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Issue # 14 - April 2005

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Feature of the Month

Actress - Lisa Brounstein  


Actress - Lisa Brounstein

     Let’s take time to think about the Plus Size Women who are currently on television. After we make our list of today’s women, let’s think about the Plus Size Women of televisions past. If we add all the names, we would have to agree that times have changed for the better for Big Women on television. But what are the changes and has it really gotten better? Does television portray BBW’s and SSBBW’s as outcast, low self-esteem, always hungry, greedy, man chasing, easy targets who mostly can only land only the clown, comedian “funny fat- girl” roles? Or is it balanced and fair?

     The way I see it, The Big World has come along way because now we can communicate with each other online. Before, we sat back and listened to the television ratings and publications to figure out which shows were good or bad. But now we hit up message boards and personally discuss the shows, the characters, issues, and generally... give
feedback! In today’s time, if we have something to say, good or bad, we can email the network. If we like something they’re doing we can inform them and if they are disrespectful to people of size, we can demand they represent us fairly. Bottom line, we do have a voice!

So I’m watching TV one night and I caught an episode of HBO’s TV Show, “Carnivale”. I was surfing the web and found that the actress who played “the Fat Lady” of the Carnivale, was also promoting herself online. She posted her website and claimed that she was about to be on CBS’s TV Show, “C.S.I.” (Crime Scene Investigation). Both of these shows are major. I felt it would be a great honor to interview her and I intended to basically ask her about what it feels like to be a Big Woman on television, her experiences, and future goals. After I finished the interview, I realized that she is definitely an inspiration to BBW’s and SSBBW’s all over the world. She is proof that anything is possible! I like her style because she knows how to support the community that supports her. I’ve seen many People of Size actors/actresses, but how many of them do you know that will personally hit up the web, promote the show, and ask people for feedback? I hope that everyone who enjoys her story, EMAIL THE NETWORKS, and let them know about: “LISA BROUNSTEIN”

Jay -

Interview with Lisa Brounstein Where were you born?

Lisa Brounstein: I was born in Los Angeles. Where did you grow up?

Lisa Brounstein: I grew up in San Diego Were you big all your life?

Lisa Brounstein: I guess so. I was chubby around 8 years old. I was always fatter than most kids. In retrospect, I really wasn't fat until my late teens. Compared to now I was barely fat then. If you were big as a child/teen, was your size accepted by your family & friends?

Lisa Brounstein: Kind of. I don't think my size effected my friends except for that I was always on a diet of some kind growing up. My mother definitely wanted me to lose weight. I was on my first diet when I was 9. I never felt unloved but I definitely felt that there was concern about my size from my Mother and my Grandmother. Do you feel that People of Size have made progress in the past 10 years?

Lisa Brounstein: I think it depends on what kind of progress you mean. I definitely think there is more awareness than there was in the past. Unfortunately, I think there is a way to go. We still see fat people as the butt of jokes in the media. I also think the so-called "war on obesity" does more damage than good for people of size; especially children. Do you consider yourself representing the BBW's in "The Big World"?

Lisa Brounstein: Yes, I do. I think it is a big responsibility as well. I don't take it lightly. Even if I take a role that isn't size positive it then affords me the opportunity to discuss it with the writer's and director's and even the casting director my feelings on the subject. It also has created media interest in me where I have had the opportunities to be interviewed by different media channels. Have you ever been to a BBW Event and if so where?

Lisa Brounstein: When I moved to Los Angeles I discovered Dimensions Magazine. It was there that I saw an ad for BBW Dances here in Los Angeles. I used to attend the Big Difference dances. I have also attended a couple of NAAFA conventions. When did you first realize that you had acting skills?

Lisa Brounstein: I loved to perform as a child. I used to make up dance routines to songs and perform for my family. I think the first acting I did was in the 4th grade playing the Mama Bear in Los Tres Osos. Yes, we did the Three Little Bears in Spanish. I don't know if it was that I realized I had skills as much as I always knew it was something I had to pursue. How did your acting career begin?

Lisa Brounstein: I moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and was performing stand-up comedy at the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. I had been performing in San Diego for the two years before I moved here. Once I got here it was an eye opener to see just how many people here were beating the pavement just trying to get representation let alone work. I got lucky and had a comic friend who was also a manager of children. He submitted me for a couple of parts and after a few years I landed my first movie role in a film called Denial. (It is on video/dvd as "Something About Sex.") I do have a credited non-speaking role as Puddles, someone's girlfriend. I am seen for just a minute but it was a fabulous experience to actually be doing what I had come to Los Angeles to do. Name some of the roles you have played?

Lisa Brounstein: At the end of 1998 I got a part on ER. It was a juicy part where I got to let people know that although they thought I was unconscious in the ER, I heard all the mean things they said about me. That was my first experience with being cut from a show. They left me fat and unconscious in 2 scenes and cut the part where I spoke. That was also my first experience with the wrath of the fat community. People were very upset that I had taken a role where I got made fun of because of my size. That would not be the last time where I was ridiculed and chastised for my career choices. I appeared in episodes of Ally McBeal, Special Unit 2, The Nick Cannon Show, Carnivale, and CSI. I was also in Shallow Hal and Spun and My Dinne with Jimi where I played Mama Cass. Which role did you enjoy most?

Lisa Brounstein: Every role I played was fun and enjoyable. I really loved playing Dottie, The Fat Lady on Carnivale. The Fat Ladies from the carnival's were unapologetic of their size and lived fascinating lives. Tell us how you landed the job on Carnivale?

Lisa Brounstein: My agent called me and told me I had an audition for the part. I got the sides (the pages from the script that had that part) and then I called an acting coach and had a 1/2 hour session with him to practice. I had the audition the next day. There were three other plus-size women auditioning around the same time as I was. I understand they saw a lot more than that. I got the call the following Monday from my agent to let me know I had gotten the part. Tell us about your experience working on the Carnivale set?

Lisa Brounstein: I loved being on the set of Carnivale. I watch the show as well so it was exciting to meet all the people whose work I admire. It was very hot while we were shooting so that was a bit exhausting being out in the heat for hours at time like that. And, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. How did you feel when you first saw yourself on a major TV Show?
Which show was it?

Lisa Brounstein: The first major show was the film Denial on television. It went straight to cable. It was very exciting to see myself. Then came ER and although it was amazing to see myself on ER, it was very disappointing to know that my lines were cut. I just had to keep reminding myself of Kevin Costner in The Big Chill. Tell us about your experience working on the CSI set?

Lisa Brounstein: It was a great experience. The cast and crew were all very kind to me. I loved that they spent a lot of time on my hair and make-up. I definitely felt taken care of. I loved the actors and the director. What is the key to good acting?

Lisa Brounstein: You can tell when you watch someone acting if they are acting it just doesn't feel believable. It is when they are reacting to the other actors around them that it feels like you are watching something real and you are able to suspend disbelief and get caught up in their portrayals. What is your ultimate role?

Lisa Brounstein: I don't know what the ultimate role would be. I have been so fortunate with the parts I have played. And, I know that something fabulous is just around the corner. What was your most embarrassing moment acting or on stage?

Lisa Brounstein: I had prepared an audition piece for a television show. I figured the woman was southern since it made mention of being from the south. When I was finished the casting director told me that the character was from South Philly not from "The South." I definitely didn't book that part. Can give some advice for People of Size who have low self esteem?

Lisa Brounstein: For me it was the realization that this may just be how it is going to be forever. It started with that conversation with myself that I may be fat forever and did I want to spend my life hating myself or loving myself. It was a choice for me. I realized that this was my body and it had carried me through an amazing life so it was time to cherish it. I don't know if I will be fat forever, although the odds are that I will be, so I chose to embrace my size and love my body. The journey that has followed that epiphany has been remarkable.
So, the advice I would give is just love your body and love who you are regardless of size or shape or age or color or sex. This is the body you have today and love it and be grateful for it each and every day. Your website's Bio is in construction, when will your site be finished?

Lisa Brounstein: My site is in progress for sure. My husband is a web and new media designer. I am the one who needs to supply the content. It has really been a time thing. What plans do you have for the future?

Lisa Brounstein: I am going to continue acting and pursuing a full-time career as an actor. What can the reader of do to help support your acting career?

Lisa Brounstein: If they appreciate what I have done they can always let the network know that. Other than that know that what I do I do because I love it. I hope that other people get pleasure out of my performances as well.


On Carnivale you portrayed "The Fat Lady" in the Carnival, do you think historically her character was to be admired or was she considered a side show freak?

Lisa Brounstein: I think the Carnival fat ladies were beautiful and courageous. I think they were both admired and considered a side show freak. Both were true.

Would you ever play a negative role toward Fat Women?

Lisa Brounstein: I think many would say that I have played roles that were negative. I would agree that some were and I would say that some I have played were not, regardless of my critics views. I portrayed a woman in a bar who dances with Jack Black in Shallow Hal. I thought that that movie made a great statement about how shallow we can be. It used its over-the-top fat jokes to make that point. I know that others weren't pleased but in my opinion it was a way to show the average person how it is not okay to make fun of people because of their size. And, I walked out of an audition for The Man Show a couple of years ago because I felt the part was incredibly foul. My commercial agent knows that I will not do or be a part of a diet commercial and does not submit me for them.

How do you feel about Kirstie Alley's role on Showtime's FatActress?

Lisa Brounstein: When I first heard that she was going to be doing a show I was very excited.
I even wrote the producer's telling them that I was so pleased to see a beautiful plus-size woman doing a show like this. Unfortunately, as time progressed Kirstie came out against her size and against men who like plus size women. Her statements that men who have a preference for women of size are freaks and her statements that she is disgusting and ugly at this size I think are demeaning to herself and others. I think she has done herself and others a disservice by her statements and her derogatory show. And, I feel sorry for her that she feels this way. I think she is a stunningly beautiful plus- size woman. She had an opportunity to make a huge difference and instead she went the route she did.

Richard Simmon's always made me cry with his "because I am Fat" speeches, have you ever cried "because you're fat"?

Lisa Brounstein: I have met Richard Simmons. He has a workout studio here in Los Angeles. I think he honestly believes he is doing good for people. I will say that he does get people moving their bodies at the gym and I think that is very important regardless of size. People need to exercise and he does inspire people to do just that. To answer your question, have I ever cried because of my size. Absolutely, I spent a lot of my life being unhappy because of my size. As a child and as a young adult I had those moments where I was miserable in my body. I had those moments of trying on clothes and having them not fit. I had those times where I thought there would never be a man in my life because of my size. There were definitely rough patches.

I saw that your site has several pictures of you as different characters, which one fits your real personality?

Lisa Brounstein: I could say that I am a Gemini and they all fit :) I think I am a bit of all of them. I think that is the beauty of being a human being. We can be whoever we want to be.

How did you feel about CSI's portrayal of "The poor Fat Girl" who squashed the guy to death?

Lisa Brounstein: I thought it was really well done. I think a lot of us, in the plus size community, could say we know someone like that. Heck, I think some of us have been her. I would bet that there are plus-size women who have attended dances or parties or conventions and found themselves involved with men who they really would rather not be with but that the feeling of being wanted was overpowering. (I think that type of scenario could and does exist for a lot of women regardless of size. ) The road to self acceptance can be a tough one in the society in which we live. We live in a world that says there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. How horrible would it be to finally feel attractive to someone and then accidentally kill them?

Have you ever personally faced size discrimination in the acting business?

Lisa Brounstein: I don't know that I have. I do know that I haven't had opportunities that thinner actors have had. I would love to be part of the change in the media that allows for fat women to portray all kinds of characters. I live an amazing life. I am a plus-size woman who is in a fabulous relationship with my husband, I have wonderful friends and full and active life. We exist. Fat women exist all over in all areas of life and they should be portrayed as such.

Do you find that Big Women are given more negative roles than positive or is it balanced?

Lisa Brounstein: I don't think it is balanced, yet. And, you could look at an actor like Kathy Bates who has had all kinds of parts regardless of her size.

Do you think most Big Actresses lose weight after they gain fame?

Lisa Brounstein: There is evidence that some fat actresses do diet once they get well known. Who knows if they would have made those attempts if they weren't working actors. The thing is weight loss is transient. People lose and people gain. I think it does a disservice to people to think that being thin is intrinsically better than being fat. Our focus is more on looks than on health in our society. There is a school of thought that it is absolutely possible to be fit and fat. Health issues associated with being fat tend to be either genetic and/or associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. They aren't necessarily just because someone is fat.

Do you have any choice words for the (FA's) men who love Big Women?

Lisa Brounstein: A preference is a preference. Just like men who like brunettes or tall women or short women there are men who like fat women. I, for one, am very happy they exist.

Did your size ever prevent you from finding dates?

Lisa Brounstein: I don't know that it was my size per se that kept me from dating as much as it was my feelings about my body that had me be unapproachable. I spent years not being able to imagine that a man would like me and if he did I was uncomfortable with myself so how could I be with a man. I didn't really date much before I moved to Los Angeles. I had been in a long term relationship with someone from college. He was not an FA but a big man himself with self esteem issues. I don't have regrets about that relationship as it showed me what I wanted and what I didn't want from a relationship.

What is the public's reaction from you success on both Carnivale and CSI?

Lisa Brounstein: A lot of people who I haven't spoken with in years have been in contact having seen me on CSI. There was some talk in the plus-size community about CSI in general that showed that some people weren't pleased with the story line. Of course, my friends and family have all been very excited and supportive about these recent successes.


Raqui's Spot

Raqui's Spot

From a Female's Point of View

This month's subject :

Big People and Health Care!


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Big People and Health Care:

     This subject comes near and dear to my heart since I spent most of my teens volunteering at a Medical Center and a Nursing home.  But today I have to come out and say it.  Most doctors, nurses and other health care specialist do not like FAT PEOPLE!  We all know it and many of us don't even try to go to the doctor because of it.  We have to face so much in our lives just to be happy and content then we have doctors trying to use experimental techniques or drugs on us to make us into what they consider acceptable.  I have went through my own experiences and I have testimony from a few persons and myself who are going to lay it out on the line and tell it how it is.

Tammy (Tammy is an RN Registered Nurse) -  Doctors and Nurses have no sympathy for those who are obese.  It is felt by professionals that weight is an unhealthy condition and is preventable. Since it is preventable there is a feeling of not wanting to care for the patient since they obviously don't care for themselves.  The fact that an obese person who is very sick is much harder to handle. A united effort is needed to wash, care for, clean and handle them.  I personally treat all the patients the same, but when others do not want to make the effort it is hard to do it all on my own.

Doctor A (I forgot his name, he was a one time medical visit) - After being tested and coming out clean on all angles Doctor A says to me, "You are very unhealthy and need to lose weight"  I asked the doctor, "What do you see on my tests?"  "How am I unhealthy?"  Doctor A looks at me and says "LOOK AT YOURSELF, DO YOU SEE YOUR OWN BODY?"  I respond "Yes I see myself every day but what do my tests say?"  Doctor A "Your tests don't matter just look at yourself!"  "If tests don't matter, why do doctors give them?"  "Are my tests saying I am unhealthy or are you just offended by my fatness?"  Doctor A says "If you are not going to care about your health neither am I, get out my office!"

     This is the attitude that many doctor's and nurses have.  Fat is unhealthy and if you don't care enough about yourself to be skinny then why should they care about you and treat you.  If your Fat your basically asking to get sick in there eyes, you deserve what you get.  A hospital stay can be a scary experience but to also find out that the people your entrusting your life to actually look at you and don't want to be bothered is more that scary it is down right horrid.  You would expect that if a person was so unhealthy because of their weight, then the staff would want to help them more.  But when your fat they are mad that you would allow yourself to be fat.  It doesn't even cross there mind that you could be happy or that you could be a healthy active fat person.  On sight they find it disgusting and don't want to deal with you.  What pisses me off is that many times some of these people are not small themselves, who are they to judge. 

Raqui - I have always been scared of needles.  I don't like the idea of Metal entering my body so taking blood was something I tolerated with some hardship but getting an IV was just a terrible experience. To actually know that something was left inside my body is a horrible feeling.  I had to go to emergency with a gall bladder attack and I received a doctor who had no compassion. I warn all the people who come to take blood or give me an IV that I am scared to death of needles so to be patient with me.  This particular doctor had the nerve to say, "as big as you are your scared of needles?"  I have heard this before but she didn't joke around with me like most, she said it with disgust.  I said "yes I am so you better not hurt me"  She poked me once and didn't get my vein, poked twice and then a third time.  I am here telling her it hurts and made a few little noises because she was hurting me while she moved the needle around under my skin.  This all made her annoyed and she screwed up her face.  Now I know from experience that she must not know what she is doing because I have very large veins and they are clearly seen ( I have been complimented on them many times from other people who take blood) so I have never had to be pricked more than once.  I told her "you need to get someone else to do this because your hurting me"  "Well your being a big baby, you should be able to take this"  She responded with disgust.  "If you don't find someone else to take care of me I will not be responsible if my fists smashes into your face"  I responded with a lot of attitude. she then started huffing and puffing and sent a nurse to do my IV.  I told the nurse about my fear and she said "Just don't hit me ok, can you be still?"  "Yes" I said,  I barely felt the pinch and with in seconds my IV was in on the first try.  I was so relieved that I hugged the nurse and said thank you.  I told this nurse how the doctor treated me and the nurse replied.  "Most doctors don't get enough experience doing the sticking while us nurses do it all the time.  She decided to practice on the wrong person. "  She smiled and walked away. That nurse was so kind to me that I still remember her face.

Linda - I  was admitted and stayed in the hospital because of chest pain.  The doctors didn't even put a scope to my chest and they told me my weight is giving me heart trouble. I told them to go over my charts and that all my tests were good and I have been a picture of health for years.  They told me that overweight obese people can get heart problems.  That I need a diet and weight lose Surgery.  I told them I do not and that I am very healthy and eat a great diet.  They then told me "Black Americans often suffer from heart problems especially obese ones"  I told them because of diet. I don't eat fried food.  They tried to have me have a weight lose surgery there.  I refused.  I had myself discharged.  I later find out that I got chest pains from a diet pill I was taking to help me get energy to walk more and keep in shape.  So actually the pill that was supposed to help me lose weight almost killed me!

     Just going to a local Doctor can be the one of the hardest things you can do.  You are often put off. Some hospitals and medical centers do not you give you your own private doctor, you just see who is available on the day you attend a medical appointment.  Most big people cant find a decent doctor who will treat a big persons problems not their own thoughts on health and what they consider healthy. Trying to find a Dentist that will sit you in his chair is a hassle as well. Trying to find a office that has a scale that weights someone over 350 lbs is virtually impossible.  How can they treat the people of America when they don't have the supplies to take care of all the people of America, The BIG included! 

Raqui - I had a Gall Bladder attack once in my life and the doctor told me I should get it taken out before I get another attack.  Why I asked what if I never have another attack.  "Well with your size this hospital doesn't have tables that can accommodate you."  We also don't have the longer tools needed for the invasive incisions.  We would have to open you up and you would have a big scar and a long recovery period.  So in other words your facility doesn't accommodate people of size, for height or weight because height was a factor too.  You see they would have to cut me way open because they don't have long enough instruments to do the small incisions and send in scopes. How can a hospital not have equipment for all people.  I have to make decisions to have a surgery that I might not need because I am big?

Anonymous - about 5 years ago, I actually had a doctor tell me that at 650 lbs I just needed to go run on a tread mill.  Mean while not many tread mills hold 650 lbs never the less running on it.  I don't even run I walk or rather stroll.  I have been told for years that I need non impact exercise or else I will wear my joints out and end up in a wheel chair.  He still told me to run a tread mill. How stupid is that?  he just didn't want to take care of me.  I asked him for information for a hospital or center that has water aerobics. It was very important to me to keep in shape. He looked at me with a face that said "WHAT SHAPE?"  then gave me the number of a hospital saying they have a program.  I called that hospital and found out there is no such program.  I didn't have to run a tread mill to get into shape I just found my own way.

Lashell - I had a Dr's appt just this week he was new since my regular Dr is on maternity leave...he was so rude. I was there for my leg his first words were "I can tell you now your weight is 90% of your problem" Normally I would have been shocked and hurt instead I said my weight doesn't help the problem but it didn't cause it either so I would say your attitude is 90%  of your problem and the whole medical field concerning large people you know nothing about me...for all you know I could have just gained weight over the last year...Anyway I think it sucks and they  offer substandard care. I would love to see this change, it really needs to change. That's my humble opinion.

       It is amazing most doctors, especially doctors who are not in the Weight Loss Surgery Field. Tell fat people that Weight Loss Surgery is what they need.  We have people who are barely 300 lbs. getting surgeries because they don't want to do the work needed to lose weight.  If your truly unhappy being large and really want to lose weight nothing will stop you.  You will do whatever you have to,  If your not stepping up and working hard to lose weight then your desire to lose weight just isn't that strong.  Weight Loss Surgery is being prescribed like Tylenol to the fat people of America.  And while yes it can help to save a life,  It is supposed to be used in cases where a person is so obese they cannot move to exercise or a persons joints are so messed up that they cant exercise.  I can understand the need of WLS in this these situations.  But they are taking healthy women and men who are walking around going to work and living a life of Junk food, and using them like guinea pigs and testing how this surgery works.  Then they tell them that they will be just fine after surgery. 10% of them Die on the table and another 10% at least die of complications with in a year.  We haven't even gone into long term death and affects.  I bet most people who get WLS don't know that with in 10 years your body adjusts to the new way you take in food and you gain the weight back.  So if you feel your fat at age 25 and get WLS by age 40 you will pack all the weight back on and maybe more if you haven't made life changing progress in your eating habits.  Eating small white castle hamburgers instead of 1/2 lb ones don't make a difference just because your stomach is half gone.  Your still putting junk into it.  Your still putting yourself at risk for all the other diseases you get from not eating properly.  You changed the size of your stomach not your eating choices.

     Overall I would say a majority of health care personnel don't like to work with people of size.  I then say some of that majority even if they don't like it they still do it with respect.  Some actually think there remarks are helpful and not hurtful and are surprised we are not thanking them for advice on weight loss or the newest surgery.  Then again I have found a great doctor who tells me to try and be active and keep up with my good tests and eat healthy.  She right away got me ambulette service for doctors visits and has gone out of her way to write me letters to try and get me free water aerobic classes so I can exercise at my pace when I want to with non impact so I preserve my cartilage.  She never pushes the issue but tactfully says to stay active and eat properly.  She is a god send.  Yes some doctors are out there and they respect our lives and wishes and help us with what we want.  But if your not visiting and trying to find them, we will never get the medical care we deserve.  Demand what you need and remember they need you to be a patient and pay there salaries.  If we are paying them, we need to demand proper service.  No one wants to pay for hateful degrading attitudes.  Demand what you deserve.  Search for facilities that will give you the service you deserve and once you find one you will be happy and healthy.


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Jay's Spot

Jay's Spot

From a Male point of view.

This months Subject :

NC BBW Party Spot and Promoters Update


The Big World - NC Party Promoters

North Carolina What is the name of your company?

BrickHouse Entertainment: BRICKHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT Tell us about yourself and your staff?

BrickHouse Entertainment: Stacie Smith-BBW. A Transplant to the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) from Brooklyn New York. 2) Cheryl Patterson-aka- "Chirl Girl"- BBW - A V101.9 Radio Personality. 3) Newly added partner -Tyrone Johnson - Transplant to The Queen City(Charlotte, NC) from Bronx, NY. Who came up withe name?

BrickHouse Entertainment: Chirl Girl used Brickhouse to describe Big Girls vs the term BBW. With the song by the Commodores as our theme music and that name, we couldn't go wrong. How long have you been in operation?

BrickHouse Entertainment: Since January 2005. What made you choose promoting Big Events?

BrickHouse Entertainment: I (Stacie) have been atending BBW/ BHM events in NY for years and once I moved felt the need to create a place where the BBW,BHM's and admirers could party. I saw BBW's and BHM's standing around and sitting around looking isolated at the regular clubs that favors the look of the "video chicks" and the " pretty boys". I approached Chirl Girl with the idea as there were no one that catered to BBW's and BHM's . She took me up on the offer and the partnership began. As of last week Tyrone Johnson ( Stacie's uncle )Expressed the desire to be a business partner and joined our venture. Are you the first Big promoter in the area?

BrickHouse Entertainment: There was another group that ocassionaly promotes parties but I am unsure of their status at this time.There are also some in SC and Winston Salem / Raleigh Durham Area.We have begun to advertise on the radio ( the only promoter to do so thus far) and beat the pavement with flyers. As far as I know the others promote on line only. Tell us about your past & up & coming events and Fashion Show?

BrickHouse Entertainment: We have had a lingerie fashion show that is going to have more styles and models at the next event. Styles provided by LaJave Cordet Fashions. A local BBW Designer with a focus on providing sexy , classy fashions for the BBW. Do you get a big response?

BrickHouse Entertainment: Not as large as we would like. WHen you first start out, sometimes people want to wait and see the reviews before going to the next event :-). Rome wasn't built in a day !! :-) What makes your parties different from the rest?

BrickHouse Entertainment: We provide contests,give- a ways , raffles. Plus we have an on air radio personality who hosts plenty of parties and gets them pumping.!! Who is your house DJ?

BrickHouse Entertainment: For this venue , its DJ Moon. There are a varieties of venues. In one sentence, describe your company's mission for 2005?

BrickHouse Entertainment: Providing a classy environment exclusively for BBW / BHM 's and admirers to party. What can the readers at do to help support your business?

BrickHouse Entertainment: Tell a friend , tell a foe that the Brickhouse Party is the place you wanna go !!

We are truly excited of the future of Brickhouse Entertainment !!!
Thank You for this interview opportunity and God Bless :-)




CHICAGO Tell us about your 2005 Jersey Party?

Big Boi Entertainment: This is one of the hottest parties of BBE for the year. We are expecting an attendance of about 300 people. The best thing about the party this year is the after hour pool party. Everyone enjoys the mini fashion show. This gives people a chance to show off their unique or special jerseys. Tell us about the Fashion and your Clothing Line's progress?

Big Boi Entertainment: At this time we are expanding our jersey line that includes some new styles. Which includes some hybrid fashions. And the 1st Lady is also expanding the BBW 4 Life line. The different creations and styles keeps 1st Lady Designs very busy. How is the record label coming along and tell us about your latest releases?

Big Boi Entertainment: BBE Records just release it's 2nd album featuring Da Fam.... titled Da Stage is Set on March 12. BBE Records also released two artist, maxi single CD. Ms. BMW- "UnCut" and DIVA- "Diva Spoken Word. Currently, BBE Records is preparing a 3rd album release for the the band, The Urban Groove Experience, which will release this summer. All projects are available on our website. Or for more information, contact, Patrick, BBE Records has also been featured on web radio at www.WGCR.FM Happy 4th Anniversary! When and Where is the celebration going to be?

Big Boi Entertainment: The Annual Anniversary celebration will be May 20, 2005 at the Chicago Park Hotel. Located at 17040 S. Halsted, Harvey, IL 708-596- 1500. Special room rates are available if you mention BBE. Any future projects?

Big Boi Entertainment: Yes, the album release for The Urban groove Experience, featuring Indi Blu, scheduled for mid summer release. DIVA is in the studio working on Vol II of Diva Spoken Word. And emerging new artist, Chase Madison will be featured on the 4th quarter release of Mass Production. In one sentence, describe your company's mission for 2005?

Big Boi Entertainment: B.B.E. is Keeping It Live in 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can the readers of do to help support your mission for 2005?

Big Boi Entertainment: Support us by buying CDs, clothes, showing us a great time when we visit NYC this summer and continuing to support on-line magazines like

Thanks again for the opportunity to be featured in your magazine. If we can do anything else to help support your efforts, please let us know.

BigBoi'00 & 1st Lady


Thanks for reading Jay's Spot

   Guest Spot

Large In Charge Guest Spot

We want to hear and see your talents!


One of our favorite parts of the newsletter.  The Guest Spot is for our readers to submit there talents to be viewed.  We want to see all you wonderful supporters making moves of your own.  If you write poetry, short stories, commentaries, or just thoughts in general, please submit them to us.  If your a designer we want to see pictures of your clothing.   We would love to include your talents in our newsletter.  We hope you take an active part in the L.I.C. newsletter.

NOTE: The Opinion of the writer is not always the opinion of The Large in Charge Staff.  We support the Right to all views.  We do not Condemn or Approve writing based on our personal thoughts.  We approve writing based on if the subject is a concern for the BBW / SSBBW / BHM Community.  Thank you for your writing and please send in those articles!  - The Large in Charge Staff

LargeInCharge is looking for writers for our Newsletter.

If your entry is accepted you will be paid $10.00 per Article we accept.

What type of Articles do we accept?

  • Original Articles that have not been placed in publication.

  • Size Empowerment Stories

  • Discovery of Size Acceptance

  • Romance of Large Size

  • Poetry - at least 25 lines in length

  • Complaints about Society

  • Complaints about what is provided for Big People

  • Complaints about Health Care

  • Weight Loss Surgery Experiences

  • Dealing with Doctors

  • The Joy of being Big

  • Learning to Love yourself

  • etc.

How to Submit my Article for review?

  • Check your article for spelling and correct format, We do not edit articles. 

  • Attach your article either in Word Format or in the Body of your email.

  • In your email send your Real Name and Address.

  • Under your Name and Address include date, and the line. "I give and there owners, permission to use my written article. I am submitting it for there use at their discretion."

  • Include a picture if you so wish in .jpg or .gif format

  • Send the article to


Be sure to send the article as stated above.  We will review your article and if it is accepted for use we will mail you a money order for $10.00 USA dollars along with a copy of your submission.  Whatever name and address you submit will be the one we mail your money order to.

Are you a Writer? Send in your Article to


Send your book and contact information to:

c/o Raqui Hernandez

976 Mclean Avenue #128

Yonkers, New York 10704

Product of the Month

Large In Charge

Product of the Month!

What is good for Big Sized Bodies


    A very important and necessary part of LargeInCharge.  Find out what is helpful for big bodies.  Keep your self straight with some of our tips and tricks. Find out what other Big Sized people use to keep themselves smelling, feeling, looking, and living a proper life.  What kind of products are allowed. Anything that deal with the body. From cleaning aids to soap, lotions, powder, healing aids etc.  anything that can help a big body!

NOTE: The Opinion of those who submit items are not professional.  They are everyday people who found something that worked for them.  We are not held responsible for there opinion - The Large in Charge Staff

Send your favorite Item to be Product of the Month - Follow format below, include a picture of product (most can be found online) and Send to

About the Product

Name of Recomender:  Raqui


Name of Product: LargeInCharge Super Scrubber

Type of Product : Washing Device / Super Scrubber 5 x 48 inches

Cost of Product : $30.00 

Where Product can be found : 

Why I like this Product : The Super Scrubber is Raqui's own design, 
it has many uses. For everyone it is a helpful washing aid. For those 
who have a hard time reaching certain body parts, it is finally a way 
to simply scrub areas that are otherwise difficult to wash alone. The 
Super Scrubber is made of Terry cloth with sturdy sew in handles. It 
measures 5 inches wide and 48 inches long. Super Scrubber is easy 
to hand wash after use or throw in the washing machine. As 
demonstrated in the pictures it can be used from head to toe and 
in-between all your creases. Apply your favorite soap or body wash 
for a stimulating shower.





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