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Issue #9 - November 2004

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Featured Person -  Sherril of Club Envy Texas


Raqui's Spot - Hogging - The sport of Sexin Fat Chicks


Jay's Spot - Top 10 Big Vehicles


Food Relations - Fast Food and the Movie Super Size Me!


Art - Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes


Guest Spot -  Self Published Writer Randy Fryar


Ask Us - Keep those questions coming. Ask us anything, we will answer.


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Large In Charge Feature

Sherril of Club Envy

The First Texas Based BBW Club


Sherril of Club Envy



Sherril and Raqui


Club Envy the Experience

     Taking a break from the San Antonio heat in my hotel room, I was anticipating what the Party with Club Envy would be like.  Being from New York, I always wondered what parties were like in others states.  Would Club Envy be up to par?  Would my NYC party girl ways be satisfied.  I am not a hard partier, I often sit to the back and just relax but the atmosphere and music MUST BE BUMPIN!  Or else why sit and enjoy the scene?  I might at well be at home with my fam playing tunes on my laptop and making my own drinks in my blender.

     Graham Central Station was the location for the party.  When I walked into the Club I was quite interested in the environment.  Six large rooms each with its own theme occupied the huge warehouse.  It was decorated to the max and I was impressed.  Texas was doing it up!  The Club Envy event occupied the Bell Bottom Room.  When you walk into Bell Bottom Room it is like being transported back in time.  Tables with stools were placed in this Round Room.  The Dance Floor was Round with Two Giant Dance cages on either side.  The bar was located to the back and the bartender did his methodic dance of drink mixing.  Girls with sexy cute outfits walked through out the club and were selling Tooters.  MY FAVORITE!  Lets say I tooted the night away.

     70's and 80's music dominated the room.  It was the supreme back to the past party.  It was an interesting mix of people. Many races, many styles, and while Club Envy has its own section just for the Big Girls.  There were others also there enjoying the other Five Rooms of Graham Central Station.  Ladies large and small with men of different sizes went from room to room and enjoyed the night.

     The Club Envy peeps were great, friendly and fun!  Sherril the Founder of Club Envy set the mood giving Blow Pops to the Girls.  Every big girl should have a lollipop she said to me.  Seemed like a big family just dancing the night away.  I have to give Club Envy a big Shout Out from NYC!  Do your Thang People TEXAS STYLE!

Go to the Events and Pictures section to see how Club Envy Parties!



Interview with Sherril of Club Envy What is your name and where are you from originally?

Sherril of Club Envy:   My name is Sherril Metal (yes it really is Metal! Cool huh) and I am a Southern California native. Who is the owner/founder of your company?

 Sherril of Club Envy:  I am the founder, creator, owner and event producer for Club Envy. How did your company get its name?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Well, one thing I really wanted to stress was the importance of how the patron feels when they come to one of my events. I do want them to feel good, however, I want them to feel better than that. I want them to feel as if THEY are the ones to be envied because they have been given such a special place just for them. How did your company begin?

Sherril of Club Envy:   Envy began when I saw the other BBW clubs were not living up to the Hollywood scene that I was used to. I have been clubbing Hollywood for 20 years and continually go back to my faves like Cinespace, Barfly, Sunset Room, White Lotus, China Room, Sin13, 7969 and so on, I go back because of their celebrity flash, stellar service, hot bouncers and snooty doormen. I decided it was high time that the BBW club scene be stepped up to a different level and receive the same style and prestige that the "IN' crowd gets. So I talked to a bunch of my die hard BBW party mates and they all told me the same thing ... "PLEASE DO IT!!" So I went Hollywood. How long has your company been in business?

 Sherril of Club Envy:  Since January 2003. However I have been producing various events for 11 years. Tell us about your first event (what kind of event) and was the turn out substantial?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Our very first event was at this fabulous well known dive in Hollywood called Catch One. I chose Catch One for it's deep celebrity roots. This is the favorite hang out of Boy George - when he comes to town you will find him spinning here, Hugh Heffner holds private parties here, Madonna herself chose it as the site for her launch parties, and dozens of movies have been filmed there. About 200 people came out on our grand opening, it was a BBW event of course, well known Hollywood Bboy Dj Brett Walpow spun, and we gave away a car. Even an old high school friend came! VBW Times was there to cover it. It was great. Do you hold events regularly, and how many people attend?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Presently I am holding the events in San Antonio Texas every other Saturday night, and soon they will be moved to every Saturday night. I opened here in San Antonio in May 2004 and thus far our lowest count has been 130, highest 325.  I feel we are doing good. Do you promote other types of events other than the ones you hold now?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Yes. Though I live in San Antonio now, I still have all my Hollywood ties and promote for several clubs there - it is fun to get my BBW friends on the posh guest lists! I was helping to promote another BBW nightclub, Club Flirts, but unfortunately the promoter Steve became ill with cancer and had to end his fabulous parties. Do you have any major events coming up in the near future?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Yes! October 30th is our 2nd annual "All Hallows Eve Ball", and in December I will be doing my "Red White and Black Tie Ball". This is a wonderful catered event where everyone dresses to the extreme in red, white, black or a combination of. The money raised goes to a local charity so we can get the money right back into the community where it came from. I hear you are being featured in a Documentary, Tell us about that…

Sherril of Club Envy:  Yes! Prosieben Television Network is making a documentary of me, Envy and the Size Acceptance movement. The producer told me that there are no such clubs in Europe, and with this documentary he hopes to change that. The first phase of filming turned out so well, that the executives have asked the producer to stay and continue getting more footage as they want to make this the lead story! Prosieben is to all of Europe what ABC and NBC is to us here in the states, so you can well imagine that I am beyond excited to be chosen for this project. What are your long term goals?

Sherril of Club Envy:  I am working on many projects with Envy right now. First and foremost is the building of our own venue. This is a big move in the BBW scene because no one BBW club owns their own building. Included in our venue will be a bistro where I will chef, and a clothing store that will feature Envy Wear - our line of BBW and BHM club wear along with some of my friends clothing lines. Tell us about your location and if it is comfortable for people of size?

Sherril of Club Envy:  All the venues I choose to throw parties at must meet certain criteria. The seating, tables, floor space, bathroom and stall size ALL must be large enough for me to be comfortable in and the air conditioning must be on spot. I am a fair sized BBW and wear a 22/24. So if there is room for me to feel comfortable ... then my patrons will feel comfortable too. The Envy nightclub itself will be built and spaced for people of size from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. My architect is a BHM, I will outfit the lounge with fabulous Wide Bodies Furniture's club chairs and sofas, and have an above board staff. Who is your house DJ?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Right now we are using the house DJs of the different venues. I have been listening to many demos out here and the DJs are decent, but I have not made a decision yet. I do have my eye on someone back home, but we will see how it all plays out. Do you promote events in other states?

Sherril of Club Envy:  In California. What is the response you receive from the BBW / BHM community?

Sherril of Club Envy:  It has been very good. I receive e-mails every day telling me what a great concept this is, how they wish they had one in their state, thank you for bringing it to San Antonio ... oh ... and now ... I am happy to report that Envy San Antonio has made a few soul mate matches, one of our regular couples is having a baby and it is reported that they conceived after they both won the male and female dance contest at our pajama party event, AND we have our first engaged couple! How can the readers at help support your company?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Spread the word, tell people about Envy. Go look at our web site, see how much fun people are having. If you can, support the movement and start a BBW night in your city. If you want to dp this, but don't know how, and have some capital, call me, I can help you get one started. Do you have any other companies or entrepreneurs that you admire or collaborate with?

Sherril of Club Envy:  I admire Mr. Ivan Kane who is the creator of such fabulous nightclubs as Deep, Forty Duece and Kane. I often consult Mac Africa who is a world wide event producer for many years, as well as fellow chefs in Los Angeles, and I always keep an eye on the trends in New York. What is the key to giving a successful People of Size Event?

Sherril of Club Envy:   Make sure the venue has fantastic air conditioning. Nothing will make or break a place worse than poor air conditioning. Other than that, make sure there is plenty of room, that their chairs are quality and not plastic backyard furniture, and that the ladies room is clean! Tell us about your clients?

Sherril of Club Envy:  They are male and female of all different shapes, sizes, weights, hair and skin color and sexual preferences. Their ages range from 21 to 51 and sometimes beyond. They all want one thing ... to be accepted for who they are, not what the media or "society" wants them to be. They are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, best friends and aunts and uncles. Some are single, some are married. Some of them come for romance, some for an experience and some come out to dance and be with friends. They are all you and me. Who are some of your business or influences that you admire?

Sherril of Club Envy:  Carroll Shelby, Martha Stewart, Paula Abdul, Star Jones, Daws Butler (voice of Hannah Barbera - Huckelberry Hound, Yogi Bear etc..),  Recording artist Jonny T of Cool Cat Music, Dog Town Skates professional skater and surfer and friend Pep Williams, my sister Laura who has lived in Israel since 1984, Hank Rollins of Black Flag fame, Spaulding Gray, all my friends serving in the military, and my brothers Ken and Neal. Give one sentence that best describes your company?

Sherril of Club Envy:   "Envy .. where thickness is NOT just a statement, it is a WAY OF LIFE, bringing real clubbing to real people, on the flipside of reality where beauty IS a size 22, NOT a 2."


     Thank you Sherril for creating a place like Club Envy for the BBW community in Texas.  I wish you continued success.  Big Hugs from Large In Charge.


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Raqui's Spot

From a Female's Point of View

This month's subject:

Hogging - The sport of sexin Fat Chicks


Email Raqui:


This Months Subject: Hogging - The sport of sexin Fat Chicks

     It was just a regular day on the net, when I got an email in my box.  It was from one of my online buddies, a lady in fact.  I read the body of the subject saying something to the effect of "I can't believe this!" with a link.  Having a few minutes of time I click the link and get sent to a site called What I saw in front of me was a shock but then again not a shock.  Men who Chase Big ladies for sex!  We all know about this, but to find out it has a name, it is called "HOGGING"!  I knew it was a behavior, and many men who don't like big women, will sit outside the BBW dances waiting in parking lots. Some will wait on the street like a hawk scanning for his kill.  Just watching for the single ladies to come out so they can hit on them and try to go home with them.


     Almost every Big woman has encountered that male, who once you reject them they get furious and start to berate you.  They will call you whale, lard bitch, Fat Hoe etc...etc... the list goes on of the insults.  They may even start with the "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM"!  speech, saying we should be glad they even bothered to talk to us.  Acting as though they were doing us a favor.  Men can be vicious when someone who they feel is a nobody, disgusting and ugly to refuse them, when they make advances toward them. 


     So when I saw and read this article, I was shocked yet not really shocked.  With the way society is and how we are seen. Not to mention the idiots out there.  It was just a matter of time until we found out where the predator ways toward Big women has stemmed from.  Passed down from generation to generation of men. I am sure crossing over the race and age line for decades at least.  Here is a story that will get you plus sized women riled and the men who love you pissed as hell.  Maybe even a little ashamed of what your fellow man has been doing.


     You men ever wonder why some Big women, probably the ones your really interested in are not feeling men at the club or in public that much?  Why they are so careful of who they date?  Always wondering if you have an another motive?   Read this article and you will see what Big women are up against.  All this as soon as we step out the door!


Walter Novak


Walter Novak


The Article:

Big Game Hunters

They're men who chase chubbies for sport and pleasure. They call it hogging.



It started with Rick's dad, who was never a big presence in his life. His mother raised him; his dad, Rick says dismissively, was your typical West Side drunk. But he could talk. And he liked to talk about "sweat-hogging." A college friend, a good-looking guy, had been into it. "Let's go out and pick up some pigs tonight," the guy would say. He homed in on fat girls, demanded oral sex, then kicked them out of the car when he was done. "He'd literally boot 'em out with his foot," Rick says, telling the story just as his dad told it to him.

When Rick and his friends headed out for the night, his dad would inevitably ask, "You guys going sweat-hogging?"

In high school, Rick lost his virginity to a large woman. It only escalated from there. He eventually dropped the "sweat." But hogging -- that was something he got good at. Good at doing, good at talking about, just like his dad.

Rick is sitting at the Treehouse patio, drinking bottles of Bud with his roommate Mark and talking about hogging. Rick is tall, broad, 23, a salesman who looks like a construction worker. Mark is three years older, shorter, with a shy grin that women love.

At first, both are hesitant to discuss the subject. Hogging, after all, is something men talk about with men, not women, and certainly not a woman taking notes. But they can't help themselves. After just one beer, they're egging each other on, jockeying for time, trying to top each story with something bigger and better.

Rick explains the attraction bluntly: "Everyone knows that if you want to get belligerent with your friends, hogging is the way to go. It's not something you aspire to, but no one decent is going to talk to you when you're at the bar with your friends, doing shots of Jaeger. Sometimes you just say, 'Fuck it, let's get a pig.'"

It's not that they prefer fat women, they say. It's just easier.

"You're not embarrassed getting shot down by them," Mark says. "You're not embarrassed when they leave."

Mark's had nothing but big women for a long time. On a woman of average height, he'll go up to 160, 170 pounds -- 225 if it's St. Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve.

"I wake up and see monsters in his bed," Rick says, feigning horror.

Mark doesn't dispute their size. But he resists the "monster" label. "The problem is, sometimes they're really nice people." He feels sorry for them, sorry for using them, sorry for being a jerk. If his friends don't find out, he'll call them. Do it again.

Rick will have none of it. "I just talk to them like they're complete disgusting pigs," he says. "You gotta break 'em down with insults. Comment on their fat -- 'You're a dirty little pig.' They call me a dick, an asshole, but after a few beers, they're into it."

"He's good because he has no conscience," Mark says mournfully.

Rick runs through his Rolodex of hogging adventures with little prompting. There was his ex-girlfriend's sister: "She was a little porker, and I violated her every way." The secretary, with her big white breasts. "She was a perfect hog." Beautiful face, big soft body.

Then there was the girl who gave him and a friend oral sex in the front seat of a Ford Explorer. His friend wanted to take it further, but Rick dissuaded him: "Most of the time, you're not going to bang 'em," he explains, disgusted by the thought.

Few hoggers take such obvious delight in degrading women. But all have stories they're dying to tell, so long as their real names aren't used. "My mom reads Scene," one guy explains.

Scott, a 30-year-old from Broadview Heights, met an obese woman at Knucklehead's in Parma on St. Patrick's Day. He'd been drinking since 8 a.m. They made out at the bar, then he took her home. The next morning, he made up an excuse to get her to leave; he actually circled the block in his car until she left. But when he ran into her two weeks later, they did it again. His friends gave him a hard time: "You went home with a hog."

His ready answer: "I got laid. What's your point?"

Jake, a 35-year-old bartender, had just broken up with his girlfriend when he met a big girl. Took her home. Got some. "The next day I was, like, how did this happen? Well, it just happens."

Bryan, 29, met his hog at karaoke night. One minute she was applauding his performance, the next they were singing a duet. Soon they were making music of their own in the parking lot. "I might see her again, I might not," he says, adding, "If I do, I hope none of my friends are there."

Sometimes hogging is a group activity. Chris and his friends use a strategy they call "the scud missile." Confronted with a group of hot girls and one heavy, they designate their drunkest comrade as the missile. "We'll say, 'It's 11 o'clock, we're going to launch him!'" The drunk is deployed to woo the big girl; the rest of the posse follows five minutes later and moves in on her friends.

Sometimes the drunk closes the deal; sometimes he doesn't. His friends are always grateful. "Hey, we scored, too," Chris says. "We don't say nothin'."

Some guys claim that hogging is a "slump-buster": Sex with a fat woman, they say, can break a string of bad luck and lift morale. (As the Arizona Diamondbacks' Mark Grace once explained, even pro athletes have been known to do it.) It can also be an act of selflessness: A guy "jumps on the grenade" by taking the fat friend, clearing his pal's way to the skinny one.

The common denominator is extreme emotional detachment. Scott tells the story of a friend who slept with a hog. Scott called the next day to taunt him. "You didn't cuddle with her in the morning, did you?"

He repeats his friend's answer with glee: "No, I stepped over her fat ass and left!"

Mark and his friend Alex go to the Fox & Hound in Parma, a city Mark considers hog heaven.

Sure enough, Mark manages to find a potential hog while he's buying the first round. She might as well have "eager" tattooed on her back. She's poured into a red halter top, faux leather pants that lace up the side, and chunky stacked-heel boots.

They banter, and Mark buys her a shot. He returns to the table, excited. "She's perfect," he says. "A perfect little pig."

"Ask her to join us," Alex suggests.

"I did," Mark says. "But she's waiting for her food. How novel."

A few minutes later she sidles past the table, then slips and wipes out. "Another shot!" Mark cries.

"You're supposed to catch me," she says, giving a sidelong glance as she heads toward the bathroom.

"This is going to be great," Mark hisses. "I might get a blow job out of this. Right here in the parking lot."

"If you wake up with that the next morning . . ." Alex warns.

"I've done worse," Mark says blithely.

Leather Pants invites the guys to ladies' night at a bar called Quotes. They follow. The place is packed -- with men.

Then darkness falls: Leather Pants is with another guy. A big guy. She accepts a light for her cigarette, but that's about it.

"You can't just go out with the mindset that you're going to get a hog," Mark explains. "You can't."

They end up at a cop bar called Dina's, drinking Budweisers and talking about hogging. Mark sheds no tears for the hog who got away. "I think she might have been strung out on crack anyway," he says. "Did you see how her hand was shaking?"

Still, he wonders about his own track record: "When's the last time you've seen me with a hot chick?" Mark demands, then answers his own question: "You probably haven't."

If hogging is a long-standing tradition, as Rick's father seems to indicate, it's passed down strictly as oral history. As far as anyone seems to know, it's never been the focus of a sitcom or a movie. Even in that repository of all things strange and elusive, the internet, it barely has a presence. It takes the right kind of dad or college roommate to explain the rule book.

Not everyone is grateful for the lesson. Some men react with horror, others distant amusement. But for certain men -- typically guys in their 20s and 30s, boozers all -- hogging tales are like their grandfathers' fishing stories: oft-repeated and always embellished. There's the one that got away. The one who capsized the boat. The biggest whale of all.

From Parma to Mentor, the themes are the same. So are the jokes. "Fat women are like Mopeds," they'll say. "They're fun to ride, but you wouldn't want your friends to see you."

"Slap her thighs and ride the wave in."

"Roll her in flour and find the wet spot."

One universal truth: The boldest hogging stories always happened to someone else. The more savage the act, the better the chance that the guy telling the story didn't do it -- his buddy did. And the buddy, just as frequently, is impossible to track down.

One grad student explains that a friend participated in a hogging ritual at the U.S. Naval Academy. Sailors going on leave would throw money into a pot; the one who displayed the biggest pair of panties the next morning took all. But when the guy surfaces who supposedly participated, he says he wasn't actually involved: A friend had told him the story about his friends.

Another guy, an architect, tells of some bored college kids from Medina who drew straws; the loser had to pick up a fat woman and bring her home. The two then had sex while his pals watched from the closet. (In hogging parlance, this is known as "logging closet time.") "He knew his friends were watching, so the guy would be like, 'Call me Mr. President,'" the architect explains. "She did it, too."

But when he finds the Medina man who told the story, it wasn't his crew after all. It was one of his friend's friends; no one is sure who or where they are today.

It's tempting to attribute all hogging to braggadocio and the fine art of B.S. Indeed, even some guys who've hogged insist that it's no more than a way to justify drunken actions the morning after. "Take home a big girl, and the next day, you say you went hogging," Jake, the bartender, explains. "It's not like it's the plan. It's the backup plan."

Indeed, much of the fun seems to come in the telling, in recounting the tale that can top all others. Even for Rick, who relishes the act, part of hogging's appeal is knowing he can tell his buddies later. "He loves it," explains his roommate, Mark, "and he loves telling the story."

But even Rick is smart enough not to share his affinity for hogging with just anyone. He has a foolproof way of sussing out his audience: He'll wait for a fat woman to walk by, then make a comment about how he'd like to "stick it to her."

His companion's reaction is everything, Rick explains. "If he's disgusted, I'll say, 'Oh, I'm just kidding.' If he's like, 'Oh yeah, I'd do that,' you know he's with you. He's not afraid."

Rick Gilmour, the WTAM radio shock jock, prides himself on being a misogynist -- or at least a man who can appeal to misogynists and their prized 18-to-36-year-old demographic. In person, he's more gangly than his radio voice would suggest; he looks like the guy who ran the school audiovisual department, not the one who partied with the rugby team.

He's been known to refer to "hogging" on the air. He just assumes that his listeners know what he's talking about. His usual fare is politics or music or cars. Disparagement of fat women fits right into the mix.

One of Gilmour's regular haunts, Backdraft's, is a hole-in-the-wall tucked into a Lorain Road strip mall. Gilmour knows most of the guys here; the only woman is a tired fortysomething giving full attention to her drink. "You'd never know it from this sausage fest," he says, "but this is Ladies' Night."

Gilmour has been told the topic of conversation, so he comes suitably prepared with a steady patter of hogging jokes. "If you wake up and say, 'Thanks for the lovely evening, Ms. Oakar,' then you know you've been hogging,'" he says. Rim shot.

Then he tries the roll-her-in-flour line. His audience groans. "There are no new jokes, just people to hear them," he says, a little defensively.

A mustachioed Army vet on the next barstool lights up a smoke. "Hey, you know what they say: more cushion for the pushin'."

"Any port will do in a storm," Gilmour agrees.

The Mustache leans in. At Ohio State in the '60s, he went to something called a Green Dot party. "Whoever brought the ugliest girl got the prize," he says.

What did the women think? someone asks.

"Who cared?" says The Mustache.

Gilmour admits he's been with some heavies. He professes not to like it. "In polite society, they call 'em Rubenesque. Some people say it's softer, it feels better." Not him: "I'll take a chance with a woman where our hip bones are knocking together." The Mustache laughs.

Gilmour's friend Bryan sidles over. At 29, he's got a house in the 'burbs and one of those job titles -- tech-support specialist -- that could mean he's anything from a software programmer to a janitor.

Gilmour explains the topic, and Bryan sips his MGD thoughtfully. "It's a situation where you could either play golf with a high handicap or a low one," he says philosophically. "Sometimes you just feel like winning the game."

When it gets to be 12:30, there are only two hours left in the evening, "unless you count Denny's, which I don't," Bryan explains. So he takes what he can. "Fat chicks may be just as lonely and bored as you are."

Last time he did it: a month ago. Worst time: a 220-pounder, sister of his pal. Fortunately, he was at a friend's college campus at the time, not his own. "This was the perfect situation," he says. "I was in Toledo; I knew one person."

But, Bryan adds, he would have done it even if his entire college had been there. "The fallout just would have been greater," he says.

Or he could lie, someone suggests. Claim he didn't really do it.

"You don't lie about it," Bryan says, horrified.

"You just say, 'Fat chicks need loving, too,'" Gilmour says.

Bryan takes a long swig, then confesses, "Really, I think the prettiest women look like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page. They had meat on their bones."

"Jayne Mansfield," Gilmour agrees, in almost a reverie. "We're talking real meat."

The bartender supplies another round.

"Women want a man big enough to protect them," Gilmour says. "Nobody cares how fat Alfred Hitchcock was."

"But no one wants to bang Alfred Hitchcock," Bryan points out.

Hogging almost always starts in college. Scott's friends used to declare "No Pride Night" whenever they hit a dry spell. The call of the evening: "Let's just go find anything."

"In college especially, you're just too lazy for a good-looking girl," Scott says. "So you find the ugliest, most disgusting one you can find and take her home. Then it's a joke. And if your friends give you a hard time, you say, 'I got a blow job. What about you?'"

Jamie, who grew up on the East Coast, first heard of hogging at the University of Michigan. He uses "coyote arm" to convey the horror: "You'd chew off your own arm in the morning to get out of there without waking her up."

Growing up in Bay Village, Chris and his football pals only joked about hogging. In a town where most of the girls were pretty, there wasn't much more to do than talk.

Then he went away to college in Minnesota. There was a tight group of 14 guys on his floor, and the ones returning for their sophomore year explained the drill to the freshmen: They'd each donate $100. Then they'd go barhopping. If one of the guys found a willing hog, everyone would hurry back to the dorm to surreptitiously watch the guy usher his prize into the room -- and neglect to lock the door behind him.

The pack of 13 would wait outside.

With cameras.

Inside, Chris says, the guy would mount his woman doggie-style. "We'd be outside the door . . . And he'd yell, 'Hi-ho-rodeo!'" Chris pauses for dramatic emphasis. "And then we'd all run in and take a picture."

At the end of the year, the guy who'd rodeoed the biggest girl collected the pot, all $1,400 of it.

Competition was fierce. "Eight of us did it," Chris says. One guy did it three times. "Mine was 250, 260 pounds. And I didn't win. The guy that won it, she was large. Probably 280, 290.

"It was very hard, because you're not attracted to them," Chris adds, laughing. "It was difficult, because you get her clothes off, you see the side rolls. It just turns you off. You gotta suck yourself up and just do it. You got to."

Even today, Chris doesn't feel guilty: "It was one of my college classics." His friends, he says, all think it's funny. "Yeah, it's bad, but you're not thinking about that. You're thinking it's hilarious -- and it is."

The average hogger has little sympathy for his prey. "Fat chicks need lovin', too," is often the closest they come to acknowledging the woman's needs.

Many guys claim the hog should be, and often is, grateful for their attentions. "Fat chicks never get laid, because no one wants to see 'em naked," Scott explains.

"They feel appreciative just because a guy will let them give him a blow job," adds his friend Justin.

"They understand their place," Rick says. "They know they're pigs. They don't get it like a normal girl could. They're desperate."

Women aren't exactly clamoring to tell their side of the story. Some may be oblivious to the way they're being discussed; "hogging" is a term few women have even heard. Others, like the women at Chris's college, may be too embarassed to tell even their closest friends. No woman wants to think of herself as a hog, much less let her girlfriends see her that way. The victims are silent.

And many hoggers admit to having few female friends. They see women as alien creatures whose motives are suspect. It's only a small leap to rationalize their piggish behavior by insisting that women are just as bad.

The excuses are many: Women are all hunting for a sugar daddy anyway. They mock men for their small size or limited stamina. In a hogger's way of thinking, it's only right that men return the insult. "You've got the other end of the coin, too," explains Mike, who owns a Lakewood bar. "'He only lasted thirty seconds!' Stuff like that."

Some guys even admit they go for hogs because it's the only door open to them. "Sure, we could hit on good-looking chicks, but we're such West Park retards, it doesn't happen," Rick says.

"We've lowered our standards so low, they're no standards at all," Mark adds.

He says he's genuinely "remorseful" about his behavior. "It just happens," he says. But if he can keep his friends from finding out, he'll keep seeing hogs on the side. He likes them. "They don't expect anything. They're just cool."

Hogging's appeal is clear to Michael Broder, a Philadelphia clinical psychologist. "Some of these guys may be really intimidated by asking out the type of woman they really want to go out with," he says. "But if they get turned down by a woman they consider unattractive, there's no loss."

That, however, doesn't make it forgivable. "If you have to do that to feel good about yourself, you don't have much going for you," Broder says. "I feel sorry for everyone involved."

For years, Donna Jarrell was so self-conscious about her weight that she avoided the bar scene entirely. She wasn't even willing to try it until she was a divorcée in her mid-30s. "I hated going to clubs," she says.

So when Jarrell heard of hogging, she wasn't particularly shocked. It only confirmed the fears that she'd long struggled with. "If men were really nice to me, I just assumed they were trying to exploit me in some way," she admits. She wouldn't go near dances for "big and beautiful" women, for example; she was convinced that they attracted a certain type of predator who assumed "big" meant "desperate."

Life provided good reason for her caution. After Jarrell's divorce, she met a doctor in a chat room. They had great conversations, typing back and forth for 10 days. Then he sent The E-mail. "This is the most heartfelt communication I've had with a woman in 10 years," he wrote. "Please don't tell me you're fat."

Almost a decade later, Jarrell has perspective. "It just captures the confusion and ambivalence of men who want a wonderful relationship -- but also want a trophy," she says.

A lecturer at Ohio State, Jarrell co-edited a collection of fiction, What Are You Looking At?: the First Fat Fiction Anthology. She's a self-described "fat American" and says the words proudly. She hates the way they've been co-opted to mean "ugly."

A big part of Jarrell's confidence stems from a casual comment her son made: "Mom, who cares if you look fat, as long as you look good."

It changed her life. "Fat" and "good" coexisting had once been unthinkable. "What I think a lot of people, not just men, don't recognize is that our attraction or our revulsion to fat has a lot to do with our culture," she says.

Hogging, then, becomes something sad -- for the woman, certainly, but also for the man. "There's a stigma so extreme that even if men do get more pleasure with fat women, how do they admit that?"

And, if they don't get pleasure from the hookup, there's no point in doing it, she says. "I'm so unfamiliar with the idea that you wouldn't be real with somebody. It's just such a waste of your time. But for some people, I guess, that's what their life is."

Night is falling back at the Treehouse, and the conversation is growing windy. "Perfect hogging is big fat tits, fat thighs, but a good-looking face," Rick explains.

"The hogs don't think they're hogs, ever," Mark says.

Rick is getting philosophical. "It's not the way my mom said I should be to women, but it works. I don't make the rules, I just play the game."

When the time comes, Rick says, he'll pass down the rule book, just like his dad did to him. "When my kid's in college, sure I'll say something," Rick says. "Of course."

"If he was going to Homecoming with a big cow, I'd say it to my wife: 'He likes hogging,'" Mark says. "But not to him."

"I wouldn't tell my wife," Rick says. "Some things you keep to yourself."

Mark doesn't buy it. "He can't keep it in," he taunts.

"They are great stories," Rick protests, "but to tell your dudes!"

The patio is pitch-black by the time Andy and Ben join the group. Both Mark and Rick are thrilled: Ben, they explain, is the perfect guy to talk about hogging. He always has a heavy woman on his arm. He dates 'em. He revels in 'em.

But Andy quickly sets us straight. Ben, he says, doesn't hog. "But he likes hogs."

Ben explains that he likes a woman with a big butt, a firm fat shape. "I don't care how big it is, as long as it's firm. I think even you would be shocked at how big you can get and still be firm," he tells Rick.

"But she's still a hog to me," Mark protests.

Ben will have none of it. "I know what I like. These guys find something I like to be a joke. They like to laugh about it and retell it. But they may find it gives them some reserve of pleasure. They're expanding their definitions of what is attractive."

Rick has grown quiet. "In a certain sense, he has a point," he says. "It's fat women I usually masturbate to. Because they get me off. . . . I can't get Tyra Banks, nor do I want to. But there's something about violating this little pig that makes me happy." It's almost an epiphany.

Still, the moment of reflection can only last so long. Within a minute, he and Mark are back to talking about how fat women give better oral, how they're disposable, how the hookup is fun because the woman is willing to be degraded.

Most important: It's a hookup and only a hookup. Never a girlfriend. Never wife material. "If it's a fat bitch, I don't want to see her afterward," Rick says.

"You're hogging," Andy says.

"I'm hogging," Rick agrees. "You don't want to have a hot bitch blow you off because she can. You want a fat bitch who'll suck your cock. Last call, I like to get my dick sucked rather than play euchre all night."

Rick takes a long swig of his beer. "That's the bottom line," he explains to the darkness. "That's hogging." | originally published: October 1, 2003




Jay's Spot

From a Male point of view.

This months Subject : Top 10 Big Vehicles


This is a new 2004 4-Door Savana All-Wheel Drive Explorer Limited SE Raised Roof Conversion Van. New Manufacturer Rebates or Rates Available. Explorer Limited SE Conversion includes Leather Seating, Heated Driver and Front Passenger Seats with Power Lumbar, Full Ground Effects, Power Sunroof, Front Spoiler with Fog Lights, Wood and Leather Steering Wheel, Walnut Wood Appearance Trim, Billet Grill, Front Bumper Step, 22" High Definition LCD TV, DVD System with Subwoofer, Video Cassette Player, Universal Game Hookups, Central Rear Air Conditioning and Heat, Power Sofa Bed, Rear AM/FM/CD, Portable Air Compressor, Safety Light, Center Ice Chest, 18" Polished Aluminum Wheels with Falken ZIEX S/TZ01 P265/60R18 Tires. We have also added Remote Start/Alarm. Factory options include Swing out doors on Driver and Passenger Side, 50-State Emissions, 5300 V8 Engine, 4-Spd Automatic Transmission, Power Mirrors, Keyless Entry, Heavy Duty Trailering Equipment, CD and Cassette, Power Windows, and Power Locks.


New 2004 Monogram Custom Yukon XL 4WD SLT. New Vehicle Rebates or Special Finance Rates Available. Factory Options include 5.3 V8 Vortec Engine, Federal Emissions, 4 Speed Automatic Transmission, 3.73 Rear Axle, Heavy Duty Trailering Equipment, Full Feature Leather Bucket Seating with 8-way Power, Heated Seats and Seat Memory, Power Sunroof, Second Row Captain's Chairs, Third Row Bench Seat, In Dash 6 Disc CD Player with Bose Premium 9 Speaker System, Rear Seat Audio Controls, Power Adjustable Pedals, XM Satellite Radio, OnStar System, Steering Wheel Touch Controls, Side Impact Airbags and Stabilitrak. Monogram Conversion includes Full Ground Effects with Lighted Running Board, 15.3" Flipdown LCD TV with DVD, VCP and Headphones, 18" Chrome Wheels, Goodyear Eagle GTII P285/60R18 Tires, Wood and Leather Steering Wheel, Billet Grill, Blackwood Door and Dash Trim. We have added Corsa Exhaust.


Luxury Interior Package

The optional Luxury Package includes:
· Blend of three premium leather types: Windsor, Blenheim and Cambridge
· Heated front and rear contoured seats
· Heated leather steering wheel
· 16-way adjustable, driver-controlled seats with memory
· 16-way power-adjustable passenger seat
· Variety of interior colors and trims
· Integrated ski hatch

(4) CHRYSLER 300


Luxury comes standard on the 2005 Chrysler 300. The 105.8 cubic feet of passenger interior volume is the most in its class,* but it's much more than just roomy. This spacious well-appointed interior features Satin Silver accents and an elegant analog clock. Its handcrafted interior feel continues with the refinement and sophistication of optional real California walnut trim. For the ultimate in luxury, 300C comes standard with industry-first tortoiseshell accents on the power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, shift knob, and door pull handles.


 Air bags, front (dual-stage) and side-impact, driver and front passenger* Remote keyless entry Defogger, rear window Steering wheel, Tilt-Wheel adjustable column Windshield wipers, 22-inch, wet-arm Seating, 3rd-row split-bench (50/50) removable seating with leather appointed seating, seatbacks adjust individually Solar-Ray® light tinted glass Door handles, chrome, easy grip, front passenger - color-keyed assist handle Lighting, theater dimming, courtesy lighting in 2nd-row area Fog lamps, front, integral Trailering package, heavy-duty, Class IV trailer hitch platform, seven-pin connector Luggage rack Running boards, integrated with assist steps Tire pressure monitor Brakes, 4-wheel disc with ABS Rear-level control system, automatic.

(6) MAXDA 2005 MPV

Performance is not an afterthought with the MPV. It's the first thought. Mazda engineers set out from the start to develop a vehicle that provides convenience and utility without sacrificing power, acceleration and handling. The MPV sports a more-compact body design that still seats seven but enables more nimble, less truck-like handling. It has a sport-tuned suspension to provide solid grip in the corners and a sure-footed feel on the road. The V6 engine is constructed from an aluminum alloy for lighter weight, leading to better acceleration. And it's equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes for more assured braking feel.

(7) VOLVO XC70



For over 75 years, the design of every Volvo has been guided by our concern for the safety and well-being of people. Over time, this commitment grew into three core Volvo values: safety, quality and environmental care.

Today, these values define our approach to product development, design and production. While remaining faithful to these core values, Volvo has decisively moved to create a family of automobiles that advance an entire industry in safety, performance and design.


SE Comfort Package

• Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)

• Rear air conditioning controls

• Auto-dimming rearview mirror

• Digital compass and outside temperature display

• Dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors

• Power adjustable pedals

• Leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob

• Aluminum-look accents



Headroom, without moonroof       40.2 in   39.6 in   38.5 in

Leg room                                     41.4 in   37.0 in   31.2 in

Hip room                                     55.5 in   58.4 in   42.9 in

Shoulder room                             58.5 in   58.4 in   58.3 in

Cargo volume, behind each row   107.4 cu ft   66.5 cu ft   23.4 cu ft

Cargo floor length, behind each row     85.5 in   58.6 in   23.5 in


235-hp V8 With 4WD The LX houses the largest engine that's ever been put into a Lexus. That's a 32-valve, four-cam V8 with 235 horsepower at 4,800 rpm and 320 lb-ft of torque at 3,400 rpm. And while you're off playing the adult version of King of the Mountain, you won't have to worry about anything getting in your way, since the LX includes full-time four-wheel drive with a locking center differential. Five-Speed Automatic To maintain the extreme power of the LX, it comes standard with a five-speed automatic Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT), which provides improved acceleration at lower speeds. And on the highway, a smoother, quieter ride.






Food Relations

What does food represent to us?


     Welcome to Food Relations.  The subject of food and people is an ever present concern.  What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, why you eat.  We all have to eat at some time or another.  Most of the time we eat for nutrition.  But food also makes us feel good.  The taste, texture, feeling, smell of food.  Some use food for release, or as a weapon for control.  Here in this section of our newsletter we hope to talk about the many aspects of food and get feedback from our readers of what food means to them.  Also how they view food.  So now sit back and read what this months food subject is about. 

The Large in Charge Staff

Fast food & the Movie Super Size Me

  I have gotten at least 10 emails talking about the Movie Super Size Me.  I didn't get a change to see it, It is on my rental list.  But I read about the movie.  I feel it is a big concern for the Food section of this newsletter.  Below is information taken from the website. They say Houston is the Fattest City in American. In my recent visit to Texas I see why.  On my vacation even I went a little crazy on the Fast Food.  With the wide assortment, low prices and easy accessible Fast food of many places. I myself "Miss No Fast Food" went NO COOK CRAZY!  For one week I ate all fast food except a few restaurants like AppleBees etc... That cook there food.

     I hope some more of our readers actually see this movie and take to heart that Fast Food is not REAL FOOD!  It is processed and full of UNHEALTHY THINGS.   Fast Food is ok for a snack or treat once in a while once a week even. But not every day, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Fast food actually makes you want to eat more because it doesn't give you a filling feeling.  Time to get down with some real food.


Why are Americans so fat? Find out in Super Size Me, a tongue in-cheek - and burger in hand -- look at the legal, financial and physical costs of America's hunger for fast food.

Ominously, 37% of American children and adolescents are carrying too much fat and 2 out of every three adults are overweight or obese. Is it our fault for lacking self-control, or are the fast-food corporations to blame?

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock hit the road and interviewed experts in 20 U.S. cities, including Houston, the "Fattest City" in America. From Surgeon Generals to gym teachers, cooks to kids, lawmakers to legislators, these authorities shared their research, opinions and "gut feelings" on our ever-expanding girth.

During the journey, Spurlock also put his own body on the line, living on nothing but McDonald's for an entire month with three simple rules:

1) No options: he could only eat what was available over the counter (water included!)
2) No supersizing unless offered
3) No excuses: he had to eat every item on the menu at least once

It all adds up to a fat food bill, harrowing visits to the doctor, and compelling viewing for anyone who's ever wondered if man could live on fast food alone.

The film explores the horror of school lunch programs, declining health and physical education classes, food addictions and the extreme measures people take to lose weight and regain their health.

Super Size Me is a satirical jab in the stomach, overstuffed with fat and facts about the billion-dollar industry besieged by doctors, lawyers and nutritionists alike. "Would you like fries with that?" will never sound the same!






Large In Charge Guest Spot

We want to hear and see your talents!


One of our favorite parts of the newsletter.  The Guest Spot is for our readers to submit there talents to be viewed.  We want to see all you wonderful supporters making moves of your own.  If you write poetry, short stories, commentaries, or just thoughts in general, please submit them to us.  If your a designer we want to see pictures of your clothing.   We would love to include your talents in our newsletter.  We hope you take an active part in the L.I.C. newsletter.

NOTE: The Opinion of the writer is not always the opinion of The Large in Charge Staff.  We support the Right to all views.  We do not Condemn or Approve writing based on our personal thoughts.  We approve writing based on if the subject is a concern for the BBW / SSBBW / BHM Community.  Thank you for your writing and please send in those articles!  - The Large in Charge Staff

Self Published Author

Randy Fryar


Words from the Heart of a Black Man


And on the 7th Day God gave me Verses



  Meeting Randy Fryar and Reading his books left me with a great impression.  He feels deeply and writes even deeper.  His books are a winning combination of Poetry, Inspirational thoughts and very real to the heart ways of life.  Whoever said Men do not feel like women must not have met Mr. Fryar.  He is 100% man in all aspects, especially in his devotion to his writing and way of life.  He speaks in a voice that we need to hear and we need to hold dear.



About our Guest Writer
Name: Randy Fryar
Age: 38
Ethnicity: African American
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Goals: To share my words and feelings with all who 
are willing to listen. 
Hobbies: Spending time with my sons, (not sure if 
that's a hobby but I love to do it!) Writing poetry, 
singing (I love to sing), meeting interesting, positive 
people and playing playstation (addicted to Madden 


Excerpt from: Words form the Heart of a Black Man

The Joy of Love


It can make you feel happy,

It can bring a smile to your face,

It can quench your thirst for Joy,

Filling up your emotional empty space,


It can take a heart full of Pain,

and make it hurt no more,

it can make even the weakest of love worn hearts,

grow wings , take flight, and soar,


Believe me when I Tell you this,

For it has touches me to the my soul,

It has moved me with the gentleness of a kiss,

It started a fire within a heart of ice cold,


For the pleasure of this is a truly gift,

Something showered with blessing from above,

A treasure among emotions to always be cherished,

For this is "the joy love"



Excerpt from: And on the 7th day God gave me Verses

Attitude is Everything


The process of change begins with in us. We all have tremendous potential. We all desire good results form our efforts. Most of us are willing to work hard and to pay the price that success and happiness demand.


Attitude determines how much of the future we are allowed to see. It decided the size of our dreams and influences our determination when we are faced with new challenges. No other person of earth has dominion over our attitude.


If we care at all about ourselves then we must accept full responsibility for our own feelings. We must learn to guard against those feelings that have a capacity to lead our attitude down the wrong path and to strengthen those feelings that can lead us to confidently into a better future.


You can Order Randy Fryar's Books By Email:

By Mail: Swtwrds Publishing - P.O. Box 7088,  W. Trenton, NJ 08628


Are you a Writer? Send in your Article to


Send your book and contact information to:

c/o Raqui Hernandez

976 Mclean Avenue #128

Yonkers, New York 10704





Large in Charge Art

Beautiful images of BBW's / SSBBW's /BHM's

Send in your art work to be displayed and get featured in our Newsletter

Email Raqui:


Our November Artist is

Laurie Toby Edison



     I knew about this book for sometime.  The first time I saw some of the pictures I was totally intriguied.  The way Ms. Edison expresses herself through her photographs is quite awesome.  Real Women, Real Bodies, Real Life.  Just the way it is supposed to be.  This book is next on my list of books to buy.  I have spoken with Ms. Edison via email before, but she happen to be in Japan doing a shoot for another book that is now released.  If you want to see some samples of her work visit the site above.

Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes

Photographs by Laurie Toby Edison
Text by Debbie Notkin

41 Fine Art Photographs of Beautiful and Powerful Women

22 Pages of Moving and Informative Text

     Women En Large is an incredible collection of photographs that portray beautiful, strong, courageous, powerful, elegant, handsome mid- to super-size women. ... The focus on the beauty and power of fat women provides an unforgettable and radical contrast to the ugly images of fat women which pervade our lives. As if that weren't enough, the text discusses fat oppression and fat celebration, health and body size, fat and sexuality, activity and ability, fat and ethnicity and more. This is our book if ever there was one.




Large In Charge - Ask Us

Ask Raqui and Jay the questions you always wanted to.

Get the female and male point of view.


Ask Raqui and Jay your questions                                                                             


Dear Raqui

Dear Jay

Q:   Do you think it is more acceptable to be a big woman then a big man?


A:   I am not sure,  I think society accepted Big Men before they accepted Big Women.  Back in the day the only thing that men really needed were money and esteem.  Women needed good breeding, good family, if she had good looks along with a good shape it was a plus.  Even if a man didn't like the way his wife looked, he would find other women else where, and it was acceptable.  But never would it be acceptable for a women to find a man else where if she didn't like the way her husband looked.  Even in the music industry Large Men were always more accepted and seen as big sexy teddy bears.  If a Big Woman was lucky enough to make it she was seen for her talent, but in no way was she considered sexy.  She was just a talent.  Right now finally Large women can be seen as sexy, but we are still on the brink.  In most shows today you never see a Big woman as the main sexy character, She might be married and happy or have kids, but she is mostly the side kick or used for her comic flare.  You might get an episode or two where she struts in looking nice in a fly outfit.  But never the main sexy character.  Our time is coming though.


Q:   Is it fair to charge a BBW person for two seats on an airline?



A:  I have two views on this subject.  Part one of me says "HELL NO, I am ONE person."  "I shouldn't have to pay for two seats.   Part two of me says, It is only right that I pay for two seats because there is no way that I could fit into one.  Not even if I squeezed, it would be impossible.  Of course I am a SSBBW, quite bigger than the average BBW, and much taller than the average person.  Most BBW's would fit quite well in a business class or first class seat.  But we all cant afford it.  The ultimate solution would be to have a special price for those who are bigger than the seat provided.  We should be able to buy two seats at a discounted price.  We may take two seats.  But still we are one person with one pillow, one headset and one meal.  Your not servicing two people, only one.  We should receive a discount for that. It would be great if we could get first class seats at a discount also. Especially for the tall and large.  Tall large people need the extra leg room.



Q:   How do you feel about MONIQUE? She is a BIG spokes person for empowerment of big women. But her character was a cliché on the Parkers.  The classic, big woman chasing a man who doesn't want her.



A:  Being that she is a actress she plays her role well. Well enough for me to be pissed off about it.  She didn't create the character, so I cant hate on her.  I hate the fact that, most roles for Big Women are still comic relief.  Big Men can be sexy and wanted but most Big Women are just for laughs.  I admire that she can play the character and still be a size spokes person.  She wrote that book I want to get my hands on and even though she lost weight, she opened doors that need to be opened for Big Female actresses.  Maybe one day we will see Big Sexy Women on the screen.


Q:   YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL....YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Question where can I find shoes?  Fly stuff not those grandma shoes, and affordable.

R. Williams

A:   It is so hard to find great shoes especially if your a wide width. But here are a few places that I shop at. I wear a 12 WW in ladies so I hope this helps.

CATALOGS - I like to look at the catalogs because they have more than the sites usually have. Always ask for a catalog.

B.A.Mason - 1-800-422-1000

Massey's - 1-800-627-7397

Friedman's Shoes - 1-800-540-6513  ask for women's catalog

Roamans - 1-800-436-0800

Lane Bryant - 1-800-248-2000


Q:   Does being a big person (or having a big person as a mate) limit the ability to raise children effectively?

Feisty Girl

A:   Being a Large Women hasn't affected me from raising my child.  I do activities in the home and outside with her.  She doesn't seem to mind that we walk a little slower to my pace.  She knows which chairs are better for me and sometimes asks me if I want to rest.  Sometimes she encourages me to rest.  But I know my body and keep my pace.  She is not ashamed of having a big mom and she likes to have fun.  We go the park and playground. She runs with the dogs and I read a book.  She rides her scooter and I sit on the bench.  We go to the community center together and I think she is proud that her mom is going to teach a class there.  I think I do just fine being a mom of size.

Q:   Do you think it is more acceptable to be a big woman then a big man?


A:   Fatman,  I’m not sure but if I had to choose I’d say it’s more acceptable for guys. I personally think women have a harder time in general!


Q:   Is it fair to charge a BBW person for two seats on an airline?



Forester, That’s a tricky question and I might get hated on for this one! Let’s look at it from a business perspective. If a person came in your restaurant and ate two plates, should they pay for one plate or two?  If a person came in your clothing store and wants two dresses, should they pay for one or two? If a person is selling a car and you are leaving the lot with two cars, should you pay for one or two? Now you know I’m down for supporting rights for people of size but in business…the airplane sells seats. Yes they should have size friendly seats but it’s their “private airplane” and if the business is to sell seats and someone is taking up two seats, should they be charged for two? I dunno! I feel people of size should either support companies who support them, stop supporting companies who don’t support them, or create an airline that caters to people of size!



Q:  How do you feel about MONIQUE? She is a BIG spokes person for empowerment of big women. But her character was a cliché on the parkers.  The classic, big woman chasing a man who doesn't want her.



A:   David, You asked the wrong question because normally I don’t think I have cussed or said any bad words yet….How do I feel about Monique? Monique is the SHIT! The fa shizzle fa sizzle my nizzle SHIT! She is coming to New York City in concert and I’m saving up NOW! I don’t care about the script, the guy she chases or none of that. If it made her some money…Im supporting it! The real deal is her line of clothing. When she dropped her line, it was all furs. Fur jackets, fur pants, fur hats, fur socks…she went for the top. Even if she loses weight she will still be the SHIT! That’s my girl right there man…not even on some sexual attraction but just the fact that she made it, did her thing, and did’nt care to say kiss my ass to anybody who ain’t like it. The sitcom…I think it’s typical for the fat girl to be laughed at on TV’s comedies at this day and age. But people don’t laugh at fat Oprah (who is my other girl!). The way I figure, Monique was smart enough to read the script and make her own decision on whether or not she wanted to go out like that. In reality…I hear she goes with Lavert so…I don’t see her as a spokesperson for Big Women. I think people should represent themselves and fans should just respect Monique for being successful. Support her Concerts!


Q:   My question is, since your a man who loves big women.  What do you tell a skinny girl who is coming on to you a lot?

Miss Bliss

A:  Miss Bliss, Skinny girls don’t come on to me! I’m serious. But for all the guys who do find themselves in this situation, I would suggest that you just be polite.  Same to guys who don’t dig Big women who come on to them….just be polite!


Q:   Does being a big person (or having a big person as a mate) limit the ability to raise children effectively?

Feisty Girl

A:   Feisty Girl,  I honestly think that there are certain situations that big people deals with when raising children…but the word limit is strong. Like (from a man’s point of view) being a big woman and being pregnant was not easy. Extra help was needed! Little things like the cruel jokes that children and adults say in public…I had to explain to my kids how to deal with that.  Overall I can only say that everybody’s different and raising children brings challenges regardless of size.













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