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Congratulations to our August Raffle Winner -  Carolyn Miller from St. Petersburg Florida

Issue #7 - September 2004

Welcome to the Large In Charge Newsletter


In this Issue of L.I.C


Featured Person -  BBW Philly Pageant by Wilkes Productions!


Raqui's Spot - What is Size Acceptance!


Jay's Spot - Top BBW / BHM Entertainers Websites


Food Relations - how to make Fast Good for you food, Basic items to have around and a recipe by Raqui


Art - Versatile Artist Darrick A. Claiborne


Guest Spot -  The Mistreatment of BBW's - By Noey


Ask Us - Keep those questions coming. Ask us anything, we will answer.


FREE RAFFLE PRIZE - Our Monthly Sponsor makes an item of Plus Sized Clothing Available.  ENTER NOW AND WIN!


Events & Pictures - L.I.C.  Delivers Info. on the hottest BBW events, See what we are doing in the community and special promotions from size positive companies.


Large In Charge September Feature

BBW Beauty Pageant Philly

Wilkes Productions


Wilkes and 2004 Winner Gennifer Reed


BBW Beauty Pageant Philly

Wilkes Productions

     There is something going on in Philly that we all should know about.  For five years there has been a BBW pageant exclusively for BBW's size 14 and up.

     There is no size limit as long as your over a size 14, No race limit. and the age range is quite wide.  This is something that many of us have been waiting for.

     Many other so called BBW Plus Sized Pageants will gladly accept anyone's profile and money.  But you never see anyone over a size 20 and that is usually if they are tall and have legs as long as the twin towers were.

     But with Wilkes Productions there are many different types of women, many types of sizes.  Short and tall, big and not to small. *SMILE*  This local Philly BBW Pageant is one of a kind.  The fact that they take entries from all over the USA is amazing.  So anyone can enter.  The prizes are quite nice from what I have heard.  The ladies are treated respectfully and admired as they should be.

     Wilkes Productions also shows itself to be an original company that has been doing it's thing for a while now.  They have a site that includes many of the owners interests and I believe he blends it well.  Congratulations Wilkes Productions. You are a company above the rest.

    * Big Congratulations to the 2004 Pageant Winner Gennifer Reed! *





  • 2002 winner - Queen Theresa Johnson, Black top - silver gown
  •  2004 2nd runner up - Charvonne Riley, White gown
  •  2003 winner - Queen Karen Montgomery, Black gown with sparkles
  •  2004 Winner - Queen Gennifer Reed, Black gown
  •  Promoter - Dave Wilkes
  •  2004 1st runner up - Crystal Light, Black gown with gold on the shoulders
  •  1999 & 2000 winner - Queen Prestina Adams, Pink gown


Interview with Wilkes Productions   Who is the founder of your company?

Wilkes Productions:   Dave Wilkes    Where are you from?

Wilkes Productions:   Philadelphia, PA USA    How did your company get its name?

Wilkes Productions:   I named it to relate to what we do.   How did your company begin?

Wilkes Productions:   I always promoted cabarets, live shows and etc. so I decided to make it a business.    How long has your company been in business?

Wilkes Productions:   Since 1986.    Who are the staff members and what are their job assignments?

Wilkes Productions:   I only use temps.    What is a Beauty Pageant and why did you create your BBW Beauty Pageant?

Wilkes Productions:   Beauty pageants are in existence to have women compete in different categories.  I started the BBW pageant because these pageants where only for thin women and I feel full figured women needed to recognized in the same manner.      How long have you been conducting BBW Beauty Pageants?

Wilkes Productions:   Since 1999.      What are the Rules for entering?

Wilkes Productions:   Be size 14 or above, 18 years old or older, model formal wear, model a sleepwear ensemble,  demonstrate a talent.    How are the ladies judged (categories etc.)?

Wilkes Productions:   How they look in their choice of clothing, how they present the clothing, how well they perform their talent, how they handle being on the runway, how they respond to a spontaneous question and their overall attitude.    Most BBW Beauty Pageants do not accept those over size 20, does your Pageant have a size limit?

Wilkes Productions:   No size limit as long as they are over size 14.    Can anyone from any location enter your Pageant?

Wilkes Productions:   Yes     Are the ladies required to bring there own clothing or is it provided?

Wilkes Productions:   They can bring their own clothing or they can wear clothing of the designers and stores we have agreements with.  It is the contestants choice.    What is a contest like and what do you look for in a BBW contestant?

Wilkes Productions:   Poise and confidence with a good and pleasant attitude.     How do you pick the Judges for the Pageant?

Wilkes Productions:   They have to be qualified in one or more of different areas.  Modeling, dance, entertainment, singing, charm, clothing designs.  We always have a mixture of these industries as judges.    Is your pageants based only in Philadelphia or does it travel to other states?

Wilkes Productions:   For now it is only in Philadelphia but we have plans to venture to other states and one other countries.    What are some of the benefits for contestants?

Wilkes Productions:   Mostly recognition and a very good addition to their portfolio.    What is the Grand Prize?

Wilkes Productions:   Our prizes vary each year because we have different businesses contribute the prizes.  I guess this year the largest prizes would be a vacation in two different locations, last year it was to anyplace the winner would choose even Hawaii.  Also custom made jewelry designed by the winner of the pageant.  Certificates for clothing.  For the local winner there is a limo for an evening.  Full body message and facial.  Gift baskets and flowers (natural and silk).  Of cause the tiara and such.    What do you see in the future for BBW Pageants?

Wilkes Productions:   I see them becoming a force to reckon with and here to stay because plus size women need to be recognized as elegant and beautiful just as well as thin women.  (everyone can't be thin)    Tell us about your TV Show? Is it BBW friendly?

Wilkes Productions:   The TV show is for talent of any type.  When we have our pageant we always show segments on the show.  I would say yes it is BBW friendly.  At this time the TV show is not on the air due to insurance complications which will be settled soon.  (sorry)    Where and when does it air and what is it about?

Wilkes Productions:   It is a cable TV show about giving new talent exposure.  We also show established talent as well but it is mainly for new talent.  We are in negotiations to air it on a national level, maybe international with all the technology we have now.    Any up & coming events you have planned?

Wilkes Productions:   We have another annual event in December.  It is a dinner and awards ceremony called "The Salute to Philly Boxers".  We give awards to the Philadelphia boxing community as a celebration for their achievements during that particular year.  This (2004) will be our ninth (9th) year.   What are your long term goals for you company?

Wilkes Productions:   To continue to provide entertainment where needed and always give up and comers a chance for exposure.  We promote fashion shows and give all size new models a chance to shine.  Lot of our contestants go on to become plus size models.  We have one of the best plus size super models there is that got her start from our pageant.  The BBW pageant will always take place and grow and grow and grow.   What is the response you receive from the BBW / BHM community?

Wilkes Productions:   In a word, GREAT...   How can the readers at help support your company?

Wilkes Productions:   Pass the word, if you have a business you can help with advertisement and/or prizes, you can advertise in our souvenir book.   Do you have any other companies or entrepreneurs that you admire or collaborate with?

Wilkes Productions:   yes   Who are some of your business or influences that you admire?

Wilkes Productions:,,,,, and a host of other BBW organizations.   Give one sentence that best describes your company?

Wilkes Productions:   We always make a place for deserving talent to be recognized and supply quality entertainment.


     Thank you Wilkes Production for the work your doing to even out the Beauty Pageant world.

Wishing you the best





Raqui's Spot

From a Female's Point of View

This month's subject: What is Size Acceptance!


Email Raqui:


This Months Subject: What is Size Acceptance! 

     Size Acceptance,  It is something I believe in. Something I stand for, something I have lived my life by before I heard these very words.  It was a feeling in me, a fight, to stand up for myself.  To see the beauty in me no matter what.  My Size should not dictate how attractive I am, because my beauty can only be known when you know me.  Know the person, know the soul.


     Now when I heard of Size Acceptance I finally understood.  YES THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING FOR ALL MY LIFE.  Since that first defiant act of stealing a piece of bread.  I was hungry, I was a child, but told not to eat it because I was to heavy.  Because I would get to fat.   Many pieces of bread later I am still here feeling beautiful at 6'4 and 580lbs getting ready to hit 30 years old and in perfect health.  I'm just fat, obese as they say it. 


     I believed that Size Acceptance was a similar thing for everyone. But I have found out different.  I have talked to hundreds of men and women.  Listened to there stories and listened to there voices.  Looked into there eyes and noticed that Size Acceptance for many of them was not freedom, or a celebration.  I was the end to many years of torment.  Trying to lose again and again, trying to change, trying to be different.  Not liking the person they are, not liking the size they are,  until they finally gave up.  They just accepted that they would be fat.  But they didn't have that feeling of freedom.  They are still trapped in their bodies and it seems like a curse to them. Wishing day after day that they could be slimmer. They may not say it, but the tone of there voices, the look of there eyes SAY IT!


     To understand we have to look at the words and there meanings.  Lets take it back to grade school.


Accept - the Meaning

  • To receive (something offered), especially with gladness or approval: accept a glass of water.
  • To admit to a group, organization, or place: accepted me as a new member of the club.
  • To regard as proper, usual, or right: Such customs are widely accepted.
  • To endure resignedly or patiently: accept one's fate.

     The Last meaning is the one that caught my eye.  To endure resignedly, accept one's fate.  Those are the words that cut me to the core.  That feeling that I saw in many a persons eye, heard in there voices, saw in there face's.  They just accepted there fate.


     Now they didn't accept and be happy, it was not a joyful celebration,  they accepted resignedly.  They endured until they resigned.  Just accepted they are fat but not happy with the decision.  Lets take a look at a few more meanings.



  • To carry on despite hardships
  • To bear with tolerance

  • To continue in existence

  • To suffer patiently without yielding.

     To suffer patiently, how many of our fellow Big Sized people have suffered?  How many of them are still suffering? How many of them are suffering patiently without yielding (with out giving in), waiting for the day they to will become thin.  Waiting for the day when they are the way society wants us to be.  They may say they accept themselves, but in reality they are accepting a situation.  They have not experienced the joy felt when you realize that is it ok to be a person of size, they don't know the real meaning of size acceptance. They have not embraced there bodies.  Many have endured many years of ridicule, many years of hardships and situations that play with your self confidence.  They haven't been living, hey have just continued to exist.  Size acceptance is not as easy as some claim and it is a process that we need to go through.  Many of our fellow people of size say they accept there size but do so Resignedly.


Resigned or Resignedly

  • With submission.

  • in a hopeless resigned manner; "she shrugged her shoulders resignedly"  syn. abjectly


Abject or Abjectly - (a synonym of Resigned or Resignedly)

  • Brought low in condition or status.
  • Being of the most contemptible kind
  • Being of the most miserable kind; wretched
  • in a hopeless resigned manner; "she shrugged her shoulders abjectly

   All persons of size have gone through some harsh moments in our lives that made us desire more.  Some think it is the same for us all, but each of us act and react differently.  Some of us have made the choice to be the size we are.  We are not willing to give up certain things we enjoy to chance our lifestyle. Instead we live our life's to enjoy being the abundant people we are.  Then there are others who have fought a lifetime to fit into a mold we believed was proper.  They desired it so badly that it lead to a life full of misery.  One day you have to face your reality and say.  I am a big person and nothing is wrong with that.  Will you say it in celebration or in defeat.  The difference between Accepting your Size, and Size Acceptance may not seem important.  It is important it makes a difference, a difference on the inside.


  • The act or process of accepting.
  • The state of being accepted or acceptable.
  • Favorable reception; approval.
  • Belief in something; agreement.


     Acceptance,  a simple yet strong word.  Not one negative meaning in this word.  Acceptance is what we all want, what we all need.  It means you belong, your not alone, your wanted, people believe and agree with you.  When you put Size on the front it means more than your Accepting your body.  It means you body is acceptable, favorable, you yourself and others approve of your body, you believe in your body and the way it looks.  That is a strong beautiful thing.


Tell me do you believe in your body?  Do you have total Acceptance of your Size?


Thank you for Reading Raqui's Spot!

Would you like to give your comments?

Email Raqui:




Jay's Spot

From a Male point of view.

This months Subject:

Top BBW / BHM Entertainer’s Websites of The Month

Top BBW / BHM Entertainer’s Websites of The Month

     While searching the net I bumped into a few entertainers that I admire.  People of Size can be idles too!  Sure there are many other Big entertainers but not all of them have websites.  I decided to dedicate this column to a selected few that are online, active, and keeping up with the times. 






Food Relations

What does food represent to us?


     Welcome to Food Relations.  The subject of food and people is an ever present concern.  What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, why you eat.  We all have to eat at some time or another.  Most of the time we eat for nutrition.  But food also makes us feel good.  The taste, texture, feeling, smell of food.  Some use food for release, or as a weapon for control.  Here in this section of our newsletter we hope to talk about the many aspects of food and get feedback from our readers of what food means to them.  Also how they view food.  So now sit back and read what this months food subject is about. 

The Large in Charge Staff


Easy Good Food FAST!

What Raqui uses to make Good food Easy FAST


     The last two articles have been on eating good food instead of processed or fast food.  But how do we make good food fast?  I heard a lot from men who don't cook.  What is a easy fast way to make good for you food fast?  Well here are my tips and they really work give it a try, there is a recipe at the bottom.

What I use to make Good for you Food Fast:  Things you should always have on hand

  • George Forman grill - the only item I have bought on TV. that actually is good and works.  It is fast, easy to clean, affordable and I use it at least once a week. It grills food, drains fat and cooks fast, easy clean up and storage.  If your single you can buy the little one for around $20.00. I use the larger one cost around 60.00
  • Rice Cooker - There are many kinds of rice cookers.  Microwaveable ones,  plug in's or stove top ones.  Fast easy way to make rice especially if you cant cook rice. Much better and cheaper than buying boil in a bag rice or rice mix boxes.  Most times instant rice or pasta packages contain high levels of sodium.
  • Stainless steel frying pan, pot, Sharpe Fillet Knife- We all know what these are for, they are the basic cooking utensils.   We should all have theses items, with them we can make some great fast meals.
  • NON Stick Cooking Spray - handy for cooking food on a pan so it wont stick.
  • Seasonings - I use the following seasons regularly they add great flavor.
    • Mrs. Dash Onion Garlic
    • Oregano
    • Sweet Basil
    • Garlic Powder
    • Black Pepper
    • Salt - use sparingly,
    • Adobo - Spanish seasoning good on all types of meat in rice & pasta no need for salt or pepper when using this seasoning.
    • Sazon - Spanish seasoning adds color to food & rice, comes boxed in packets buy orange boy that says Con Culantro Y Achiote.  Achiote adds the color.


Cool Fast food Recipe: Grill Chicken over Rice - about 30 minutes

  • Get your Rice Cooker started and follow the setup directions.  If you want white rice add a couple of pinches of salt to the water.  If you want yellow rice add a shake or two of Adobo and a quarter packet to half packet of Sazon to the water before you put in the rice. Water should be orange the more orange it is the darker the rice will be.  Make sure you clean rice cooker well later.
  • Next prepare the chicken. I use chicken breast, you can buy them with out skin and bone. Use a sharp fillet knife to slice the chicken breast in half side ways from left to right.  We want a thinner slice of breast. In a Bowl put equal amounts (about a table spoon) of Adobo, Sweet Basil & Oregano.  If you want color you can sprinkle in some Sazon.  Add about a table spoon of melted Margarine if desired and mix with seasons thoroughly.  Season breast's with mixture and place on the hot George Forman Grill or frying pan.  Cook until done, you can use a knife to cut them open and check.
  • After the chicken is done cut into strips.  Place on top of cooked Rice and serve.

NOTE: If you are using the frying pan instead of the George Forman grill you can slice your chicken ahead of time and spray pan with non stick spray.

Some desirable add in's if you choose:

  • You can add some beans on the side of this dish very easy.  NOTE: Make some extra seasoning mixture! Buy a can of your favorite beans. I prefer Pink, Red and Black (Black is the highest in protein).  Rinse a can of beans softly in a bowl to free it from the preservatives. Put in a pot with a quarter can of tomato PASTE not SAUCE and a cup of water.  Add some of the seasoning mixture from above. Simmer on low with lid until hot. Check and stir. Serve on the side.
  • You can add fresh cut Crispy Green Peppers, Red peppers and onions to your chicken. Slice your peppers and onions and dip into seasoning.  Grill on the George Forman grill after you chicken is done. You can also do a quick fry in a frying pan along with the chicken breasts cut into slices and seasoned instead of using the grill.  I suggest that you cook the chicken half way through then add the peppers so they are crispy. Toss them often. Leave in longer if you like peppers soft.
  • If you don't like peppers you can use some tasty fresh dark green Roman Lettuce. No dressing is necessary it can be eaten with the chicken either warmed on the grill or pan, room temperature, or cold.  Slice and serve is very easy. Some will wrap the cooked chicken slices into the lettuce. 
  • You can also try to stir fry raw broccoli or carrots that has been seasoned with a little of the mixture above. Prepare the same as you would the peppers.
  • Buy some frozen corn on the cob, place in a pot with water to heat. Include a pinch of salt and sugar.  You can also try mixed vegetables. Place them in a pot to heat with a pinch of salt and a shake of garlic powder.


Hope you enjoy this recipe







Large In Charge Guest Spot

We want to hear and see your talents!


One of our favorite parts of the newsletter.  The Guest Spot is for our readers to submit there talents to be viewed.  We want to see all you wonderful supporters making moves of your own.  If you write poetry, short stories, commentaries, or just thoughts in general, please submit them to us.  If your a designer we want to see pictures of your clothing.   We would love to include your talents in our newsletter.  We hope you take an active part in the L.I.C. newsletter.

NOTE: The Opinion of the writer is not always the opinion of The Large in Charge Staff.  We support the Right to all views.  We do not Condemn or Approve writing based on our personal thoughts.  We approve writing based on if the subject is a concern for the BBW / SSBBW / BHM Community.  Thank you for your writing and please send in those articles!  - The Large in Charge Staff


The Mistreatment of BBW’s

About our Guest Writer
Name: Noelle Monet Roberson
Age: 24
Ethnicity: African American
Location: Bronx, New York
Goals: To create a magazine directed towards BBW's and BHM's owed and 
operated by myself and other people passionate about producing quality 
for our community.  Also, to have a book of my poetry and short stories 
Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Watching Court TV and A&E

The Mistreatment of BBW’s

There are many things available to BBW’s and BHM’s that were not just a few years back.  Clubs, magazines, television shows, you want it it’s out there.  Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same.  With every step up we make as a community there is some kind of institution, or person(s) trying to put us down.  As a BBW I have recently decided to personally protest all persons down grading BBW's.  I feel that more than ever people are making inappropriate comment towards BBW’s and BHM’s, and I can’t take it anymore.  This decision has come to me through several different venues.  From experiences that I have at clubs, restaurants, and other situations I realize that a stand needs to be taken.  Protest is in desperate need. 


I usually don’t go to clubs that aren’t BBW friendly.  I find that I have more fun with other BBW’s, though I have nothing against some clubs that do not feature BBW’s.   One night I was out with one of my thin friends, and she talked me into going to a club called Babalu’s (against my better judgment).  I instantly found that I didn’t want to be there, and for a dancing queen like me, that says a lot.  The only up side to this visit to this club, I thought, was the fact that the MC was Ed Lover of Power 105.1 FM.  I listened to his show since I was in High School.  When he was no longer on Hot 97 (the station I first heard his show on) I stopped listening to that station.  So when I found out that he was on Power 105.1 FM I knew that I would make Power 105 my new station of choice.  I almost instantly realized that I could no longer support Ed Lovers’ career.  He began to rip into the crowd about wearing fake jewelry, and fake handbags (childish stuff).  Though it was a little harsh I was able to excuse the statements he made.  Then he began to talk about the “big girls” in the club.  This is when he caught my attention.  The first thing out of his mouth was that the “big girls” in the club shouldn’t be wearing short shirts and other revealing clothing because it didn’t look good on them.  I took offense because I was one of those girls and I don’t appreciate someone telling me what I should wear, and what I look good in.  After a few drinks with my friend I was able to let his ignorance slide, but then not to far from wear I was sitting a lovely BBW fell out of a chair because it broke. I knew that she probably mortified.  After finding out if she was okay to my disgust I heard Ed over the mic make an announce that I couldn’t have imagined someone would make.  He said he wanted to give a shout out to the "Big Girl" that broke the chair, and he also said something to the effect that the girl shouldn't have sat in the chair anyway. Well, I knew that he didn't know if she was okay because I was the only one that asked besides her friends. When this vicious announcement was made I saw the look on her face, and I realized that not everyone is able to brush stupid, and ignorant people off. The girl looked as if she could cry right there if it wasn't going to cause her more embarrassment. How could someone say something like that.  There is a difference from being funny, and being cruel.  He was being cruel, no ifs ands, or buts about it. I think the girl left because for the rest of the night I didn’t see her or her friends.   In my way of supporting this girl I have decided to not listen to Power 105.1, which used to be my favorite radio station. How could I support the station that pays Ed Lover when he couldn't be a grown up and not take a cheap shot at someone’s insecurities?  Isn’t he supposed to show the younger generation how to behave appropriately?

The second situation happened when I was at my weekly appointment to get my nails done.  A women with a beautiful outfit walked in. I was told that this particular woman makes her own clothes. So when she walked by me I told her that I loved her outfit, and I asked her if she had made it herself. She said yes, and gave me her business card. I thought this was great since I have been thinking about different designs for shirts that I would love to wear. I just needed someone to make it. I love some of the fashions out there for plus-size women, but I wanted to take it up a notch.  Seeing this women, and her gorgeous outfit I thought that this was my chance to really add some beautiful pieces to my wardrobe. Then she ruined an opportunity when she told me that she would be happy to make clothes for me especially since it was hard for me to find clothes that fit me. I know that I am plus size, but I can still shop at Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart. I can even at times buy some very nice designer clothing. Even if I did need for clothing to be made for me, there are plenty of places I could go to get clothes.  I wouldn’t go to someone who has in their head that I would want someone who has the nerves to make a comment like that to a potential customer make clothes for me.  She can’t even respect me as a person, or a customer.  Why would I let her work grace my beautiful body.  Sorry honey we aren't even close enough for you to begin to comment about my size or wardrobe, and you are good enough for my money.


Even when I go to the store and buy food I find that if I buy a slice of pizza and a diet Pepsi I am given dirty looks. Just because I am plus size doesn't mean that I am not aware of the food I put into my body. They always ask me if I want an extra slice so I won't be hungry. When I decline they try to sell me some kind of dessert.  Even at the ice cream shops.  If I order a one scoop sundae that is want I want.  For some reason the person behind the counter without consulting me will begin to make my one scoop sundae into a three scoop sundae with everything on it.  I know that sometimes they are trying to be nice, but it isn’t necessary to try to feed me extra food and then turn around and generalize all plus-size people as overeaters or, greedy.

As a plus-size woman I feel I should always have my head held high, and have confidence in myself. I know that makes many people uncomfortable because they want to see me, and other plus-sized persons feel ashamed of themselves. The same shame that people have who don't love who they are. I can't be that person. When I go to Peppers (my usual hangout) I will wear tight pants, mini skirts and halter tops and I will not let people like Ed Lover, the woman at the nail salon or anyone else down play plus-size people. I love who I am and no one can take that from me.

Noey -


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Large in Charge Art

Beautiful images of BBW's / SSBBW's /BHM's

Send in your art work to be displayed and get featured in our Newsletter

Email Raqui:




Our September Artist is

Darrick A. Claiborne



    This Artist caught my eye through recommendation. Thank you to my source.  Mr. Claiborne's versatile style made my mind review the level of art I have seen lately.  His wor

k is Vibrant in all it's colors.  You can literally feel the emotions of the subject jump off the page.  I believe he captures the human spirit quite well in all states.  I felt a rushing range of feelings move through me, from serious to sensual, excitement to solemn, as I was drawn into his work.


     To me this speaks volumes, only an artist who creates through his emotions can create art that makes others feel that emotion.  The passion he holds for his art comes through and  surpasses many other pieces I have seen.  While Darrick does not create Big Sized art only.  He has done some work featuring the larger frame and has been sought out by quite a few big sized entertainers.  I feel this speaks more of his artistic skills.  He has mastered his art and is constantly evolving.  He can accomplish the portrait of a small or large subject and does so with professionalism always making a wonderful finished product.


Many good wishes to you. Mr. Claiborne, It has been a pleasure viewing your work.



Raqui of

Beauty Shots



Giving Praise



Green Apple


Interview with Darrick A. Claiborne:    What is your name (Real and name used for Artistic Expression)? 


Darrick Claiborne:  Darrick Claiborne.  Sometimes I use the name DClai (dee-Clay) for my art.   Where are you originally from and where is your home now? 


Darrick Claiborne:  I am originally from Caroline County Virginia, and grew up in Charlotte, NC. I currently reside in Caroline County, VA.   Have you always shown an interest in Art? 


Darrick Claiborne:  As long as I can remember I have always been drawing and painting.  I remember my Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Blunt  used to allow me to draw and create during recess.  I was dedicated to art then (smile).   How old where you when you started creating? 


Darrick Claiborne:  The earliest I can remember is age 4.  My parents told me that I always was creative.   What type of drawings did you do as a young artist? 


Darrick Claiborne:  I would paint neighbor hood scenes.  Paintings of how my neighborhood in Charlotte, NC look.  Garden Park (my old neighborhood) was filled with plenty of colorful characters navigating through the neighborhood balling or exchanging pleasantries.   What are the mediums you use to create?


Darrick Claiborne:  I began using water colors at age 12, from that I began using Acrylic paints.  In addition to acrylics I am also working with computers to create computer art, and doing mixed media pieces.   Not all your art is of large persons, How did you get your first Large subject? 


Darrick Claiborne:  My art was being showcased at The Richmond Comedy Jam, hosted by comedian, J-Smooth.  He would connect me with various comedians that was interested in my art.   One of my favorite subjects was Queen Aishah.  She has a beautiful spirit.   I later created pieces for comedians Cedric The Entertainer, J. Anthony Brown and singer Angie Stone.   Do you feel the large art you have created depicts the large form properly? 


Darrick Claiborne:  My main objective when creating art, is to try and capture the spirit of a person, and let their personality tell the story of the piece.  When A spiritual connection is made, I definitely feel that the large form is properly depicted.   Tell us about the first time you created a piece of art featuring a large person, what feelings did you have upon completion?


Darrick Claiborne:  Completing the piece was great, I really felt good when the subject saw the piece and was impressed with how I envisioned her.   She expressed to me that I captured her personality, I felt that I was motivated by her beauty.   How long have you been a professional artist?


Darrick Claiborne:  My work has been submitted for gallery shows for about 4 years now.   What make your creations different than others? 


Darrick Claiborne:  I also do mixed media pieces as well, adding fabrics to the painting to create more of a dramatically real effect.  It works for the client especially if I use fabrics from their loved ones clothes to create memorial pieces.   Tell us about the concept of your art? 


Darrick Claiborne:  The Art that I create is definitely an extension of my spiritual existence and my dreams.  Some of my pieces are seen in my dreams as completed, then I work feverishly to create that piece.  Before I paint. I pray.  While I paint , I pray. Before I know it when the piece is complete, it's as if I am seeing it for the very first time.   What agency do you work for or who is your manager? 


Darrick Claiborne:  I am self represented and like to think of the Creator as being my Manager.   Are you a person of size?


Darrick Claiborne:  I am not a person of size.   Do you have associates who work with you?


Darrick Claiborne:  No, however I do have a huge network of family and friends that work very hard to promote me and by word of mouth.   Tell us about some of the places you have made appearances at? 


Darrick Claiborne:  I've participated in the JVC Jazz Festival Art show in Harlem for Two years in a row.  That was exciting, Especially to have your work shown in a city that you've never been.  My work has been in gallery shows at the Rosenthal Gallery, in Fayetteville, NC., showcased at the Richmond Comedy Jam, in Richmond, VA.  And many, many events around the city of Richmond.  It is tough work promoting your work.  You have to be willing to expose your art to many different audiences.   I am always loading my car with my paintings and showing my work at different events, I want to expose my work to people and I like meeting new people.  I totally respect the Strength and Triumph of the Human Spirit.  Maybe someone can learn from my experiences and I know that I can always learn from theirs.   Are you currently on tour or attending and major functions in the near future? 


Darrick Claiborne:  I am currently working on a new collection.  My plans are to begin showing again at the end of this year and the beginning of 2005.   Do you have other Artists that you collaborate with? 


Darrick Claiborne:  I have not done a collaborative piece yet.  Their are artists that I would definitely like to work with or just bounce ideas of off.  I respect Maurice Evans, C'babi Bayoc, and Justin Bua.   Who are some of Artist's that you admire?


Darrick Claiborne:  Winston B. Fletcher is probably the most influential artist to me.  Many people may say "who?".   He was my art teacher in Junior High in Charlotte, NC.  He never let me settle with the level of art  I was on and the achievements and accolades I received.  My favorite famous professional Artist is Ernie Barnes.  Most people know his work from the painting he created for the Marvin Gaye album cover, and  for the ones featured on the sitcom "Good Times."  Last year, Mr. Fletcher sent a card congratulating me on a gallery showing and enclosed was a photo of him and Ernie Barnes.  They are great friends from their days of being students at North Carolina Central University.  That was one of my proudest moments.  I am a huge fan of his work.   What would you say to other artist's who are trying to make it? 


Darrick Claiborne:  First and foremost determine what to you as an artist is "making it".  Create for the joy of creating and define yourself as successful because you are creating, whether showing in a gallery or your mother's home.  Secondly, learn as much as you can about the type of art that you do:  Who's style is similar to yours, their struggles,  etc.  It may save you from making some of the same mistakes that they made.   Do you have a good support system from family and friends?


Darrick Claiborne:  Definitely.  Even If I wanted to give up.  They won't let me.   Have you had any responses from the Size Community?


Darrick Claiborne:  Yes,  It just seems that word of mouth is the best advertising.  The world is full of all kinds of people.  I learn from everyone.   What are your future goals? 


Darrick Claiborne:  To continue to create and pray that I am always full of creative ideas and have the drive to push my art in creative directions unheard or thought of.   Give us one word that you can say best represents your Art?


Darrick Claiborne:  Spiritual   How much have you evolved as an Artist since those first days as a youth? 


Darrick Claiborne:  My technique and speed has gotten a lot better and smoother.  I constantly practice by creating new pieces.  Everyday is a lesson.   How can the readers at help support you? 


Darrick Claiborne:   Continue to pray for a brother and please visit  Check out the art and tell a friend, send an email.   Also the readers at can continue to stay beautiful, and I thank you for being one of my many inspirations.







Large In Charge - Ask Us

Ask Raqui and Jay the questions you always wanted to.

Get the female and male point of view.


Ask Raqui and Jay your questions                                                                             


Dear Raqui



Dear Jay



Q:   Why is it that people think every big person is constantly eating and obsessively greedy about food?

Dave from TX

A:   We have all hear the old stigma.  Either on TV, in writings, on post cards, in Jokes.  Fat people have to eat that much to get fat.  Which really is not true and something many people still don't know. But why do others think that, is still a little bit of a mystery.  I have heard a few old comparisons.  Fat people to pigs who are very messy eaters that consume a lot.  Also to Cows and the 5 stomach principal.  Many times they say a fat woman chewing looks like a cow.  Since cows chew there cud.  It could also be because many big persons eat maybe on big meal and if we are going out we try to save our hunger for the good meal so we enjoy it.  People may tend to think we eat all our meals like that.  I am not sure but it is sure to have to do with jokes said about us from long ago.


Q:   Why is it more acceptable to be gay, but being fat or large is such a CRIME? Things that make you say >>> Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Dave from TX

A:  I personally cannot compare size hate to gay hate which is a sexual orientation.  Most people who are gay or lesbian still are fighting for there rights, example the ability to marry.  It seems strange that people who love each other cant marry.  That is like fat people not being able to buy food or eat in a restaurant.  If I were to answer this question in anyway.  I would say that neither is accepted more just accepted and unaccepted in different ways.  I also must say that maybe you see more acceptance for gay and lesbian's because their movement has been going on for many years. I believe over two decades.  People of size may have our own little internet world where we are accepted and events etc. but we are not in the public eye.


Q:   Hi Raqui, I wanted to ask you about clothing for big SSBBW's  There are some great sites and I like the people you have so far for the monthly raffles.  But after you buy every shirt you like, it is still not a big enough wardrobe. what else can I do for some cute clothes to go out in?


A:  Anna, I am going to tell you the truth, I have that same problem.  I believe the only thing that helps is imagination and money. LOL  Good example.  I saw a beautiful big SSBBW with this shiny lacy top and asked her to get me one.  She said it was a shawl from a store (I cant remember the name).  She just put on her bra and tied it around her.  I was like damn if you bought two of them you can get it sewn down the side and have a fridge down the sides.  She said it is all imagination.  If you got the money you can get clothing made if you find a good seamstress or tailor in your area.  If you got a local paper maybe an add saying "looking for someone who sews" will help.  The person will probably be much cheaper than a tailor or seamstress with there own shop.  Ask to see some of there work and then find out of she can recreate the items you want by looking at a picture.  You can try buying big patterns from a pattern shop.  Get the biggest size then have your seamstress add inches.  My mother did that for me a few times a long time ago.  If you can sew then you have it made.

Q:   Girl loving your newsletter, Can you give me a tip on how to get around NYC.  Public transport sucks and I hate climbing steps on the train. I am more tired after getting on the train than if I was walking around shopping.  Not all the trains have elevators, my knees be killing me!


A:   If you don't have money to get a car, you can get Access-A-Ride.  It is not just for people in wheelchairs.  I am sure you have seen the little busses riding around NYC.  Go to this site see if you qualify and send for an application.  The worst they can say is no. But if your knees are that bad chances are you will get it. 


Q:   LIC, this is kinda hard for me to talk about.  I am a big guy a really big one.  I want to start dating actively.  But how do I explain that I have special needs and how do I pick a girl up and everything?  I don't have a car!  I need car transport and cabs are so expensive, this has been bothering me do you have any tips?  Some of the girls I want to date or who want to date me are small.

Tricky Transport

A:   Tricky the key is the women. You say some of them are small.  If they want to date you, or you them. You have to be honest about the transportation issue.  If they really like you maybe they have a car and can pick you up.  Maybe they can borrow a car if they got a license.  If you got a license and your setting up to do a long date (like a weekend, or all day date that includes a ride somewhere) you can rent a car which will probably be cheaper than a cab.  Plus you can do whatever you want.  You can ask the woman if she can come to your area and meet you someplace your comfortable with and take a cab which will be less costly.  You can try meeting at a party and getting someone to drive you and pick you up.  Or you can use a service.  I don't know what is in your area. But I know many states have special transport for the disabled.  And it costs nothing or the same as public transport.  Here in New York we have Access-A-Ride.   Over all if the woman is understand she will work with you. That is the type of woman you want.  If she doesn't understand your situation and wont work with you then she doesn't like you enough and isn't worth your time.


Q:   Why is it that people think every big person is constantly eating and obsessively greedy about food?

Dave from TX

A:   Some people are small, can eat a lot of food but don't gain a lot of weight but yet some big people can eat the same amount and gain weight immediately.  I also have been around friends who enjoy eating a lot of food at one sit down but yet they don't eat all day (and they gain weight). Then I have friends who don't eat a lot per serving but they pick and snack on food all day (and they gain weight).  Then there are the people that eat a lot of food all the time (and they gain weight).  Bottom line, different people have different eating habits. Metabolism is the key word!  The question at hand is why do people think that every big person is "constantly" eating and "obsessively greedy" about food?  I can say that I have seen the cruel things that people say and do about big people when food is the issue.  I'm still stuck on the society issue that big people catch a lot of ridicule (Big Jokes!) and straight out "War on Fat" campaigns that add fuel to the fire!  So what can we do?  The way I figure, people are going to find something to talk about anyway.  The real question is...what if your fat, and you starve for people's sake, and they still think your constantly eating and greedy? Be happy with who you are and make changes because you want to for you!


Q:   Why is it more acceptable to be gay, but being fat or large is such a CRIME? Things that make you say >>> Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Dave from TX

You claim its more acceptable to be gay but being fat is such a crime.  Sounds personal! Who is to say that gay people feel this way (accepted).  I mean I can feel your complaints that people treat people of size like its a crime to be fat but comparing it gay people....who has the right to weigh how much acceptance one has over the other.  So actually, it doesn't make me say hmmmmm....I find some big people who actually enjoy their lives, live proud, and accept themselves.


Q:  Hi Jay I have a question, maybe you can help me with.  I have found that a lot of smaller men like big women.  I know men of all sizes like us.  Maybe its my area but it seems like tons of them are really small and skinny!  Could it be small mans complex?  Like the smaller men needing everything bigger?

Suzie West Coast

A:   Suzie asked the wrong person the wrong question... cause I'm a smaller guy and I used to hate how all the ladies (in the clubs) liked the taller guys.  Now Suzie wants to know if small men have "smaller guy complex"?  What ever happened to "preference" or that a Big Woman is Sooo Fine that I just want her and that's that.  Why is it that because I'm smaller....I have to have a complex? Do smaller women who like Big Guys have a "complex"?  I'm just kidding because I hear this all the time...Opposites attract, big woman little man jokes...the picture with the fat lady who can't find her man because he's stuck in her butt!  The point is that "here" is not the place to hate on the little guy.  And yes it is "you" or "your area" because you stated that "you know men of all size like us".  When I'm in a BBW/BHM club I don't find just small guys....there are men of all sizes there because they love Big Women.  Don't get it twisted!


Q:   Jay, I find this newsletter cool, I have a girl and she is not as big compared to the ladies I see on your site.  I love all types of women especially bigger ones.  (YO, RAQUI YOU FINE GIRL!) My girl wants to hit the big clubs, I love the thought but I don't want to disrespect my woman with my eyes roaming all over. Truthfully how will I be able to help it.  How do I tell my girl no, or explain that my looks are only looks? She is really jealous.

Roaming Eyes

A:   At first I wanted to answer your question (from a man's perspective) and tell you to go out to the BBW Club twice. One with your woman where you can show her all of the attention she needs and then one alone or with the fella's so you can look at the beautiful women.  If you like Big Women and you go to a Big Women Club and you can't "look" at the women....that's like going window shopping but you can't look in the windows. Then, when I read your question again, I see that you said..."your girl is not as big" and you "especially" like the  bigger one's!  Then you claim "your girl" wants to hit the big club but your eyes might roam.  Sounds like I don't know your past dude!  You might not be telling us your history in the past clubs or your "roaming eyes" might be more then your letting us know about.  I can tell you that in the clubs there are a lot of couples and they seem to turn out alright.  If your really into your lady....don't worry about it.  If she's really jealous, and she doesn't like you "looking" at Big Women...then you'll be in trouble cause the women are lovely and can't help but look. 


Q:   LIC, this is kinda hard for me to talk about.  I am a big guy a really big one.  I want to start dating actively.  But how do I explain that I have special needs and how do I pick a girl up and everything?  I don't have a car!  I need car transport and cabs are so expensive, this has been bothering me do you have any tips?  Some of the girls I want to date or who want to date me are small.

Tricky Transport

A:   You say you want to start dating actively which makes me assume that your are currently not dating.  Then you asked about transportation so when you ask how to pick up a girl? I can't figure if you mean how to get a date or pick her up transportation wise.  If it's the transportation issue all I can say is money is hard to come by but somehow, hopefully, it'll happen for you.  With money, cabs work.  If they are too expensive, post messages on boards where party friends who have transportation might can help.  Sometimes people share rides to events.  If you were asking how to pick up a girl? meaning finding a women who like really big guys..I personally don't think that's a problem!  I see plenty big guys in the club getting there groove on! Plus there are enough sites, BHM Clubs, and women who seek guys your size. (Hit up the LIC message board)


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