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 Issue #64 - July 2009

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For the BBW and Super Sized Woman!



Left to Right: Carolina Manross, Cynthia Orozco, Yolanda Orozco, and Sallie Salinas. 

Carolina and Sallie are from the Institute for Women Entrepreneurs. Presenting Curvy QT  an award from the National Latina Business Women Association. Curvy QT is one of 5 winners that were chosen from an Emerging Latinas class and were in a competition for completing our Business Plan. 

Each of the winners were awarded $1000.00. There were 32 contestants.

Curvy QT

Written by: Raqui


     Meeting Cynthia and Yolanda at the 2008 Vegas Bash was a pleasure. Both have such friendly and upbeat personalities.  I was impressed by their attitudes and goals as far as Cuvy QT, their baby who is growing.  The clothing was trendy and the material was great quality.  What really got me excited about Curvy QT was that they cater to not only BBW's But Super Sized ladies of my size range.  Right now they have sizes up to 6XL and hope to move up to 10XL watch out sizes bigger than me I AM IMPRESSED!!! 


Show some support to Curvy QT they are working hard for us and deserve it :)

Interview with The Owners of Curvy QT What is your name?


Curvy QT - Cynthia Orozco and Yolanda Orozco Where are you from and what is your current location?

We both live and work in Santa Ana, California. It is located in Southern California, close to Disneyland. Do you consider yourself a BBW or a SSBBW?

We both consider ourselves to be BBWs. Regardless of our size, we are all big beautiful women, and we shouldn’t have another label added on to us. Who is the owner of your company?

We are both joint owners of Curvy QT. Tell us about your company.

We’re a clothing company that specializes in plus size clothing for women. How did your company begin?

Cynthia “Curvy QT was originally the idea of Yolanda, who a few years ago thought about starting her own clothing business. She made a few sketches of some clothing that she would love to see made in bigger sizes. This original notebook was stored away for years before making an appearance. She showed me this book and after doing some research on the internet, I was really interested in joining her and making this idea a reality.” How did your company get its name?

Yolanda “I wanted a name that was cute, fun and conveyed femininity and the body of a real woman. The media has continually bombarded us with models, especially runway models, who are like walking boards; too thin, flat, and no curves to the point of looking androgynous. In the real world, a woman has curves. About 60% of the woman in the whole world are a size 16 or larger, and its way past the time that the mainstream media reflect our curvy bodies of all sizes. As women, we all should be celebrated regardless of size.” Does your company have a motto or slogan; and what does it mean?

Curvy QT’s slogan is, “Where Sexy is a Vibe, Not a Size”. This simple statement acknowledges the fact that you don’t have to be a size 0 in order to be sexy. We help to make women feel sexy in our clothing no matter what size they may be. How long have you been in business?

We’re not yet a year old. Our grand opening was on April 20, 2009, at the Fattitude Festival, held by the Los Angeles chapter of NAAFA. We launched our website the following day. Tell us about your clothing products?

We are trying to find and make clothing that is soft to the touch.
One of the material blends that we really like is a rayon and
polyester knit that feels so soft to the skin. The material keeps you
covered in the winter and cool in the summer. What made you decide to make Plus Sized Clothing?

Cynthia “I always hated shopping for clothes because it was very hard for me to find something that was fashionable but that fit right.”

Yolanda “Growing up fat and fabulous, wasn’t easy. I’m quite a few years older than Cynthia, so I remember how hard it was to find clothes as a kid. I’ve always been big. By the time I was 8, my mom was already shopping in the women’s section for me. And by jr. high and high school, we had found a department store specializing in plus sizes, but the options were lacking. I had the choice of mumu like clothes, unfashionable matronly looking clothes, and a lot of black.” Who designs the clothing you sell?

Cynthia “The main manufacturer that we work with has in house designers, but we give suggestions on what we like and don’t like. In the future, we plan on creating our own designs. We also carry other labels such as Torrid, Fashion Bug, and Kiyona.”

Yolanda “Oh, and one manufacturer that we went and showed designs to told us that ‘fat women won’t wear that’. The sketches were of tops that had arms showing and cleavage. I looked at him and said, “I’m fat. Look at what I’m wearing, and if I’m paying for the items to be made, it doesn’t matter what you personally think. There are women who do like tops that show arms and cleavage. ” Are you currently looking for new designers?

Not at this moment. We would love to work with new designers when we decide to also create our own designs. What is the size range on your clothing and do you custom?

Cynthia “We carry Junior Plus size clothing in sizes 1x through 3x, and Women’s Plus size in sizes 1x through 6x. In the future, we plan on manufacturing clothing up to 10x. When we start to design our own line of clothing, we would gladly create fashions larger than 10x if requested.”

Yolanda “I was at clothing trade shows recently, and this year was much better than the previous. Manufacturers are slowly starting to realize that women above a size Large don’t want God awful prints in shapeless clothing. They’re also willing to work with us and make clothes above a 3X, but it will cost more.” Does your company do Fashion Shows, if so where?

Yes, Curvy QT does participate in fashion shows. We have participated in Fashion Aid L.A., shows by One Chance Entertainment, and the fashion show at the annual BBW Vegas Bash. The majority of the fashion shows that we have participated in have been in Los Angeles, but we also participated in a show by One Chance Entertainment in Florida. Do you have a website and a hardcopy catalog; how do we obtain a hard copy catalog?

We currently just have our website, which is Tell us about your latest fashions and any up & coming products?

We are currently working on our spring and summer fashions. We have several exciting products that we will be adding to our site. We’re really excited to be creating and fostering relationships with other talented and Curvy women. Overall, What are your best sellers?

In 1x through 3x, Sweet and Sexy and Lady Guinevere have been our best sellers. We have found that our Diva, Enchantment, and Tanya tops have been very popular with sizes 4x through 6x. n our Junior size, the most popular tops have been Bella, The Flirt, and the Peek a Boo halter top. Has your company or clothing ever been showcased on Television or in Print?

Not quite yet. We have been asked by scouts from a reality show if we’d like our clothing featured on their program. We have also had our pictures taken for a locally run Spanish magazine. Do you feel the fashion industry is doing a good job providing quality clothing for Big Women?

Cynthia “Not at all. That is why we decided to start CurvyQT. Our goal is to provide affordable, plus size clothing that is fashionable. We want to provide our customers with trendy clothing that will have others asking where they purchased their clothing from.”

Yolanda “The fashion industry as a whole has not done a good job. It’s taking the work of companies that have started small to break through with contemporary designs. It’s going to take us all working together on some level to bring quality clothing to not only women who are 1X-3X, but also to the women who are larger. It will also take the active voices of larger women, as well as their pocket books to prove that women will buy clothing if made well to fit in sizes 4X and above. A company recently blogged that they will no longer carry clothing over a 3X because women who said, “If that was made in my size, I’d buy it”, and I guess they didn’t buy it. I don’t know what the items were or what the measurements were. I do know with the larger sizes there are some additional factors in clothing fit, such as belly coverage. So ladies, if you find something you like and the measurements fit what you want, please support those companies. What are the ordering options that customers have?

Customers can order online and pay through our online store.
You don’t have to have a paypal account to pay. They can
also contact us via our website with any questions at  or by calling us at 310-945-6082. How long does it take for a purchase to be received?

Cynthia “It generally takes from 5 to 7 business days, depending on whether or not the item is currently in stock. We have had several orders from Canada. Since that is considered international, it may take a little longer.”

Yolanda “We’ve also networked with ladies who are small companies with really cute and funky fashions that are willing to make their clothing for us in any size on an order by order basis. This means it will cost the customer a little more, but they’ll have something that is really cute and one of a kind made to fit them. Those orders will take longer, and we’d let the customer know approximately how long it would be.” What are your refund options?

We only issue size exchanges or store credit on items that show no signs of wear or misuse. Items are inspected for flaws prior to being shipped from our inventory. Shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable. Shipping on return merchandise is the responsibility of the buyer.

The item to be exchanged must be in new and unused condition. We do not accept garments that have been worn or misused i.e. stains, burns, etc. or have smoke, detergent, perfume, deodorant or pet odors.
Exchanges can take up to 2 weeks to process. However it is unlikely that this will happen unless the size is unavailable. We will make every effort to make the exchange process go smoothly and quickly.

We cannot credit or exchange merchandise that is not received, so we recommend that customers insure their package (postage and insurance fees are nonrefundable)

Clearance items are final sales and may not be returned or exchanged. How do you find your models?

We originally used MySpace and placed several bulletins asking for women of any size that were interested in modeling for CurvyQT. Since that time, we have used several of those same models repeatedly whether it be modeling for our website, or modeling in fashion shows. We are open to looking for new models as well. How can someone apply to be a model for your website or catalog?

If someone is interested in modeling for CurvyQT, then can send an email to What qualifications do you look for when choosing a model?

A positive and fun attitude first and foremost! The applicant should provide us with their name, phone number, clothing sizes, and specific days when they may be available. We would try to conduct photo shoots when the applicant would have some free time. We have no control over the fashion shows that we participate in. We choose those particular models based on their schedule. Who does the photography on your website?

So far, we have done the photography ourselves. We soon will be revamping our website and have professional photographers take the pictures.
They will also be credited on our website. Did you construct the website with the release of your clothing line or did it come after?

Cynthia “We constructed the website months before our grand opening. Yolanda actually bought the website years ago when she was first dreaming of a clothing company. It sat as a holding page until we started to work on it.” Was the site an automatic success or did it take time to kick off?

As with any new business, it takes some time to be a success. We have been taking business classes through the Institute of Women Entrepreneurs and the National Latina Business Women’s Association to better understand how to run our business. As we apply what we’ve learned, we’ve seen a huge jump in traffic to our site. Word of mouth and the fashion shows have also helped. Name some designers and companies you admire?

Yolanda “I admire Torrid for being the first to go mainstream with young, funky clothing. I also admire the Baby Phat and House of Dereon lines, but wish they’d make the clothes in larger sizes. What are the most important elements to running a successful Online Clothing Company…..quality; comfort…..what is important/what is not?

The material we prefer to sell is a combination of polyester and rayon. This fabric is very light and feels wonderful. It lets the body breathe. We try to list as much information as possible regarding the particular item. It is important to have models of all sizes so potential customers can see exactly how the clothing would fit, versus the clothing being modeled on a mannequin. Do you feel clothing options for people of size have made progress in the last 10 years, do you think the internet is part of that progress?

Yes, but slowly. It was very hard to find trendy, plus size clothing 10 years ago. The internet has helped the progress because now people all over the world are able to purchase clothing that they normally would not have been able to purchase in their town. We have had customer from all over the United States and Canada. How has the internet helped your business?

CurvyQT is only available online. We have utilized the internet to put our name out there. We rely on word of mouth and repeat customers. What can the readers at LargeInCharge do to help support your business?

The LargeInCharge readers can help us by visiting our website at  and give us their opinion. We want to know what they like and what they don’t like. Another way would be by telling all of their friends and family about CurvyQT. We know that right now it’s a tough economy. That’s why we offer a special layaway program. You can still get the fashions you want when you see them without breaking your budget.


You’re readers can also use the Code RAQUI9 to get $10 off of their $50 or more purchase.


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Cover Model of the Month


Queen Diamond


Interview with our Cover Model of the Month What is your name?

People call me Queen Diamond one cause I am a queen in my own right and the other I light up a room every time. Where are you from and what is your current Location?

I was born in Youngstown, OH but I currently live in the Chicagoland area of Illinois Can you give us some information about yourself (Age, Height, Size, Nationality, Marital Status, Children, etc.)?

I am 24 years old as of last November. Beautifully black 5’5” in height size 18 wearing not married no children having self. I am a aspiring plus size model but been in the business of modeling since high school. I current like work in the music industry doing promotions and work for a hip hop magazine out of Harlem, NY. I do a non-for-profit event with the South Shore High School in Chicago to help change the young children’s live to positive out looks. Were you a big child, or did you gain weight later in life?

I was a skinny baby and gain weight when I came to Chicago from being less active. When I’m active I can only get down to like a 10-11 size in clothes when I do work really hard for it. (If you gained weight later in life) what caused you to gain weight and how did you feel about it?

I gained the weight thru worrying about things like people liking me. Not having people to play basketball with plus just being shy. Getting big is not a problem for me just makes me worry about getting sugar problems which runs in my family or cancer. What made you decide to enter the LargeInCharge model search?

I entered in hope I would get the cover to help me get a break within the industry. Plus I know you feature great inspiring women and men which I hope I am one of those people. Did you find it a hard journey to be accepted for your size?

Everyday is a struggle cause some days people love plus size women other they don’t. Plus to be in the music industry with all the skinny vixens you see it can be hard. Do you find acceptance among your family and friends?

I do find some acceptance among my family since half of them are plus size too. Some just wish I would just go back to being a skinny Minnie again. What would you say inspires you most in life?

The thing that inspires me the most is love. Also the fact I can change the course of someone action simply by caring about what they do. What is your primary job?

My primary job is to live life to it’s fullest. Other than that I work two jobs plus work within the music industry doing promotions, event planning, distribution and more. How did you get into this line of work?

Well I went to Columbia College of Chicago and studied Music Business which was my major. I did that cause since I was 5 I’ve always wanted to be and influence person in the music industry, model and be an actress. Do you find acceptance in the work force?

Not always the smaller you are the better the opportunities you get in the work force these days. Which I think is horrible since most of American are plus these days. What changes do you believe should take place for Large People in the work force?

That they are given a fair shake on big opportunities and are looked at of value. What do you think about the fashion industry for big sized clothing?

I know that a lot of clothing companies are not starting to take notice of our industry and its worth. Only problem is that they never advertise to us when they do get into our market to let us know they have our sizes now. What do you wish to see change with the fashion industry?

I would like to see better fashions for plus size women come from thou O so famous brand like Rocawear and more. What changes do you think will happen if plus sized modeling for men and women were to expand?

I think you will see the children start to realize it’s not what size you are everyone is beautiful. Tell us some of the places you buy your clothing from.

I buy my clothing from Torrid, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, and Rubynesque. Tell us one of your secret beauty tips.

My beauty tips to hide my size with a bootee and a Gretel. Give us some tips on how to have a successful Photo shoot. What should models be prepared for?

Well when I did my photo shoot I did it with a photographer I knew. So the best thing I do is get to know the photographer a little bit. Great pictures come naturally so you need to be relaxed. Look at Size acceptance five years ago... look at size acceptance now. What changes do you see?

I like we are making bigger wave in fact you can tell just by the clothing we have to choose from today. 5 years ago they look like grandma clothing or over grown throw rugs just put on people’s bodies. What changes do you think will happen five years from now with size acceptance?

I believe people we see us as equal to the skinny ladies an a real market that is a force to be dealt with in all aspects. Tell us about your goals as far as modeling and other interests.

I would like to be a Plus Size Super Model with in the Glamour and Hip Hop Vixen print modeling business. Can you tell us about an inspirational moment in you life that made you feel good about your size.

I was inspired when a man came and told me I should be a model cause I was one of the most beautiful plus size woman he as ever seen. It was special to me cause I already knew this person and they can’t stand plus size woman so it was a plus for me. Is there a person in your life that makes you keep going?

There are two major people who keep me going my mother and grandma. They are always behind me 200%. What advice would you give to other people of size who want to model?

I would say never give up and do your research on people who say the want to manage you or sign you to there agency. All so never pay to be a model cause they are suppose to pay you or you do it for exposure. What plus size figure do you admire?

I have three Patty Labelle, Aretha Franklin, and Monique. They are three strongest woman I have ever seen and fashionable. Describe yourself with one word.




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Cover Model of the Month

Raqui's Spot

     Raqui the Owner and Founder of LargeInCharge Magazine.  This spot is dedicated to her thoughts, vents, and observations of Plus Sized Life.  Raqui's  "Tell it like it is" style of writing has brought thousands to her blogs and millions to  There is so much behind the woman who has brought this magazine into existence.  Being Internationally known as a wrestler/squasher lead the way to modeling for companies and being featured in magazines and documentaries from all over the world.  She has made a career out of her size and personality. Born, Raised and Residing in the Bronx NYC. This city girl is taking the world by storm.


     For the past 5 years Raqui officially moved into Size Acceptance and Empowerment.  With the creation of LargeInCharge she took what she said to individuals to a higher level and made it public to the internet world. She is a woman who doesn't let things get to her.  Knock her down for the moment but she will rise up stronger and better.  Being a speaker on behalf of many subjects and counseling Plus Sized people online her grace and style has made people love her.  Raqui continues to set an example of a powerful woman who will bend the world to fit her, her way.


     Raqui's appearances include, Uk Television, German TV, Japan, Europe, Sweden and the Spanish circuit.  Her many magazines appearances have been world wide.  She has hit American Television in 2006 with Good Morning American and since has appeared on The Cristina Show,  The Maury Show and The Tyra Banks Show.

To view her Online portfolio visit

Raqui feature on and Glamour Plus - go to Portfolio Section

Paradizo Dance - on America's got Talent (Acrobatic Dance)

Written By: Raqui 




     When you hear the words Acrobatic Dance what do you think of?  Probably a few ultra slim dancers all flipping themselves up in the air doing many tricks and doing so beautifully to moving music.  Chances are your not thinking about someone over 130 lbs.  And even at 130 that is big for a dancer or acrobat. 


      Well lets break molds today people... while I was watching America's got talent a few days ago I was touched and amazed when Paradizo Dance came out on to the stage.  This beautiful couple (Newlyweds) are definite opposites and they do attract.  Zoë is 100 lbs and Dave is 240 lbs. Yet she holds his weight on her frame as though it was meant to be. 


     Dave shows that he isn't all brute strength and that his large frame is just as splendid and elegant as hers.  There movements give a performance that astounded the audience and made them shocked and excited.


     My favorite part is toward the end and I was greatly sadden that they didn't concentrate the camera more on them as a couple.  Dave is hold the lovely Zoë in the air while he brings himself down to the ground, holding her 100lbs only with his hands and then lays on the floor and rolls over while he moves her into her dance stance.


     This couple shows that dedication to there craft is all you need to do amazing things.  Completely different but completely the same.  Dave thank you for showing that a larger man can handle his own and perform marvelously.


Click here to go directly to the video if the video below doesn't work:





LargeInCharge Radio - Weekly Radio show discussing Plus Sized Issues.  Friday's 7-9 pm EST - Call in & Chat in our Chat Room.

Raqui's Cool Links  

Raqui's My Space Page

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Super Sized Sounds



     Super Sized Sounds will be a Music Column that will feature those who are in the industry or up and coming who are size positive. Giving recognition to the plus sized people who are out there and showcasing themselves.  Reviews, Interview, News and more from our new writer Super Sized Spanishfly Lynx.


      Lynx Garcia, also known as "SUPERSIZE SPANISHFLY", is a Latina BBW from Queens NYC.  Lynx is an activist speaking out against size discrimination and began performing back in 1996 at social events for big beautiful women and big handsome males and their admirers. Her special mixture of sound held true as she sang, spat, danced and performed spoken word, soon she was in demand by Big and Beautiful parties nationwide.  Lynx taking her "look" and sound mainstream was rejected because of her size. She did not let this break her spirit, hurt her confidence or minimize her drive. Instead she rose up and started a public access show (LYNX' LAIR) aired in Queens on TIME WARNER QPTV . Combination of comedy and sexy style, she showcased underground artists of all walks of life. The response to her show was less than a year she has showcased many artist, some who moved to bigger and better things.


     Currently Lynx has caught the attention of Joey Mekkah of BLACK SOLARIS ENTERTAINMENT and found herself on the Grandmaster MELLE MEL's SOLO ALBUM "MUSCLES" featured on the hot latin hip-hop track called 'DIMELO", she is the only collaboration on the album. Lynx recently has started her own radio show on EXTRAVAGANGSTARADIO.COM  called Ladies Night. EXTRAVAGANGSTARADIO is #1 on the itunes network.





click here And here is the Mocha and Praline Sundae (Raq Place photo here) T.I. Ft Rihanna “Live your Life”

My people, mi gente….Summer is here in New York City and we are finally seeing the sun after almost an entire month of rain, the creator gives us what we need so I take it as a sign I need to clean house, drink more water and flush out the negative vibrations.

This month I have to acknowledge the passing of some of the entertainment world’s greats and a young beautiful woman I was fortunate enough to spend time with on this earth, who was a star in her own right. Michael Joseph Jackson (Aug. 29,1958 - June 25,2009)- This being, I call him a being because he had to be from some intergalactic planet, he possessed talent and creativity beyond measure, beyond anything we could comprehend but that we were fortunate to experience.

He grew up with us, his video premieres would halt prime time television (yes, he had that kind of money ). His career began performing alongside his brother’s in the Jackson Five. His debut album “Off The Wall” (1979) introduced the world to ultimate creativity and originality in it’s infancy and that album till this day remains one of the top selling albums to date but his 1982 album but his album “Thriller”(1979) is THE the top selling album of all time. And folks, MTV should stand for Michael Television as his videos dominated the video show and helped catapult ,in my opinion, MTV into the success is has become. We all wanted to be Michael Jackson, we imitated his robot and moonwalk and some of us (yes I am guilty) purchased the glove, and he has influenced some of the greatest artists of our time, could you not look at Usher’s or Timberlake's moves and not think of Michael?

Imitated by many but duplicated by none. Like Ice T said in his twitter update, “they can say what they want about Michael but he was 100% original and he will be greatly missed” What I won’t do my people, is get into the negative aspects of Michael’s life, there are so many other media outlets doing it, with pleasure I might add. So although it is part of History you won’t find it here. On June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson “the King of Pop” died of cardiac arrest, shocking the world and delivering a devastating blow to the entire world as people mourned for Michael in what appeared to be every street corner all over the world. MJ was known for his epic music videos it but it was in his live performances that would allow us to watch this being in all his raw emotion and intensity with no constraints. It was SPIRITUAL. MICHAEL JACKSON performs “Man In The Mirror” with The Gospel Choir @ The 1988 Grammy Awards

MICHAEL JACKSON @ The Motown 25 yr Anniversary

Farrah Fawcett (Feb.2,1947-June 25,2009)-“Flips and layers and more flips and more layers” I told the hair stylist, when I was finally allowed to choose my own style. How I ended up with Billy Ray Cyrus’ mullet hair doo is beyond me and I was left with an achy breaky heart ;-( The inspiration behind the Flips and layers , why Jill Munroe of the television hit series “Charlie’s Angels”. Jill Munroe was smart, sexxy and sassy and her entire personality and swag was all due to Farrah Fawcett’s excellent acting skills. We would later follow Farrah to see her portray some of the most harshest women’s role to date as in “The Burning Bed” where she played a battered wife , or in the movie version of “Extremities” where she potrays a rape victim who turns the tables on her attacker. She was married to Lee Majors from 1973-1982. She would fall in love with Ryan O’Neal and was with him from 1982 till her death. They had a son Redman O’Neal who was incarcerated due to drug possession and was allowed to visit his dying mother with shackles on his feet. Farrah was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006. She fought the cancer tooth and nail and sought treatment in Germany and tried unconventional healing alternatives but lost her fight on June 25,2009. She was an icon, an incredible actress and she will me missed. Enjoy the clips of this French, English Choctaw native beauty.

Natasha Mahelona aka “The Strawberry Girl” (Feb 2,1981-June 17,2009- certainly she was one of the most beautiful BBW’s ever to grace this earth, she was a gentle , kind ,loving Amazon Queen from the Island of Hawaii. She was my co-host on my public access show, “Lynx’s Lair” and she followed me to Extravagangsta Radio where we both set the underground Hip-Hop world on fire by attending events and always being the ONLY BWW’s present, I would interview guests and she would feed them Strawberries and whipped cream , and any event I would go to with out her, people would run up to me and ask “Where’s The Strawberry Girl”.

One time we covered an open mic night at The Remote Lounge in Manhattan and we were there to interview two artists in particular but when we turned around there were like 15 guys/ underground artists waiting to get their strawberry . One guy even said “I’m allergic to Strawberries, but I don’t care, give it to me big sexxxy Mama!” She never spoke, she just giggled and jiggled her way and lit up the room when she entered, she had this glow, this energy about her. Super sexxy , shy ,timid and something very innocent and childlike about her, anyone who met her fell in love with her warm ways, she was not just my co-host ,my make-up artist, my stylist but my dear, dear friend, who believed in me and saw me as this huge Superstar who would make it very far,

My people, when I was in the hospital on what had appeared to be my deathbed, she held my hand and cried over me and prayed for my healing, when I came to she was right there, crying and telling me to never leave her, that I was her very, very best friend….Oh Tasha, you left me/us and I will miss you forever, thank you for the wonderful times . On June 17th, 2009 Natasha Mahelona lost control of her car and was pronounced dead at the scene. Tasha is survived by her daughter Dana and her son Puni. From The Large In Charge Family to The Mahelona Ohana, our deepest condolences. Be sur e to stop by the dedication page Nastha’s family has set up in her memory 

Here she is ,my beautiful Strawberry girl….gone but never forgotten, STRAWBERRIES FIELDS FOREVER!


Here we are with JuJu of the Beatnuts Lynx lair interview with Ju Ju from the Beat Nuts

******MINI TRIBUTE****** Can’t leave out Ed Mcmahan (March 6,1923-June 23,2009)- Johnny Carson’s side kick,host of Star Search , fundraiser ,entertainer. No cause of death given but many speculate it was due to his many health issues which turned for the worst over the past couple of months before his death.

I always did want to see him at my front door holding that publishers clearing house check ;-) What else can we do my people, live, love and laugh and honor our dead with conversations and memories. SALUTE TO OUR ANCESTORS!!

Want to send in your Voice in for review? Are you a singer, rapper, or poet who performs spoken word?  Up and Coming, already established?  Contact Lynx through her Myspace page or email and all information will be forwarded to her (PUT "FOR LYNX" IN THE SUBJECT AREA) 

You must be a Size Positive Artist, or a Plus Sized Supporter.

Thanks for reading

Super Sized Sounds with Lynx


Lynx Cool Links

From the Plus Side


Emily Smiltneck

     From the Plus side will be column dedicated to short stories that deal with all aspects of Plus size Life.  Emily Smiltneck was chosen for this position because of her dedication, and realistic writing style. She captures the emotional and mental rollercoaster those who are Plus Sized go through.


     Emily Susanne Smiltneck lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (pretty much dead center in the middle of nowhere). She is a substitute teacher, and has recently started a tutoring business. Emily is currently working on several writing projects, including a historical fiction novel and several collections of poetry.

Emily Smiltneck receives recognition in Neighbors Daily Press - See article below


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The Adventures of Phatgurl

by Emily Suzanne Smiltneck  

The Adventures Of Phatgurl is a serial collection of stories about the adventures of Jany, a plus-sized young woman who, in desperation, places an ad on a personals website.  As she embarks on her dates, she meets many different kinds of men who expect many different things from her.  Some of her adventures are wildly amusing and others are more serious and even sad. 

If you have any ideas or experiences, funny or otherwise, that you would like to see depicted in a future Phatgurl story, please e-mail me at  I will do my very best to incorporate all reader ideas into future columns.  Thanks!


The Ad (Part 2)

SWSSBBW seeks SM who will not rape her, emotionally or otherwise.  The ability to both speak and write in complete sentences is a plus.  Must not inadvertently throw her down stairs or pretend that she is “Mama.”  Intelligent conversation, a little respect, and the lack of a current significant other will get you far.  And a well-developed sense of humor won’t hurt, either.  If you like smart chicks with jelly bellies and thunder thighs, reply to


Candidate 2.1: The False Intellectual




Subject: I Like You


You’re intriguing, Baby.  I have to wonder what you’ve been through to post an ad like that.  I do like jelly bellies and thunder thighs, though.  And bubble butts.  And a nice, full chest is always good, too.  Mm mmm.  Give me the lowdown, Beautiful.  What do you keep busy with? -Franklin




Subject: Re: I Like You


You really don’t want to know what I’ve been through to post an ad like that—trust me!  This whole personals thing has been quite a trip.  Now I’m looking to spend time with someone who’s easy.  Um—easy to get along with, that is.  Easy to be with.  I work in an art gallery as salesperson, janitor, secretary, maintenance staff, pretty much everything.  Basically a personal assistant to the owner.  I’m into reading and writing and art history and art itself.  Eventually, I’d like to teach art classes at the college level; I take classes when I can.  Okay, enough about me.  Tell me about you, now.  I’m assuming you think highly of yourself, given your ID, but I’m willing to forgive you for it if you seem like a nice guy. -Jany




Subject: Re: Re: I Like You


Well, I’m glad you’re willing to forgive my arrogance, and I hope you’re willing to give me a chance to show you that I’m a gentleman.  You sounds like a pretty classy lady who has the right to be a little arrogant herself.  I work in research and I love my job.  Other than that, I’m into politics and news, mainly.  I like to try a little bit of everything, food-wise, activity-wise, travel-wise, pretty much everything-wise.  I consider myself intelligent and very well-rounded.  Maybe that’s why I like my women well-rounded, too.  How about getting together sometime?  Maybe we could go to a museum or something.  Oh, yeah, and I’m definitely easy.  Easy to get along with, that is. -F




Subject: Re: Re: Re: I Like You


Sounds good.  Would Saturday night work for you, either this week or next?  Saturdays are best for me.  There’s a new display at one of the university art museums that I’d love to see, and I think the opening reception is this Saturday.  I’ll look up the details and let you know more if you want.


            It was kind of fun getting dressed up for a date at an art museum with a charming, intelligent man.  A date Jany had been courageous enough to suggest, even.  She smiled at herself in the mirror as she slicked on some pink lip gloss.  Since she’d gone to Club Bubbles with Jacob, she’d developed a sort of new perspective on life.  Well, not totally new, but it had been the most amazing, unbelievable thing in the world to see that many women who were her size—and even bigger!—acting as if they had every right to believe they were beautiful and loveable, even sexy.  And to see men who believed them when they acted that way!  There was a tiny sparkle of hope inside of Jany now, a tiny sparkle that had given birth to a brand new ad on

            She was hardly even nervous as she got on the train and headed for the station where she was meeting Franklin.  After all, he had an idea of what she looked like, and he liked it, and he was intelligent enough to appreciate her passion for art.  Why wouldn’t he like her?  Jany giggled out loud.  It was the first time she had ever dared to think about a man, or anything else, so positively.  It was exhilarating.

            She hurried to the Starbucks in the train station, ordered a grande mocha, and placed herself carefully so that she could see both entrances to the store.  She wasn’t sure how she’d recognize Franklin, since all she knew about him was that he was a black man, six feet tall, who was on the thin side.  She’d sent him a photo with her last e-mail, though, so he should be able to find her.  A black man walked up to the counter to order a drink and Jany’s breath caught, because he was astonishingly attractive and she thought it just might be Franklin, but he left as quickly as he had entered, without even looking at the tables.  Another man approached but didn’t even slow down as he passed.  Jany carefully studied every black man she saw for the next half hour.  Slowly, disappointment set in.

            Jany’s experience at Club Bubbles had affected her so deeply that she felt as if, somehow, the whole world must be a different place now.  The discovery that it was only she who had changed wasn’t a pleasant one.  Jany pulled her phone from her pocket and fiddled with the buttons, in an attempt to distract herself for a few minutes.

            Just as she looked up from her phone, a smiling man walked in and looked carefully from table to table.  He was searching for someone.  It must be Franklin!  Jany shook her head to dislodge her negative thoughts and prepared herself to be bright and fun and entertaining when he saw her and approached.  His scan of the room finally ended at the table Jany was sitting at.  A thrill of excitement jolted her.  Then the smile slipped off the man’s face and he turned and hurried away.  Jany felt suddenly sick.

            It had been Franklin—it had to have been.  And he had seen her and turned around and left.  Obviously, even though he liked big women, she was just a little too big.  She slid her phone into her pocket, threw away her unfinished drink, and got up to leave.  She ran into the wall on the way out because her eyes were so clouded with tears that she couldn’t see.  She stopped outside, tears coursing down her face, purse pinned between her knees, to rub her shoulder where it had hit the wall.  And then she heard a voice behind her, felt a hand on the back of her neck.

            “Jany?  You are Jany, right, Baby?  How are ya?”

            And now it was him—now that she was crying and disheveled and not at all smooth or sophisticated, it was Franklin.  Jany desperately scrubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand and turned to face him.

            “Yes.  It’s me,” she told him.

            “You okay, Sexy?  Have you been crying?  It’s not ‘cause I’m late, is it?  I missed my train and had to wait for the next one, and I never got your cell number.”

            “Oh—no.  No, I wasn’t crying.  I just—I bumped my shoulder and it made my eyes water.  I’m fine, now.”  And she wasn’t crying, anymore.  As soon as he had called her sexy, the world had turned right again.

            “Good to hear.  Hug me, Beautiful!”

            He immediately pulled Jany close and held her tightly against him.  Every inch of his body was pressed against every inch of hers.  The scratchy tweed of his suit coat was abrasive on her face, his jeans felt warm against the thin material of her skirt, and from this close she could see that there was lint and pet hair clinging to his clothing.  The bottoms of his jeans were frayed.  And he smelled like cigarette smoke.  In person, he didn’t seem to quite match the persona he had presented online.  Jany wasn’t sure it mattered, though.  Flattering words, thrilling caresses—Jany was enjoying herself.

            Finally, she broke away and straightened her skirt, proud that she had the courage to pull away first.

            “Ready?” she asked.

            “Yes I am, my darling.  Follow me.”  He abruptly turned and walked toward the stairs leading up and out of the train station.  Jany hurried to keep up.  By the time they had climbed the stairs, she was huffing and wheezing, red-faced.  She was relieved when he stopped on the corner to wait for a bus.  “You doing okay?” he asked.

            “Yeah, I’m fine,” Jany lied.

            “You sure are, Baby.  Let me touch you again.”  He pulled her close once more, this time covering her lips with his and slipping his tongue expertly into her mouth.  He kissed her so hard and long that she began to feel weak.  Jany wasn’t positive if the weakness was caused by attraction or by oxygen deprivation.

            A bus pulled up and Franklin grabbed Jany’s arm and dragged her after him as he hopped up the steps.  He paid both of their fares and pushed Jany into a seat, sliding in after her and pressing himself up against her.  He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and moved in for another kiss.

            Jany pretended she didn’t notice and turned toward the window.  She needed a little time to breathe.

            “I don’t get to this part of town very often.  How long is the ride to the university?”

            “The university?”

            “Yeah.  You know, for the reception?”

            “Oh.  Yes, that.  I had forgotten about that.  I sort of had other plans.  You don’t mind, do you, Sexy?”  He used his hand to turn Jany’s head and kissed her deeply once again.  This time she didn’t resist.  Jany was so dizzy when he stopped that she couldn’t manage to tell him that yes, she did mind.  “Good,” he said, taking her silence as consent.  “This is our stop.”  He stood up and dashed off the bus, Jany trailing after him.

            They were in a dark residential neighborhood.  Not the best neighborhood Jany had ever seen, but it wasn’t the worst, either. and with all the houses around, she figured someone would hear her if she screamed for help.  She followed as quickly as she could, but within a couple of blocks, she was so out of breath that she felt like she might just keel over right there on the sidewalk.

            “Hold on, Franklin!” she called as she stumbled to a stop and pulled her phone out of her purse.  Then she paused.  The old Jany, the one who had written the old personals ad, would have pretended to be on the phone so she didn’t have to admit she couldn’t keep up.  The new Jany, though, was bolder than that.

            “I’m sorry, but I can’t keep up with you.”  She dropped her phone back into her bag.  “Could you maybe slow down a little?  Us big girls can’t go tearing through the streets quite as fast as you skinny guys can.”  She grinned brightly to hide her trembling chin as she waited to see if her declaration would lead to rejection.

            “Yeah, Babe, of course I will.  It’s all good.  You don’t have to call me Franklin, though.  All my friends call me Frank.”

            Great.  He was a smoker who wore tattered jeans and had dog hair on his pseudo-intellectual-looking tweed coat and was taking her to God-knows-where instead of to the art gallery he had promised, and now he didn’t even have a sophisticated name.  Jany smiled at her own misguided notions.

            “Okay, Frank it is.  Where are we going, anyway?”

            “I just wanted to take you to meet a friend of mine.  She works in a bar with a real cool atmosphere.  I thought we’d go have some drinks.”

            “I see.  Okay, then.  Let’s go.”

            “In just a minute, you sexy woman.  First I need to do this.”  He leaned in and kissed her, once again holding her so intimately that she was almost afraid they’d get arrested for performing lewd and indecent acts.  One of his hands rested on her rear and the other cupped the side of her breast.

            When he started walked again, he slowed it down just a bit.  Jany managed to keep up, if not easily.  Finally, at long last, he led her into a bar with windows full of neon and tables full of gaudily-dressed people.

            “Jeanine!  Hey, Neenee!” he called to a short, stocky bartender dressed in black leather pants and a matching halter top.  Her hair was short and spiky and dyed a shade of blue so bright it almost made Jany’s eyes water.

            “Hey, Frank!  What up, bro?”

            “Just wanted ya to give a shout to my new girl.”

            The bartender looked at Jany in a slow and deliberate way.  Finally, the woman gave her verdict.

            “Got yerself a hot one, here, Frank.”  She turned to Jany.  “I’m Jeanine.  Friends call me Neenee.  You can call me anything ya want to.”  She winked and left to help another customer. 

            “What ya drinkin’, Sweetie?” Frank asked Jany, grinning.  “She liked ya.  Whatever ya order’ll be on the house.”  Jany was somehow confused by his words, but she didn’t have much time to consider them before the bartender was standing before them once more.

            Frank asked for a couple of whiskey sours.  Jany ordered a diet cola.  If she was going to be traipsing around the city all night with a drunk man, she wanted to be able to think clearly.

            “You’re not drinking, Baby?  Come on.  Have somethin’ real.”

            “No, thanks.  I’m really not much of a drinker.  I’m good with the pop.”

            Jany studied the other patrons surrounding them.  She found it funny that there were plenty of people in the place but hardly any other couples.  Then slowly, it dawned on her that they were couples.  They were just same sex couples.  It didn’t bother her or anything—she’d been in gay bars before, with Mala, who refused to declare her sexuality one way or the other—but it seemed odd for a straight guy to bring a woman to a gay bar on their first date.  And when they finally left the bar and were on the sidewalk again, Jany noticed that not only had they been in a gay bar, they were in a gay district as well.  Every single storefront had rainbow-colored neon signs where they would normally be pink or green or blue, and the street lights had triangles of rainbow-striped plastic etched into their wooden poles.  For the first time in her life, Jany felt conspicuous not because she was fat but because she was straight.  Especially when Frank insisted on holding hands.

            Frank stopped suddenly, pushed Jany up against a building, and wrapped himself around her.

            “You are soooo sexy,” he whispered in her ear.  “I can hardly keep my hands off of your beautiful booty.”  To illustrate his point, he ran his hands up and down her body, touching her in places that had never before been touched in public.  Self-consciously, Jany giggled and closed her eyes.  This was something new, and even as embarrassment flooded her being, there was a sense of exhilaration that accompanied it.  As much as she knew she should want him to stop, she suddenly didn’t.  It was fun to be with someone who was so openly attracted to her.  By the time they continued down the sidewalk, Jany’s knees were rubbery and her heart was pounding.  She didn’t even look to see where they were going when Frank led her through the door of a business.

            She sure did look once they were inside, though.  The wall to their left was covered in movies, and they weren’t exactly PG-13.  Jany had never in her life seen as many naked bodies as she saw when she looked at that wall.  First a gay bar, now a porn shop.  Jany’s blood boiled at the same time that her bones chilled, creating a curiously steamy, shivery sensation that seemed to fill her being.  As they walked slowly through the aisles, Jany saw things she had never seen before, things that made her flinch and blush and even grimace. 

            “Do you like that?  How about that?” Frank kept asking.  All Jany could do was shrug her shoulders mutely.  She was certain that if she opened her mouth, she would erupt into a childlike fit of giggles.  There was no experience she’d had or book she’d read or movie she’d seen that helped her know precisely how she should react to this situation.  She was frightened and flabbergasted and excited all at once.  The excitement came from stepping so far outside of herself.  It was just what she needed to kick off the new Jany, celebrate the new ad seeking a new kind of man, jump start the new life that she wanted for herself.  No more meek, mild, apprehensive Jany. 

            “Was that fun?” Frank asked as they exited at last. 

            “You know, it really was, in a way,” Jany told him bravely.  “I’ve never been in anyplace like that before.  I was ready to bolt when we went in, but I’m glad I stuck it out.”

            “Wanna go back and I’ll buy ya a little present?”

            “Uh, no.  No, that’s okay.  I’m not quite ready for that yet.  Thanks, though.”  Jany smiled, proud of her developing sense of confidence.

            “Alright, Baby.  Anything you want.  Hey, I know you didn’t back at the bar, but do you ever drink?”

            “Yeah, sometimes.  Not a lot.  But I just went into a porn shop on a first date—I could probably use a drink tonight.”

            “What do you drink?”

            “I dunno.  Mostly fruity stuff.  Margaritas, daiquiris, mojitos—you know.”

            “Well, come on in here, then.  I’ll buy you anything you want.” 

            “In here” was a liquor store.  Jany looked around hesitantly.  She wasn’t sure what Frank had in mind.  Finally, her eyes fell upon s display of wine coolers.  They’d taste good enough that she could choke one down and had little enough alcohol that she wouldn’t lose control. 

            “Here.  Let’s get these.”

            “Really?  That’s all you want?  I’ll buy anything, you know.”

            “I know.  I like these, though.”

            Outside again, Jany noticed that the neighborhood seemed to have morphed from a gay district to a homeless district.  As in, there were plenty of homes around, but they looked abandoned, and there were plenty of people on the sidewalks, but they didn’t look like they had been inside of a home in years.  They wore baggy, nondescript clothes that were so dirty they were all the same color, and their skin and hair was all one uniform, greasy color.  They stopped outside of a tall brick building.  One of the dirty people, a man, Jany thought, was leaning against the doorway, holding out an open, crumpled paper lunch bag.

            “Money,” he called out in a whiny, weak voice.  “I need money.  They’re kickin’ me out.  Gimme money.  Please, please, oh God, please gimme money.”

            Jany shivered and looked away.  The neighborhoods that she frequented had begging homeless people, too, of course, but they seemed somehow cleaner and less heart-wrenchingly desperate. 

            “Wanna go in here?” Frank asked, nodding in the direction of the brick building.

            What was the place?  A homeless shelter?  A rundown apartment complex?  A civic center of some sort?

            “Uh—I don’t know.  What exactly is this place?”

            “It’s a hotel.  I know it’s not a nice one, but I can’t take you to my place this time, and I don’t want to have to go all the way back to yours.  I can’t wait any longer.  I have to have you.  Come on, Baby.  Please.”  He looked at her pleadingly.

            The old, shy Jany was back, for one brief second.  Every cell in her body was screaming no.

            And then, as Frank placed a hand on the small of her back, it felt as if Jany stepped out of one self and into another.  This was her life, not anyone else’s, and she could make her own decisions.  To hell with doing the right thing, the responsible thing.  Cautiously, she squared her shoulders and nodded.

            “Yeah.  Let’s go in.”

            “How much for a couple hours?” Frank asked the man in the hotel office, a small room barricaded behind iron bars and Plexiglas.  His words gave Jany an odd thrill.  A good girl like Jany didn’t do these things, but she was suddenly and undeniably turned on at the thought.  It was the closest she would ever come to being a cheap prostitute, and life was all about new experiences, right?

            The elevator would not come, so they climbed staircase after staircase through dark, narrow hallways that smelled of urine.  From the hand-written signs on the wall, Jany gathered that you could rent a room for anywhere from an hour to a month, and she got the feeling that most of the other women she saw, and a good portion of the men, probably really were cheap prostitutes.  It was fear that thrilled her, and fear that made her feel safe, because she was confident that as long as she remained en guard she could escape from any threat she came upon.

            Finally, they got to a room on the fifth floor.  It was dark except for a lamp in one corner.  None of the light switches worked.  The TV would not go on.  There was a used miniature bar of soap on the ledge of the bathroom sink, its crumpled up wrapper on the floor.  The shower curtain was torn and dirty and the bathtub stained.  The room reeked of cigarettes and booze.  And worst of all, the bed was not even made.  The room seemed alive with nasty things like herpes and AIDS.  Jany reminded herself to be careful, but gave herself permission to enjoy the uniqueness of this night.  They had barely been in the room a minute before they were both sitting naked on the bed, Jany nursing a wine cooler and Frank taking long pulls from his whiskey bottle.

            And then Frank’s hands were savagely exploring her body.  The old Jany would have let him do as he wished, making no demands or overtures of her own.  The new Jany tensed for just a second and then reached out toward Frank, exploring him as he was exploring her.  It was she who asked him in a whisper if he had a condom, and she who offered her body to him.

            At three in the morning, Jany was on the train home, dirty and exhausted and completely sated from the most satisfying encounter she’d ever had with a man.  She knew for sure she wouldn’t be seeing Frank again—he and his fast moves and porn shops and raunchy hotels were just not her thing..  But she smiled sleepily as the train pulled into the station.  She might not yet be who she wanted to be, but she was also definitely not who she had been.  The new and improved Jany had arrived.


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From the Plus Side with Emily Smiltneck


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Good 4 U Food

Recipes for Good... Healthy Food

By: Xander - The Food Dude


The Realization of Love and Risk

by Xander The Food Dude

Everyone has a longing to love and be loved.  It is a horrible moment when you come to a realization that love has ended and turned into something else.  It’s at that point that blame is placed on whoever’s fault it is that the relationship ended.  In some rare cases one person has the responsibility, but more commonly all people have a hand in the ending of relationships.  It’s at that point we already started promising ourselves that never again will we put ourselves “out there” so that we might spare our hearts and souls the impending, waiting destruction.  Never again would we allow our heart to feel that good again.  We vow that we need no one.

And, then time passes.  The breaks in our heart heal a little and we start letting the sun back in bit by bit.  Then we let a lot of light back in, causing the areas of our lives to be illuminated and shows us what we need.  Over time it has been illustrated that the human spirit cannot be confined and remain alive.  All too often we see cases where people have been hurt and have decided that to hang on to that pain is the best way to prevent it from happening again.  While the soul doesn’t die, its rhythm can be silenced.  Oddly enough while we place that responsibility on others we are the ones who choose, and actually are the ones who silence it.

But, then more time passes.  One day we get up and whether is by choice or need the rhythm starts again.  We can actually feel it happening, although more often then not we don’t see what it is, but we feel it.  Eventually, that can potentially lead into love.

And then one day you say to yourself, “I’m in love”.

Yeah, I’ve been bitten.  I’m in love.  I can still feel the dark moments, and perhaps it’s not the pain, but the fear of that pain happening again that I feel.  I try not to get bogged down it and am slowly letting it go to make more room for that fabled feeling to take over, but life does have a way of working up some problems and working out others.  To not acknowledge that would open myself up to risk.  The problem is that if I don’t open myself up to risk then there is little chance for relationships at any level to progress to the next level.  While my mind says “go ahead”, my heart fears what “may” happen.  At some point we each must decided whether its worth the risk or not.  We each must determine whether fear of rejection and failure is a reasonable price for what we want from our lives.  If that relationship has you questioning like that, chances are it’s worth the risk.  Will it be the perfect relationship, the fated soul mates that we all long for ?  Who knows.  Will it succeed or fail ?  Who knows. 

The thing is that we must be willing to be saved before any of can be saved.  If we cannot accept the risks of living, we can never be truly great at anything.  To excel is to through caution to the wind and allow the fates to have their way with us.  Does that open use up to failure ?  Does that mean we risk rejection ?  Does that mean we can be hurt ?  You betcha, but in reality the options are worse than failure, rejection, and getting hurt.  This would be us choosing to silence our souls.  What could be worse than that? 

Xander's Recipe of the Month


Grillin' and Chillin'

Grilling food seems to be gaining popularity with the rise of the TV food shows. The availability of indoor grills, sometimes built into the stove top, has helped spur the interest in the oldest form of cooking. There's just something about that grilled flavor that draws people in.

I thought in typical grilled fashion I would give all of you a variety of things to choose from as I can never make up my mind on grilling.


Barbecued Pork Loin With Grilled Onions


1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon dry oregano -- crushed
1 clove garlic -- minced
1-1/2 pounds lean pork tenderloins
1 large sweet onion
olive oil cooking spray


Combine chili powder, cumin, salt, oregano and garlic in small mixing bowl. sprinkle spice mixture over meat, pressing into surface. Arrange coals for indirect cooking. Place meat on grill, cover and grill for 30 to 45 minutes until thermometer registers 160F. Spray onion slices with olive oil cooking spray and place on the grill rack over coals last 10 to 15 minutes of grilling time. Slice pork and serve pork and grilled onions with Corn and Black Bean Salsa.



Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken


2 tablespoon juice -- lemon, concentrate
2 tablespoon juice -- lime, concentrate
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
pepper -- jalapeno, seeded
10 milliliter garlic -- finely chopped
2 teaspoons bouillon -- chicken --
2 cubes
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
chicken breast -- halves
-- skinless, (1 lb)


IN shallow dish or plastic bag, combine 3 tbsp water and all ingredients except chicken. Add chicken, coating well with marinade. Cover dish or seal bag; marinate in refrigerator 4 hours or overnight. Prepare outdoor grill or preheat grill. Remove chicken from marinade; pour marinade into small saucepan and bring to a boil. Grill chicken 15 to 20 minutes, turning occasionally and basting frequently with marinade. Serve hot. Marinating Time: about 4 hours or longer. Cooking Time: about 15 minutes.



Barbecued Fish


1-1/2 pounds firm -- whitefish fillets
- such as red snapper
- or halibut
1 small onion; chopped
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 tablespoon catsup
2 tablespoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce


COMBINE ALL SAUCE INGREDIENTS in a pot, place over medium heat and boil until reduced to a thin syrup. Pour the syrup through a strainer, discard the cooked ingredients in the strainer and chill the marinade. Place fish steaks or fillets in a baking dish and spoon some marinade over them, coating all sides. Marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Pour off marinade into a small pan and heat to boiling. Grill the fish over hot coals, basting with a teaspoon of the marinade on each side. Remove fish when internal temperature reaches 155F or the fish is just flaky and the translucent color is gone.



Grilled Tomatoes And Green Onions


1/3 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice or wine
2 tablespoon fresh basil -- chopped
1 tablespoon shallots -- chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
3 large tomatoes -- cut into slices
- 1/2-3/4 inch thick
10 green onions -- trimmed, up to 12
including 4" of green tops
1 sprig fresh basil or


Firm tomatoes, even those that are slightly green, should be used for this recipe. They are less juice and hold their shape better when grilled than fully ripe ones. Fresh basil is wonderful with tomatoes, but you could also use chopped tarragon or even parsley in the basting sauce. Serve warm or at room temperature, with grilled lamb or fish. Prepare a fire in a grill. Position the oiled grill rack 4-6 inches above the fire. In a small bowl stir together the oil, lemon juice or vinegar, chopped basil, shallots, salt and pepper. Arrange the tomatoes and onions on the rack. Grill, turning them two or three times and brushing with the oil mixture, about 5 minutes. If the onions are large, they might take 1 or 2 minutes longer. Transfer the tomatoes and onions to a platter and Garnish with basil or parsley springs.


Thank you for Reading Good Food 4U

By Xander the Food Dude

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Big Girls on the Red Carpet


Cher Rue is an actress, writer and producer. Starting out with writing "Dear Cher" she knew she loved helping other people. Being plus size all her life this was where she knew her calling was.

Cher was seen on "Dr.Phil, "Good Morning America", "Entertainment Tonight", "Russian, British, Japanese, and Viet Vietnamese Television". Also a documentary filmed at the Las Vegas Bash on the Travel channel, and Current TV, a online station, with numerous radio interviews talking about size acceptance.
You can also see a recurring show "Secret Lives of Women" seen on the We channel "Women's entertainment".

Cher was recently in a new movie "Forever Plaid" coming out soon.

Cher is now involved with mainstream "Hollywood" and charity events showing that beauty comes in all sizes
it is what is inside that counts.

Cher has always loved seeing others happy and helping others to find their inner self and beauty.
Ten years ago, she found the plus size community and she knew this is where she would focus on helping others who were like her and had some of her experiences and pain that she went through.


Gregori J, Marting Producer - Movie Premier "Raven"

Article by: Cher Rue 

Gregori J. Martin surprised us with a second movie within a month, this time a story
about local Vampires. The main Vampiress "Raven" played by Meadow Williams who was
a key player in his last film which Martin and Williams both wrote called 'The Intruders",
a twist in the mind of the main character which I really enjoyed.

The movie had some great characters, and Dee Wallace (ET) played a waitress and was so cute.
The bar crowd included Courtney Gains who did a great performance. The Vampire that stood out was
played by Wes Cage ( Nicolas Cage son) and he was awesome.
Raven was turned out by the head of the Vampires to be his woman, she was already with someone
and the movie is about his quest to find her and destroy all the Vampires so that no else is affected
and turned into Vampires or killed.

After the premier, the lobby was filled with many celebrities, from soap opera's and movies, some
old timers and some who are just arriving on the scene. A Gift bag was filled with a t-shirt from the movie
and some great trinkets.

Off to the after party and another red carpet at a club called "Halo" in Hollywood. I hung out with
the Producer Gregori and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff (Baywatch/Dynasty) she is so beautiful and a lot of fun! As the celebrities and guests danced it was a long night so off I went.

Another fun night in Hollywood.
From the Red Carpet,


Celebrities who attended.

Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff (BAYWATCH / DYNASTY)


Fred Williamson(Starsky & Hutch)


Tamala Jones(HEAD OF STATE)

Sam Sarpong (MTV YO MAMMA)

Pooch Hall(CW THE GAME)

Kristen Deluca (ACTRESS/MODEL)

Bobby Banhart (MTV's A SHOT AT LOVE)
Ezra Buzzington (ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN 2)

Saige Ryan Campbell

Lourdes Colon




Ditch Fourtwenty


Gavin Houston (THE RUM DIARIES)



Christopher LaVoy


Joanna Mahaffy (Actress/Model)


Jamie McCall

Abigail McFarlane



Dave Shelton

Cher Rue


Bryan Michael Stoller (LIGHT YEARS AWAY)

Quin Walters (THE INTRUDERS)

Derrell Whitt (THE INTRUDERS)

Celebrities from the Film:

Steven Bauer (William)

Kira Brannlund (Leot)

Weston “Arcane” Cage & Eyes of Noctum (Thorean and Vampire Band)

Tyler Christopher (Vlad)

Vincent DePaul (Dragos)

Alexa Ellenburger (Biker Bitch)

Courtney Gains (Danny)

Gerald Hopkins (Lou the Bartender)

Brody Hutzler (Brick)

Gerald Kessler (Deputy Reeves)

Roland Kickinger (John Salem)

Susie Mancini (Royal Woman)

Gregori J. Martin (Director / Dr. Ahn)

Rudolf Martin (Lazar)

Aaron Pope (Writer)

Bret Roberts (Wade)

Tristan Rogers (Priest)

Mario Sellitti (Kurt)

Matthias Schubert (DP)

Ethan Stone (Bounty Hunter)

Frank Turek (Bounty Hunter)

Dee Wallace (LuAnne)

Ari Welkom (Steven)

Meadow Williams (Raven)

Alicia Leigh Willis (Sandra)

Chris Winters (Fritzy)


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Hot & Heavy Entertainment


     Stephanie Baham is a native of Los Angeles, CA and now resides in the San Francisco area. She's a 38 year old professional who has long enjoyed the craft of writing. Her other interests include film, theatre, yoga, dancing, literature and politics. Stephanie holds a Bachelor's degree from Cal State University, Long Beach in Theatre Arts. She is currently working towards her degree in Psychology.


"Dance Your Ass Off" - It’s “So You Think You Can Dance” meets “The Biggest Loser”!

with Stephanie Baham


I’m not a huge fan of reality shows….but this one seems to be worth watching.  If you’re a plus-size fan of dance….this show is for you!

Bringing dance and nutrition together, Dance Your Ass Off features 12 talented, full-figured contestants who will have to lose weight and achieve high marks on their dance routines to win the grand prize. Each contestant is paired with a professional dance partner who will train him or her for weekly stage performances. The dance genres include everything from Hip Hop, to Ballroom and even Pole Dancing.

Producer Sally Ann Salsano says “It's a complete combination, [which] makes it fun. People that love a straight stage-competition show are going to love it, but then the weight-loss element gives it a total amount of heart. It is literally the perfect mix of both, and I think one inspires the other — the dancing becomes more important to the weight loss and the weight loss becomes more important because of the dancing.”

The 12 are a diverse group of moms, dads, former models, dancers, cheerleaders and so on. The show provides a doctor, choreographer, trainers, and costume designers. Including Dr. Robert Huizenga (NBC's "Biggest Loser"), nutrition specialist Meg Werner Moreta, R.D., and Crunch Fitness trainer Lee Wall.  Each week they work at losing weight and training for the big dance, which is performed before a studio audience and three judges: Mayte Garcia, formerly the wife of the artist formerly known as Prince (and now known again as Prince); actress Lisa Ann Walter; and British choreographer Danny Teeson (briefly in "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl"). Winner gets $100,000.

The judges would rate each contestant’s dance performance on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 (really from 5 to 8, as it turned out); that average would be added to the percentage of body weight the contestant had lost that week. To keep the suspense going, the two contestants who had lost the smallest percentage of weight would dance at the end and would not have their judges’ scores revealed until both had finished dancing. 

The host is Marissa Jaret Winokur.  She is a Tony Award-winning actress, well known for her role as plus-sized Tracy Turnblad in the hit Broadway musical Hairspray. Most recently, Marissa made it to the semi-finals on the sixth season of Dancing With the Stars. When asked Marissa about her experience on Dancing With The Stars, she had this to say: “It worked for me because... you're learning how to do a dance, you're using your heart, you're using your soul, you're sweating and you don't care. When you're working out, there's a reason you don't want to work out anymore — it's boring. [With dancing], when you get out of breath, you're like, "Well, I want to learn it again."

The show premiered Monday night on the Oxygen network.  The contestants were introduced one by one, as they walked into a “Real World”-type living space.  Two refrigerators sat in the living space…one labeled “Eat,” the other “Cheat”.  They were filled, respectively, with nutritious food and junk food.  The show’s resident doctor explained that it was to keep things real: “We want them to get used to saying no.”  (In my opinion that’s just torture! I say no to torture)!

Some dancers really stood out. Pinky, a 29-year-old street dancer, lit up the floor with a pumping performance to “Just Dance” that earned an average judges’ score of 7.3. Mara, a 23-year-old from Detroit who described her style as “Afro-Caribbean-infused jazz hip-hop everything gumbo dance,” nailed the beat on “My Humps” and also received a 7.3.  (Unfortunately, the music were covers of well known pop songs…which I really find annoying).

When the dance and weight-loss scores were combined, the serious nature of the competition became apparent. Despite earning the top dance score, Pinky came in eighth because she had lost only 1.28 percent of her body weight.

Overall, the mood of the show was positive, supportive and joyful.  Each contestant had their own reasons for wanting to lose weight. Some wanted to change their health, get back to their high school weight or improve their looks. I think everyone already looked great…and I was worried that some of the contestants viewed losing weight as an answer to all of their life’s problems. But to each his/her own. 

The costumes they wore during the dance routines were colorful, sexy and fabulous!  Each contestant seemed to be having the time of their lives out on that dance floor. The audience was on fire and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The elimination was hard to watch….it’s as if all the contestants grew very close in such a short amount of time and it was sad to see them separate.

I love dancing, and I believe the accomplishment of performing a dance routine will provide an experience that the contestants can really enjoy.  I hope that in learning these dance routines, it will be a huge boost to their confidence and self-image.  Not all of the contestants were happy with how they looked and it was apparent. My wish is that through dance they will be able to see just how much they can accomplish no matter what size they possess.

The show airs Monday nights on Oxygen.  You can also watch recaps & highlights online at


Stephanie Baham



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Stephaine's Links:


National and International Plus Size News


     I am a former plus-size model and stage performer. I have written articles that have appeared in local newspapers, college magazines and I was a sports editor for my school newspaper. Currently I have a book coming out in May 08, How to Make a Living Without a Job: the Guide to Professional Temping. It will be available online through Amazon and can be ordered through Barnes & Noble or Borders. I split my time between the Bay Area, CA and Houston, TX.


Government to beat Obesity Epidemic - by PAYING fat people to Lose Weight!
with Iolande Vitt Argent

Fat people could be paid to lose weight under Government plans to tackle obesity.

Ministers said the Health Service and employers could give vouchers to the overweight to spend on healthy food in supermarkets.

They also suggested that those who manage to lose weight could be given cash prizes.

Britain is in the grip of an obesity epidemic. A quarter of all adults and one in five children are obese.

Fat people could be offered vouchers to spend on healthy food in supermarkets and even cash prizes to lose their extra pounds under plans being examined by the Government

Experts say that by 2050 at least 60 per cent of the population will be obese.

But the Government strategy risks provoking accusations of a nanny state culture because it also urges schools to appoint "lunchbox police" to check that pupils' food is healthy.

Other ideas in the 40-page report are for compulsory cookery lessons for pupils and at least five hours of school sport a week - up from the present average of two hours.

There will be a healthy food labeling scheme and ministers want councils to use planning laws to limit the number of fast food outlets near schools and parks.

But one of the most controversial parts of the report is a plan to give the overweight financial incentives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It said: "We will look at using financial incentives, such as payments, vouchers and other rewards, to encourage individuals to lose weight and sustain that weight loss, to eat more healthily, or to be consistently more physically active."

No firm ideas have been put forward but sources say it could include vouchers to buy healthy foods, or prizes for those who manage to cut their weight.

Ministers are looking at a range of U.S. incentive schemes, such as one run by a private health insurer which allows clients to choose from a range of prizes if they manage to keep the weight off.

And the report commends two weight loss competitions run by British employers.

One firm had a "Biggest Loser" scheme, an eight-week individual weight loss competition.

The man and woman who achieved the greater percentage weight loss received £130 in shopping vouchers, while the man and woman who lost the most weight circumference got £30 each.

Participants lost up to 6.4 per cent of their weight.

In another scheme, Cold Turkey, workers were grouped into teams.

The team with the greatest percentage weight loss every week received a fruit basket and the team with the greatest weight loss at the end of 11 weeks got a trophy.

"In the U.S., for example, there is some evidence that small financial payments, as part of broader programs to tackle obesity, have proven particularly effective in incentivising individuals to both achieve and maintain weight loss.

"However, we are a long way from understanding what kinds of incentives work, which groups might be most affected by them, and how cost-effective these incentives are."

It also raises the possibility of giving employers grants to make healthy options available in staff canteens, provide fitness facilities and invest in facilities for cyclists.

The report said: "Employers will reap the benefits in improved productivity, high staff morale and retention, and reduce sickness absence costs."

Health Secretary Alan Johnson and Schools Secretary Ed Balls yesterday launched the strategy, which promises an extra £372million to help people live healthier lives.

Mr Johnson said: "Tackling obesity is the most significant public and personal health challenge facing our society.

"The core of the problem is simple - we eat too much and we do too little exercise.

"The solution is more complex. From the nature of the food we eat, to the built environment, through to the way our children lead their lives, it is harder to avoid obesity in the modern environment.

"It is not the Government's role to hector or lecture people, but we do have a duty to support them in leading healthier lifestyles.

"This will only succeed if the problem is recognized, owned and addressed in every part of society."

Some £30million of the extra funds will be spent on the creation of "healthy towns" to promote physical activity, and £75million will go on an advertising campaign to promote a healthy diet and exercise.

The Government also reiterated its target of cutting the proportion of overweight and obese youngsters to 2000 levels by 2020.

Conservative health spokesman Andrew Lansley said Mr Johnson was "dithering" over food labeling.

He said: "Obesity takes a huge toll on people's lives and is set to cost the NHS tens of billions of pounds a year by 2050. Is this really the best the Government can come up with?

"The Government had no obesity strategy whatsoever until 2004; now half the 2004 strategy has been repackaged because it simply hasn't been delivered."

Dr Colin Waine, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, welcomed the report. But he added: "We are disappointed that the issue of food labeling still has not been resolved.

"And we would have liked to have seen legislation to end the advertising of energy dense food to children."


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The Big GB

My Gastric Bypass Memoirs

Sonya L. Bennett, (also known as “Truthfulblkwoman”) is a 38 year old, black female, single with no children living in Detroit, Michigan.  She is the youngest of a set of fraternal female twins, with a older sister.  Sonya lives with being the larger twin, and discovered people always presumed that they would look alike in SOME way... Even though fraternal twins don't necessarily look alike.  Always being the heavier of the two, people (family, associates, friends) were quick to point it out. She grew to realize an outer appearance is what people judge you on initially.  As a college-educated freelance court stenographer, it never occurred to her that size would prohibit her from receiving work.  In the legal world, the “eye candy” usually didn’t fill UP the corner.

In 2007, Sonya was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes; a generational curse that she had prayed to avoid, but didn’t worry about while she piled butter pecan ice cream on her German Chocolate Cake.    Only a few months into this diagnosis, she woke up one morning unable to walk and in excruciating pain in her left foot.  Doctors finally diagnosed an acute tendonitis, exacerbated by uncontrolled diabetes.  That was the wake-up call, She had suffered for years with high cholesterol and sleep apnea; all associated with her weight,  it wasn’t until this happened (wheelchair bound for a month and on crutches following that) did she tell herself "I have to do something about my weight."  On April 17, 2008, Sonya had the gastric bypass medical weight loss procedure and it was the best decision that she made for herself.  In these upcoming writings, Sonya invites you to learn the ups and downs of gastric bypass: through the eyes of one who lives it every day.


Roadblocks Are Often Momentary Blessings

with Sonya Bennett

So near and yet so far; thoughts flew through my mind and apprehensions arose all around me. My family, who had often been encouraging of the many odd choices I’ve made in my life, started expressing their dismay citing the obstacles that were coming up were signs that I should not have the surgery. In my mind, they were evidence that I was on the correct path towards a new beginning. Many people believe that if a surgery is voluntary, it is less medicinally necessary. All surgeries are voluntary; conscious decisions are made as to whether a surgery will be completed or not. If we, personally, do not make the choice, someone in our family does if we are incapacitated. Childbirth: voluntary: if you have chosen to carry a child for the nine months or less that you are pregnant, there has to come a time that the child is born or removed or it may be detrimental to both lives. The gastric bypass is no different for most and I chose to save my life.

The term: morbidly obese is defined as: a medical condition which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy by Wikipedia. Though I was highly discouraged, I continued to strive towards having the surgery. I began going through old journals and boxes in storage that contained the many diets and programs that I had been successful and no-so-successful on. One, in particular, whose program I immensely enjoyed and excelled on, submitted an official letter stating that I was under their care for eight months with consistent weight loss goals met. I shared this information with Barix’s pre-approval department and went along with my journey of completing the items I needed completed. In January of 2008, Barix called to inform me that it was no longer necessary to show participation in a year-long medical weight loss program for pre-approval and I, again, began to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

With one obstacle down, I now had to provide an additional sleep study and obtain a new machine before the surgery for post-surgery after the anesthesia is removed. CPAP Machines should be replaced once every two years and mine was more than 10 years old. I was fortunate to schedule another sleep study within a week of the request and in the midst of waiting for this study, I was given a choice of surgery dates: I chose April 17, 2008, my “new birth” day. This sleep study would show the levels that a new CPAP Machine would be set for and measurements taken for the new machine. The hold-up would then be receiving the report which usually takes about 14 business days. I took the sleep study and asked if they could expedite the report to coincide before my Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) which was scheduled seven days before my surgery.

During the first week of March, I inquired with my insurance company to discover my $2,000.00 deductible had been met for the year; no surprise with the multiple doctors’ visits and blood screens that had to be taken. My co-pay for the surgery would now be $1,000.00 that could be paid in $100.00 monthly installments. The psychologist whom I met with for the pre-surgical evaluation was paid in full and Forest Medical/Barix Clinics had my evaluation. My family physician had submitted my EKG results and everything seem to be falling into place.

I arrived at my P.A.T. early. The nurse took my weight and, as I saw the number, tears came to my eyes; not realizing that I had gone well beyond the 300 pound mark. The nurse took several vials of blood to check the blood gases, tested my sugar and checked my blood pressure. She inquired about prior surgeries and explained that it was a good thing that I had had my gall bladder removed; gallstones tend to accumulate after the gastric bypass. She also gave and taught me how to use a plastic contraption that looked like a toy which I would breathe into after the surgery to prevent pneumonia from setting into my lungs as I recuperated and finally, gave me pre-admission instructions! My surgery was to begin at 7:00 a.m., which meant I was to arrive at the facility at 5:00 a.m.!

Stay tuned for my August submission, as I wheel you into the operating room with me...



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The Big GB - My Gastric Bypass Memoirs

Sonya's Links:

Sonya Bennett on Facebook


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Never settle for less you deserve more, I am going to stick to that.





I keep getting pulled back by emotions even though my brain knows better.





My World will change when my mind does.  Why is it so hard to change my mind?




So I met this guy and his looks are really not my thing.

But he is very nice maybe I could have a chance with him

How do I get past those weird expressions and face?






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Fashion Furious

BBW/BHM Fashion of the Month

     We all hate how the Fashion Industry is just scratching the surface when it comes to Large Sized Fashion.  But I have found out that many clothing stores and online companies are beginning to take up the slack.  Creative BBW, SSBBW and BHM's are making there own clothing or mix matching and finding basic everyday wear and night club wear. 

     Making it affordable is what can be hard so showcase your wonderful finds here.  If your a regular shopper, sew your own clothing or a designer showcase your clothing here by submitting a picture for Fashion Furious of the month.


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Fashion Find by: Raqui

Fashion Type:  BRA SALE

Why I Like this Item: 70% off all bras what more do I need to say YEAH YEAH!!!


Woman Within -




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What is good for Big Sized Bodies


    A very important and necessary part of LargeInCharge.  Find out what is helpful for big bodies.  Keep your self straight with some of our tips and tricks. Find out what other Big Sized people use to keep themselves smelling, feeling, looking, and living a proper life.  What kind of products are allowed. Anything that deal with the body. From cleaning aids to soap, lotions, powder, healing aids etc.  anything that can help a big body!

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Product of the Month

About the Product

Recommender: Raqui

Name of Product:
Arch Brace for Men/Women

Type of Product: Arch - Foot Brace

Cost of Product: $14.99

Where Product can be found: 


Treat heel pain (plantar fasciitis), heel spurs and foot strain without a trip to the podiatrist with the FootSmart Arch Brace. The curved brace supports the plantar fascia, a band of connective tissue which helps maintain the arch of the foot, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Wear anytime and especially during periods of strenuous activity.

Treat heel pain (plantar fasciitis), heel spurs and foot strain without a trip to the podiatrist with the FootSmart Arch Brace. The curved brace supports the plantar fascia, a band of connective tissue which helps maintain the arch of the foot, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Wear anytime and especially during periods of strenuous activity.

Why I like this Product:
This month is simple. If you need extra support these items are an affordable item to try for both men and women.  And ladies if you have a bigger foot like i do buy a size smaller in men's.



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