tell them you are not interested. 


Q:   Hey LIC, What can I do about a man who is just seeing me for sex? He is my friend, but for some reason at times he makes his moves. Am I the booty call with out the call? Is he doing this to
me just because I am a BBW? He usually dates smaller women, we became close through friendship then things happened between us. He is not asking for a relationship, most times we just sleep in bed
like brother and sister when he comes over to hang out, only when he gets all close, things happen. What is going on?

Booty call without the call?

A:  Miss Booty Call without the call,  I would seriously take some time to sit down and think to yourself, why are you letting him have sex with you under these circumstances?  If you don't like it, next time he makes an advance tell him your concern.  I know you might be feeling or thinking because he is your friend and is supposed to care for you, then he would be a good sex partner.  But if he only shows you love, care and closeness when he wants to have sex.  That is probably hurting your feelings.  You might even think, "How can a man who says he is my friend and cares for me, treat me like a booty call?" Talk to him and ask him why is he only close to you when he wants sex.  Find out what is on his mind.  Maybe he feels safe having sex with you because he does care for you as a friend.  Even though he dates small women maybe you touched something special, his mind.  Maybe he is just looking for easy sex and figures with you he doesn't need to lie. The only way you will know is to ask.


Q:   LIC ROCKS! Letting you know how I feel! I read last month about that BIG PR guy who lied about his weight and met up with that girl. I am a big guy also. Let me know if it is true that big guys are hated
on. I feel that way a lot, but I have had my share of girls. What do yall think about this?

Big man with Girls

A:  Big Man,  I believe some men of size feel they are hated on because some women of size prefer slimmer men.  When I hear that complaint I tell the Large Male, to look for a female who likes large men.  You cant make a women who likes slim men to want you.  Some big men feel that if a woman is big she shouldn't be rejecting a big man.  Every person has there choice, a large woman can pick any type of man she likes.  She is not obligated to pick a big man because she is big also.  She should be comfortable with her choice for her personal reasons.   I also believe it has to do with confidence.  If you walk around thinking everyone is hating you, how are you going to send out the positive, confident, energy needed to catch a woman's attention.  We all just need to find our matches, it is not going to be easy.  If it was, we wouldn't cherish it.


Q:   Hey, congratulate me! I just had my first experience with a BBW! Now, I don't know if this question is appropriate, but it is the age old question, "does size matter?" Especially when dealing with a BBW/SSBBW? I would say I'm averagely endowed, and she seemed to enjoy it, but just wondering if I was "measuring up"

Horatio Hornblower


A:   Horatio,  YES SIZE MATTERS!  But don't take it as meaning you must be HUGE!  Many women complain that there man is to long or wide, that sex can be painful, or they become very sore very easy.  They cant enjoy sex daily, or even every other day because they need a few days to recover from one sexual episode.  If they attempted to have sex more before recovery they go through painful bleeding, tears of there sensitive genital skin etc. When it comes to Penis size it does matter that you have a man that fits your body.  Again like I always say, you have to match the person your dealing with, THIS IS NOT EASY!  The same way men are shaped different so are women. Some are deep, shallow, wide, narrow, Some want a big man, some want a medium man or even smaller.  Some want a narrow man to "Stir it up"  Some want the feeling of a wide man rubbing there walls.  If your woman is enjoying it then you have no problems.  Women can also enjoy different sizes and widths for different reasons. 


Q:    Raqui, What are the best shoes for SSBBW's since we are hard on our shoes?


A:   Patty, it is so hard to find comfortable shoes that we can really walk in other than sneakers.  How do we find cute shoes that wont kill our feet?  The one rule I go by is NO SPIKED OR SLIM HEELS.  Buy shoes with BLOCK HEELS.  It is always better not to have a heel but if you want a small one go with BLOCK HEELS or shoes that have total support meaning there is no set heel. The bottom of the shoes is a while heel,  totally supported.

     If your going with a sandal try flat ones with elastic straps across the top.  When buying shoes, make sure they have a good padding and arch support.  I have found some nice shoes with cork heels and rubber heels comfortable they give a little bounce back.  A nice brand to check out is Cloud walkers featured in the store The Avenue.  They have a little of everything but you can find some nice shoes that are flat and not ugly.  You find supportive block heels with arch support.  I have a few pairs from them and they are comfortable.  And never turn up your nose at Pay less. I bought a pair of the most comfortable sandals I have had for 2 years from them.  You just have to know your basics for shoes not matter wear you shop.  Flats, padding, arch support, wide width, block heels, soft flexible shoe.  With the basics you can usually find something workable.  Wear your new shoes in the house all day soon after you buy them.  If you cant walk around the house comfortable in them for one day.  Return them they will not be dirty on the bottom and be in good condition.  Trial and error is also a reality as least use them in the house first so you know if you need to return them.

Q:  I met a really cool flaw: he is UGLY! A lot of people say BBW's cant be to picky about looks, that if they good to you be happy you got someone. If somebody unattractive approached you....would you dismiss them or would you see if the two of you can have a chance at real love?



A:   BBW's and SSBBW's can be picky if we want to be, we don't have to settle for something we don't want.   Some think we should be happy with any attention or advances we get.  But we are not desperate and we have a choice.  Each woman has to know what is most important to them in a man and go for it.  Me personally, looks are not as important to me as hygiene.  You can be the most handsome man, (I have met many) with the most god awful breath and body odor.  You can also have a beautiful personality but if your hygiene is bad I am not interested either.  So basically with me if you stink you might at well call it quits.  My nose is very sensitive so if your trying to hide odor with cover up, IT WONT WORK!  You really have to decide what is right for you.  What may seem ugly today, may not seem ugly tomorrow when you get to know the man.  The same way beautiful people can become ugly with a bad personality, this holds true with a beautiful personality.  One day you open your eyes and they look totally different.  I would say don't promise him anything but friendship.  If with time you get to know them and see more happening in your heart go for it.  Looks are not everything.  But then again if you believe in your heart your going to cheat on your ugly man with a cute one, save the man some heart ache and find someone easier on your eyes.  Know your limits. 

Q:   DAMN, I keep getting these messages from men who call themselves feeders. Do you know what the hell these guys want? they want to make me fatter, WHAT THE HELL!

What the F*&^K is a Feeder

A: If you check out the feeder sites in the BBW World, or even watch Jerry Springer, you can find the men and women who get turned on by food.

  The questions here is do I know what these guys want?  I figure they want to feed you! and watch you grow bigger.

Remind you there are men and women feeders and feedee's.  As an adult, I say "to each his/her own".  Do your homework and make decisions about what's right for you. 


Q:   Hey LIC, What can I do about a man who is just seeing me for sex? He is my friend, but for some reason at times he makes his moves. Am I the booty call with out the call? Is he doing this to
me just because I am a BBW? He usually dates smaller women, we became close through friendship then things happened between us. He is not asking for a relationship, most times we just sleep in bed
like brother and sister when he comes over to hang out, only when he gets all close, things happen. What is going on?

Booty call with out the call?

A:  More than likely you are a booty call and your probably not telling "the other side of the coin".  It takes two to tangle!   Is it because your a BBW?"...he usually dates smaller women", key word "date". If he dates smaller women but he sleeps with you and doesn't "date" you....then you and him are both booty calls.  The BBW issue doesn't matter. 


     If "he's not asking for a relationship", what are you asking for? Maybe that's  the real question!  If you want a relationship with the guy, tell him.  If he says "no" and you sleep with him again..."your definitely a booty call".  If you don't want a relationship with him and he comes over...and you sleep with him again...."your a booty call".


    Either "a little booty never hurt nobody" or "make it your duty to control your booty"!

Q:  LIC ROCKS! Letting you know how I feel! I read last month about that BIG PR guy who lied about his weight and met up with that girl. I am a big guy also, Let me know if it is true that big guys are hated
on. I feel that way a lot, but then I have had my share of girls. What do yall think about this?

Big man with Girls


A:   Everybody's different man!  Some guys are just lover boy, ladies man's and get all the babes.  It just like that.  Some guys just know all the right pick up lines, make the right moves, make a lady laugh and giggle and just make them melt and drool.  Other guys just don't got what it takes ( regardless of size).  Even though, some big guys get mad love at Big World events.

Q:   Hey, congratulate me! I just had my first experience with a BBW! Now, I don't know if this question is appropriate, but it is the age old question, "does size matter?" Especially when dealing with a BBW/SSBBW? I would say I'm averagely endowed, and she seemed to enjoy it, but just wondering if I was "measuring up"?

Horatio Hornblower


A:  They say "once you go never go back".  You got your cherry bussed, wow!  I congratulate you because it just sounds like you had fun.  That's really all that mattered.  If you really want to know if you measured up just ask your BBW.  Then ask her for some pointers.  She might teach you "what's really good!"

Does size matter?  It matters to you, if that's what turns you on!  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

The age old question is "what if you were in a relationship with a person and like them for their size and they changed drastically, whether bigger or smaller, would you still be sexually attracted to them?





































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