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Issue #13 - March 2005

Welcome to the Large In Charge Newsletter


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Advertising -  Check out the Big Sized Companies who want to advertise and cater to you! Clothing, Party Promoters, Websites and more!


LargeInCharge Flea Market - Online area where you can sell and purchase clothing, shoe's, etc. at low prices.  Bring all your used, new, non fitting, tired of them, items here to sell. While the rest of you come over and buy!


Featured Person -  Our One Year Anniversary, What happened in our first year!


Raqui's Spot - Haters, Lovers, Fans, and more.  The first year has been a trip and work in progress.


Jay's Spot - How I feel about our First year.


Food Relations - Try some Low Salt with out losing the taste tips


Guest Spot -  A outspoken Email from Blu


Ask Us - Keep those questions coming. Ask us anything, we will answer.


FREE RAFFLE PRIZE - $125.00 Gift Certificate from IGIGI


Events & Pictures - L.I.C.  Delivers Info. on the hottest BBW events, See what we are doing in the community and special promotions from size positive companies.





Large In Charge Featured Person One year Anniversary!

and still going strong!

      We can hardly believe it has been one year already.  But yes it is true our First Anniversary is here and we are proud as hell of what we have accomplished in the past twelve months.  We have proven that we got the heart and pride to make a monthly newsletter work.  We have gone from providing something for the Big World to read, to giving out to our community and to all of our readers.  With our clothing drives for children and teens, book/video drive for our community hospital and our monthly free clothing raffle that we hunt down sponsors for, you can say we have gone into a whole other realm. 

     For our one year anniversary issue we want to recap on all our feature articles and tell you want is up with them now and give you a little news on them.  You can click our Newsletter covers on the Left to view the complete Back Issue for that Month.

Issue #1 - March 2004 - Feature Raqui hits London

     Raqui was in I-D magazine of London modeling a hoody along with 5 other models.  In the past year Raqui is featured for her wrestling career and size activism in the Documentary Chubby Chasers. Raqui was featured in Closer Magazine UK, Choc Magazine France, New Zealand's Woman's Day Magazine and quite a few other magazines through out Europe. Raqui did a Radio Interview with 104.8 Radio Europe Mediterraneo FM.

Update:  Raqui is being featured under the Truth section in MAXIM Magazine for March 2005, She is working with a interpretational artist on a Art Video.  She is also up for two radio interviews with Classic Hits 97.8ZAFM, Palmerston North, New Zealand & AUCKLAND, New Zealand.

Issue #2 - April 2004 - Big Connections CT founder Juanita Sanford

     Juanita was featured for her great Connecticut Parties.  They are still off the hook and more people are coming from even farther away to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and great parties.  Her two day conventions are always a treat and help the Big World get down and funky. More young people are finally starting to get out and much fun is had by all.

Update: Along with the New Year, the Big Connections site is being remodeled. So with a New look for 2005 Big Connections CT is just getting hotter!

Issue #3 - May 2004 - Big Boi '00 Entertainment. Chi-town Crew!

     Yes the Chicago Crew is still going strong.  With new artists out, New parties going on, and much more.   There Friday night parties are still keeping the windy city hot and blazin.  I see that they have now designed some comfy matching sleep wear for men and women.  So weather you single or a couple you can be relaxing in style.

Update: B.B.E. was recently featured on two websites: VisitBlackChicago and MoementumMagazine. They were also interviewed on Channel 25 in Chicago.

Issue #4 - June 2004 - Bigger and Better Thangs Entertainment - NYC!

     Bigger and Better Thangs and parties are still being held, once a month on the last Saturday of every month.  They celebrated there first year anniversary August of 2004.  They held a Crab Fest Bus Trip the Summer of 2004 and a Ski Trip weekend has been underway and soon will be held.  They have also started a Free Friday Meet and Greet on the second Friday of the month. Where people can get together and just hang.

Update: The Second Year Anniversary of Bigger and Better Thangs is coming up August 2005.  Information on how there Ski Trip weekend went will be coming soon.

Issue #5 - July 2004 - Queen Aishah Plus Sized Comedian

     Queen Aishah is doing quite well, she is performing in many states and has done Bet's Comic View.  She has had spots on the Oliva Fox Show, Russ Par Morning Show, Life and Style TV, and VH1.  She is still keep audiences crying with her comedic talent.

Update: Queen Aishah has her schedule set for March. She is hitting, MD, DC, VA, & OH.

Visit her site to get her schedule.

Issue #6 - August 2004 - Jab Your Jaw  Online Radio

     Jab your Jaw Online Radio are still doing there one of a kind show.  At the present time they have sixty nine online shows at there website for your listening pleasure.

Update:  Jab Your Jaw Radio has a great selection of there mixed CD's  they have release a new one since there interview with LargeInCharge.

Issue #7 - September 2004 - BBW Philly Pageant

     Wilkes Productions is doing great,  They have new recording artists on there team.  They had a very successful beauty pageant for 2004. They are expanding and going into many different areas.  One of which is showcasing and providing live artists and bands for hire.

Update:  They are accepting applications for the 2005 Pageant and they also have a 2005 calendar out. 

Issue #8 - October 2004 - Nikki Carr Plus Sized Comedian

     Nikki Carr is still performing, She says that things have really been going great for her since the interview.  So if you hear about Ms. Carr performing you should get out there and support this great lady. Ms. Carr is still looking for more work if you want to hire her and her team of comedians contact L.I.C. and we will get your information through to her.

Update:  Nikki Carr is Performing - Thursday, March 24, 2005 @ Strata 915 Broadway @ 21st Street, Manhattan Doors Open at 6:00 pm /  $30 General Admission, $75 VIP All-Access Pass Buy Tickets Online at For More Information Call: 201 457-1635

Issue #9 - November 2004 - Club Envy Plus Sized Parties of Texas

     The Texas Parties are still amazing as ever.  New pictures, locations, new activities including Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Club Envy is expanding and having more frequent parties.

Update:  The Club Envy site has done some remodeling and added new pages with additional information.  They have parties dates already set up into April.

Issue #10 - December 2004 - Mary Monroe Famous Author

     Mary Monroe has been engrossed in writing her new book.  She still accepts emails and has some great words for up and coming writers.

Update:  Her book is looking to release in August. 

Issue #11 - January 2004 - Jadox California Based Rapper

Jadox is still striving for perfection as every artist does.  He beats and style is still above and beyond anything I have heard, shouting out to the big ladies. 

Update: Jadox plans to come to the Labor Day Weekend Party from Big Connections CT.

Issue #12 - February 2004 - Plus Intimates Lingerie for the Large

     Plus Intimates is doing well. The plans for Plus Intimates is a new line of intimate clothing that will be available on their site.

Update: Plus Intimates plans on being a sponsor for LargeInCharge in the near future.




Raqui's Spot

From a Female's Point of View

This month's subject: Our First Year!


Email Raqui:


Our First Year?

     Labor of Love, that is what this newsletter is to me.  When we first started this newsletter a year ago, it was a way to reach out to those of size.  To connect the people with the resources available to them.  The Big World as I call it is really not that big.  Everyone knows everyone in some type of way.  Some how we continue to be connected, no matter where we are located.  Still we don't reach out to each other, help each other.  Seems like the Big World is to busy battling themselves.

     Large In Charge has been through it all, from the people who love us, and are grateful, to those that are hating us with vengeance.  We have been through the jealousy, to the thankful words and kind thoughts.  I never really understood it.  We have had those who hold events be happy to see us, to those who try everything to reject us.  We have had the same behavior from many different people in the big world.  Clothing designers, event planners, readers, visitors and just about anyone else.  You would think we were out here trying to conquer the world instead of running a monthly newsletter.

     Still Large In Charge is here after a year.  We have somehow pulled it through and we plan to stay here.  Month after month we keep trying to bring you something interesting and real.  We try to deal with issues that concern many people of size. Most of all we try to show you examples of people who are doing things in the Big World.  Showing you that you too can accomplish what you set your mind to.

     Someone asked me why would I put my money, my time, my skills into something like this newsletter.  I am not a movie star, or someone who will get a lot of recognition.  I will not get anything from this newsletter, I can barely cover the costs of keeping it up and running.  WHY, they asked me, Why would you even bother?   I sat there and thought about it for a minute.  I said,  My heart tells me to, something in me, in my soul says that I can reach out to people.  That I can help and encourage, I can make people feel better.  If I can do that with my work and my words.  That is all I need.  They stared at me confused.  They just didn't get it.

     I am very thankful for the people who have shown us all the love in the world.  Those who understand what we are doing.  Those who believe in what we do.  I want to thank all of the people who reached out to us and gave there support, because with out you  All the negativity might have taken over and Large In Charge wouldn't be here.  For every single one of you who contacted us with positive words. It made all that negative bullshit seem like nothing.  I am happy to have a partner (Jay) that listens when i talk and challenges me to see it all.  Together we are working it some how.

     I am proud of what Large In Charge has accomplished and I hope to take it as far as it can go.  Big Hugs to all the readers and we hope you stay with us another year.





Jay's Spot

From a Male point of view.

This months Subject : Our First Year!

(the envelope please?)

AND THE WINNER FOR BEST "FA " Playing a Major Role in Most Successful "PEOPLE OF SIZE" EZINE IN 2004-2005 IS....


     (ooohhh....WOW! I am shocked! I never would've thought..this is like a dream...this award is going right on the fire place...all those years of the fellas jokes on me for liking fat girls...I ain't care what they say...I hung in is the pay off...Big Chicks rule!...fuck what you heard! now I step up to the mic...surrounded by my cute SSBBW Fashion Crew)

Thank You, Thank You...Thank You, Thank You all! This is really an honor.

     First of all I would like to thank my partner Raqui for all the hard work she has put into making this magazine a success. Without her, this dream would've never been possible. I also would like to take this time to give a special thanks to all the fans, readers, sponsors, and friends who supported our mission thought the year. Our main mission was to create a network of People (of Size) and give them a voice. The support and feedback of the people has been the most interesting dialog in our magazine so far. My next thanks goes out to all the party people and promoters in The Big World. The Big World parties gives new meaning to Life in the Fat Lane. and Speaking for all the FA's at the clubs..."Do da Big Girls run this MutherF*#&@"...Hell Yeah!! Without you, life would be really boring. Of course I would like to mention the many size support groups, websites, egroups, chat rooms, meet-up's and activism projects....thanks. Another shout out goes out to the businesses who cater to people of size. Without you...we probably would have to continue supporting people who could care less about big people and admirers. To all the people who wrote us because they had real problems, we thank you for being open and hope that you find our site to be supportive. To all those who clicked on to other sites through our links, we hope that you've enjoyed surfing with us. To all the winners of our raffles and promotional prizes, we hope that you enjoyed the prizes that our site has to offer. To all those that hit up our message board and guest book, we hope that you networked and met some really nice people. Overall I would like thank all the Big Families who adopted us, befriended us, invited us to your events, and linked on to our site. Your support really made a difference. The greatest support has come from all the people who got the word out and gave a thumbs up to their friend to visit our site. Thanks. Lastly, I would like to thank those who write with request to be interviewed and businesses in need of web promotion. Your request shows us how much of an impact our site has made on The Big World. In the future we intend to get Bigger & Better and will always try to be as creative as possible to keep the interest of our readers. Thanks to the L.I.C. Fam.

Jay's Spot 2004-2005 Awards
Best Graphic Artist - A.S
Most Active Reader - MsVEE714
Best Product -
Best Radio Show -
Best Album - Jadox "Big Girl Theory"
Best Art Site -
Best SSBBW Art Site -  

Best Clothing Site-  

Best Lingerie- 

Most Interesting Site-
Best TV Show-
Size Friendliest-
Best Actress - Lisa Brounstein
Best film Maker - Big Film Entertainment





Food Relations

What does food represent to us?


     Welcome to Food Relations.  The subject of food and people is an ever present concern.  What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, why you eat.  We all have to eat at some time or another.  Most of the time we eat for nutrition.  But food also makes us feel good.  The taste, texture, feeling, smell of food.  Some use food for release, or as a weapon for control.  Here in this section of our newsletter we hope to talk about the many aspects of food and get feedback from our readers of what food means to them.  Also how they view food.  So now sit back and read what this months food subject is about. 

The Large in Charge Staff


How to Eat Low Salt

Submitted by MS. SEXXY


     I know there are a lot of people who have to watch there salt intake.  While I am not require to watch my salt, I still am careful about the amount of salt I use and what type.  When I was coming up my mom used Salt Sense, It is good, not as rich in Sodium as regular Salt.   I have been using Salt Sense I was a child and now as a grown woman my pressure is good every time I see the doctor.  I believe the Salt Sense is a good product and has worked for me.


    There are many kinds of salt you can purchase.  Some people use Kosher Salt and other people just choose to season there food with other things like, Ms. Dash, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Herbs (fresh or dried) and many other seasonings.  Just read the label and watch the sodium grams.  You can try so many things to see what you like on your food. It is as simple are reading the label.   Below is some facts I found on Salt and Sodium, you might be interested in.


Sodium Facts
It's present in nearly all foods.
It's essential to life.
It enhances the flavor and texture of many foods.
It can be difficult to sort out all the facts about it.

Questions & Answers about Salt vs. Sodium

Q = How do salt and sodium differ?
A = Table salt is 40% sodium. The other 60% is chloride. Salt (sodium chloride) is the major contributor of sodium in our diets.

Q = Should I try to eliminate foods with sodium from my diet?
A = No. Sodium is an essential nutrient. The body needs a small amount of sodium. Health experts suggest choosing a diet moderate in salt and sodium.

What is a Diet Moderate in Sodium?

Food labels state that the "daily value" for sodium is less than 2,400 milligrams per day.

Health experts realize that many people consume more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day. Less than the 2,400 milligram sodium goal may be unnecessarily low for many healthy people.

Other individuals on medically prescribed diets might need to consume less than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day.

Getting a Read on High Blood Pressure

Many factors are associated with high blood pressure (hypertension) including family history, body weight, one's age and, for some people, sodium intake.

High blood pressure is one factor that increases the chance of heart disease and strokes, but the exact causes of high blood pressure and how to prevent it are not fully understood.

Who is at Risk for Hypertension?

Overweight Individuals
One of the most effective ways to manage hypertension is to keep your body weight within a healthful range. Keep physically active and watch your total calorie intake. Regular physical activity - even a moderate amount - can aid in weight loss and help reduce high blood pressure in some people

Older Individuals
Not all older people have hypertension, but the chances of having high blood pressure increase as we grow older.

Certain Ethnic Groups
Due to genetic factors, African Americans tend to have higher rates of hypertension. Scientists are currently researching these genetic factors so that more prevention and treatment measures can be developed.

Shape Up Foods - with Flavor

Give your foods some Mexican zing with chili powder, cilantro, cumin and garlic.

Dishes get an Asian accent with garlic, ginger and red (cayenne) pepper.

Enjoy foods Italian-style with basil, garlic, parsley and oregano.

Learn About Label Terms for Sodium
Here's what food product labels tell you about sodium:

Sodium Free
Less than 5 milligrams sodium per serving

Low Sodium
140 milligrams or less sodium per serving

Reduced/Lower Sodium
At least 25% less sodium per serving when compared to a similar food

No Salt Added
No salt is added during processing (when this product is normally processed with salt). The product may not be a sodium free food, so check Nutrition Facts

I found a site where you can find some sodium recipe suggestions.  You just might like to try them.

Here is the site:

Below is one recipe to get you started.

Mexican Chicken Salad

1/2 cup KRAFT Mayo Fat Free Mayonnaise Dressing

1/4 cup TACO BELL HOME ORIGINALS Picante Sauce

1 clove garlic, minced

1 tsp. chili powder

3 cups chopped cooked chicken

1 cup chopped tomato

1/2 cup KRAFT 2% Milk Shredded Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/2 cup green pepper strips

MIX mayo, picante sauce, garlic and chili powder in large bowl.

ADD remaining ingredients; mix lightly. Serve with warm flour tortillas, if desired.




Large In Charge Guest Spot

We want to hear and see your talents!


One of our favorite parts of the newsletter.  The Guest Spot is for our readers to submit there talents to be viewed.  We want to see all you wonderful supporters making moves of your own.  If you write poetry, short stories, commentaries, or just thoughts in general, please submit them to us.  If your a designer we want to see pictures of your clothing.   We would love to include your talents in our newsletter.  We hope you take an active part in the L.I.C. newsletter.

NOTE: The Opinion of the writer is not always the opinion of The Large in Charge Staff.  We support the Right to all views.  We do not Condemn or Approve writing based on our personal thoughts.  We approve writing based on if the subject is a concern for the BBW / SSBBW / BHM Community.  Thank you for your writing and please send in those articles!  - The Large in Charge Staff

About our Guest Writer

Name: Blu

Age: 22

Ethnicity: African American (a little Native American) 

Location: Southwest, Florida

Goals: Becoming a professional Animator 
This is my highway but I have many side roads)

Hobbies: Drawing, thinking, martial arts, design, 
thinking, music, writing poetry, giving advise, helping others, 
and did I mention....thinking? Etc.

An Email
submitted by Blu

     I came across your site on yahoo search and read some of the things that were on it. Like being afraid of telling someone your fat, or only being excepted when it comes to being degraded. I'm from the south first and foremost, I am crazy about bbw's, but its not just sexual, my baby is a BBW n I love her like crazy, its her heart, being a bbw is just a bonus.

     But beyond that I am the type of person since day one I wasn't down w/ someone being cruel to someone for no apparent reason, especially being overweight. It wasn't just that it wasn't just overweight people being put down, the ones that subjected themselves to it were the ones being put down, the ones that put themselves down, the ones that were open to being disrespected, the ones that thought they had to go above and beyond to be excepted, the ones that thought they wouldn't get that guy so they should just give him what he wants in the sexual aspect. I am a pretty lo-key guy that really could give a rats a$$ what anyone said about me, I was big on weight lift'n or whatever and I was do'n what I could to get more meat on my bones. So whenever I felt someone was hate'n on someone else for being overweight I put myself in the same boat and said "i'm fat to, so I guess you got a problem w/ me huh?", I put quite a few fools on the spot n it basically got em to chill (some of em). I am the cool brotha that chicks dig, but I am willing to kill that to cease the crap, sadly, simple minds are a dime a dozen).

     I have spent countless hours trying to break it down to BBW sista's of many races that you should walk w/ ya head up high regardless, no one is better than the next, we are all humans, we all have minds that need to be respected, but more importantly we have to demand that respect or except nothing at all because we don't have to do anything as people but die basically. Woman are meant to be curvy anyway (In my opinion), look at the classical paintings and stuff that sale for millions, you won't see a woman on them shaped like a pre teen boy, the woman are curvy. All in all though, we only get what we expect and accept, even some men whom like BBW's some don't take that step thinking they are all easy and they don't want to be with someone that multiple men have had, I had done lots of interviews to confirm this, its obvious that's not true with BBW's, its the person. So maybe if more people come to start accepting people beyond looks, maybe teens, and younger kids will not get this wall built up entrap'n their self esteem so this cycle can break. Thy body is thy temple f*ck anyone out to do it harm. Peace up!!! -Blu




Large In Charge - Ask Us

Ask Raqui and Jay the questions you always wanted to.

Get the female and male point of view.


Ask Raqui and Jay your questions                                                                             


Dear Raqui

Dear Jay

Q:   My girl wants to get Gastric Bypass, her doctor thinks she should, Do you have any advice for us on this. I want to support her in any decision but I want to know some more about it.


A:   Eamon,  Well I have heard of many people dying from the surgery or from complications during of after the surgery. But then there is many people who are doing well with it. She has to want the surgery not her doctor. If she got a serious medical problem like bad knees or something that prevents her from exercise and dieting to lose weight then she will need gastric bypass to lose weight. But if she can push herself to exercise and diet then she is better off doing that. Gastric bypass is really only supposed to be for the extreme obese who cant exercise to lose weight because of immobility. They just seem to be putting it out there experimenting on everyone who wants it. I personally wont get it unless I have a serious problem that means I cant exercise to maintain or lose weight. Maybe she doesn’t even want to lose weight. Only she can choose what she wants to do and why. She has to know all the risks and find out all she can about the doctor she picks to do the surgery.


Q:   I am a Big Man who seems to not be able to find the right woman.  Women will spend time with me, I will take them out. But when it comes to getting intimate and the commitment.  I cant get it from the ladies.

The Biggest Man

Join the Club Biggest Man, women and men of all sizes have been saying that for years.  There are the users and abusers out there who are trying to have a good time on your dime, weather you male or female it is guaranteed that someone wants to have fun as long as they are not spending the cash.  I am not sure what type of ladies your dating maybe you need to find out more about them.  See how a lady reacts to a picnic idea or a walk in the park.  If they look at like your nuts maybe she is looking for a free dinner.  Coffee and a piece of pie is not what she is looking for, she wants a four course meal.  Before you bring out the big bucks learn about the woman more.  See if she deserves that fancy dinner and a limo ride home so you can kiss in the moonlight.  If she is really interested in you, you don't need to impress her with money.  She will be happy to hold your hand at the pizza shop. Save your money for someone who really deserves it.  I am not saying to be cheap but be careful before you go all out on.  You need to start saying your money anyway for when you find the right lady, I know you want to buy her a big ROCK for her wedding band!


Q:   I'm a SSBHM, 6'5 600+ lbs, I want to know why big men are not seen as sexy, like big women are.  I would like to feel appreciated and sexy too. 

Big Boy

A:  Well I think all you need to do is find women who love big men.  Big men have been seen as strong powerful sex symbols for years and still to this day.  There are plenty of women who love big men, especially if they are tall and hold there weight well.  You basically can have your pick of the many different type of women who like big men.  As long as your clean, dress decently, smell good and have good hygiene I don't see a problem.  Maybe you need to get out more dress up and show off your fly self.


Q:   As a SSBBW, I wanted to ask, what can I do to get out and do more things.  I like many other women like to go out with friends.  I don't have many and the ones I do have don't want to go through the differences it takes in dealing with someone bigger.

Getting Out

A:   Getting Out,  The key to getting out is find out about what is going on in your area.  Look in your yellow pages and figure out how to get to each location.  Then get some people together, I know you might be thinking why me?  But truthfully if you don't create your own fun, no one will for you.  If you have one girlfriend you can go out with do it.  Try stuff and find out if you like it.  Good example. I always hated bowling.  I took my daughter out last week with my mom and we went bowling. She loved it, I had a good time and so did my mom. I found out that bowling can be fun.  So next time I might get a couple of girls together just to bowl for the hell of it. Maybe even take our kids.  Just do different stuff, just for trying it.  It can be fun even if you get all gutter balls.

Q:   My girl wants to get Gastric Bypass, her doctor thinks she should, Do you have any advice for us on this. I want to support her in any decision but I want to know some more about it.


A:   Eamon, This has been the biggest question on our site for the whole year. I have mixed feelings about giving you a direct answer because its such a major issue. Some people are for it, some against it. Everybody's body type is different. Some people have had the operation and claim to be okay (for the moment) others tell horror stories. All I can say is research the medical terms, check in our back issues and message board, and review the other sites boards because there are a lot of discussions about the surgery. You can also attempt to gather info from people who have experienced the operation. Good Luck!


Q:  I am a Big Man who seems to not be able to find the right woman.  Women will spend time with me, I will take them out. But when it comes to getting intimate and the commitment.  I cant get it from the ladies.

The Biggest Man

A:   The Biggest Man,  What is the right woman? First you started out by saying your not able to find the right woman...they spend time, and go out with you, but when you attempt to get intimate and make a can't get it...what is "it"?

     I figure you have to define what the right woman is.
Is it them, or do you think its you that's the problem? I say this because you started out with "I am a Big Man" where as I assume you might be saying your size has something to do with it. If it's your personality, morals, or something your not telling us...then I don't know! If you think it's because of your size....maybe you should change your company, seek out and hang around the FFA's who love Big Men. The clubs are full of them!


Q:  I'm a SSBHM, 6'5 600+ lbs, I want to know why big men are not seen as sexy like big women are.  I would like to feel appreciated and sexy too. 

Big Boy


A:   Big Boy,  I hear it all the time. It confuses me because I get so many request from ladies who love SSBHM's and they write all the time. They just can't find how to get with the bigger guys. Then I get questions from guys like you who feel like they are left out. I created a place on our message boards for this but only the ladies kept writing in and no guys. What confuses me is that I go to the clubs and the Big Guys get a lot of attention. There are women who feel Big Guys are Sexy!

     Again, people who have dating issues need to realize that it is hard to find someone who fits your likings but it is not impossible. Meet a few online line friends who do appreciate you and meet them at a People of Size event. Make it happen!

Q:  As a SSBBW, I wanted to ask, what can I do to get out and do more things.  I like many other women like to go out with friends.  I don't have many and the ones I do have don't want to go through the differences it takes in dealing with someone bigger.

Getting Out

A:  Getting out,  This is not a common problem. I find that People of Size have many problems "Getting Out"...stuff I never thought about until L.I.C.. Like climbing long stairs and walking, transportation, rude people, seating, health problems, and basic needs that are overlooked by businesses and society. You asked, "what can you do to do more things?"....but never said what it is that you "do". I don't know just how active or inactive you are to suggest what "more" things you can do. I can say that you join support groups for SSBBW's and talk to some women who feel as you do as well as the others who are more active. Active People of Size have personal methods (to getting out more) that might help you. Talking to people who have "been there and done that" is the best thing.











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