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Welcome to Large In Charge Magazine           

 Issue #52 - July 2008

Welcome to LargeInCharge Magazine

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Raqui's Spot -  with our Founder Raqui


From the Plus Side ~ Emily Smiltneck

Good 4 U Food  ~ Xander


Big Girls on the Red Carpet  ~ Cher Rue


More than a Teddy Bear  ~ James Nealon


Hot & Heavy Entertainment ~ Stephanie Baham


DID YOU KNOW?  ~ Iolande Argent

National & International Plus Sized News


WHY, OH WHY  ~ Erin Thompson

Guest Spot - Shelly Willer


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Fashion Furious - Fashion Finds with Plus Size style.

Product of the Month - Products for People of Size

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Feature of the Month

Chamien Canton

Plus Sized Author

Chamien Canton


     I have not been able to meet my Chamien in person. Though I hear she saw me at the Curversity Awards December of 2007.  This is where I was the Lucky winner of a gift basket featuring Ms. Canton MARVELOUS BOOK "Not His Type" (seen below)  Honestly at first glance I wasn't feeling the cover and I thought it would be one of those kinda thick chick books complaining about love and crap. 


    But being true to my belief NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER I pulled that book open and started to read. I WAS HOOKED IMMEDIATELY. While the woman in this book is not my size she was defiantly not small and had THICK CHICK POWER!!!  But her feelings about finding her dream man was something I think many MALE AND FEMALE plus sized people can relate to.


I refuse to tell more because I will ruin the book and IT IS A MUST READ on the Raqui list of books.  Chamien has an amazing talent and inspires me.  She is also a wonderful woman who represents us in a remarkable way. 


All of her books are resources for the Plus Sized Community. Ms. Canton was generous enough to donate books to our Cover Model Winner last year. Her Down that Aisle in Style book has brought her recognition with Television appearances and Radio Show interviews.  This Savvy book is a necessity for any Plus Sized Bride.


Let me have the Honor to Introduce you to Chamein Canton!!!

Interview What is your name (Real and or Stage)?


Chamein Canton Where are you originally from, and where is your home state now?


I’m from Amityville New York Tell us about your home life, children, marital status, etc.


I’m a divorced mother of adult twin sons Scott and Sean who are 21 years old. I’ve had MS for a little over 12 years now and I don’t let it get in the way of my forging ahead to meet my goals. Do you consider yourself a person of Size?


Yes. I’ve always been the ‘big girl’ and I used to let it bother me. Unfortunately it took a major illness for me to realize I was letting my size keep me from living my life. So I stopped worrying about it and concentrated on living. Have you always shown an interest in writing?


Yes. Growing up I liked to write my thoughts down in a journal. It helped me remember certain events and how I felt at the time. How old where you when you began to write and what did you write?


I was eight and I’d just seen a high school musical (no reference intended) I liked it so much I wrote a play. What inspired you to write as a child and what made you take the step toward making it a career?


When I was younger I loved that writing could take me to a different place. As a writer you can create a made to order. However, I didn’t get into writing as a career until I was about 32 years old. We would like to know about your education, are you formally educated?


I went to college after I had my children. I got my A.A.S in Paralegal Studies in 1992 from Briarcliffe. In 1994 I went to Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning where I majored in Business Management and Marketing. Have you taken courses or classes for writing?


I can’t say I took any formal classes. My twin uncles are both teachers and they worked with me on writing when I was younger. In fact I was the only kid who got homework assignments from her uncles. When did you publish your first book and what was it about?


My first book was the prequel to my wedding book. You’re Getting Married? was about an engaged plus size woman who finds out the world doesn’t embrace all brides to be. It was released in 2000 under Writers Club Press. How did you get your work published, self published, publishing company?


I had literary agent representation which really helped the process along. Agented writers have a better chance of getting published. Who is your manager, PR person etc.?


I would love to tell you I have a publicist and manager but the truth is I do all the work myself. I can’t tell you it’s been easy but luckily I majored in Business Marketing and Management, so I just took those principles and applied it to PR. It takes a lot of work and perseverance but I’m making headway. Tell us about the first time you saw your published book, how did you feel?


 It reminded me of when I had my sons. I had a tough high risk pregnancy and it was trying for me but all the pain washed away the minute I saw my first son, followed by his twin two minutes later. The same applies to my first book. Writing a book is like being pregnant in a way, even though the gestation period can be far longer than nine months. I’d been so much to get to that point in my life and once I saw my book I felt a sense of triumph. How many books have you published so far, what are you working on for the near future?


As of now I’ve written six books. You’re Getting Married?, MS Doesn’t Stand for Multiple Sclerosis (Writers Club Press), Down That Aisle In Style A Wedding Guide For Full Figured Women (WindRiver Publishing), Not His Type (Indigo), Bliss Inc (Indigo Spectrum June 08) and The More Things Change the sequel to Not His Type, it’s scheduled for a fall release this year. Are people of size included in your writing?


Yes. As a matter of fact I use people of size as main characters that have love lives. Through my books I’m trying to let them know they’re sexy and should go out there and pursue love wholeheartedly, since their happily ever after may be right around the corner. How do people of size feel about your books, do you get more positive or negative feedback?


The response I’ve gotten has been positive. So many women have told me how they see a lot of themselves in the characters and that’s what really matters to me. Please Tell us about the many appearances, tours, book signings you have done?


I’ve done a few book signings for Down That Aisle In Style A Wedding Guide For Full Figured Women with Barnes and Noble on Long Island (Huntington Station) But I’ve done more signings with both my bridal book and Not His Type (Indigo Books), which was my first real romance novel, at Borders Bookstores in Westbury. What have been some of the obstacles you have overcome as far as your career goes?


The biggest obstacle I first faced was getting my wedding book published. Many publishers felt there was a market but there was a taboo when it came to the words big, full figured or plus size. Even though more than 62% of women in the US are full figured somehow I found myself having to convince publishers there was a market for my book. Thankfully I found Wind River Publishing. Are you currently on tour?


In June I will be traveling to Detroit Michigan to do a book signing at Borders with Fully Figured Out, a group that’s about promoting positive and healthy body image amongst full figured women and teens. I may be on tour this summer with the romance novels. Who are some of Authors that you admire?


I really enjoy Eric Jerome Dickey, James McBride and Donna Hill along with some of the new authors like Anita Ballard Jones and JJ Michael. I love cookbooks and I try to pick up Pattie Labelle’s books whenever she has a new one. What would you say to other aspiring authors?


Most of all I want them not to give up on their dream. Publishing is a very difficult industry and it can be disheartening. However if you believe in your talent and have faith in yourself you can find the success your heart desires. What should they do to get there work out there?


If it’s possible they should send their work to a literary agent and have them review it. I will caution that we are a very busy bunch, but if you send a query and we like what we see, we’ll ask to see more. Ultimately if you’re signed by an agent they will do the work of getting your manuscript in front of publisher and will negotiate to get you the best contract. However, if you want to try to do it yourself be sure to check every publisher’s requirement to see if they accept unagented submissions and take a chance. Do you have other authors that you collaborate with?


I would love to do that. I have a terrific friend Lisa K. and she’s got some terrific ideas for another wedding book. I hope we get to work together. Tell us a few of the tricks you have learned?


If you have a subject or genre you write about, stay connected. Set your Google Alert to let you know about everything happening in that world. You never know who you might meet. Do you have a good support system from family and friends?


I have the best family and fantastic friend and brother type Joel. My father Leonard Canton has always been my biggest supporter. Even when I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, he always saw my potential. My younger sister Natalie is my best friend and has been a terrific second mother to my twins Sean and Scott. My mother is a character and while she’s a tough cookie she’s always shown me unconditional love. Then there’s the love of my life Michael B, he’s a wonderful man who’s shown me what real love from a secure man is all about. What do you contribute your success to?


I think I am a focused person although sometimes I can be a bit too focused. Nevertheless I try to stay positive no matter what life throws at me. I’m a cancer survivor of 13 years and I’ve been living with multiple sclerosis for 12 years so while I have my bad days, I’ve learned to embrace life and the body I’m in. Where will you be appearing next?


I was on Eyewitness News Sunday Morning on June 22nd for a full figured bride wedding segment. What are your future goals?


At the moment I plan to continue to promote my client’s work and try to get as many new writers published as possible. I want to get as many voices on the shelves and into the hands of eager readers. Is writing your primary source of work?


I would love if it was but I’m a full time literary agent working my butt off. I occasionally do some freelance writing for wedding magazines like Wedding Dresses. What other things do you do and do you tie them in with your writing career?


I try to stay connected to the plus size community through Venus Divas, Elegant Plus and organizations like Curvesity. It’s important to stay connected to see what everyone’s doing and if there is anything I can do to lend my voice. Give us one word that you can say best represents your work?


Quality How much have you evolved as an author since those early days as a youth?


I have to say that I’ve learned to embrace myself. When I was younger it was all about fitting in and trying to mold what I wrote to others. Now I write from my perspective as a confident full figured woman. It’s one of the reasons I write romance novels for BBW’s, I think it’s our time to be in the limelight with love lives. How can the readers at help support you?


I will be updating my website with some new things I have in the works for 2008. They can check out my website at and they can look for my books in stores and online.


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Cover Model of the Month

Nicole Andrews


Interview What is your name?

My birth name is Nicole but sometimes I use NikkiChanel as my modeling name. It’s a combination of my name and my daughter’s (Chanel) name. Where are you from and what is your current Location?

I am from Newark, New Jersey currently residing in Florida. I moved here 6 ½ yrs ago when my daughter was 4 months old. I wanted to give her a better life. Can you give us some information about yourself (Age, Height, Size, Nationality, Marital Status, Children, etc.)? 

I am 37 yrs old and I am African-American. My height is 5’8” and I weight 260 lbs. I have 1 beautiful 7 yr old daughter and depending on when this issue is released I will be a married woman. I’m getting married on April 20, 2008 to the most wonderful and supportive man in the world. I love being in front of a camera and I would love to act. Were you a big child, or did you gain weight later in life?

I have always been a “big-boned” girl. I honestly have to say that I was a more solid big-boned woman back in the day but now I can use some toning J All of my aunts are heavy women so I know that it runs in the family. I definitely have to be careful though because you can become big in an unhealthy way. (If you were a big child) how did you feel growing up as a large child?

I felt kind of awkward. I was ALWAYS the biggest person in my class all through elementary school. They gave me names like “moose” and whenever something needed to be moved or opened they would call on me. I was like their mascot or something. I actually adapted to it and started to enjoy the attention. I guess you can say it kept me from crying. (If you gained weight later in life) what caused you to gain weight and how did you feel about it?

For me, gaining weight always came with trying to be social and making friends. No matter what the occasion was we ate afterwards. I wanted to be a part of the group. All my friends to this day LOVE to go out and eat. I never felt bad about it because I was like, “Hey, when in Rome do like the Romans do”. That’s not the right attitude to have sometimes. What made you decide to enter the LargeInCharge model search? 

A lot of magazines/webzines have age and weight restrictions and LargeInCharge is one of those magazines who recognize that there are some special people out there who are over 35 yrs old and weigh more than 300 lbs. I love the diversity of LargeInCharge and I just had to enter. Did you find it a hard journey to be accepted for your size?

It wasn’t too hard because I’m a “personality” type of girl. What I lacked in body image I made up with my sense of humor & friendly, approachable attitude. It worked for me. Do you find acceptance among your family and friends?

Oh definitely! They have always been so supportive. Whenever I started trying to throw a pity-party for myself they wouldn’t even entertain me. They would remind me of how beautiful I was and tell me that they loved me no matter how big I was or how big I get. Having people like that in your life is enough to make you want to take care of yourself; not kill yourself to lose the weight. What would you say inspires you most in life?

My family and wanting to be successful for my daughter are what inspires me. I would love to see the looks on their faces if they saw me on TV or in a magazine. That would be priceless! I want them to be proud of me. My daughter is the main reason why I do this because she is growing up and I don’t want her to get the impression that everyone looks the same. I don’t want society to convince her that anyone who looks like mommy is not normal. She is at an impressionable age and the earlier you show & teach children the right things the better off they’ll be. What is your primary job?

I am an Operator at a hospital in Florida. How did you get into this line of work?

I always seem to last longer in Customer Service oriented jobs where I’m talking on the phone plus I love computers. I majored in Communications in college and I’ve been doing it every since. Do you find acceptance in the work force?

I guess it would depend on the job. I definitely think some establishments are prejudice against big people. They feel like you won’t be able to do the job as good as a thin person would or they want to protect the image of their establishment. I happen to think diversity is attractive. I don’t want to see the same type of people when I walk in a business. Granted, some jobs require you to be in shape to do them and I’m sure a person who is overweight would not apply for that job, but anybody can stand at a register and push buttons. I don’t have to be thin to do that. What changes do you believe should take place for Large People in the work force?

Can we PLEASE get some wider chairs?! Everybody’s butt is not the same size so why are the chairs?! Bathroom stalls (besides Handicapped) are ridiculously small. Anything that has to do with losing weight as far as health insurance is concerned, is considered “cosmetic” and not covered. That needs to change. What do you think about the fashion industry for big sized clothing?

I am so proud of the fashion industry for Plus Size clothing right now! Back in the day when I was a teenager the clothes were just hideous! Nothing but big flowers everywhere (I had like 4 pairs of flower jeans) and everything looked dreary and potato-sacky! All the “good” plus size clothes went as far as a size 12, maybe a 14, and you had to go all the way to the mall to get them. Let’s not even talk about the prices. They were always so much higher because the size was bigger. All that money for ugly clothes! What do you wish to see change with the fashion industry?

If you are advertising an outfit to fit a person who is a size 22, it would be nice to actually see a size 22 model in it! I can’t stand to see that!! I know the dress comes in a 22 but a size 12 model is modeling it. That doesn’t give me a vision of how I would look in it. Also, a lot of people are coming out with their own clothing line and the 1st thing they say is that their clothes are priced to keep the average cost conscious buyer in mind or the people who are on a budget and can’t afford the more pricey clothes. Uh, excuse me but $135 dollars for a pair of jeans is not my idea of inexpensive. I think some of the clothing is getting to be too high. What changes do you think will happen if plus sized modeling for men and women were to expand?

I think you would see a rise in Plus Size consumers. If we look good in it or see someone LIKE US look good in it, we’ll buy it! I also think it would open up more modeling opportunities for men & women. Lately, I have been seeing the same faces being used over & over again like the industry is afraid of change. Change is good. On shows like “America’s Next Top Model” they always have that 1, maybe 2, plus size girls. Wouldn’t it be a great change if the majority was plus-sized and maybe 1 or 2 straight models? I see something like that happening if plus size modeling expands more. Tell us some of the places you buy your clothing from.

Believe it or not I love Wal-Mart! J They have some great bargains and the clothes aren’t half bad either. When I want to splurge I may go to Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart but I’m a bargain, clearance type of gal so stores like Bealls Outlet are heaven to me.  Tell us one of your secret beauty tips.

I don’t really have any tips. I actually need someone to give me some! Oh wait, here’s one: Crest Whitestrips are my best friends. They really work!  Give us some tips on how to have a successful Photo shoot.  What should models be prepared for?

The best advice I can give is to just relax and be yourself. Don’t try too hard because it shows in the pictures. Act like the photographer is your significant other or family member and I promise you those will be your best photos ever. To make a picture come off naturally YOU have to be natural. Be prepared to take a lot of direction and definitely be prepared for a fast paced environment. Look at Size acceptance five years ago... look at size acceptance now.  What changes do you see?

I see more Plus Size people in ads, on television, movies and in the workforce. We are being taken more seriously. They know that we exist now and some even try to accommodate us more. The movie theater seats are a little bigger and even amusement park rides are a little more accommodating. Also more products are being made with the larger consumer in mind. It’s getting better. What changes do you think will happen five years from now with size acceptance?

Health insurance will be better for a person of size. More plus size television personalities will be on TV & in movies.  There will finally be a major Plus Size “print” magazine on the stands that doesn’t fade away.  It will be just as good & successful as Marie Claire or Vogue, etc. Tell us about your goals as far as modeling and other interests.

I want to make a difference. I want my name to be remembered. I know that there is someone out there that looks like me and feel defeated like I do sometimes. I want to be the difference between that woman who lives out her life popping diet pills, and that woman who has learned to love the person that looks back at her in the mirror. I think I would make a great model because I would be representing women like myself giving them the confidence to say, “Hey, she is me! I can do that too”! That is my ultimate goal. My interest is acting. To be on a sitcom like “Girlfriends” would be a dream come true. Can you tell us about an inspirational moment in you life that made you feel good about your size.

I think it would be when I won my first Cover. That’s when I really knew that I was someone special for being who I was and not what others didn’t understand or think was beautiful. It was very inspirational and made me want to work harder and gave me that extra confidence I needed to want to do more. Is there a person in your life that makes you keep going?

If not for God giving me the strength to go on and fight for my dreams I would have given up a long time ago. This is a harsh business and there are some not-so-nice people in the industry who don’t wish you the best. Also, again I have a daughter that I want to be proud of me. She will grow up to be a woman herself one day and the more good examples & positive influences she has, the more open-minded she’ll be. She makes life worth living and the reason why I must fulfill my dreams. What advice would you give to other people of size who want to model?

You are going to hear, “You can’t do that” a million times. Don’t listen to it. If your heart is into ANYTHING and you’re passionate about it, you can do it. Don’t go out and spend your life savings on pictures. Have some family or friends take some nice simple pictures of you and shop them around. Enter some contests to get your face out there. Don’t be discouraged and be prepared to hear criticism. Everyone can’t be a model so remember to be realistic. The more honest you are with yourself the better decisions you’ll make. Don’t ever give up on YOU! What plus size figure do you admire?

Mo’Nique without a doubt! She has opened up so many doors for Plus Size women and she understands our struggles. She has taught me how to not look at the glass as being half empty but to look at it as being half full. She has taught all of us how to love ourselves no matter how we look. She is a very beautiful & confident woman and just watching her makes me feel confident. I can’t leave out Queen Latifah. Not only because she’s from my hometown but because she is an example of how a “Queen” carries herself.  She doesn’t compromise herself for anything and I love her strength & character. These 2 ladies are a great representation of all women. Describe yourself with one word.



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Cover Model of the Month

Raqui's Spot

     Raqui the Owner and Founder of LargeInCharge Magazine.  This spot is dedicated to her thoughts, vents, and observations of Plus Sized Life.  Raqui's  "Tell it like it is" style of writing has brought hundreds to her blogs and thousands to  There is so much behind the woman who has brought this magazine into existence.  Being Internationally known as a wrestler/squasher lead the way to modeling for companies and being featured in magazines and documentaries from all over the world.  She has made a career out of her size and personality. Born, Raised and Residing in the Bronx NYC. This city girl is taking the world by storm.


     For the past 4 years Raqui officially moved into Size Acceptance and Empowerment.  With the creation of LargeInCharge she took what she said to individuals to a higher level and made it public to the internet world. She is a woman who doesn't let things get to her.  Knock her down for the moment but she will rise up stronger and better.  Being a speaker on behalf of many subjects and counseling Plus Sized people online her grace and style has made people love her.  Raqui continues to set an example of a powerful woman who will bend the world to fit her, her way.


     Raqui's appearances include, Uk Televesion, German TV, Japan, Europe and the Spanish circuit.  Her many magazines appearances have been world wide.  She has hit American Televsion in 2006 with Good Morning American and since has appeared on The Christina Show,  The Maury Show and The Tyra Banks Show.

To view her Online portfolio visit

Raqui Appears on The Christina Show                   Raqui Appears on The Maury Show

Advertising is it Funny or FUNKY?

Written By: Raqui


Watch these two commercials



     I remember when I first saw these Subway's Commercials.  The first one I almost laughed, until I realized that they were saying certain body parts like Double Chin,  Love Handles, Blubber, Thunder Thighs and Ba Donk a Donk Butt were dissatisfying.  That these so called bad body traits were accomplished by eating so called greasy fatty food.  I know for a fact greasy fatty food did not give me any of those things because I rarely eat greasy fatty food.  I also know many people who eat greasy fatty food daily much more than I ever could yet they are very slim.


     The second commercial got me quite mad.  Subway basically says if you eat a cheese burger meal you will suffer the horror of... a bloated feeling, regret, remorse, bigger waist, loss of self esteem, loss of boyfriend, shame, years of therapy, fries and a shake.   When the woman who asked for the Cheese burger combo says Can I get that with out the Loss of Self Esteem a worker from the back screams NO CUSTOM ORDERS!!!  So in other words if you eat a Cheeseburger Combo you will suffer all of those things with out choice or chance or any reference to body type except to say BIG IS BAD.


    Do you see the slick advertising talk?  Bigger waist followed by loss of self esteem, loss of boyfriend, shame, years of therapy?  Do you notice what was just said.  FAT = LOSING EVERYTHING.  Losing everything many would find dear to their lives.  Now in the commercial the woman just wants to keep her Self Esteem but the man from the back screams NO CUSTOM ORDERS!


     Does this mean that if you get a bigger waist you might as well forget it your life is ruined and you cant keep your self esteem.    This is the type of brain washing that advertisers use to make us buy there diets, go to their gyms and use there products is a daily occurrence and fully accepted by our society.  The prejudice against people of size is as common place as breathing and advertisers like Subway's just makes it seem like a fun little commercial.


     As a confident woman I can let this roll off my back.  But I think of the millions of Americans Plus Sized and not who see this commercial and maybe laugh or maybe just watch and don't realize the mental brain washing that is going on.  As long as advertisers can continue to make us feel like we are not good enough they can control us. By controlling us they can pull our emotional strings and while we are depressed, ashamed, and hurt they are taking our hard earned dollars.


     Let me say I will not eat from Subway anymore and I do not support them in anyway.  The commercial could have been turned in so many different ways to not make it seem as though being plus sized equals all these terrible side effects.  As though we have a disease, a terrible life destroying disease that will wreak every aspect of your existence.  No comical point is worth that.


     Greasy fatty food is not good for people we all know that, but I have to say that includes the slim and the large.  Do not try to make People of Size the big Negative to scare everyone into buying your BULLSHIT sandwich which really is not that great.  Must Subway make it seem as though you are guaranteed to get fat if you eat a cheeseburger, and then make sure you know if you do get fat it will ruin your life.  What about the many happy fat fulfilled people in this world.  I know more happy fat people than happy slim people.


     If they are not concerned about health they are only interested in the mighty dollar in the big SUBWAY bank account.  SO STOP FAKING SUBWAY!!!!   Just to let you all know after some more checking on the web a fellow Dimensions Magazine Poster named "Moore2Me" found that Subway's is owned by Doctor's Associates Inc.  in Milford CT.   So here we have a bunch of doctor's that know a plus sized person who doesn't diet but eats balanced meals, and exercises is much more healthier than a slim person who often diets.  Yet they are trying to use insecurities against America for the BIG OLE AMERICAN BUCK!!!  Subway and there precious Doctor's are just feeding into the stereotype that says FAT IS HORRIBLE YOU DON'T WANT THAT!   Why do they do that? Because it sells the crummy sandwiches.


     Do you think you will ever see a commercial on television for a tanning bed that says If you use this tanning bed you will receive, possible skin burns, Redding of skin, darkening of skin, possible victim of a drive by, compulsion to eat watermelon, raising of voice and impulse to wear bangle earrings?


     No of course not because you would be implying that those with dark skin are possible victims of drive by shootings etc.  That would be prejudice,  sure it might be funny to some, but it would be politically incorrect and morally wrong.  Yet they can speak about US FAT PEOPLE any way they want to.


If you don't like these video's say something make them think twice before they show prejudice so openly about those of us who choose to Love our bodies as they are!






LargeInCharge Radio - Weekly Radio show discussing Plus Sized Issues.  Friday's 7-9 pm EST - Call in & Chat in our Chat Room.

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Super Sized Sounds



     Super Sized Sounds will be a Music Column that will feature those who are in the industry or up and coming who are size positive. Giving recognition to the plus sized people who are out there and showcasing themselves.  Reviews, Interview, News and more from our new writer Super Sized Spanishfly Lynx.


      Lynx Garcia, also known as "SUPERSIZE SPANISHFLY", is a Latina BBW from Queens NYC.  Lynx is an activist speaking out against size discrimination and began performing back in 1996 at social events for big beautiful women and big handsome males and their admirers. Her special mixture of sound held true as she sang, spat, danced and performed spoken word, soon she was in demand by Big and Beautiful parties nationwide.  Lynx taking her "look" and sound mainstream was rejected because of her size. She did not let this break her spirit, hurt her confidence or minimize her drive. Instead she rose up and started a public access show (LYNX' LAIR) aired in Queens on TIME WARNER QPTV . Combination of comedy and sexy style, she showcased underground artists of all walks of life. The response to her show was less than a year she has showcased many artist, some who moved to bigger and better things.


     Currently Lynx has caught the attention of Joey Mekkah of BLACK SOLARIS ENTERTAINMENT and found herself on the Grandmaster MELLE MEL's SOLO ALBUM "MUSCLES" featured on the hot latin hip-hop track called 'DIMELO", she is the only collaboration on the album. Lynx recently has started her own radio show on EXTRAVAGANGSTARADIO.COM  called Ladies Night. EXTRAVAGANGSTARADIO is #1 on the itunes network.





Ok my people, mi gente… Raqui has received a submission from an artist named L*A*W, and there has been a whole lot of drama. Law has a song called “Thick Girly Girls” which he submitted for review on Large in Charge this is part of Queen Raqui’s response

“I find it very offensive that you would want to submit this song to a size acceptance and empowerment magazine that celebrates women of all sizes especially the women that are spoken of in a derogatory way in this track.  I am quite surprised that someone who is a professional didn’t bother to find out what LargeInCharge Online Magazine is about before submitting a track that basically celebrates (as you put it) the average sized woman not the Bigger Ones that we celebrate in LargeInCharge Magazine. The ones you say are so fat they are stuck in one position.”

And this is part of L*A*W’s  response

“The line about the shoulder blade/one position was STRICTLY for humor and I wasn't trying to offend anybody and if I did for any reason, I sincerely & humbly apologize. In those lines, I opted for the humor option in light of the controversial topic itself. If you listen to the song, I also poke fun at Jennifer Lopez before she went hollywood and lost her ass that she had as a flygirl on "In Living Color" (lol) and talk about the different flavors of thick women. The whole point of the song is that thick women of all sizes big or smaller are frowned upon in the industry so when I see publications like yours, Mo'nique, Raven-Symone  and my good friend Sharon Quinn, it makes me feel good to know that progress is being made to change this bullshit perception of women of plus size.”

 Is this offensive or is it just music?

I urge the readers to take a listen to the song and send your thoughts to  one of our readers who participate in this will be chosen to win a free cd and your response will be posted in our next feature of “Supersized Sounds”

L*A*W “Thick Girly Girls”


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From the Plus Side


Emily Smiltneck

     From the Plus side will be column dedicated to short stories that deal with all aspects of Plus size Life.  Emily Smiltneck was chosen for this position because of her dedication, and realistic writing style. She captures the emotional and mental rollercoaster those who are Plus Sized go through.


     Emily Susanne Smiltneck lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (pretty much dead center in the middle of nowhere). She is a substitute teacher, and has recently started a tutoring business. Emily is currently working on several writing projects, including a historical fiction novel and several collections of poetry.

Emily Smiltneck receives recognition in Neighbors Daily Press - See article below


     It is a great joy when our fellow Plus Sized people receive recognition for their life's work.  Join me in this Joyous moment when one of our LargeInCharge writers is seen for her contribution and great dedication to her goals in life.  Click the images above to read the article about our dear Emily. When the page open click on the article to zoom in and read it.


"Invisible" The Holy Chronicles - Part 3

by Emily Suzanne Smiltneck 


And Holly finds her voice.

            “Let’s go,” she says.  “I’m getting cold.  I need to get home to my kids.  I think we should get off the beach in case the cops show up.  Can we come to your house for a while, Mark?”

            Mark sits up and looks in the direction of the water, apparently pondering the question.  I am once again invisible.  Then he clears his throat and looks back toward

Holly.  He tells her that he lives with his brother, rents out a room in the basement.  He’s not supposed to have friends over, he says, not at night like this.  I suspect that what he really means is that he lives with his wife and he’s not allowed to have female friends over, any time, but I say nothing.  It would do no good because they will not hear me anyway.

            “Well, that’s okay,” Holly tells him.  “We’ll just go in your room so we can talk.  We’ll be quiet.”

            There is some debate.  Holly wants us to go home with Mark.  Mark does not want us to go home with Mark.  Finally, after what seems like decades, Mark says we can come with him, but we’ll have to hurry right into the basement and be very quiet, and we all have to stay in his bedroom because his brother wouldn’t like any of us hanging out anywhere else.  And so we go back to where the cars are parked.  In the sand that sinks with every step, I am the only one who can walk with any real success.  It takes fifteen minutes to get the twenty-five feet to the parking lot.  Mark struggles with his keys and gets into his car.  When I see that Holly cannot get her key into the lock on the door, I walk around to the driver’s side.  I reach out silently and take the keys.  Invisible or not, I cannot let her drive now.  Not with me in the car.  I poke her between the shoulder blades and guide her away from the door.  Like a child, or a puppet, she goes to the passenger’s side and waits for me to let her in.

            I follow Mark to his house.  I recognize the neighborhood, but I don’t know my way through it very well.  I watch for landmarks so I can find my way back out.  At least he is driving very slowly.  If he were going any faster, I would fear for his safety, but at his current speed, the worst that can happen is that he might dent his car a little.  Even if he hit a person, they would have plenty of time to just sit down on the hood of the car.  He parks four feet out into the street and I park behind him, but up against the curb.  He gets out and tries for a minute to lock his door, then gives up and just slams it shut.  We get out of Holly’s car and follow him to the door of the house.  He holds his index finger up to his lips to remind us to be quiet, then unlocks a door to a staircase that leads directly down to the basement.

            Inside, he ushers us into a room to our left.  He tells us to wait and then disappears.  The room could be his; there is a neatly-made bed, a dresser that’s covered with framed photographs of all sizes, and a bedside table.  It could also easily be a guest room.  Holly immediately sits on the bed.

            “We won’t stay long,” she tells me.  “I just wanna work out the inprop—improf—improv thing.  For Tom.  I’m not gonna sleep with him.  I promise.  ‘Cause I stopped doing that.  Tom and I are in a commuted—commit—a good rela—ship.   I stopped sleeping around when I stopped jrinking.”

            I don’t point out that she is awfully drunk for someone who has stopped “jrinking,” or that she practically slept with the guy already, back on the beach.  Instead, I just say, “Okay,” like I always do.  I stand against the wall, because I don’t want to sit on the bed next to her.  I assume Mark will want to do that, and there is nothing else in the room to sit on.

            Mark finally returns.  He closes the door behind him, and locks it.  He does, indeed, sit next to Holly on the bed.  He lifts one foot at a time and removes his shoes and socks.  Holly does, too.  I want to remind them that I exist, that I am, in fact, in the very same room they’re in, that they shouldn’t get naked, but I remember just in time that I am invisible.

            They talk about the improv troupe performing at Upfront & Company for roughly four seconds.  Then Holly says that she is a little tense and Mark, right on cue, begins to rub her back.  Holly, because she is so incredibly sore, lies face down on the bed.  Mark turns so that he can reach her better.  Soon he is kneeling over the backs of her legs and massaging her energetically.  I look away.  There isn’t much to look at, but I study the walls very closely.  I study the carpet.  I study the ceiling.  I study my own fingernails.  My toenails.  When I look up again, Mark is stretched out on top of Holly.  They are kissing.  Noisily.  I am beginning to become uncomfortable.  What they are doing isn’t something I get to do very often.  Okay, it isn’t something I have ever gotten to do.  Never.  And the sort of people who do get to do those things are not people who hang out with me, generally.  So I have never been in a situation remotely like this one.  And I don’t know where to look or what to do.  Because I have no better ideas, or none that I have the guts to carry out, anyway, I just sit and look at everything except for Holly and Mark.  It is nice to be invisible for the moment; it makes it easier to pretend I am not here.

            When they have been kissing and petting and stroking for a half hour, forty-five minutes, an hour, maybe, I realize that I am bored to tears.  Bored, and depressed, because I am forced to be so aware of what I cannot have, even though this isn’t the way I would want it anyway.  Drunken gropings are not my thing.

            Finally, I can sit no longer.  I don’t even try to be quiet when I stand up because I am so sure that I am invisible.  And they don‘t notice me, or don’t seem to, anyway.  I cannot leave the room, although I would give anything to be able to, because Mark was so very emphatic about us not leaving the room.  The only place to stand where I am not watching the show or staring at the wall is in front of the dresser covered in photos.  I spend more time looking at each photo than I would, at any other time in any other place, spend looking at all of them put together.  It must be four in the morning by now.  My craving for a late night out has been more than fulfilled and I am sleepy.  Holly and Mark still appear to be quite energetic, though.  From the corner of my eye, I can see that Holly’s shirt has come off now, and Mark’s pants may very well be unbuttoned.  I  want to go home and I want to go home now!  But I can’t, because I am here, with Holly, in Holly’s car.

            I am getting desperate.  I do not want to stay here and watch them, listen to them, anymore.  It is likely that they will soon be completely undressed and fully engaged in some sort of sex.  I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it!  So I do the only thing I can think of to interrupt.

            “Hey, are these pictures of your kids?” I ask.  I get no reaction, but I am tired of being invisible.  I want them to know I am here, and to be as uncomfortable as I am, as uncomfortable as it feels to me like they should be.  I speak louder.  “Are these your kids, Mark?”

            “Yeah,” Mark says, breathlessly.  He sounds a little mad.  And I like that he sounds mad, and so I ask him more questions.

            “How old is the little girl?  And the little boy?  Where do they live?  Do you see them often?  Cute kids, you got there.”  And he answers all my questions, in short, gasping, answers, probably because he is afraid if he ignores me, I will go out of this room and cause some sort of problems, either with the brother’s family that he has claimed to live with or with the wife who is sleeping upstairs, who he doesn’t want us to know about.  Without looking at her, I can almost see Holly shooting dirty looks my way.  She has only one thing on her drug and alcohol-blurred mind, and I am interrupting her from her mission.

            I stop talking and Mark returns his attention to Holly.  I hear a long, low moan escape from her throat.  Enough is enough.

`          “Holly, I really need to get going.  It’s after four, almost five, and I have to get up at eleven.  We have an hour ride home.”

            My words cause a whispered pow-wow between the would-be lovers and then they sit up.  Holly is wearing only her jean shorts and bra, both of which are crooked.  Mark is still wearing his jeans, but they are unbuttoned, unzipped, sliding down around his hips.  Neither of them thinks to cover their bodies.  They are beyond embarrassment and so am I, at this point.

            “I am going home now.  Right now.  Hand over your keys, and if you’re coming with me, get dressed,” I say, before either of them can speak.  It is, for some reason, very important to me at this moment to be in charge, not to let either of them make any decisions for me.  I have had too little say in anything that has happened on this night.

            Holly gropes around on the floor for her purse.  She reaches inside and finds her keys, hands them to me.

            “Mark will drive me home tomorrow,” she says.  And then she leans over so that her mouth is close to my ear.  I become drunk from her breath.  That is how it feels, anyway.  Drunk and sick to my stomach.  “Don’t tell Tom,” she whispers.

            I do not answer her.  I do not promise that I won’t tell.  I do not reassure her.  I do not say goodbye.  I merely walk away.  I go outside.  I get into her car.  I begin to drive, an hour through the darkness of almost sunrise, with heavy eyelids that barely stay open.  I park her car on the street in front of her house.  I hope that Tom doesn’t hear the car, wake up, come talk to me, ask where Holly is.  I did not promise Holly anything, and my loyalty is with Tom, but I am not up to the task of hurting him tonight.

            I walk the two miles back to the coffee shop, where my car is parked, slowly, tiredly.  I watch the sunrise as I drive the fifteen minutes home along the bay.  It is after seven a.m. when I sink into my bed and fall asleep almost immediately.

            I get up at eleven because I have a meeting to go to.  My eyes are red, my skin is blotchy, and I can barely stay awake.  I am back home by one and ready to sleep again, but just as I drift off, the phone rings.  It is Holly.  She is home now, and Tom has gone out because he is not exactly angry with her but isn’t happy either.  She has a horrible migraine, and she would like me to come and take her to the hospital to get some morphine or something to make it stop.  The main problem, I am sure, is that she is feeling the effects of an alcohol and Vicodin induced hangover, but I am too nice to say so.  Even after last night, even after she made me sit alone in the bar for hours and then sit in Mark’s bedroom for more hours, wishing I was back in the bar where at least I could pretend, I say yes.  That’s just the way I am.

            I drive to her house.  She is standing on the sidewalk when I get there, so we can get to the hospital faster.  I sit in the emergency waiting room until she’s ready to leave.  I wonder why they still believe her, still give her morphine two or three times a week.  It is intensely obvious to me that she is addicted, but then, the doctors and nurses don’t go out with her at night.  When I bring her home, Tom is there.  Or rather, has been there and is just on his way to the coffee shop now, and he invites us to meet him there.  We do.

            “You liked this Mark guy, hey?” he asks me after we have ordered drinks and settled at a table.  I do not answer him right away.  I am confused.  He knows about Mark?  What does he know?  I’m not sure what the safest thing to say is.  But Holly saves me.

            “She really liked him.  He was a great-looking guy, right?”

            “Um, yeah.  Sure,” I tell Tom, but I am looking at Holly, with questions in my eyes.

            “Don’t be embarrassed,” Tom says.  He is teasing me, I think.  Teasing me about the juvenile crush he apparently has been told I have on the man his girlfriend screwed last night.  When he continues, I turn to look at him.  “Holly told me how she got us hooked up for a show, and how you liked this guy so much that she decided to try and get the two of you together.  It’s just too bad you got tired and had to leave before anything happened, while they were still trying to work out the details.  Lucky she got a ride home this morning.”

            I cannot believe that he believes this story.  I want to ask Holly how anything that happened last night could be considered hooking me up with Mark.  I want to ask her if she thinks she was test driving him for me.  I want to ask Tom how stupid he really is.  I want to tell him that just because he’s overweight and doesn’t think himself very attractive, it doesn’t mean he has to settle for someone like Holly.  I want to tell him he is an attractive man, and funny and kind and sweet and that any woman would be lucky to be with him, and that he doesn’t need to be with a woman who sleeps around and makes him feel worse, not better.  I want to tell him he doesn’t have to pretend that she isn’t cheating, that he doesn’t have to pretend that she really cares.  I want to convince him that he can find someone better.

            I want to tell him that if he wants to be with a woman who will treat him well, he does not have to look any farther than me, but I don’t.

            Because I am invisible.

........The End


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From the Plus Side with Emily Smiltneck


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Good 4 U Food

Recipes for Good... Healthy Food

By: Xander - The Food Dude


Finally or Finality

by Xander The Food Dude


I decide to take some time off tonight and vegetate.  My mother keeps telling me to lighten up things will work out.  It’s odd how the death of a family member can get things into focus and out of whack at the same time.  While it’s hard to describe, I’m sure you can all relate to it in your own way.


Tonight, I went to see “Iron Man”.  It was ok… good graphics.  None the less,  there was a moment of inspiration (of course designed to be) when the character of Tony Stark says“I finally know what I have to do….”


Inspiration sets in like.. Yeah, I have to find out “finally” what I have to do, which is brought on by traumatic or wonderful experiences.  Ok… let’s think for a minute here.  Nope, no idea.  Maybe it was that thing that happened….. that would show me what I’m supposed to ….Nope, probably not….


You get the idea.  We see the character go through harsh times only to come out on top with a new found vision of their destiny.  It’s a pretty common theme that goes through the existence of man, books, movies, lives…etc etc etc.  My question (and maybe yours) is why it hasn’t happened to me.  Not the traumatic or dramatic experience, I mean the why am I not sure of my “finally” moment.  Perhaps even more scary is the idea that the experience has already happened that’s supposed to set my life on course and I missed the whole point.  I assume for some that it’s like that when they get to end of their lives, look back and ask “What was the point?”


I find thinking about it is the idea that idea terrifies me.  It terrifies me that I’m supposed to know something now, or should have known it ten years ago, and I haven’t figured it out yet.  It seems as I look at it now, I spend more time planning to do something then doing it.  Somebody else’s priorities always take priority over what I want.  Is it because I’m being noble and helping others before worrying about myself and my needs?  I think Tony Stark said it best when he said “I’m clearly not the hero type.” 


If I can say one thing about these points in your life when tragedy occurs, it strips you bare.  It takes you right down to the bone.  All the junk, walls, and image, projected or real is left far behind.  At time like these you have no defenses to worry about putting up.  Call it moment(s) of weakness or maybe it’s the “why bother” syndrome. 


To answer my previous question of myself as if I am being noble.  It is more likely that  I think everyone else dreams have priority is because I’m too much of a coward to have faith in my own dreams.  I’m too scared to fail trying out the things I want to even define such things, so like a lamb to slaughter I latch on to others dreams.  I’m a perfect candidate for the end of life “What was the point ?”  That  scares me. 


So by the time I finished this article, I haven’t gotten the “I finally know what I supposed to do”, moment, but I think I finally know why I don’t know yet, and that I still have time to fix it.  I hope.



May God Bless You All and Your Families.

Xander's Recipe of the Month


Cajun Prime Rib Steak


  • 4 teaspoons Cajun seasoning
  • 1 (1 1/2) pound beef bone-in rib steak, 1 inch thick
  • 1/3 cup A.1. Original Steak Sauce
  • Garlic to Taste
  • Shallots to Taste


  • SPRINKLE Cajun seasoning evenly onto both sides of steak; rub into steak.
  • PLACE in nonmetal dish. Add steak sauce; turn steak over to evenly coat both sides. Cover; refrigerate 30 min. to marinate.
  • PREHEAT grill to medium-high heat. Drain steak; discard marinade. Grill steak 5 min. on each side or until medium doneness (160 degrees F



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By Xander the Food Dude

Please send thoughts and comments to

Big Girls on the Red Carpet


Cher was born in Los Angeles California in 1955. Being adopted by wonderful parents she grew up in the city of Encino, and was always surrounded by loving caring family and friends. Growing up with a thin mother, who was always trying to get Cher to lose weight, diets of all types, sending her to fat camp, bribing her, and
not ever having sweets in their home.

Growing up Cher never was lacking in friends and boyfriends who loved her personality and her kindness.
Guys in her life always were saying your so pretty but why don't you lose some weight. This she heard all of her life but her weight just would go up and down.

Cher has always loved seeing others happy and helping others to find their inner self and beauty.
Ten years ago, she found the plus size community and she knew this is where she would focus on helping others who were like her and had some of her experiences and pain that she went through.

Cher has been in the community working with others for size acceptance. She was seen on "Dr.Phil, "Good Morning America","Entertainment Tonight", "Russian, British, Japanese,and Viet Vietnamese Television". Also a documentary filmed at the Las Vegas Bash on the Travel channel, and Current TV, a online station, with numerous radio interviews talking about size acceptance.

She was a promoter for the number one BBW hip hop club in California, and seeing people come into the club and make new friends and feel good about themselves warmed her heart.

Her love for helping others to feel better about themselves and to help mainstream accept the plus size community is her focus and goal. She is Vice President of "Hollywood Cure For Pain" a celebrity movement to help those who suffer in chronic pain. She is now showing mainstream that "Big Girls can rock the Red Carpet"! Besides being a wife, mother and activist, playing with her Chocolate Lab Ruby is what she loves best!



Community is a good Feeling

Article by: Cher Rue 

     Gay Pride week this June was fabulous. I think we should have a Plus size pride week. I love the feeling of the community of the gay people, it is like family, they are all so sweet, and make you feel special no matter what you look like or who you are. In their eyes everyone is a star. It is so heart warming to see all the love, now if only mainstream can get it together and see that people are people and what's inside is what counts.

     I went to the "Here Lounge" for the Gay pride week, it was a Red Carpet event for Reality Check.It was so much fun, it is interesting how sweet and non-judge mental the gay community is just like the plus size community, they love everyone! It was funny how all the guys kept hugging me and squeezing me like I was a pillow, I must seem fluffy to them, I had a blast. I hung out with my good friends, Bobby Trendy, Heather Chadwell, Amanda Rushing, Fawn and Jovy Jonoly I met some great new people too like Amanda Ireton (a shot of love) and Nikki McGibbon (American Idol) who was filming a new reality show which I got to be a part of. Thanks Nikki!

     I wanted to meet Jai Rodriguez he was so cute, you might know him from Queer Eye for the straight guy, but Maybe next time! The party lasted until late at night, but I went on home around eleven. At was a great "Queer night for the straight BBW".

Celebrities attending the event were:

TV personality Jai Rodriguez, Designer Nick Verreos, TV personality Brian Peeler(workout),TV Actress Katerina Graham, Bobby Trendy, Actress Lorielle New, TV personalities Actress Amanda Field ,TV personality Michael Silas (step up and dance) Reese Allbritton (omnish country) TV personality Eduardo Xol, Actor Alec Mapa, Actor Enrique Sapene, Actor Peter Gurski, Dancer Kevin Stea ,Musician Fawn, Sean Patrick Lewis, Singer Nikki McGibbon(American Idol season one), Amanda Ireton (a shot of love with Tila Tequilla) Actress Heather Chadwell (Rock of love one) Actress Amanda Rushing (singer actress), Daniel DiCrisci,. TV personality Nathan Collins, TV personality Norman Korpi, TV personality Saaphyri Windsor (Charm School), Cher Rue plus size actress, Jonathan Chang, Jovy Jonoly, and Aman around town.


Use the arrows and to view pictures, click the thumb nailed picture to see it enlarged



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More than a Teddy Bear



I am a big guy with a big heart.  My favorite thing in the world to do is to make others laugh.  It gives a sense of calm and peace to both people involved and there is nothing better than to walk up to that person later in th day and just see the smile on their face from the memory they have of what you did earlier. 


I am a family man as well.  I live in Montreal, Quebec with my wonderful wife Naomi and my two adorable children Connor and Brett.  They are the sun around which I revolve and without them my life would have more tragedy than comedy in it I guarantee.


I was raised in Southern California, Moved to New York, Moved to Kansas and then back to New York.  Follow me so far?  I have a perspective on the entire country I think, from the surfers in Los Angeles, to the Wheat Farmers in Kansas City to the Kodak Managers in Rochester.


I am sick and tired of mainstream media not allowing the plus-sized person, be they man or woman, to be represented fairly in the media.  You have wonderfully bright spots in the darkness, like our own Raqui, but the rest of the clouds have yet to be broken through and I hope I can help in that.


I am a open man who loves to talk.  You want to ask me a question, go ahead.  You have an idea for something you want me to write?  Go ahead.  I don't mind posting my email ( because I do not shy away from responding to people.  Plus, I have a really good spam filter.


Love and Respect to all.  James, by the way, they also call me Kaobear


with James Nealon


As a man of size, it is impossible for you to show, even for a moment, any amount of weakness or, to put it properly, to not show supreme strength.  At least from the prospective of those who see Plus Sized men as eternal construction workers, weightlifters, wrestlers and bodyguards for nefarious villains.


Come now.


I am six and a half feet tall and you know what?  There is no problem sitting back and crying if you need to.  Emotions are what separate us from the apes.  It does not make you weak if you want to have a job where you don't have to lift colossal weight or work in a warehouse atmosphere.


It insults me that stereotypes are so locked in that when a man my size goes to a company to apply for a job, he is automatically shuffled off to the warehouse, when he was indeed there for an interview in Customer Service, management, or even Clerical.  There is nothing more humiliating than to be labeled forever a strong man with no recourse, no options left to you but to eventually cave into the pressures that society feels compelled to throw upon you.


I am a web designer, a poet, a father, a painter, a photographer, a quasi-psychologist.  Do any of these sound like they involve using a weight belt and shouting for my thirteenth cigarette break of the afternoon?  No, I didn't think they did either.


Men, when you encounter this in the workplace, or anywhere else for that matter, and it makes you feel uncomfortable, do not get angry, for that is fulfilling your role as the stupid gorilla pounding his chest.  No, instead take a step back from the person and explain to them that they honestly have done you a disservice by assuming things about you and that it is both morally wrong and a form of discrimination at the same time. 


I have a feeling their tune will change rather quickly.


Foolish people who feel that men of size are only designed to be the lifters, the movers, the pullers and the doers are a shame to the rest of the people who see us as, can I hear a gasp please, people.


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James Links:

Hot & Heavy Entertainment


     Stephanie Baham is a native of Los Angeles, CA and now resides in the San Francisco area. She's a 38 year old professional who has long enjoyed the craft of writing. Her other interests include film, theatre, yoga, dancing, literature and politics. Stephanie holds a Bachelor's degree from Cal State University, Long Beach in Theatre Arts. She is currently working towards her degree in Psychology.


Jen Kober is "Bringing Hefty Back!"
with Stephanie Baham


One of my friends posted a bulletin on MySpace about a plus-sized comedienne named Jen Kober.  The tagline on the flyer was "Bringing Hefty Back." Immediately I started to search for video clips so I could get a taste of this hefty heroine of comedy. I discovered a plus-sized Southern diva who is fierce, fearless and funny!

Jen Kober is an in-your-face comedienne who loves to take on hecklers in the audience.  She also sings!  (If she gets tired of the comedy gig...she could certainly make quite a showing on American Idol).  She talks about her love affair with food and has no shame in her eating game. This funny femme fatale is serious about her food. Jen says:

"I love chocolate chip cookie dough not just because it's delicious, but because I know it was invented by a fat girl. Only a fat girl would be like, "Fuck cooking it - let's just eat the dough!"

Amen sister....amen!

Jen Kober hails from Lake Charles, LA (I had wondered where Jen got her sassy Southern drawl). After high school....she attended the theatre school at DePaul University in Chicago. (On a personal note....a best friend of mine attended DePaul's theatre school and that place is no joke! It's a serious training ground for aspiring actors.) Jen has also studied improvisation at Second City in Chicago...where several of those Saturday Night Live folks got their start. Professionally, she has toured successfully with her improvised one woman shows, “Junk In My Trunk” and “My Big Fat Comedy Show."  Jen has appeared on "Comics Unleashed", TBS's "Stand Up or Sit Down Comedy Challenge" and Comic Relief.

What I really enjoy about Jen Kober is that she's a large & lovely comedienne who does not ignore her size.  I've watched several other clips from plus-sized comedians and they just didn't show the fat pride like Jen did.  I've also seen comedians that design the name of their tour to reference being big....but they only have about 5 extra pounds on them.  How dare they fake the fat!

Jen is currently working on her own stand-up special called "Mind The Flap."  According to Jen, she's not afraid to "flap a bitch!"

And she's in production of her own cooking show!  I hope she does an episode about the different uses of chocolate chip cookie dough. Yum!

You can find Jen Kober on the web at ,  or .  Those of you near Pasadena, CA wil be able to catch her tour coming through your town this June. Check our her MySpace page for complete tour dates.

My ultimate wish is to see a comedy tour full of plus-sized comedians.  But until that days comes...I will get my laugh from one funny fat diva at a time.

Thanks for reading Hot & Heavy Entertainment


National and International Plus Size News


     I am a former plus-size model and stage performer. I have written articles that have appeared in local newspapers, college magazines and I was a sports editor for my school newspaper. Currently I have a book coming out in May 08, How to Make a Living Without a Job: the Guide to Professional Temping. It will be available online through Amazon and can be ordered through Barnes & Noble or Borders. I split my time between the Bay Area, CA and Houston, TX.


Japan, Joins the War against "Metabo"

(that means Overweight People)
with Iolande Argent

Anti Metabo Advertising    -    Older man being measured in Japan    -    Anti Metabo Dance

Japan, is a country not known for overweight people, but like so many other countries in today’s world it has jumped on the “Anti-Fat” bandwagon. It has undertaken one of the most ambitious campaigns ever by a nation to slim down its citizenry.


     Under a national law that came into effect two months ago, companies and local governments must now measure the waistlines of Japanese people between the ages of 40 and 74 as part of their annual checkups. That represents more than 56 million waistlines, or about 44 percent of the entire population. The waistlines of these people must be within the strict state-prescribed limits; for male waistlines are a strict 33.5 inches and 35.4 inches for women.


     Yes, they are measuring waistlines…and what happens when you don’t meet their strict numbers?

For those unfortunate souls that do you will be given dieting guidance.  This goes on for 90 days and if after three months and no weight is lost citizens are steered toward further re-education after six more months.


     To further drive this point home and reach some goal of shrinking the “so-called” overweight population by 10 percent over the next four years and 25 percent over the next seven years, the government will impose financial penalties on companies and local governments that fail to meet specific targets.


     Where is the sanity here? Since when has Japan been a country that needed to “sell” treatments as is done by American medical associations?  Japan’s Ministry of Health argues that the campaign will keep the spread of diseases like diabetes and strokes in check. Keep in mind that if someone is diagnosed with stroke or diabetes only because their waistline is 34” or 36” (for a woman) it’s a pretty good bet weight isn’t the reason they’ve got these ailments.


     The ministry also says that curbing widening waistlines will rein in a rapidly aging society’s ballooning health care costs, one of the most serious and politically delicate problems facing Japan today. Unlike in America most Japanese are covered under public health care. However like in America some are covered through their work. But in a move that was taking from the chapter on “How American Medical Practices Makes Money through Healthcare” Anger raged over a plan that would make those 75 and older pay more for health care.


     Needless to say this brought a parliamentary censure motion Wednesday against Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, the first against a prime minister in the country’s postwar history. What a thing to be called to the matt for.


     Okay so they are adopting an age old American tradition; let’s make you pay for living longer. The older you get the more your healthcare costs increase. Everyone likes to brag about how modern medicine gives us the ability to live longer than the ancestors but you better believe you will pay for that privilege.


     But critics say that the government guidelines — especially the one about male waistlines — are simply too strict and that more than half of all men will be considered overweight. The effect, they say, will be to encourage overmedication and ultimately raise health care costs.


     Yoichi Ogushi, a professor at Tokai University’s School of Medicine near Tokyo and an expert on public health, said that there was “no need at all” for the Japanese to lose weight.


     “I don’t think the campaign will have any positive effect. Now if you did this in the United States, there would be benefits, since there are many Americans who weigh more than 100 kilograms,” or about 220 pounds, Mr. Ogushi said. “But the Japanese are so slender that they can’t afford to lose weight.”


     Mr. Ogushi was actually a little harder on Americans than they deserved. A survey by the National Center for Health Statistics found that the average waist size for Caucasian American men was 39 inches, a full inch lower than the 40-inch threshold established by the International Diabetes Federation. American women did not fare as well, with an average waist size of 36.5 inches, about two inches above their threshold of 34.6 inches. The differences in thresholds reflected variations in height and body type from Japanese men and women.


     Comparable figures for the Japanese are sketchy since waistlines have not been measured officially in the past. But private research on thousands of Japanese indicates that the average male waistline falls just below the new government limit.


     That fact, widely reported in the media, has heightened the anxiety in the nation’s health clinics.

In Amagasaki, a city in western Japan, officials have moved aggressively to measure waistlines in what the government calls special checkups. The city had to measure at least 65 percent of the 40- to 74-year-olds covered by public health insurance, an “extremely difficult” goal, acknowledged Midori Noguchi, a city official.


     When his turn came, Mr. Nogiri, the flower shop owner, entered a booth where he bared his midriff, exposing a flat stomach with barely discernible love handles. A nurse wrapped a tape measure around his waist across his belly button: 33.6 inches, or 0.1 inch over the limit.


“Strikeout,” he said, defeat spreading across his face.


     The campaign started a couple of years ago when the Health Ministry began beating the drums for a medical condition that few Japanese had ever heard of — metabolic syndrome — a collection of factors that heighten the risk of developing vascular disease and diabetes. Those include abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and high levels of blood glucose and cholesterol.


     In no time, the scary-sounding condition was popularly shortened to the funny-sounding “metabo”, and it has become the nation’s shorthand for overweight.


     The mayor of one town in Mie, a prefecture near here, became so wrapped up in the anti-metabo campaign that he and six other town officials formed a weight-loss group called “The Seven Metabo Samurai.” That campaign ended abruptly after a 47-year-old member with a 39-inch waistline died of a heart attack while jogging.


     Still, at a city gym in Amagasaki recently, dozens of residents — few of whom appeared overweight — danced to the city’s anti-metabo song, which warned against trouser buttons popping and flying away, “pyun-pyun-pyun!”


“Goodbye, metabolic. Let’s get our checkups together. Go! Go! Go!


Goodbye, metabolic. Don’t wait till you get sick. No! No! No!”


Thanks for reading Did You Know

Why, Oh Why

    Erin says she grew up in a rural Texas town, the small town life atmosphere has always appealed to me and that is why I currently reside here. I have the city life girl burrowed deep within me though and sometimes she is able to escape to Dallas and have a good time. I was a very awkward child, and when ADD was not even understood, I had it, and spent a lot of time in the principals office. I grew up very much a tomboy. Once I hit 18, I set out on the world and started school. My major was to be journalism, then in 1999, tragedy hit me and I nearly died in a car accident. The outer wounds healed rather quickly leaving me with the inner scars I still deal with daily. I try to see each day as a new one and keep family and friends really close to my heart where they belong. I enjoy music and photography and my love for writing has stayed with me since I was a child. Now as a 29 year old woman, I spend most days still day dreaming and working hard to make them come true. I am currently in school full time and will complete my journalism degree with a minor in music. Pink is my absolute favorite color! I write poetry and am currently working on my first book about my life.


Erin was chosen because of her flair with words and her ability to find real day to day instances in which Plus Sized people say WHY, Oh, WHY.


July 2008 Article

by Erin Thonpson

     This article I have to regretfully say, will not be as positive as my previous ones. I recently flew using an unnamed Airline. I was free to move about the country and yet they wanted me to purchase two seats instead of one. I understand this policy and I will always adhere to it, when it is presented to me in a respectful manner. I was on my flight leaving Dallas and I was approached in front of my entire team of coworkers (we were on a company trip) by the Customer Service Manager for the airline. She proceeded to discuss as she called it “The People Of Size Policy” At this point I could feel the blood rush from my face. I felt really pale. She then started explaining to me how there just may not be room for me on the flight back home on Thursday she would have to check on it. I then told her I was on a company trip and she would need to talk with my Supervisor who was about three seats up. This was humiliating to say the very least. You see me coming, you see me boarding the plane, I have already gone through both security check points. So why oh why do you wait until we are all comfortable and seated to approach me with this matter. She already had assumed that I had not bought the two seats needed. She could have used more tack. She could have been kinder, more gentle. I am a big girl and I know this, but I am human and I have feelings. I let them get trampled on constantly. I allow people to say things to me, I let it all roll off my back. This really bothered me and is still bothering me. It was already hard enough to board a plane full of people and the looks on all their faces. “Oh God, please do let her ask to sit here” They all looked horrified as I passed them, each hitting their elbows on my carry on. I say positive most of the time, but this particular day, I was wounded. Everything is really small in a small persons world. It is how “people of size” deal with these situations that makes us who we are. We are fragile, but we are strong. We hurt, but we get up and fight again. We need to be more aware of these things, but it gets harder and harder as America becomes more “fat” and the world still caters to the supermodel only. I will fight back on this one and I will fight the fight for all “people of size” Do not ask me AFTER the fact to buy to seats when clearly the plane was not full and another person could and was willing to sit next to me on the plane. I will steer clear of negative thoughts on this one and let you all decide. I will try and make my next article more upbeat. 



Thanks for reading Why, Oh Why

Erin's MySpace:


Time to tell it like it is!


     This is an experiment in Confession, you can anonymously confess, or let everyone know something that you feel.  Every Month we will post all the confessions and you can come and view them and be inspired to make your own.


     You can send in a picture,  You can make a graphic,  You can just send in your written words.  You can do it anonymously and get something off your chest.  You can let everyone know who you are and liberate yourself.


     Hope you enjoy Confession!  Send in your own check the bottom of this page!





I only started to Live when I started to Love Myself!





I fell in love with a marvelous fat woman, My parents said for appearances I couldn't marry her.

30 years later I still regret listening to my parents.





Every time I see that commercial about V8 I imagine someone slapping me in my head saying

"YOU COULD HAVE HAD A FAT CHICK"  Why am I in this relationship????????





After losing over 150 pounds I now look at obese women and wonder if they know they can really improve their health and lives by simply pushing away the plate or by making healthier choices.

Life is about living and being happy. I lied to myself for years about being happy at a size 24 but the reality is I was miserable, unhealthy and hiding from life.




I emailed the woman above and she then told me she was sending a confession

and didn't expect she would be belittled for it.


When I told her it sounds like she is belittling those who choose to be happy and Large

She said nothing.  I still feel sorry for this woman.  She couldn't find a life with out changing her body.

What type of self worth is that? Society really played a number on her.

~ Raqui ~





Send in your own Confession,  Use the email to the Right and send in a your confession, weather it is a graphic you made (NO BIGGER THAN 5x7 92 DPI) or a picture you saw.  You can also just send in text words.  Your Confession can be Anonymous or you can tell everyone who you are.

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Guest Writer of the Month

My Confessions

Written By: Freda McPeters


My Confessions of Being a Big Beautiful Woman


She walk real proud, Her confidence,  

has your head bowed,

Her image doesnt reside in mumu's and flower dresses,

she loves clothes that cling to her tripple D breastesses,

She's a 3 outta 3,

She don't lack,

Spiritual, Mental,

or Physical Maturity,

When you hug her,

Its deeper than a surface tap,

 her body is filled with love,

and extra cushion for you to grab,

Her smell is so sweet,

it make you wanna linger,

and her first impression,

 Will Make you a little eager,

Independant, and nothing less,

Her life stays

full of ambition and success, Yea,

She is Full and Sexy,

With plenty to feed the greedy,

 and for you skinny hatin sistahs,

 she willin to donate,

some for the needy,

 She loves a good cerebral -cortex penetration,

and opens her mind up,

to deep mental stimulation,

 By the time she finishes the conversation,

 her draws wont be the only thing your chasin,

so I advise a little discretion,

and lets not forget to mention,

her passion for the kitchen,

Puttin together creative dishes,


white rice and gerk chicken,

 wearing nothing but a thong

and six inch stilletos,

She'll have you cravin her strawberry jello,

and she got that good good,

 to make your attitude mellow,

 juicy, is only one word,

She got enough to water the earth,

body made so close,

youd think she was a virgin,

 and the spasms in your back,

will have ya doin more than splurgin,

nothin about her is uncertain,

what you see, Is what you get,

A full-figured woman,

Proud of her thickness....



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Ask Raqui
Q:  I am so loving the Radio Show your doing what made you come up with the idea and where did you find your Co-Host Saint
Raqui: Actually I answered that in last months article so check out the June Issues LOL, To break it down quickly I was thinking about it for years but finally just decided I had to do it and went full force forward with it.  Saint has been a good friend of mine for almost 3 years and when he heard about this he just jumped in and came on in. That is why I call him Un-Authorized because he didn't apply he just did what he knew I needed done.

Q:  I never seem to catch the Show you be doing. How can I get to it?

Mikey boy

Raqui: All of the Shows archive so you can listen to them at any time.  You can come here and go to the radio page to listen to old show and see next weeks show or you can go to the link from the question above.  You can also subscribe via iTunes and have them download right to your I-pod.

Q:  Vegas is huge Raqui how will I find you I really want to meet you!



Raqui: I will be at as many events as possible and I will spend a lot of time in the lobby also so people can find me.  Your guaranteed to find me at the many other activities besides the parties :)  hugs

Q:   I am scared about traveling to Vegas for the bash.  I don't know anyone there!



Raqui:  Many people feel the same way but remember that the Vegas bash is a place to meet lots of new people.  I don't know many in Vegas either. I am sure you will make many new friends and you can always come hang with me.  Go to the message boards on  and see if you can make some new friends in the meantime.



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     We all hate how the Fashion Industry is just scratching the surface when it comes to Large Sized Fashion.  But I have found out that many clothing stores and online companies are beginning to take up the slack.  Creative BBW, SSBBW and BHM's are making there own clothing or mix matching and finding basic everyday wear and night club wear. 

     Making it affordable is what can be hard so showcase your wonderful finds here.  If your a regular shopper, sew your own clothing or a designer showcase your clothing here by submitting a picture for Fashion Furious of the month.


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Fashion Find by: Raqui

Fashion Type:  Summer Tunic

Why I Like this Item: I ordered this Tunic in the bright yellow after some time by the pool it will look great on against my skin tone.  These tunic are soft, comfy and easy to throw on with the same spandex leggings seen above.  You can wear it on any regular day or out for the night dress it up or down it is your choice :) and if it fits me at a 6X it will defiantly fit anyone. :)  This Tunic really makes your breast's look great and best of all it looks so much better on a fuller figure than the skinny chick above :)  for some reason on her it looks plain but with the curves it looks OUTTA SIGHT!!!!!


Roman's -




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Product of the Month

About the Product

Recommender: Raqui

Name of Product: Hoveround

Type of Product: Mobility Products

Cost of Product: Depends on item / they help you get your for free or at little cost

Where Product can be found:

Let Hoveround power wheelchairs make your mobility challenges a thing of the past. Our innovative design, durability and customer service have made Hoveround products America's favorite mobility products. We are the only power chair manufacturer to design, sell and service our power wheelchairs, which are all made in the U.S.A. We also offer FREE guidance through the Medicare process, the HOVEROUND CUSTOM FIT, delivery and complete training. In addition, every power chair comes with our 30-day money back and "Never Without Wheels" guarantees. Rediscover your independence with a Hoveround power chair.

Why I like this Product: I like this company because they understand a big person's needs. 
I remember these commercials for years. They help the Elderly and Disabled get a Hoveround compatible mobility chair at little or no cost. They handle everything so it is easy for you. 



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