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Issue #10 - December 2004

Welcome to the Large In Charge Newsletter


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Featured Person -  Mary Monroe Famous Author - The Big Sized characters in her books are surprisingly realistic.


Raqui's Spot - Does Every Doctor have the right to fight against your FAT?!


Jay's Spot - Big Film Makers


Food Relations - Cool new Grilling machine!


Art - The Art of Simon Silva


Guest Spot -  She Walks with Such Amazing Strength!


Ask Us - Keep those questions coming. Ask us anything, we will answer.


Events & Pictures - L.I.C.  Delivers Info. on the hottest BBW events, See what we are doing in the community and special promotions from size positive companies.



Large In Charge Featured Person

National Best Selling Author

Mary Monroe

Author of

"God Don't like Ugly"

"God Still Don't like Ugly"

"The Upper Room"

"Gonna Lay Down my Burdens"

"Red Light Wives"


Mary Monroe at one of her Recent Book Signings


National Best Selling Author Mary Monroe

     There I was going through the many emails I receive on a daily basis, When I see a notation about the beginning of an online book club.  I decided to see what it was about since I have a passion for reading.  The book they were reading was "God Don't Like Ugly" by Mary Monroe.  I feared it was a religious book, so I waited until the first week of reading was done and people started to discuss the book through the online group.  After the first week I had to buy the book I wanted to read it, seemed interesting.  What I didn't know was that I was going to be entranced, excited, confused, curious and down right pissed off!  This book was REAL! Like real life, no sugar coated happiness and gumball futures in this one.  But true to life growth of a young black butterball girl who lived with her mama.  Who had a best friend who was not all that upstairs, while she looked as though she had it all.  Who lived through abuse and hatred and learning what she needed to do to set herself free.

     I finished the book in one week and had to order every book this fabulous writer made.  I continued with "God Still Don't Like Ugly"  finishing this tale of Big Size Empowerment in a realistic view.  I went on reading each book being drawn into Ms. Monroe's writing style.  Each of her books has a Big character in it.  Each character is different and portrays real life People of Size.  Weather they are positive, negative, the main lead of the book or somewhere in the background.  We are seen and heard and felt.  You can relate to Ms. Monroe characters.

     For all you Large Sized people who are tired of so called BBW books that feature a size 16 woman who works out 4 times and week, an avid jogger and has a figure that is firm and perfect for a big girl.  Who is a lawyer, married wealthy, got her own business that is doing so well that she can dress in the best,  and get her suites made. It is time to get Real with Mary Monroe.  Because I have to salute every single big character she has created.

I salute you:  Annette Goode,  Mama Ruby, Rockelle Harper and the many other brilliant people who are Big and Small in Ms. Monroe's books.  I wont tell you which story these characters are in.  Your going to have to read the books to find out!



Interview with Author Mary Monroe What is your name (Real and or Stage)?


Mary Monroe :  My real name is Mary Monroe. Before I got married I was Mary Nicholson. A few years ago I found out that there is another author named Mary Monroe (she is white and writes mostly romance). She uses her middle name which is 'Alice.' That is also my middle name but I haven't used it since high school. Where are you originally from, and where is your home state now?

Mary Monroe :  I am originally from Toxey, Alabama but I grew up in Alliance, Ohio. I moved to Richmond, California in 1973 and on to Oakland, California in 1984. Have you always shown an interest in writing?

Mary Monroe :  Yes, I have. I can not recall a time when I was not interested in writing. How old where you when you began to write and what did you write?


Mary Monroe :  I started telling stories to anybody who would listen when I was around four. I started "writing" as soon as I learned how to write my name. When did you publish your first book and what was it about?


Mary Monroe :  I published my first book "The Upper Room" in February 1984. It was about a woman named Mama Ruby who wanted a daughter so desperately she kidnapped one from her best friend, Othella. Which publishing company published your first book and who publishes your books now?


Mary Monroe :  St. Martin's Press published my first novel. It went out of print and stayed that way for fifteen years. Then I got a contract with Kensington, my current publisher. In October 2001, they reprinted "The Upper Room," after the huge success of my second novel "God Don't Like Ugly." Who is your manager?


Mary Monroe :  Andrew Stuart of The Stuart Agency in New York represents me. Tell us about the first time you saw your published book, how did you feel?


Mary Monroe :  It was like a dream. I couldn't stop grinning for days! Were you always a person of size or were you smaller when you started your career?


Mary Monroe :  I am a size twelve now. I was a size four when "God Don't Like Ugly" was released in October 2000. I rocked back and forth from a size four to a six eight for about two years. The lazier I got, the bigger I got. Last year I was a size sixteen. I didn't do anything to shrink back down to a twelve. I love to eat good old southern food and everywhere I went on my book tours I made sure my hosts knew that...yum yum. How did your audience take you gaining weight?


Mary Monroe :  I wasn't always a person of size. Unlike models and entertainers, authors don't have to worry about looking a certain way to succeed. It's the quality of our work that's important. Unless you have written a diet book, your size is not that important. Anybody who would not read your work because they don't like the way you look should not be reading books in the first place. That's about as shallow as you can get.

My audience only gets to see me when I make public appearances. Most of them are seeing me for the first time. Even though a lot of the people who come out to see me are large, unless it is in reference to one of my characters, the subject of weight never comes up. Do you fee
l that your size helps you come up with stories?


Mary Monroe :  My size, current or in the past, has nothing to do with the stories I come up with. How do people of size feel about your books, do you get more positive or negative feedback?


Mary Monroe :  I received a lot of criticism from some readers for making both Mama Ruby (The Upper Room) and Annette (God Don't Like Ugly) dark skinned, but nobody complained about them being big women.  So far, I've received praise from large people because Mama Ruby and Annette were portrayed as strong women. In your books there is always a person of size represented. In a few of your books People of size play main characters. Tell us what inspired you to do so?


Mary Monroe :  I grew up in a house where several VERY LARGE women lived and I had some close friends who were quite large. They were so much more interesting to me than some of my thinner relatives and friends. Please Tell us about the many appearances, tours, book signings you have done?


Mary Monroe :  I've toured three years in a row. I got to see some cities for the first time (Tampa, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, New York, L.A., St. Louis, Baltimore, Memphis, Nashville, Orlando, D.C. and the list goes on and on. I live in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. I make a lot of local appearances in bookstores, libraries, tv shows, and I do lot of radio and newspaper interviews. Are you currently on tour?


Mary Monroe :  My last tour ended a few weeks ago. Who are some of Authors that you admire?


Mary Monroe :  I love Carl Weber, Mary Morrison, E. Lynn Harris, Stephen King, James Patterson, and Danielle Steel. What would you say to other aspiring authors?


Mary Monroe :  READ as much as you can. Do not limit yourself to just one genre. If you want to be able to write a believable story you need to know something about a lot of different things: other cultures, other races, etc. What should they do to get there work out there?


Mary Monroe :  Get an agent. Go out and meet as many other authors as you possibly can. It was another author who directed me to my first agent. Networking is very important in this business. Do you have other authors that you collaborate with?


Mary Monroe :  Not at the present time. I do hope to do something with some authors in the future. Do you have a good support system from family and friends?


Mary Monroe :  Ha ha ha ha!  I didn't want to go there but since you asked--it could be MUCH better. I could write a book about the relatives who are so out of touch with reality where my writing is concerned that they still think I wrote "The Color Purple..." I could write a book about the unmarried female relatives and female friends whose only interest in my writing career is me introducing them to some single, rich, male authors. I could write about a book about the relatives who ask me for: free copies of my books (that they will never read), money that they feel they are entitled to, and to help this incarcerated nephew or that lovesick niece get one of his/her rap/romance poems published... What do you contribute your success to?


Mary Monroe :  Hard work, perseverance, luck, and most of all: prayer. Where will you be appearing next?


Mary Monroe :  I have some local book club parties to attend and some local book stores. What are your future goals?


Mary Monroe :  I plan to release a new book each year around September and somewhere along the line I'd like to write a screenplay based on one of my books. Give us one word that you can say best represents your work?


Mary Monroe :  Outrageous! How much have you evolved as a author since those early days as a youth?


Mary Monroe :  I've come a very long way. My early work was about as bad and amateurish as it could be. How can the readers at help support you?


Mary Monroe :  Read my books and offer some feedback because I do listen. I wrote the sequel to God Don't Like Ugly (God STILL Don't Like Ugly) because a lot of readers asked me to. Some even gave me some great ideas about how to plot the story!

Oakland, California

     Ms. Monroe thank you very much for the interview.  Your many fans will be waiting for you new book to come out and I personally cant wait until you hit New York next year on your tour.  Lots of love to you!




Raqui's Spot

From a Female's Point of View


This month's subject:

Does Every Doctor have the right,

to fight against your FAT?!


Email Raqui:


Does Every Doctor have the right, to fight against your FAT?!

     As a big person in a small world,  I have become acustom to doctors always bringing up the issue of my weight.  But I went through an experience this month that made me very angry.   I asked myself, "Does Every Doctor have the right, to fight against my FAT?!  

     We all know there are many types of Doctor's, each one specializes in different things.  But why do doctor's who do not specialize in weight or  weight loss, who are not your regular physician feel it is there job to tell you something is wrong with you because of your weight?   Even if they feel it is only right to mention it, why do they feel the need to push the issue and not let up?

Maybe I should just tell you my story: 

     Because of certain issues I had to go to a free GYN and Birth Control Clinic to receive treatment.  I got copies of my last GYN exam for the new record.  This is temporary since I will be going back to my doctor when I get the proper insurance.

     They ask the basic questions of weight, height etc.  What I use for birth control and when I last been active.  So there I am sitting with the doctor,  she looked at my record and saw I was a temporary patient, until I go back to my regular GYN doctor.  My record was about 5 pages long.  She asked me "why are you coming for Birth Control if your not sexual active?"  "Well one day I might be and I am not going to start birth control then, I want to be on it already"  I stated.  Ms. Doctor said to me. " Well I have no problem giving you the birth control etc.  But we have all had a discussion and we think it is your weight that needs to discussed, it is the main concern." " Have you ever considered gastric bypass?"

     WAIT,  Who the hell is WE, and WHY am I being discussed?  This Doctor has 5 pages of records on me, doesn't know anything about my health status, and wants to discuss my weight?  But most of all, WHO IS WE? Who are all these people who sat around discussing me, and my weight?  I am here for GYN not weight control.  These people don't know me, don't know my doctor, don't know my medical history, I am a temporary patient until I go back to my own doctor, SHE IS NOT EVEN MY REGULAR DOCTOR, or a general physician.  She gives birth control, exams a women's private parts, and delivers babies or aborts them.  Who made her the expert on weight control and gastric bypass?  Why is she and all these anonymous people discussing my life and weight?

     I told her straight out "No, I don't want gastric bypass,  I am a size activist and I believe in empowerment of my size and I am just fine the way I am."   Does the doctor leave me alone?  NO! she says "We you know that weight causes issues with your health.  High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes."  I say " Listen Doctor, I have been running a Size acceptance Newsletter for almost a year, and have researched all of this for about 2-3 years.  None of these diseases happen to people because they are FAT, They happen to people who have a lifestyle that includes eating in a unhealthy way.  It maybe true that many FAT people eat unhealthy, But I don't, I am on a low salt, no fry, no junk food diet, that I put myself on since I was 14 years old.  I have a regular physician that I see every year and I have none of these diseases. Nor have I shown any signs that they are developing.

     The Doctor then says "Yes that might be true about the diet, but we have a concern that you have gained a - lot of weight in a small amount of time."  WAIT, Where the hell do they get that from.  I have not gained a-lot of weight in a small amount of time and again WHO THE HELL IS WE!  Ms. Doctor says. " We see you where 350 at one time."   YEAH, WHEN I WAS 14 YEARS OLD!  I am hitting 30 and I am 580, you call that a large weight gain in a small amount of time? That was 16 years ago!  I replied.   If anything I lost weight to quickly, when my husband died I went from 645 to 600 in a couple of months."  I spat at her. 

     "Oh, well where do you want to be with your weight?" She asks.  "The way I am right now!" I said to her with much attitude.  On the verge of explosion I started in on her again.  "You know what I am happy the way I am right now, I bet you wont see no other woman who is 580 lbs move as fluid as I do,  I have no health problems other than being Fat.  Maybe I am not running up flights of stairs, Maybe I walk a little slower than some.  But I am an active happy FAT PERSON!  I run my newsletter, I am active in my community, I go shopping, I do stuff with my kid,  I wrestle and live a great life.  I believe in Big people being accepted in this world and living as much of a healthy lifestyle as I can.  I am tired of you Doctor's who don't know anything about me and my life telling me what I need.  So you know what I say to people like you?  MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!   with that I sat back in my seat and waited for her to say something.  "Ok well lets get you out of here."  She chimed with a smile. 

     Within 2 minutes I was out of there.  So she wasted 15-20 minutes of my time trying to tell me something was wrong with me because of my weight.  Because I wasn't some low self esteemed Big Fat Chick saying "Yeah I know I need to lose weight,  yeah I know I'm fat, yeah I know I need to change."  Because I am a proud Big Fat Chick they gave me grief trying to make me believe that I was unhealthy and something was wrong with me. 

      Does this Doctor who has no information on me and my health status, have the right to tell me anything about my weight and gastric bypass?  When I tell her NO, does she have the right to push and push and push, trying to convince me something is wrong with me?  These people had only my temperature, and blood pressure (which was normal)  they didn't take blood, or urine.  They didn't even do a physical exam.  All I asked for was some birth control until I go back to my regular doctor.  I am not even sexual active.   But yet they feel the need to sit around discussing me and preach to me about my weight.  My weight has nothing to do with SEX.  When I was sexually active I had sex just fine.  I had a child and all that, just fine.  Why are they pushing me about my weight?

   DO THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT?  My regular doctor doesn't do that.  When I go every year for my physical my doctor checks all my stats and says, Your doing good, blood pressure normal, Cholesterol is normal, sugar normal, heart rate etc. all normal.  Then she asks me, "How are you doing with movement."  I tell her all the stuff I am doing and she says, VERY GOOD KEEP IT UP!  She doesn't talk about losing weight. After I told her how I feel about weight and gastric bypass she says to be sure I always come for my physical in case anything develops.  AND THAT IS IT!   As long as I am healthy and not bed ridden She leaves me be.  So if my regular doctor doesn't drive me nuts with it.  WHY SHOULD THIS FIVE PAGE HAVING WITCH GIVE ME GRIEF!   What did they do? See me walk in and all of them had to have a big meeting, and go into an office and decide that my weight is a problem.  That it was an issue they all had to talk about.  Unless my weight gives a problem with birth control it shouldn't be brought up.  But they were not talking about weight and birth control.  They were talking about GASTRIC BYPASS.  That just pisses me off!

    Why do Doctor's feel it is their duty no matter what to make a Big Person feel that they are unhealthy because of weight.  Isn't that what tests are for.  Test us and you will see.  I know many slim people younger than me taking medication everyday because they have problems I don't.  When and if I develop any diseases is when I will address them.  In the meantime the healthy food lifestyle I have been eating for 16 years has seemed to be working.  Regular good for you food.  Yes I do have a cheeseburger on the run at times.  But that might be once or twice a month.

     Doctor's keep relating FAT PEOPLE to disease because a lot of us eat in an unhealthy way so we develop these problems earlier and have a harder time fighting against them.  The key is proving medical science wrong.  Fat people can be healthy! We need to stand up to Doctor's and tell them how we feel.  We shouldn't just sit around waiting for them to stop talking and taking the referral to the gastric bypass doctor, and stick it in our pocket, to throw it away later.  Tell them to stick their referral where the sun don't shine.  If you don't want that surgery no one should try to convince you to have it.  The same way that a person who wants the surgery shouldn't be told not to have it.

     I am in the process of writing a letter which will be sent to the administrator of this clinic. A valid complaint, and the next time I walk in there you better believe I will be telling the staff not to have a meeting on my account.  If any of them wants to step to me and talk about my weight they can meet me outside.  I bet they wont be having anymore meetings about me from then on.

Thank you for Reading Raqui's Spot!

Would you like to give your comments?

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Jay's Spot

From a Male point of view.

This months Subject: Big Film Makers












           Big Dee of Big Film Entertainment

Big Film Makers:

     When it comes to producing films, you rarely hear about People of Size who stand out. Well I found one who is making a lot of noise in the Industry right now. His nick name is "Big Dee". He was the host of one of the hottest TV Shows in New York City. He now has his brand new film company called Big Film Entertainment.

     "Big Dee" stands out because of his style of interviewing. You can tell he always had a strong people personality but when he's live on film, you see Dee at his best. He keeps the camera rollin, makes you laugh hard when something is funny and keeps you informed when the story is interesting. If I had to rate him, I'd put him right up there with Tigger, Mos Def, Martin, Dan Rather and Oprah...Dee is live like that! Lastly he is crazy fly with the clothes. He always wears something that stands out and let you know that Big Men can hold it down in the Fashion Department!


Interview with Big Dee of Big Film Entertainment State your Name?


Big Film Entertainment:   Derrick Davis Where are you located?


Big Film Entertainment:  Harlem, NYC What is the Name of your company?


Big Film Entertainment: "Big Film Entertainment" Do you consider yourself a BHM?


Big Film Entertainment: Yeah! Were you a Big Guy all your life and were you accepted by the people around you?


Big Film Entertainment: I was a Big Guy all my life and I never had any problems. Have you ever attended any of the Big World Clubs and if so which one was the best?


Big Film Entertainment: I have visited a few and I honestly have to say that I had the most fun at the "China Chalet" (NYC)! Tell us about your film company?


Big Film Entertainment: The company makes films geared around Black Urban topics, Hip Hop Culture, and Big Men Fashion statements. Who are some of the other members involved?


Big Film Entertainment: I am the president, Big Paul is the VP, Izzie is our camera man, Yano is the editor, Ezzo is my former partner (on my 1st project) How did the company begin?


Big Film Entertainment: I actually started by doing music production (Hip Hop, R&B). I ran into some unforeseen problems and the circumstance lead me to do a cable show. My business associates and I began a TV Show based in Harlem, NYC. The show was basically about the entertainment happenings on the streets of New York. The company was called "Crooked Grill" and the show was called "Hot off the Grill".  After I left The Grill" I felt I had to fill a void that I left in the Entertainment Industry. I had a lot of contacts and was looking for new projects. I then created "Big Film Entertainment" Tell us about your major project that happened at "The Grill"?


Big Film Entertainment: We began taping "The Rocafella Family" for our TV Show. We had so much footage that we decided to create a DVD. That's how I became the host for The Rocafella's DVD Project. It basically was behind the scene interviews of the whole "Roc Family" while they produced their latest mix tape. The DVD turned out to be one of the hottest tapes on the streets. What was the experience like?


Big Film Entertainment: The film experience so far has been great! It taught me that

  • 1) as a host I'm a natural. On our cable show my team was impressed that I was capable of being the King of the one takes (meaning it only takes one time for me to get the interview right!)

  • 2) producing good footage is not as hard as people think it is. Everybody in the Entertainment Industry likes and needs publicity. How long did it take to shoot The Roc Project?


Big Film Entertainment: The Roc Project took 7 days of shooting over a 10 day period. Who were some of the best interviews?


Big Film Entertainment: I caught David Banners first NYC interview, Freeky Zeeky's first interview after he got shot, I filmed O.D.B.'s (RIP) first interview after signing with The Roc, Kayne West, Twista, Jin (Ruff Ryders), Loon, A.T.L., M.O.P., TANK, JMills...the list is really long . How did the experience help your career?


Big Film Entertainment: It showed me what I was capable of doing and influenced me to keep going! What advise do you have for Big Guys who might some day like to follow your path as a host or producing films?


Big Film Entertainment: Getting "In" is not difficult. Whether you are big or small, "Confidence" is main factor as well as having a Dynamic Personality! Do you have any future projects that you can let us know about?


Big Film Entertainment: I can say that I am currently working on producing a Major Urban Film. "Major", meaning we intend to go straight to DVD. Give us one sentence that defines success?


Big Film Entertainment: Stay Large & In Charge! Give us one word that describes your personality as a Big Size Host?


Big Film Entertainment: LargeInCharge... The word speaks for itself! Period. What can our readers do to help support your company?


Big Film Entertainment: You can keep giving positive brothers and sisters venues to self promote their companies. Also, please keep me informed as to where I need to be to keep promoting myself (in The Big World). Is your film company BBW/BHM friendly, do you have casting calls for People of Size?


Big Film Entertainment: Honestly, I haven't had any casting calls for my current project as of yet! As soon as I do, the LIC Family will get the info hot off the press. Yes, we are a BBW/BHM friendly company! Who are some of your business influences?


Big Film Entertainment: My first business influences are "Mike & Dave" which were the first Hip Hop promoters from Harlem, NYC. Their group was called The Crash Crew. Growing up around them taught me a lot about the entertainment industry. As far as film, Damon Dash, a few people in the publicity departments...there are too many to mention! (I saved the best question for last) You stay fly in all your interviews. Who are your clothing sponsors and how did this come about?


Big Film Entertainment: I am a Gator wearing brother! While shopping, I was looking for clothing I could match with my Gators and started purchasing them. One day, when the TV show came in effect, I decided to do a TV show strictly on Gators. I told the guys in the Gator store that I was a Silver Silk Clothing fan and he connected me with the right people. I then did a special show for the clothing company...and they have been sponsoring my film projects ever since. I plan to sponsor the LIC raffles and lace yau'll with some goodies when I can! Hopefully one day I can find some Big Men models from the LIC Fam and we can hook up a fashion show.




Food Relations

What does food represent to us?


     Welcome to Food Relations.  The subject of food and people is an ever present concern.  What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, why you eat.  We all have to eat at some time or another.  Most of the time we eat for nutrition.  But food also makes us feel good.  The taste, texture, feeling, smell of food.  Some use food for release, or as a weapon for control.  Here in this section of our newsletter we hope to talk about the many aspects of food and get feedback from our readers of what food means to them.  Also how they view food.  So now sit back and read what this months food subject is about. 

The Large in Charge Staff


Very Cool New Grill

  Hi all, This is Raqui bringing to you a new product.  As you all know I always talk about the George Forman Grill.  It is great for cooking your food in a fast, easy, healthy way.

     Well my kid happen to break my George Forman Grill, and I saw this Commercial for a great grill from Hamilton Beech.  You might have seen this commercial also.  What I like most about this grill is the Dripping tray that collects all the fat is located in a slot that goes right into the machine.  I always hated that my George Forman grills dripping tray was separate.  If I didn't lose it I was trying to keep it from slipping away from the grill.  The dripping tray is also much larger than the George Forman's.  So you don't have to try and slip it away and empty it all the time while your still cooking.

     The Grill also has snap out griddles.  So you can grill meat, then snap them out and use the flat griddles to cook pancakes, bacon eggs or anything that is required to be cooked on a flat griddle surface.  Best of all you can either press your food like a George Forman grill cooking from the top and bottom or you can open it up flat and have two surfaces to cook on.

     It is easy to clean, and only needs a little non stick cooking spray to keep it going.  Always use plastic cook utensils when flipping food or else you scratch the non stick surface.

  What is the worst thing about this grill? Sometime a little bit of juices when you flip food might slip down below the griddles surface.  But since you can snap out the griddles to clean them.  It really is not a problem to clean up.  Much easier than trying to slip a paper towel with a knife in the creases of the George Forman to clean it out.

     Either way, this Grill gets a big smile from me and my Kid.  Especially with the steaks I made last night!


Contact Grill and Griddle
by Hamilton Beach   $59.95

Comes with a free set of steak knives

Link to Buy

Model # :   25295
Width:   15-in.
Height:   12.5-in.
Depth:   9.5-in.
Grilling Surface Dimensions :   120-sq. in. when fully open
Removable Plate:   Two sets: one set for grilling, one for griddle
Adjustable Themostat: 15-minute timer, no adjustable thermostat
Volts/Watts :   1000-watts
Origin :   China
Material :   Plastic housing
Cleaning & Care :   Dishwasher-safe
Warranty :   1-year parts and labor
Special Features :   Grills meals in 10 minutes or less.


Large In Charge Guest Spot

We want to hear and see your talents!


One of our favorite parts of the newsletter.  The Guest Spot is for our readers to submit there talents to be viewed.  We want to see all you wonderful supporters making moves of your own.  If you write poetry, short stories, commentaries, or just thoughts in general, please submit them to us.  If your a designer we want to see pictures of your clothing.   We would love to include your talents in our newsletter.  We hope you take an active part in the L.I.C. newsletter.

NOTE: The Opinion of the writer is not always the opinion of The Large in Charge Staff.  We support the Right to all views.  We do not Condemn or Approve writing based on our personal thoughts.  We approve writing based on if the subject is a concern for the BBW / SSBBW / BHM Community.  Thank you for your writing and please send in those articles!

The Large in Charge Staff

About our Guest Writer
Name: David Ray Milton II
Age: 26
Ethnicity: African American
Location: Beaumont, Texas
Goals: Drawing, Poetry, Comic Books, Horror Movies
Hobbies: To be a successful writer and producer of music.

She Walks with Such Amazing Strength

By: David Ray Milton

























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Large in Charge Art

Beautiful images of BBW's / SSBBW's /BHM's

Send in your art work to be displayed and get featured in our Newsletter

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Our December Artist is

Simon Silva


Order Prints at


Artist Simon Silva

     Silva, a Chicano artist who illustrated several best-selling and award-winning books, started life as a young migrant field worker. Silva was born in Mexico in 1961 and moved to the United States a year later. One of eleven children who grew up as field workers.

     While not all his art feature the larger form.  Here you can see two of his works.  Featured are images of wide hipped working women with large strong arms, baby in tow strapped to the back.  Also the natural spread of a mothers hips holding her newborn in the nights moon light.  I believe this is a realistic view of regular women.

Las Comadres - The Comrades

Amor a Todas Horas - Love at all times





Large In Charge - Ask Us

Ask Raqui and Jay the questions you always wanted to.

Get the female and male point of view.


Ask Raqui and Jay your questions                                                                             


Dear Raqui

Dear Jay

Q:   Hi, I wanted to know if yall can recommend any snacks I can take to work with me.  I like to snack a lot so those little snack bars don't work for me?

Super Snacker

A:   Hey Snacker, Fresh fruit is a great snack, and not messy.  If you got a sweet tooth dry cereal like Honey nut Cheerios is good, or any dry cereal that is not loaded in sugar.  Just take it in a plastic baggie.  A friend of mine loves fruit cocktail, and canned fruit, warm or cold.  She puts it in a Tupperware to take to work.  Try to get the canned fruit in fruit juice instead of heavy syrup.  Apple sauce is good, sandwiches cut into bit sized pieces. Of course the all famous crackers and bite sized pieces of cheese and fruit.  If you like veggies you can make bit sized raw veggies and sprinkle a little garlic powder on them for added taste. Be creative and try to eat more natural, low sugar items.  I agree those stupid snack bars suck!


Q:   What is the unspoken relationship between BBW women with spandex and the color black? A lot of the women I've talk to who have been over weight seem to embrace a lot of black and spandex into their wardrobe its gives them comfort it a place where they feel they can be in public and hide at the same time.


A:  I believe it is not just BBW women with the color black.  All women and many men, believe that black is slimming and shows your best assets while hiding your flaws.  Or at least what each individual considers flaws.  I know that large sized women prefer clothing with some give to it. Weather it is spandex, lycra or a mix of those with cotton.  It doesn't restrict the body and conforms to many different figures and compliments each one.  Plus the biggest factor.  It is just most comfortable.  I don't believe it has anything to do with hiding.  If someone wants to hide they can just stay home.



Q:   This is for Raqui, I am a SSBBW and I have a problem. I get some kind of soreness on my rear end.  Like bumps.  I didn't have them all the time.  It just start in the past year or so.  What are they?  Can I get rid of them?


Sore Bottom

This doesn't sound like acne to me Sore Bottom.  This sounds like a mild case of pressure sores.  Pressure sores can come from many different kind of cases.  I got a horrible case when I was bed ridden in the hospital 6 years ago.  Do you find yourself sitting down a lot?  If you do check your chair, make sure it is wide enough for your bottom and has enough cushion.  Make sure you do not have any hard areas causing pressure to your delicate flesh.  I would also suggest you go to a store like staples, a packing and supply store, or a hospital supply store and get some thick foam called egg crate foam. Egg Crate foam distributes your weight evenly to prevent pressure sores.  You can use it on any chair and they sell them in mattress pads.  I suggest that you have some cut for your chair and then get a nice pillow case to cover it with and you can take it with you and use it when you drive also.

Click here to see Egg Crate Foam:


Q:   Just curious, what made you decide to start What do each of you get from it?


A:   Size Acceptance has always been a part of me, even before I knew what Size Acceptance was.   Writing is a love of mine right along with reading.  My strong thoughts and feelings, along with seeing a need in the plus sized community made me want to move forward with LargeInCharge.  Promoting people of size and those who support us will main stream Large Sized people into the World.  We need to be seen and heard.  If i can help in any type of way I feel blessed to do so.




Q:   Hi, I wanted to know if yall can recommend any snacks I can take to work with me.  I like to snack a lot so those little snack bars don't work for me?

Super Snacker

A:   Super Snacker, You did’nt say anything about weight, what foods you like or dislike or even where you work at . Therefore, I’d snack on some mash potatoes, lamb chops, corn on the cob, Ice Tea, rice & beans, steak umms, french toast, grits & cheese, the works. Snack it up baby!


Q:   What is the unspoken relationship between BBW women with spandex and the color black? A lot of the women I've talk to who have been over weight seem to embrace a lot of black and spandex into their wardrobe its gives them comfort it a place where they feel they can be in public and hide at the same time.


Forester, I am a guy but I do make clothes. I still don’t understand the color patterns of why women feel like some things make them look smaller than others. All I can say is that Black Spandex looks good on women who like it! Its like guys and t shirts, boxers, and briefs…its just standard to have those things. I say, Let the girls be the girls and do their thang! I vote for more Black Spandex!



Q:  I need a mans advice.  I am a large woman, I have been approached by a large man.  He is a nice person but he is to big for me.  Some say large people should be together but in my head. I want a smaller man.  I wouldn't be happy with a big guy.  I tell him that I don't think it would work out.  He keeps asking me why?  How do I get him to back off with out saying "HEY YOUR TO BIG FOR ME!"  I don't want to hurt his feelings.



A:   Sarah, I figure everybody is attracted to a certain type. If smaller guys is your thing than that’s cool. Some women can only picture themselves with a Big Guy cause that’s their type. If the guy doesn’t understand this and he intends to “make you his woman” than the question is really… what are you gonna do about it? You don’t want to hurt his feelings…so are you willing to spend the rest of your life with him? And not hurt his feelings? If not, you’ll have to put your foot down and tell him someday.


Q:   Just curious, what made you decide to start Large In What do each of you get from it?


A:  Curious, I always dated bigger women. I also design plus size clothing. I saw it to my advantage to learn about meeting people on line by directly getting to know them. My partner had a writing dream and added to my designing dream, we decided to make it happen! Besides that, I get to hang out with Big Beautiful Women and the guys who love them….its all good! Overall, the networking , promoting, and traveling is a great.







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