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Issue # 21 - November 2005

"Self  Esteem begins with your soul...  not your size." - Raqui of

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Feature of the Month

Monthly Feature

Plumper World Records

West Coast Rappers loving the Big Girls



Left to Right: K-Duv, Tyriq the Freak and Jonny T



Jay with

 Tyriq the Freak & Jonny T


Plumper World Records


     Plumper World Records attracted me with there album Plumpah Humpah.  I was ready to say something.  PLUMPAH WHAT? Who they humping on! Raqui was going to go off.  But I took a chill pill and listened to there songs.  I was thrilled, I got a good feeling from this trio.  The beats were on point,  The rhythm was making me move.  The words pounded my brain.  I was feeling it.  It was smooth.  Hearing music... be it sensual, sexual, or just booty shakin with the plus sized body in mind, made me want to express a beautiful female sensual side.  Like I need help with that!!!!!!


     What do I believe about Plumper World Records?  I believe they are loving big women, they are presenting that love in many different songs, in many different ways.  There is something for everyone.  Not everyone is going to like all the words.  But I was impressed by the lyrical flow.  The voices of these men are smooth like a caress.  Not sharp and brazen.  Almost like they pull and sweep you into a world of Big Booty Mama's who are tempting them into desires that they cant even control.  DAMN I LIKE THAT!  I believe the words.


     These men deserve a listen and if you are feeling them tell them.  Say LargeInCharge sent you.  I want you promoters to book them.  Give them some props for flowing like they do.  Support them, show them that there efforts are not in vain.  Buy there music, they deserve it.




Interview with Plumper World Records Who are the owners/founders of your company?

Jonny T, K-Duv, and Tyriq the Freak Do you all considered yourselves to be people of Size?

Jonny T: Yes

K-Duv: Yes

Tyriq: No Where are you all from?

Jonny T: Born in Compton, Ca

K-Duv: Born in Long Beach

Tyriq: Born in Long Beach How did the partners in your company get together?

Jonny T: Tyriq and K-Duv were working on a song scheduled to release on K-Duv’s upcoming album. I arrived to the studio a little early, and caught the tail end of their session. I liked the work they were doing and asked them to produce a track on my CD last solo effort, Square One. “Let’s Get Together” was done so well it was included as a track on the Plumpah Humpah All Star album. From that point, we did a few other songs and some remixes, one of which is the single currently airing on the radio out here in Los Angeles – Delicious Thickalicious. The chemistry and work ethics were there, and we decided to establish Plumper World Records. What is your company’s name?


Plumper World Records How did your company get its name?

K-Duv: We needed a name that would standout and raise a few eyebrows. We wanted a name that was outrageous because of the kind of music we plan to release. A lot of major labels don’t want to work with artists of size, but we decided we wanted to. Not necessarily exclusively, but we wanted definitely wanted to be inclusive of the demographic. So the name needed to suggest that. We were throwing names around and

Tyriq came up with Plumper World. We liked it and stuck with it. Does your Company have a motto?

Tyriq: We don’t have a motto, but we do have a mission to produce quality music and foster creativity one artist at a time. What inspired you to pick your motto?

Tyriq: Our mission came from our individual experiences in working in the industry, and seeing how so many acts are carbon copies of other acts. Our goal is to avoid that situation altogether. How long has your company been in business?
Under a year Where is your company based?

Southern California Who are the staff members and what are their job assignments?

Tyriq: Jonny T handles the majority of the business issues. K-Duv has produced for established recording artists and brings some important connections to the table. He has very strong networking skills as well as developing a lot of the instrumentals for rappers and singers to use. I produce and scout talent. Tell us about the type of music your produce?

K-Duv: Mainly R&B and Rap. I play the saxophone and piano. Jonny T was also classically trained in piano. At some point, we would like to situate a jazz band. But for now, R&B and Rap.. What makes your music different than what is out there?

Jonny T: Because we have an appreciation for music, we generally have a live band at our shows and on some of the studio recorded songs. I think what makes us different is that we are representatives of the average person trying to make it while walking the straight and narrow. With a lot of urban artists, you get an extreme of two experiences – either really rich and ballin’ (P. Diddy) or really poor, desperate, thug, or gangsta. Our product caters to the person that’s in the middle extreme -the person trying to do right by their kids, family, and significant others. We represent that encouraging voice, that creative voice, that artistic voice, that voice silenced by the humility of society’s main vein, and the average working man and woman really trying to do things right and legal. I believe there are way more people who represent that demographic than the extremes of the other two. We want that experience to be felt. How does your company, and what you do benefit the Plus Sized Community?

Jonny T: We have done an entire album dedicated to the community. Surprisingly enough, this has been the community to support the product the least. This project is completely independent. The major labels do not want to touch it because the plus sized community has not proven itself as a financially lucrative market. It’s too much of a gamble and way too far out the box. Between our online sales and performance sales, we have already exceeded our sales target by almost 7,000 units. When we go to some of the BBW clubs in Southern California, we get no love. Some of the clubs have beef with each other and won’t play our records in their clubs because another BBW club may have played it. It’s completely stupid and ridiculous. We have never had to deal with stuff like that in the mainstream clubs. They ALWAYS show us love. In the mainstream clubs, there is a spirit of competition. But you never hear about a Snoop Dogg or 50 Cent record not being played because another club played it. The radio stations have shown more support than the plus sized community. It’s kind of sad that we did a show in a regular club and sold almost 400 CDs in under an hour, and can’t sell 10 CDs at the BBW club because they all want freebies, as if this music thing is merely a hobby and not a business, or because they are so stuck on themselves and their unnecessary beef. This issue was addressed on our song “Big Girl Club” feat Jadox on the Plumpah Humpah All Star CD. Is all your work considered BBW friendly?

Tyriq: I wouldn’t say BBW friendly as much as I would say people friendly all the way across the board. Even without a lot of support from the BBW community, we still intend to do a new volume of the Plumpah Humpah All Stars every summer. It has proven itself a successful product. That would be the most BBW friendly album. We have other artists of size we are recording now, but we also have some groups that fit the mainstream profile. Does your company ever attend any BBW events?

K-Duv: We have gone to some of the clubs, but no events. I think we may get booked for the bash that was in Vegas this summer for next summer. Beyond that, the BBW venues haven’t been too profitable for us thus far. Where have you performed?

Tyriq: We have a tour set to begin this October. We’ll be doing a lot community colleges and universities nationwide. There are too many venues to list here, but keep it locked to We have already done a few spots in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Inland Empire, Hollywood, and Long Beach. Jonny T had a show at Club Bounce in Long Beach back in December, 2004 that promoted his last solo CD. We have a huge show on Friday night, September 9, 2005 at The Art Institute of California – Orange County in Santa Ana, CA. We’ll have a film crew there covering footage for a DVD we are working on. So if you’re local, come out. It’s a free all ages show. Have you shot your first video yet?


Jonny T: Yes we have just our first video at Volupcity in Hollywood California.  We did the video for Delicious Thickalious single off our Plumper Humper Album.  The project as produced by, T Michael, Cher Rue and Lisa Marie.  We had alot of fun doing it.  It was very well organized. What is the response you receive from the BBW / BHM community?

K-Duv: It’s kind of hard to say. People seem to like us at face value. But the numbers would reflect something different.

Jonny T: The few BBWs/BHMs that have supported us have had a positive response to what we are doing. I don’t think we burned bridges with anyone doing this project. You have some songs about Large People, do you showcase BBW’s in a positive light?

Tyriq: We try to. Come and checkout one of our shows and you’ll see. We have a good time. Who are some of the people you look up to in business?

K-Duv: I have done work with Dove Shack, and a lot of Long Beach artists that have had deals. In this business, there are so many dirty players, so it makes it hard to say I look up to anyone.

Tyriq: I have a lot of respect for anyone who is making an impact with their music.

Jonny T: I learned a lot from a gentleman by the name of Travis Lane. He has written songs for tons of artists, and he is very knowledgeable about the biz. In the early 90’s he was in a group known as KMC Crew on Priority Records. He did the solo thing in the mid 90’s as an artist known as Incidents. Any Up & Coming projects?


Jonny T: We are going to release the first single "Holla for a Dollar" from K-Duv in December 13, 2005.

K-Duv: My album, “Two Sides to Every Story”, is scheduled to release in Febuary 14, 2006 . Then my boy Jonny T’s new solo album “The Breaking Point” is set for early April, 2006. Then it’ll be time for Plumpah Humpah 2 for next summer. Can you give us some details about your projects?

K-Duv: My album is going to be half R&B and half Rap. It’ll be interesting to say the least. It’s a little soon to discuss details of the other projects, but I can say we have a lot of folks who want to get on the next Plumpah Humpah CD. Being that your company has several partners, is it easy to get along when making business decisions or harder?

Jonny T: We have a common goal to meet. Everyone plays their position, supports each other, we make moves together.

Tyriq: Working with Jonny T and K-Duv has been the best experience. I have worked with tons of artists, and most of them are flakes. But I have never worked with anyone like these guys. Jonny T is always on top of stuff, making phone calls, marketing things, and making sure things get done by deadlines. And K-Duv and I are always creating beats, selling them CDs, steady grinding to get things done also. Things just work for us.

K-Duv: Plumper world Records has been an extremely productive experience. Big things are coming soon. Do your performers have a background in music?

K-Duv: Most do. But we can develop an artist also. Have any of you studied music, production, etc.?

K-Duv: I studied at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills.

Tyriq: Most of the music I produce is electronic.

Jonny T: I spent several years in piano lessons. I’d like to think they paid off. How can the readers at help support your company?

Group Response: Buy the albums and come to the shows. Do you have any other companies or entrepreneurs that you admire or collaborate with?

Group Response: Universal Records, Def Jam, Arista, J Records, Avatar Records, Capitol Records, Warner Brothers, Virgin, Rap-a-Lot, Bad Boy, Aftermath, Geffen, Interscope, So So Def, any mid-sized indie labels, web models (yall are fine), clubs, radio, colleges…you name it, we want to work. Give one sentence that best describes your company?

Artistic creations through creative innovation



Keep Flowing my brothers, Keep it smooth - Raqui


Raqui's Spot

Raqui's Spot

From a Female's Point of View

This month's subject:

Self Esteem begins with your Soul... not your Size!

Email Raqui:

Now you can check out Raqui's Blog with reviews and recommendations for places to go. As she travels she will give you the info on what is best for Big Sized people.  Plus you can take a quick view of her life!  She has also been giving the info. on internet bullshit!  And Bullshit in General.



Self Esteem begins with your Soul... not your Size!

     I think about what real self esteem is often.  I watch shows like Biggest Loser.  I see all these big people working so hard to lose weight to be happy.  I eat my piece of cake or ice cream laughing at them while they deprive themselves.  I watch them lose weight and say to myself.  Did their Self Esteem really go up because they lost weight?  Or does it just appear to be so because they now have conformed and become what everyone wants them to be.  Because they are now a little bit more acceptable?  Because they are just a little smaller?  Because they fit in a little better now?  Do they feel confident in themselves, or in the body they believe dictates there lives?


Lets break it down.





  • The total, essential, or particular being of a person; the individual

  • The essential qualities distinguishing one person from another; individuality

  • One's consciousness of one's own being or identity; the ego

  • One's own interests, welfare, or advantage: thinking of self alone.




  • The condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)

  • a feeling of delighted approval and liking

  •  an attitude of admiration or esteem;


     As you can see above there is no reference to being fat.  Self is you, all of you.  Your conscious self being.  Your thinking of your self alone.  Not others.   Esteem is the condition of being honored, respected.  Delighted in approval and admiration.   If you put it together and break it down really simple.  Self Esteem is finding delight and approval with yourself. 


      Your weight or losing it will not make your Self Esteem go up.  There will just be another thing you don't like about yourself.   Something else you don't like about your life.  There will be countless things you will not like. Then you will have to change that.  And you will change another body  part, or extinguish the very personality that makes you... you.


     Am I against fat people losing weight?  No, if that is what you want to do... do it.  Just don't believe your life will be all better once you lose weight.  No your self esteem will not rise.  You will not be a better person,  you will not have the world in your hands.  Unless you first raise your self esteem.


     What you look like on the outside is not in control of what you feel on the inside.  You have to believe in yourself.  Do and create wonderful things.  Become a person you would respect.  Do things in life that you would admire in another.  When you sit back and think about your life, why should the high point be the couple of years you spent shrinking down into a size 10.  The things you will be remembered for are the important ones.  When you pass away no one will be say,  he/she was a great parent, good friend, treasured family member and all around wonderful person.  IF ONLY HE/SHE LOST WEIGHT!


    Not many people believe in there abilities.  They don't know that greatness is just around the corner.  People bump around in life letting society dictate the way they should look, the way they should act,  the way they should feel.  Society is making clones of what they want, and find acceptable.  If you don't fit in it is fuck you, your not good enough.  Change make yourself what we say you should be.  If you don't everyone will hate you and talk bad about you.  We will throw commercials down your throat.  We will brain wash you and your children, and your children's children until you conform to us.  When did they ask us what we want?  Never!


     So you have to decide what you want to work on first.  Losing weight is not a bad thing.  When it is all said and done, If you still feel that you are not complete...  You will be greatly disappointed with yourself.  Before you remake your body, remake your soul.  You might begin to discover that there are certain things about that big body that you love.  You might not want to lose weight, and if you still want to that is ok.  But as the very least you will be prepared to live as a person.  Not a former fat person, or a new skinny person.  Just a person.  A regular person who knows who they are and what they want out of life.


Live your life good,  Be true to yourself first.  Self Esteem begins with your Soul...  not your Size!


Thank you for Reading Raqui's Spot!

Would you like to give your comments?

Email Raqui:


Jay's Spot

Jay's Spot

From a Male point of view.

This months Subject:

Big Biker Chicks



Big Biker Chicks

     There's so much going on in The Big World and at we try to cover all areas. Its always good to see positive images.


     As an FA, and a big fan of SSBBW's, I appreciate seeing a piece of graphic art depicting the biker life style of a Big Biker Chick.  I think its cool that Big Girl Bikers even exist. It's twice as exciting to find art imitating life.


     In this months issue of Jay's Spot we will review, A SSBBW doing her thing on "the bikers scene".  Join me in learning more about this Big beauty as she shares some interesting news with us.


    Active as a rider or passenger, BBW's & SSBBW's are getting their "ride on" across the world. For future reference, when you think about "Bikers and Biker Chicks"... makes sure that you acknowledge the Big Mama's too. Now its time to shed some light on a Big Beautiful Woman who has taken the ride and loves to share her appreciation for motorcycles.


Pictures of Big Biker Chicks


Interview with Big Biker Chick Christine


My name is Christine Hicks and I'm a 40 year old married Big Beautiful Biker Babe.


Ivan is my husband of 20 years and the father of my 2 beautiful daughters Jessica and Tasha


Daytona Beach, Florida



I lived in Florida until I was 12, we then lived in Philadelphia for two years. My high school years were spent in Neptune NJ. After graduation I moved to North Carolina to go to college and that is where I met my husband Ivan.




I was a fat little baby, a chubby kid, a large lovely teen, and now I'm a Big Beautiful Woman.


I'm sure there may have been instances of discrimination against me because of my size, but, no more than discrimination against me because I am a woman I tend to do a lot of non-traditional type things that women don't generally do, like attending school to be a motorcycle mechanic. I've never let anyone hold me back from anything I wanted to do even if it meant I had to work a lot harder to get it.


Size never mattered to me in my life and I've never let it stand in my way. If anyone didn't like me because of my size, they weren't worthy of being part of my life in any way.


Yes I do.


My stepfather rode motorcycles when I was a child and I learned to ride
dirt bikes with other kids from the motorcycle groups my stepdad and mother belonged to. I didn't do any riding during my teenage years. My husband owned a motorcycle when we met and I started riding again then. For the first 5 years of our marriage I rode behind him until I got my first street bike, a Honda CB650.



Right now, I own a absolutely sexy machine!! She's a 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 800. She is the third street bike I've owned and though I don't plan on getting rid of her any time in the near future, I'm sure she won't be my last one.


No, at this time I don't ride with any specific groups. In the past I have been a member of several organizations aimed at motorcyclist rights, such as Concerned Bikers Association and ABATE.


I just completed my longest road trip on a bike in August. My husband and I rode from Daytona Beach Florida to Sturgis South Dakota. It was a little over 4500 miles round trip.


I had an amazing time. It took us 4 days each direction. We went through some beautiful country and met so many interesting people. We camped nightly and got to see some incredible scenery. I would love to make that kind of trip again, but, take a little more time so that we can see more along the way.


I very much prefer to ride my own bike, but, there are times that riding behind my man with my arms wrapped around him and the wind hitting our face is the best experience in the world.


Daytona Beach Bike Week, Daytona Beach Bike October fest, Myrtle Beach Spring Rally, Sturgis Bike Week, and dozens of local/regional events and charity rides in Central Florida and North Carolina.


That is way to hard to answer. I, of course, love the Daytona events because it's home. On the other hand, the rides and events that I went to when I got my first street bike in North Carolina hold some very very special memories.


All of the above. I ride my bike on a daily basis. I go get groceries on my bike, run errands on my bike, take care of any and all business on my bike ride my bike just to go out riding, every where every day.


My dream bike is a 1965 Harley Davidson FL.


hmmmm..leather, denim, lace...whatever looks good. haha  Leather and denim are worn by bikers for protection from the weather, objects that may come up off the road, and the road/ground itself.


I attend both the big biker events in Daytona every year.

If you're interesting in checking them out some, you can go to to learn about the Fall event or to learn about the Spring event.


During every local biker event we usually get together with several local BBW Yahoo groups and plan a big night out.


The gas shortage hasn't really affected my riding habits anywhere.


Not at all. As long as she finds a bike that fits her and has the desire to learn, any BBW can ride.


The most difficult part of riding is the safety factor. You always have to be aware of the vehicles around you and follow the rules of the road.


The freedom, the power, the speed in some cases, the looks I get, the
independence, the fun, the open rode, the people that I get to meet because of the bike, the bike events, sooo many things make me love the biker lifestyle


There are far to few BBW Biker Girls, though there are a fair amount of them that ride on the back there are far far to few riding their own bike.


hmmmm...technical name?? Riding on the back of a bike is typically called riding Bitch". It doesn't matter if it's a girl or guy on the back, the same term is used.


Most of the BBWs that I see at any Biker Events are above 30 years old and I would say that out of all the 30+ women that 5-10 percent are BBWs. The younger crowd has far less BBWs, probably only 2 percent of the 30 and under women are BBWs. Of course sometimes it depends on the type of bike rally and where it's being held at. I have been to some bike rally's in more rural settings that have far more BBWs than the big city ralli's have.


I have never attended any large BBW Bashes, but, I do occasionally attend a weekly BBW Dance in Orlando at a very nice club that holds a BBW Dance every Friday night. We also belong to several local BBW Yahoo groups that have weekly dinners, monthly BBQs, and several parties through the year.


For our 19th wedding anniversary, my husband had my portrait done by Les Toil. I had loved his work from the moment I saw it the first time. I e-mailed Les through his site and told him what I wanted. My main request for my portrait was that I be on my bike, Les was happy to oblige. About 6 weeks later I received my portrait in the mail. I very proudly have it hanging on my wall for everyone to see. Since then, I have started a Yahoo group dedicated to Les Toil and his gorgeous Toil Girls. Les himself is an active member. He is an awesome artist and a wonderful man who is helping soooo much to show the world how beautiful BBWs are and improving the poor self image that so many Big Beautiful Woman unfortunately have. I'm very proud to call him my friend.


I have my Les Toil portrait tattooed on my thigh. It is not completed yet, I have about 10 hours of work into it so far and probably another 5 or 6 to go. In the future, I plan on getting another Les Toil piece tattooed on my other thigh.


Unfortunately, I don't know of any BBW Biker sites that are not porn sites. It would be great if someone designed one and I may do that some time in the future, but, right now my main goal on the internet is showing off BBW Art. I have several Yahoo groups dedicated to BBW Art
( ), BBW Photography, a Les Toil Fan Group, and BBW PSP signature tags. I am also a moderator for several BBW groups, two local BBW groups for Central Florida and an awesome group owned by Shyly and Ally dedicated to BBW Art and Size Acceptance.


The first advice I give anyone wanting to learn how to ride is to take the Motorcycle Safety Course. You can find out what courses are offered in your area by checking out or calling your local drivers license office. If you're planning on getting a bike of your own, shop around, test drive, find a bike that suits your size and experience, and make sure you take someone with you that already rides to help you. If you're planning on being a passenger only, always make sure you trust the person you are riding with and make sure their bike is in condition and that you fit on the back of it comfortably. And if any BBWs make it to the Daytona area and want a ride, let us know and either me or my husband will be more than happy to take you riding.


I have been reading the magazine for quite awhile. I ALWAYS look forward to reading every issue and regularly share the link with the BBW groups that I belong to. LargeInCharge is a major force in the size acceptance community and I truly feel honored to be able to play this small part in your amazing site.


Thanks for reading Jay's Spot

   Guest Spot

Large In Charge Guest Spot

We want to hear and see your talents!


One of our favorite parts of the newsletter.  The Guest Spot is for our readers to submit there talents to be viewed.  We want to see all you wonderful supporters making moves of your own.  If you write poetry, short stories, commentaries, or just thoughts in general, please submit them to us.  If your a designer we want to see pictures of your clothing.   We would love to include your talents in our newsletter.  We hope you take an active part in the L.I.C. newsletter.

NOTE: The Opinion of the writer is not always the opinion of The Large in Charge Staff.  We support the Right to all views.  We do not Condemn or Approve writing based on our personal thoughts.  We approve writing based on if the subject is a concern for the BBW / SSBBW / BHM Community.  Thank you for your writing and please send in those articles!  - The Large in Charge Staff

An entry from our Writing Contest

Romance of Large Size.
By Shannon Marie Wilson


                    Chapter One

Alana Gregory lived for the evenings, where she could go to her local library, slip her work shoes off under one of the tables barely big enough for two and relax with a book. Working as a data entry clerk for Muntz, Merrill and Toggs (3 lawyers who looked alarmingly like the 3 stooges) drained her dry, numbers and names running repeatedly in her head even when she punched out at 6 pm. Reading was her greatest escape, most people might go to a bar after work to relax but a good book was her drink of choice that night and every night. Tonight’s book clutched in her hands was Eleven on Top, released just today, and Alana had been lucky enough to snap the last copy on the library shelves. She was already halfway through the crazy adventures of Stephanie Plum, being careful not to laugh out loud at some of the pages. One might think that checking the books out from the library and taking them home would be a better and more comfortable thing to do then to come to the library night after night, but Alana loved being surrounded by all the people, the shelves lined with thousands upon thousands of books, the sound of pages being turned. Though, to be quite honest, since she’d moved to Bakersfield, California from Marmora, New Jersey fresh out of college to take the job at Muntz, Merrill and Toggs, she hadn’t made a lot of friends. That didn’t bother her though, well not usually as Alana told herself often, she kept busy with work and then had her hobby of reading. She’d become quite the speed-reader to, able to finish a book a night with ease. She’d tried going out with others from work, even trying reading groups at the library, but she hadn’t really clicked with anyone besides Betsy Lewis from work but Betsy was usually busy with her family. As far as men went, well… Alana had just about given up at the age of 26. At 300 pounds, 5’6, blonde hair and blue eyes, she was more then a little self conscious about her body. She’d tried telling herself that if she really wanted to lose weight she could and would. She’d labeled herself as a BBW, Big beautiful woman and wanted the world to acknowledge that as well, but the world can be a hard and unkind place, especially toward the larger woman. To date, the men she’d attracted were either “chubby chasers” and got off on feeding her and watching her eat, or men who felt they could do no better then to get with a “fat chick”. Apparently wanting someone who didn’t see you as fat or thin and only saw the real you inside was way too much to ask for in this day and age.
”Excuse me?” A voice interrupted as she flipped to another page. Startled, she glanced up and saw a man in front of the table where she was sitting.

“Yes?” Alana answered, eying the intruder. Tall, at least 6’1, lean, with curly brown hair pulled back into a pony tail and from she could tell, hazel eyes, and quite attractive, though she found it rather odd that he was wearing a long sleeved shirt in summer.

“Would you mind if I sat at your table? The library seems pretty full tonight.” The stranger gestured with his hand at the many busy tables. Though she would have preferred to have been alone, the library WAS indeed full and Alana could find no reason to deny him since it technically wasn’t her table anyway.

“Go ahead.” She half smiled and went back to reading her book. Ten minutes had passed when Alana glanced at the stranger when he reached for a pencil from the middle of the table. She had to bite her tongue to stop a small gasp that almost escaped her lips when the sleeve of his shirt pulled back, showing a small tattoo on his wrist. Ordinarily she would not have been amazed at a tattoo, except this tattoo was a circle with a V inside, which was the mark of the vampire.

5 years ago, when the world could not keep up the pretense of pretending that vampires did not exist, they devised a plan that would make the public feel more comfortable by being able to identify the nighttime creatures. Which was a bit silly since the vampires who donned the tattoo could just cover it up with a long sleeved shirt like the one sitting across from her did. But it was a false security for the American people, and most vampires got them willingly. If you did see a vampire with a tattoo, it usually meant they would be a bit more tolerant of humans and not be quick to kill their meals, unlike the renegade vamps that refused the tattoo and had no regard for the human race.

Alana had never been around a vampire and sitting across from one, was disconcerting and intriguing at the same time. Looking from his wrist to his face, she discovered that he was watching her with a somewhat amused expression.

“Should I leave the table?” He asked, pulling up his sleeve entirely, exposing the whole tattoo.

Blushing, Alana shook her head and looked down at her book. Knowledge is damaging, there is no way I can go back to reading this now that I know what he is, She thought to herself. Sadly she closed her book and stood up, the least she could do was put the book back on the shelf for someone else to read since her concentration was shot to bits.

In a few minutes, she was on her way to her car when she heard a “Wait!” Twirling around, Alana saw that it was the vamp from the library. What could he want? She pondered. Then her stomach lurched, maybe he was hungry. That would be bad, very bad, she thought to herself. I’m in no mood to be a chew toy.


“Could I talk to you for a minute? I didn’t mean to scare you off.” He stopped a few feet from her as if he were afraid she’d scream and bolt.

“No, you didn’t scare me. I lost my concentration, that’s all.” She forced a smile on her face and proceeded walking to her car. A vampire that cared that he was the reason she left the library? Heck, a human wouldn’t have cared if they’d scare her off, why did a vampire?

“I’d like to be honest with you…” He called after her.

Alana stopped again, closing her eyes and biting her lip. The smart thing to do, would be to ignore him and jump in her car. But she was tired of being smart, of doing things the straight and narrow way. Besides, what would it hurt to hear what he wanted to say? At the very least, she’d have a story of how a vampire followed her from the library and wouldn’t leave her alone.

Not saying anything, she turned to face him, waiting. Although why he wanted to be honest with her when they’d never had a conversation about anything in the first place, she could not figure out.
”I didn’t come to your table because I wanted a place to sit down.”

“Then why did you?”

“I’ve been watching you for a few days, waiting for a chance to talk to you. No time ever seemed right, until tonight. But it didn’t go as I planned. I didn’t mean for you to race off when you saw the tattoo. I wanted a chance to talk to you.”

“So you’re a stalker vampire?” Alana asked, raising an eyebrow.

He laughed softly. “No…not at all. You just look like someone I’d like to know but I didn’t want to turn you off by coming on to strong so I waited for a good time to approach you.”

A bit baffled that a vampire claimed to want to know her, Alana walked up to him and stuck out her hand.

“I’m Alana Gregory. Nice to make your acquaintance, now you know me.”
A smile tugging at the corners of his lips, he took her hand into his, “Tristan Peart.”

Her heart sped up when he didn’t let go of her hand right away and rubbed her knuckles with his thumb. Surprisingly, his hand was nice and warm. She’d always thought that vampires would be cold, considering they were dead. This close to him, she could smell his cologne, rather woody and spicy, it met her approval. She always used to say that if a man smelled good, she was a goner, as that was one of her biggest turn-ons. OK, it’s been too long since I’ve been around a man if I’m getting tingles from a vampire. You’ve really got to work on getting out more, she told herself sternly.

Trying to clear her head, Alana asked “Care to explain why you want to ‘know’ me?”

“Because I’d like to go out with you.” Tristan said, finally releasing her hand..

“What?” Not the wisest comeback. But talk about being shocked. A Vampire, wait, change that to a handsome vampire, wanted to go out on a…date? Did vampires even date humans? Was it some kind of trick? Like before they got to chow down on you, they had to wine and dine you? Questions were running a mile a minute in her head. And if vampires did date humans, why pick her? She wasn’t beautiful, she was fat. No matter how many times she tried to make herself use the BBW label, in all honesty, she did not believe it.

“I’d like to go out, get to know each other better. See if we’re compatible…” He said, searching her face, trying to determine her reaction.

“Do you just want to bite me?” Alana blurted out. Immediately she regretted it. What if he thought she was offering a smorgasbord of her blood? A slow smile spread across his face and he leaned closer to her.

“Usually I like to get to know someone better before we get to fooling around.”

“No. Do you just want to eat me?” OMG, I did not just say that! Alana thought. Was it to late to backpedal? Before he could respond she went on, growing more flustered by the minute.

“Do you want to suck my blood? Is that why you want to go out?” Tristan was certainly getting his jollies from her tonight, Alana mentally kicked herself.
”I’ve been around a long time… I don’t need to date someone to get their blood. if that was all I wanted, I’d ditch all the formalities and find someone willing to bend their neck to me in a heartbeat. We may not know each other very well, but I do know that I like you. Being what I am gets very boring, vampires may converse with each other but it’s nothing like a friendship at all. We get to competitive with each other, it’s tolerance if even that. I miss companionship. I’d like to see if I could find that with you. Romantically… or friends. I’d settle for one or the other, preferably the first of course. Take some time and think about it. I’ll be at the library again tomorrow night.” Tristan walked away, leaving Alana to muddle alone in her thoughts.

She could just resume her safe little life. Go home, get in bed, get up promptly at 6 am for a mediocre job, get off and go sit in a different section of the library tomorrow night to give Tristan the hint that she wasn’t interested. When was the last time she had really lived? Threw caution to the wind and just did something without over killing it with her thoughts.


This time it was her following him.

“What did you have in mind for our date?”

                       Chapter 2

If her mother could only see her now, she’d be throwing a fit, Alana thought as she applied a light coat of lipstick on. Dating a vampire of all things… and it was dating. She hadn’t been to the library in over a week. She missed it, but not enough to cancel her nightly dates with Tristan. Over the past several days they’d gotten to know each other quite well. Or rather, he’d gotten to know HER well, he was still evasive in several areas of his life, which she surprisingly understood. If she’d been alive as long as Tristan had, she’d harbor some things as well. Alana was still a little jumpy at times, as if she thought he’d still give in to some kind of carnal blood lust and attack her in an alley, but so far so good. Alana liked him, really liked him. Tristan had entertaining stories, could make her laugh and when those thoughts came in, the ones that said “Why does he want to see you? You’re fat, a cow.” she pushed them down and tried to ignore them. Eh, so what else was new in the ways of men and women? She had body issues and he was secretive in some areas of his life. Sounded like most of her relationships she’d been in. The past week, they’d gone for walks, he’d taken her out to dinner (which Alana was surprised at first because she didn’t think vampires could eat real food, and she was right, but Tristan seemed content to watch her eat (though not in that chubby chaser let me feed you way), telling her that it gave him pleasure smelling the food around him, remembering what he could no longer indulge in), and one night he even finished reading Eleven On Top to her in the park (which was the sweetest thing anyone could do for her). They’d held hands, even cuddled up to one another, but as of yet, Tristan had not made a move to kiss her. “Maybe tonight…” She whispered aloud. Tonight was special, a renaissance fair was in town and Tristan had been excited about it (was excited as you could image a vampire getting). Alana suspected it was because he was from around that time period and perhaps he looked forward to pretending, at least for a night that he was still back in his time. She glanced at the clock and groaned, if she took any later primping, she’d be late.. Alana had rented a dress from a costume shop in her size and dressed up in this garb, she felt beautiful, she hoped Tristan felt the same.

                       Chapter 3

“You look…amazing…” Tristan clasped her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss. Though the name of her dress ‘Country Maid’, she looked anything but. Her dress was emerald green with lacing on the bodice that allowed her bosom to be pressed up. A full skirt was split tastefully down the front to show a small peek of the white undergarment beneath. “Thank you. You don’t look that bad yourself.” Wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a black tunic that was laced up the front, black pants & knee high books, he looked stunning. And to top it all off, was a sheathed sword at his waist. While her costume was rented, Alana was highly doubtful that his was. He looked like he had stepped right off a page from a history book. “My lady…” Tristan bowed and then took her arm. When they arrived at the faire, it was in full gear, smells of smoked meat and roasted nuts assaulted her immediately.

“I haven’t been to one of these in a long time.” Tristan said tucking a stray hair behind her ear.

“Why not?”

“It’s always like a cruel reminder of the past. Of things I cannot change. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t regret being a vampire, just that times have changed so much.”

“Don’t you like anything about the ‘modern world’ as it is now?”

“Of course.” He smiled. “I like you.” “

“Seriously now…” She gently pushed into him.

Tristan pulled her against the back of a vendor booth. “Alana.” He hesitated a moment. “This past week I’ve picked up subtle hints from things you’ve said. I need to know now. Am I wasting my time? Am I wrong in thinking that you like me?”

“No.” Alana let a breath out slowly. “I like you…a lot.” Why did this feel like a first crush?

“Then what’s wrong?” He stepped closer, almost pinning her to the wall of the booth.

“I guess I’m…” She stopped. This was HARD admitting this out loud.

“You’re what?”

“I guess I’m having a hard time believing that you like me because I’m fat.” The last 3 words she said in a rush.

Tristan looked baffled. “I’ve never thought of you once as fat. Women from my time period were more lush and curvy, not the ‘sticks’ a lot of men prefer today. Even the goddesses had curves. You are beautiful to me.” He took his face in his hands.

“You are how you are meant to be. And that is perfect to me” He gently kissed her, so lightly that she barely felt it at all and instantly wanted more.

Alana had never wanted to be one of those women boo hooing about her weight but society had always let her know loud and clear that fat was bad and overcoming that had always been a hard thing to do. But here in Tristan’s embrace, it was easy to see herself in someone else’s eyesight. And heck, she did think she looked good tonight.

“I’ll work on my personal issues…If you work on yours.”

“Mine?” Tristan asked with a questioning look.

“You’re very closemouthed about yourself. Anytime I ask you anything, you clam up.”

He smiled wryly. “I’m sorry… It’s a hard habit to break. Privacy is the only thing a vampire has. Secrets are hard to share. But with you… I’ll work on it.”

Tentatively, she reached up to touch his face. “I don’t know what kind of future we can have, a vampire and a human. But I’m willing to give it a try.”

“Good.” Tristan whispered, putting his hands on her waist. Reaching up, Alana closed the space between them for a kiss. A real mouthwatering, boot shaking, soul shattering kiss. His cologne clouded her senses, his taste was spicy and minty. Wait? Minty?

He pulled away when he felt her smile. “What is it?”

“Did you take a breath mint?” Alana grinned.

Tristan blushed. “Yes.”

“I didn’t know vampires did that.” A small giggle escaped through. A vampire taking a breath mint, for some reason, made her want to have a case of the giggles.

“I was trying to be polite. I didn’t want you to taste MY dinner.”

“Trust me, I appreciate the gesture. It just surprised me that’s all. Come on, let’s check out stuff from your time period and have fun, and later, if you’re lucky, I’ll let you come back to my place.”

“Sounds like a deal.”

Smiling, she grabbed his hand and pulled him back to the fair, “Yes it does.”

The End.


Ask Raqui & Jay

Ask Raqui & Jay

Ask your Questions and We will answer!

Send your question to Raqui and Jay -

NOTE: The Opinion of Raqui and Jay is just that. We do not claim to be professionals or to solve your problems.  We can however give you a real answer that may help you out.

Ask Raqui Ask Jay

Q:  Raqui, girl I am always reading your blog.  You are so real and tell the truth about a lot of shit.  How did you become such a strong woman?

I wanna be like Raqui!



Q:  Dear Jay, I am dating a guy, he is very cool. We have great conversation and I want to continue to see him. He is a FA. The problem is he has bad breath. I thought of all the excuses, like food smells, stale breath, etc. But his breath just stinks. I like him very much, but his breath is the only thing that is stopping me from kissing him. How do I tell him this? How do you approach a man with this situation? I am not sure how to tell him? I know he would want me to. But what are the words I should use?

Lady Grace from Iowa

Raqui: Thank you for such a nice compliment.  I became strong through dealing with many negative people and situations.  You have to be a fighter and always look out for your own best interest first.  You have to realize that some people will always talk bad about you and hate you no matter what.  You have to be ready to live your live to your standard.  Not another persons standard.  You have to put you first always until someone proves to you that they deserve some of that attention.

The most important lesson I learned is that good and bad will happen.  You cant prevent that.  It is what you do after that matters. If your not satisfied with your life.  Change it.  If your not making steps to change then what are you complaining about. Taking power and control of your life is the only way you can be fulfilled.





Jay:  True Story....I smoke sometimes so I know I have bad breath...or used to. My partner Raq kept it real with me one day and said....Damn you brush your fuckin tongue when you brush your teeth. She said...that's the problem with some men, they don't wash their hands after they piss and most of them grew up as boys rushing in the bathroom and forget to brush their tongue's. I realized...oh shit! I am a clean person...but how I miss that shit all these years. Then I got a brother who always pops those little mint melting things in his mouth...his breath always smell like minty fresh. The point is that...if your a friend of someone.. its cool to say so. But even though you could be grown, wash your ass all the time.. the whole nine... sometimes somebody gotta remind you. Ever since then, after I smoked, I always had brushed my teeth...but now I brush my tongue (all day) keep a gang of peppermints, them melty mint things, mouth wash...the whole nine... tell him.. but supply him with the goodies too.

Note...make sure your breath is on point too and don't feel embarrassed if he says...damn.. I ain't know how to tell you either!


Q:  Hi, I am a BBW from New Jersey. I hang with a group of girls. We always have a good time. But our group just cant help but notice. That when our friend Cher hangs out with us. Then men stay away, we call her MAN REPELLANT! When we go out, with out her the crazy ass men always seem to be around us. When she is there they stay away. She is very caring, friendly, loving, beautiful, and cool to be with. She is attractive; I don’t see why men wouldn’t want to be around her. But she keeps them away. She does have a strong no non-sense attitude. Why do you think men keep away when she is around? What would you do if you were her friend?

Pepsi Lover in Jersey
Q:  Hi, I am a BBW from New Jersey. I hang with a group of girls. We always have a good time. But our group just cant help but notice. That when our friend Cher hangs out with us. Then men stay away, we call her MAN REPLEANT! When we go out, with out her the crazy ass men always seem to be around us. When she is there they stay away. She is very caring, friendly, loving, beautiful, and cool to be with. She is attractive; I don’t see why men wouldn’t want to be around her. But she keeps them away. She does have a strong no non-sense attitude. Why do you think men keep away when she is around? What would you do if you were her friend?

Pepsi Lover in Jersey
Raqui: Sorry to say I am the Man Repellant of my group.  LOL  I am told men are probably intimidated of me.  The fact that I am a serious minded woman keeps the goof balls away.  So that is ok.  My friends go places with out me and I hear all there adventures in crazy land.  I would just tell her that sometimes you like to entertain the crazies and hang out with out her or cruse the club while she is chilling.  That is what my friends do.  They walk around and I hang out in my comfy spot.


Jay:  If you're her (key word) friend, and you think its her looks that's the problem.... that's your homegirl, just hangout...don't look for guys that night. If its her attitude and yau'll out to pick up some guys (or get ya freak on)
leave her ass home!  Or tell her the truth and she gotta practice acting invisible... at least until the guys cut out.



Q:  There is a beautiful BBW woman who I really want to approach. She is strong and smart she has many interests. She is my ultimate woman. But I am not sure if I am her type or if I can be her Ultimate man. She is a woman who don’t take shit. I am a friend of hers. How do I approach her in a way that she sees me different than the guys who are just in it for the sex?

Always an Admirer

Q: There is a beautiful BBW woman who I really want to approach. She is strong and smart she has many interests. She is my ultimate woman. But I am not sure if I am her type or if I can be her Ultimate man. She is a woman who don’t take shit. I am a friend of hers. How do I approach her in a way that she sees me different than the guys who are just in it for the sex?

Always an Admirer

Raqui:  You say she has interests.  She is strong and smart and don't take shit.  Don't give her shit, show her you like what she is about.  Take an interest in her interests.  Don't just act like your interested in them actually find something both of you like to do.  Show her some signals you like her.  See if she sends you some signals. 

If she is really no non-sense.  You can just ask her out.  Tell her you want to spend time with her and tell her all the things your telling us with your question.  She might not be interested in you but at least you will know if she likes you. 

With strong women once you show them that you like there personality first, they open up and you will see new aspects of there personality.




Jay:  That's the oldest male/female question on planet earth. It goes back to kindergarten or when you had your first crush on a girl. I dunno the real answer but if your an adult...figure it like this...

1) you can't have everything you want anyway

2) Most BBW's seem to like men who have courage...."Don't be Skarred"! The real question is what if you don't tell her and you miss the boat

3)What If (on the low) she "is" looking for a courageous guy who is just in it for the sex... you blew it anyway. Maybe you should say...It took me a long time to get up the courage to tell you this..... and be honest.

Note: Look in our back issues and Q&A
guys got a lot of issues on this one here. I personally didn't know what "Romantic" meant till I started this mag. If you research how to be romantic, hook up the mood...spend some money....and go all out when your telling her this. At least you tried your best.. and make sure she's single.


Q:  Hi, we are a BIG couple and wanted to know a few positions that might be useful to us in bed. Both of our tummies get in the way sometimes especially when it comes to oral sex. Wanted to know some suggestions from both of you.

Freaky Big Couple

Q: Hi, we are a BIG couple and wanted to know a few positions that might be useful to us in bed. Both of our tummies get in the way sometimes especially when it comes to oral sex. Wanted to know some suggestions from both of you.

Freaky Big Couple

Raqui:  Move that fat around and get down.  Don't be ashamed to lift it and touch it.  Many fat people are ashamed of there fat and don't want to have to move it to get down.  Both of you know you have fat and both of you can just push it up, over and out the way.  In fact some people think it is really sexy when you move that fat around and open yourself up fully to your partner.

Specifically for oral sex.  Get a couple of those big body pillows and put them both in one body pillow pillow case so it is firm.  Might be a tight fit but once they are in together you will have a super firm pillow. For women prop that under her butt so that her tummy will slid back and you can access her fully.  For men prop it in the area under the lower back and butt bone.  so his belly stretches back as he curves back.  You can them access him fully.

You can also try this book - Big Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them

Jay:  Have 3 sums with someone smaller...naw!!!LOL... Ask other big couples who get the job done properly. Research the net, key word is ..gets in the way "sometimes".. do more of the stuff that works sometimes... and just deal with the tummie problem.

Oral...go one at a time ..positions...Buy those sex positions books...pick what works for you or push yau'll stuff back and work it out! Pillows might help. Whateva you do...take your time and don't get frustrated and give up....stay freaky! MAKE UP SOME NEW SHIT NEVA DONE B4. 





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