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The Big GB Getting my Life Back after Gastric Bypass  Angie Bee


From the Desk of NAAFA

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FOoDiE in You ~ Lucia Roth


The B.I.G. Beautiful Inspirational Girl  - Ms Suga


Dating Survival for Today's Woman

Kathy Edmondson


The Observer - Jness


Curvy Styles - Amy Lucas


The Skinny on Big Love - Jay Hansen


Thinking Big - David Edmondson


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By: Raqui


Looking for new Writers for 2014!

About Our Writers Search:

     LargeInCharge is looking for Volunteer Writers for our Online Magazine.  We are looking for Males and Females who wants to write about issues that concern large people.  We need people who will be dedicated to writing columns/interview once a month in a timely manner.  You do not need to be a professional writer,  Good writing, typing skills, the ability to spell check, understand grammar and have your article sent in on time is what we are looking for.


     We want to bring the voice of the people to the people.  Give them something they can related to and enjoy on a monthly basis.


    LargeInCharge is a non-profit Online magazine, which is why we are asking for Volunteer's.  This is a great opportunity to brush up on your writing skills, expand your writing experience/ portfolio, or to learn different writing styles.


NOTICE:  This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.  You must be able to hand in one article on time monthly for a period of 12 months.  You will be asked to give in three stand by articles for you column for emergency purposes.  If you wish to continue after 12 months then you may stay if your track record is good.


We are looking for writers for the following Positions.  NOTE we are open to Ideas if you have a particular column you would like to write.

  • A Big Man's Gear - Fashion for Big Men!

  • Make - up, Medicine and Body - External to internal make your body feel and look great!

  • All Natural - Natural Remedies that help the body be balanced. Catering to Plus Sized People

  • Big Excerise - Tips on Excerise routines for those with limited and non limited abilities.

  • Dating for Large Ladies /Large Men

  • Inspiration - Inspirational stories, interviews and articles on loving yourself as is.

  • Plus Sized Entertainment - Interesting Plus Sized Entertainers on TV, in theater and on stage.


Would you like to be a writer? Apply following the directions below.


     Send in the information below along with a clear photograph of yourself and one complete article at least 500 words.  Please make sure your article is matching the position your applying for.  If you are a versatile writer and applying for more than one position send in one article for each position. If you have an idea for your column which doesn't fit the above categories please give details about your idea for the column along with your sample.


     Any submissions maybe be used in the magazine as a guest article or other wise if you do not receive a position.  If you are picked for a position it will be used as a back up for your column in case of emergency.


I want to Apply for a Writers Position:


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I am allowing LargeInCharge to use my image and article as they see fit.  By typing my name and date I understand that I agree to the above.   TYPE NAME/DATE HERE


Send to: raqui@largeincharge.com   or you may submit via facebook if Raqui is your friend.


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     Raqui the Owner and Founder of LargeInCharge.com, Raqui's  "Tell it like it is" style of writing has brought thousands to her blogs and millions to LargeInCharge.com.  There is so much behind the woman who has brought this magazine into existence.  Being Internationally known as a wrestler/squasher lead the way to modeling for companies and being featured in magazines and documentaries from all over the world.  She has made a career out of her size and personality. Born and Raised in the Bronx NYC. This city girl is taking the world by storm.


     For almost a decade Raqui officially moved into Size Acceptance and Empowerment.  With the creation of LargeInCharge she took what she said to individuals to a higher level and made it public to the internet world. She is a woman who doesn't let things get to her.  Knock her down for the moment but she will rise up stronger and better.  Being a speaker on behalf of many subjects and counseling Plus Sized people online her grace and style has made people love her.  Raqui continues to set an example of a powerful woman who will bend the world to fit her, her way.


     Raqui's appearances include, Uk Television, German TV, Japan, Europe, Sweden and the Spanish circuit.  Her many magazines appearances have been world wide.  She has hit American Television in 2006 with Good Morning American and since has appeared on The Cristina Show,  The Maury Show and The Tyra Banks Show.

To view her Online portfolio visit www.Raqui.com

Raqui's Blog titled Raqui-ism "Soulfully Speaking! - http://raqui-ism.blogspot.com/

go to www.Raqui.com Portfolio Section

Raqui-ism - Worthy Charities 2013

Written By: Raqui





Investing in Futures

This year of Charity to those in need really was a joy for me. It was something I never saw myself as being able to do, since I have always seemed to be in such need myself for one reason or another.  With my life change there was also a mental change and giving to charity has allowed me to open my heart in ways I didn’t think I could before. As each month passed I felt good about knowing I have given to some worth causes.  But this month I feel better than I have the whole year.  That is because I discovered MicroBanker.com.

You might have seen that amazing video of 500 women from Uganda dancing and lip syncing to a song by Jessie Jay called Price Tag.  If you haven’t seen it check it out below.



I personally loved it and was touched by it.  These women are not asking for handouts, they are looking for some individuals who are willing to invest in their futures.  For someone to donate the necessary money they need to start a business or help fund a business they are trying to succeed at.  Whether it is supplies to maintain and enlarge their small farm, to be able to finance their work as a seamstress, buy goods to sell at the market, or supplies to open a local rural store.  They just want a chance to work and provide for their families and they want to pay you back.

With MicroBanker.com what they do is go into rural areas and accept business plans from women who are poverty stricken.  If their business plan is accepted it is posted on the Micro Banking website.

Micro Banker works to advance the location as a whole, they gather at least 5 business ideas in a certain location and all these women agree that the loans given will be paid back on a weekly basis and will help each other with paying back the loans if necessary.  All loans to be paid back within a year with interest.

The money you donate can be used over and over again once it is paid back.  So your donation over time can help many women advance their businesses.


This was something I wanted to be involved in, so this month I choose a woman to invest in. I read her business plan and decided that she would be the first woman whose life I would invest in.  It feels good to invest in someone who is willing to work hard and I believe in her. 




About Us

About SYPO Uganda Ltd.

www.microbanker.com was started to support the Ugandan microfinance project of the Dutch NGO SYPO. We provide small business loans to poor women in rural Uganda, who do not have access to conventional bank loans.

READ MORE HERE - https://www.microbanker.com/about-sypo-uganda-ltd


How it works

Track the impact and progress of your donation

Choose a business idea you’d like to support. Donate the small loan amount here online and receive login details to track progress. In ‘My portfolio’, you can follow repayments of each woman you help, see her business updates, and ask questions about her progress. As her success grows, you can recycle the repayments towards other women’s business ideas on this site. 

The small business loans you provide here online allow women in Uganda to work for a better future and escape the poverty trap of generations.

Loans of only €40-500 ($54.33 – $679.15 in US Dollars) are enough for women to start a profitable business, with a very real impact on quality of life for their families and generations to come.

The loans are repaid in a maximum of one year with low interest, which itself covers the cost of sustaining the organization. This way your donation can help women again and again to start or expand their businesses. The project is strictly non-profit.

The Women
We only give out your money to poor women who do not have access to conventional financing in rural areas of central Uganda. Most of our clients live under Uganda’s poverty line of USD $2.50 a day. We only lend to women because microfinance experience shows that women generally repay better than men. They cannot get loans from normal banks because they have no collateral, no credit history, and because they usually live very far from the nearest branch.

Teamwork & repayments
Women receive loans in groups of five, each with her own business plan, and mutually responsible for each other’s repayments. They apply to loan officers in our small field offices, deep in the villages of central Uganda. Once our trained officers are convinced of the business plans, they appear on this website for you to select and sponsor. Repayments are made on a weekly basis, usually in the field offices. The women receive proof of their repayments, after which the loan officer enters the transactions in an online system, which lets you track your client’s repayments in the ‘My portfolio’ section of this website.

Loans given out within six weeks
After you select and sponsor a business plan, your client will usually receive her loan within six weeks. Even if the other loans in her group are not yet sponsored, we will use a contingency fund to finance those loans too, making sure your client will not have to wait. During this time, the clients receive simple financial literacy training and show the loan officer the location where they plan to conduct their business.

Your portfolio
Through ‘My portfolio’ you can stay connected to each woman you help throughout the course of her loan. You can track her payments and keep an eye on total repayments in your portfolio, which you can give out again to fund other business ideas on this site. Twice a year, you can put questions to each entrepreneur you support. Perhaps you’d like to know how her loan has changed her daily life, what impact it had on her children, or how she intends to further grow her business. The loan officers will take your questions to the client’s next repayments, and enter the answers online in your portfolio.


Your support is a donation
Even though you can recycle the repayments of the borrower into new microcredits, your donation will remain a donation. It cannot be taken out again. The main reason for this is that financial regulators would consider us to be a deposit-taking bank in such a case, and as a small non-profit we cannot afford the expensive licenses and regulatory guidance involved. By enabling you as a microbanker to reinvest the repayments in a new microcredit, we do hope to show the strength and impact of microfinance.


My Investment - So who did I choose to Invest in?

Annet Amaru

Birth year 1992

Marital status: Married

Children: None

Business: Local brew and silver fish selling


Business plan: 

Annet operates a bar and also sells silver fish. She buys 1 jerrycan of local brew from Namaiba every week and transports it to Kakuba. She also goes to Katosi Landing site and transports fish to Kakuba where she sells from.

She needs to boost her silver fish business since the market is growing and there is demand for it yet her supply is low. She needs to also increase on the quantity of local brew she buys since customers are very many and are complaining. In return, this will help her to improve her wellbeing.


Personal Situation:

Annet narrates that, her father was against education and so never gave her a chance to go to school. She started working as a house maid in Seeta for one year and then later got pregnant by a boyfriend. Unfortunately the kid passed on. She is now married and is engaged in local brew selling and farming.

I hope that maybe this Holiday Season you might find someone who you want to invest in. Making it a part of your family, coming together to help another and watch them progress and grow.  It can be a beautiful thing to share.

How to Follow MicroBanker and learn more









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Angie BEE grew-up a standard-sized young woman, educated in communications, promotions and planning.  She became a wife, mother and ministry support member while building businesses and her faith.

Through stress, age and a poor diet and while suffering from major depression and attempted suicide, Angie BEE's weight climbed from 180 pounds to 360 pounds.  She was diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, an overactive bladder and poor leg circulation.  At the age of 40 an anxiety attack and the decline in her mental health forced her to stop work and look at improving her declining health.  It was during this time that Angie BEE became inspired by her younger sister Sonya Bennett during her process towards Gastric Bypass Surgery.  Sonya launched this column and will return occasionally to contribute to it, but now that she is three years-post surgery... her life is focused on something new!

Now, celebrating her first year of a new life since having the procedure herself, Angie BEE is healthier than she has been in over a decade.  Losing the first 100 pounds was just the bonus!  She is now diabetes-free.  She has normal blood pressure.  The circulation in her legs is normal.  She sleeps without a c-pap machine and more!  The joy that she feels is documented each day in her syndicated radio show, a brand new weekly  TV show documentary and each month in this article.  The Big GB stands for The BIG Gastric Bypass and it also stands for "Getting (my life) Back".  This article reflects how Angie BEE's life has improved... by the grace of God and as the result of having Gastric Bypass surgery on Feb 28, 2011.  This is now her life!


Let's Tuck It In!

with Angie Bee

I remember my grandmother telling me "Stand up straight, hold your chin up and tuck in your gut!”  I think I was maybe five years old when she told me that because I don't remember that the babies had yet been born; my younger sisters (the twins) were born when I was five years old, so this was a "pre-sibling" childhood memory.  Now, years, later I reflect on that instruction: standing up straight with your shoulders squared shows leadership and confidence, holding up your chin reflects confidence and strength, especially in men.  Tucking in your gut reflects....what?!  


Somewhere in that lesson from grandma some self-imagery was deposited into my life: how does that tummy look in the mirror?  Turn sideways and see if that tummy pokes out.  If it does, do some more sit-ups.  Skip a few meals.  Is your tummy so large that, when you look down you can't see your "goodies"?  I reflect on these thoughts as I am recovering from my November 15th tummy tuck which removed the excess skin that uncomfortably hung after losing more than 150 pounds from the gastric bypass.  I met a man last summer that says he became celibate when his belly began to grow; "If I can't look down to see my junk, I don't want a woman checking it out!" (SMH)  His self-image resulted in his lack of a sex life with a woman because of self-imposed insecurities; he felt that having a large stomach somehow minimizes the size of his manhood.


Since having gastric bypass surgery in February, 2011 I have realized that my weight has gone from my highest at 387 pounds to where I currently am at 205 pounds.  I realize that having lost this much weight means that my appearance has changed and that my health has drastically improved: the diabetes is gone, the depression is manageable through prayer and counseling now rather than through a cocktail of pills.  I also suffered from peripheral artery disease (P.A.D.) so those swollen ankles and feet are a thing of the past!  I realize that my life has improved and my image has too; but through this transition one thing has remained: my belly!


The skin that hung on my belly, abdomen and hips was a reminder of how large I was and a reminder of how sick I was.  The skin moved and flapped around when I walked in the house and even smacks the top of my thighs when I sit down and walk.  Let's not even TALK about how that "apron" of skin reached the opposite side of the bed before I did!  Rolling over was a "group effort" with that wad of flapping skin and there is no way for me to "tuck in my gut"!  Yes, I know; a girdle helped hold it all together when I dress up and it stopped the flab from flopping around when I walked up and down the aisles of church or my grocery store but the girdle didn't help with the lower back pain!  The pain was so intense that at times I can't sit upright for too long; it even creeps up my back to my shoulders if I am out running errands wearing no girdle.  I could maybe live with the unsightliness of the bulge but I couldn't live with that back pain anymore.  I feel like Queen Latifah when she underwent breast reduction surgery years ago: in an interview, she revealed that she could live with the size of those curves but she didn't want to live with the pain.  I feel ya, Queen!


On Friday, November 15, 2013 I underwent a tummy tuck procedure to tighten weakened tummy muscles and to remove my "wonder flab" of apron skin.  I didn't undergo this procedure in order to improve my appearance; remember what I told you last month -- I look good!  I really do look good!  I underwent this procedure to continue towards my goals to improve my health, quality of life and overall self-image.  I look forward to no longer NEEDING a girdle; it diminishes my successful image by still needing the undergarments I needed when I was 387.                                   


My soul mate and I married in August. Bartee is a good man, He is wise beyond my comprehension and he loves the Lord.  He has never looked at me cross-eyed because of my belly and he has never suggested that I do this.  You don't believe me?  Send me your number and I will have him to call and talk to you.  LOL  A man that makes degrading comments to his wife over her body image is not worthy of having a Queen for his helpmate!  During one of our first dates, I told him that I wanted to have this procedure and once we started talking marriage, his response began to change.  He went from saying "well set a goal and do what you want to do with your life" to saying "we are gonna get this done together!"  He even rescheduled our December honeymoon so that I will have time to recover from the procedure.  "I would rather go when you are up and around and can enjoy the cruise than to rush you and have you uncomfortable"; now THAT is a good man!  We started taking the "BEFORE" pictures of me in some of my favorite dresses and I can't wait to take those "AFTER" pictures for each of you to see.  I thank God for how He is providing the resources for me to continue to work on my health and I am excited to share this with each of you.


 Please keep me in your prayers this month as I recover from this surgery and Lord willing I will have more for you next month.  Much love and BEE Blessed!




Angie BEE


Author, Magazine Publisher, Producer, Promoter &

The Host of The Hottest Home Hotspot WORLDWIDE

Syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio Show

Last Week I wanted to Die!




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The Big GB - Getting My Life back after Gastric Bypass

with Angie Bee

     Founded in 1969, NAAFA is a non-profit civil rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. NAAFA works to eliminate discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy, and member support.


     This Column is dedicated to the tremendous work NAAFA has been doing for over four decades.  LargeInCharge wishes to support NAAFA in spreading the word of its work, and give the public more information into issues we as plus sized people should be aware of.  The fight for equality for people of all sizes is one we support.


     This Column will include News Releases and Calls to Action from NAAFA Directors.


This Column has been Approved by NAAFA.org


Does the First Lady Support Bullying?

from: NAAFA.org

Does the First Lady Support Bullying?


NAAFA asks First Lady Michelle Obama to reconsider any plans to participate in another episode of The Biggest Loser to promote her Drink More Water and Let’s Move campaigns.  Repeated appearances on The Biggest Loser imply approval of the abusive tactics for which this show is well known and in essence sanctions bullying, fat shaming and weight stigma.

"I am concerned that The Biggest Loser promotes short-term weight loss and does long-term harm to the bodies, minds, and spirits of many of its contestants and viewers--precipitating eating disorders, weight gain, depression, and weight-based bullying," states Dr. Barbara Altman Bruno, Ph.D., LCSW, author and NAAFA Advisory Board member.

NAAFA invites the First Lady to sit down with members of the size advocacy, eating disorders and obesity communities to better understand the potential consequences of her choice to align herself with a program that promotes stigma and bullying.


To sign the petition created to oppose the First Lady’s appearance on The Biggest Loser, go to:  http://www.change.org/petitions/first-lady-michelle-obama-please-do-not-appear-on-the-biggest-loser-and-instead-engage-with-the-advocacy-communities-specializing-in-weight-stigma

NAAFA opposes discrimination and bullying in any form.  To learn more about NAAFA’s End Bullying Now campaign, visit our Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/EndBullyingNow.naafa


UPDATE - The above press release was circulated on October 23, 2013.  We’ve just received the following exciting announcement:

BingeBehavior.com and BEDA Head to the White House

On Tuesday, November 12, Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder of 
BingeBehavior.com and Chevese Turner, Founder and CEO of the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) attended a meeting at the White House to discuss weight stigma and how it relates to the Let's Move! Campaign.  The intent of the meeting is to share ideas about how to address weight stigma and discrimination in schools and to express the desire of our community to participate in developing tools to create a better understanding of how weight stigma impacts all body types among program administrators.  Size and shape are not indicative of health and the folks in the field need to understand this.



Founded in 1969, NAAFA is a non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. NAAFA works to eliminate discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy, and member support.




Thanks for reading

From the Desk of NAAFA




Some of you make know me as web girl/Lulu from Fashion Find. Well… I’ve move on to another one of my favorite’s pastime which is cooking. To get you all up to date on what’s going on. I’m currently pursuing a graduate degree at Ashford University I have a B.A. degree in Organizational Communication from Southeastern Louisiana University.


I am most passionate about cooking. I believe with cooking you can always grow… I fried my first egg when I was 2 and baked my first cake at 5. Cooking is an easy and dynamic experience if you have a passion for a good tasting meal.


Motto: Cook with your heart not with your head.


If you have a favorite dish you would like to share please forward with recipe and photo to




Happiness Kitchen
with Lucia Roth

Merry Christmas, Season greeting, and happy holidays, etc…. Yes! Another year is coming to an end and a New Year is just around the corner and I’m excited about what the New Year will bring. “May old acquaintance be forgot” and let us forge a new self with a renew spirit of love, life, and friendship.  With that being said,  I would like to send each readers of Large In Charge Magazine and the editor Miss Raqui herself a humble thank you for allowing me to bring you exciting recipes that my family and I enjoy and even ones that was passed along to me. 

            So let me asked this question: Do you really want to tie down to your kitchen? I know I don’t. Well… Here are a few tips that will keep you stress free. 1. Start your cooking early. 2.Get a Smoked Turkey! And just pop it into the oven.  Best tip of the month super easy dish Sweet Potato Casserole Love! Perfect… just perfect!  



Sweet Potato Casserole



  • 3 cups mashed sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup melted butter


  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • 1 cup chopped pecans (you can use walnuts or marshmallows)



Combine first 6 ingredients. Pour into a buttered 1 1/2 to 2-quart casserole dish. Mix remaining ingredients together and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350° for 30 to 40 minutes, until hot and browned.
Serves 6 to 8.



Moscato d'Asti

Bon Appetite!



     Ms Suga is a plus size woman hailing from Sunny South Florida. She is a 24 year old recent recipient of a Bachelor in Arts degree in Communication Studies. Being plus size for the majority of her life she has overcome many obstacles to finally come to the point where she is fully content with herself and her life. This self love has also allowed Ms Suga the privilege of sharing her love with those around her. She is very passionate about life and loves to help others.

     Ms Suga likes to see herself as the one everyone can go to for positive, inspirational and truthful words of advice and/or support. She is the Beautiful Inspirational Girl that is blessed, intellectual, trustworthy, caring and hardworking.

     Ms Suga has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl when she used to think of short stories about what her life would be like as she got older. This is Ms Suga’s first opportunity for her thoughts to be public for the world to see. Excited about this column Ms Suga is also very optimistic of her future in writing and promoting self love and acceptance in the plus size community.


Am I Better Now?

with Ms Suga



Wow it is December already?? Jeez this year has flown by. Let me let you all know now that this will be the last article from the B.I.G. :-( Trust me I hate to part ways with the wonderful readers and supporters of LIC but I must close this chapter in my life because with the New Year comes new adventures. And for Ms. Suga one of those new adventures includes Grad School 😁. So no sappy farewells from Ms. Suga only see y'all later because you never know when or where I'll pop up, Now enough of the emotions.


As we close out this year I challenge you to question yourself "Am I better off now than I was 12 months ago?" I know I can truly say that you are a better woman now and so much has changed. As we get closer to the New Year, question yourself, "Did I do all if any of last year’s resolutions?" If so what's next on your list of goals? And if not how can you move closer to your goals? Life brings about change whether we want it to or not so the best we can do is grab the bull by the horns and make the most of it. With change comes experience, lessons to learn and wisdom to be passed on to others.

My old teacher used to tell us "Every day you learn something new whether you realize it or not. And after all is said and done the last thing we do is learn how to die."


For my last article of this year I encourage you to learn as much as you can in this life because you only get one and when your time is up...it's up. Don't think I mean go back to school or that I'm knocking you for not going to school. There's more to education then what's in the pages of a book. Learn new routes to work or a new recipe. Learn how to love and how to forgive. Learn how to relax or how to change the oil in a car. It doesn't matter what or how you get them just take what you can from this life. Once it's in your head no one can take that away from you.


I hope this Holiday season brings you everything you need want. Remember tomorrow is promised to no one. So laugh like you've never laughed before, love like you've never been hurt before, and live like there's no tomorrow to live for.


Be blessed my friends. Enjoy the holidays. Until we meet again.  Much love from the B.I.G.

Ms. Suga



Kathy is originally from a small town in Michigan but has lived in San Diego County since she's been 18 years old.  Kathy graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Finance in 1999.   She has a real estate broker’s license and works as a mortgage banker.  


Kathy also owns BBW Club Catalina in San Diego which has monthly night club parties and other fun events on a frequent basis.  Kathy has been an avid supporter of NAAFA, Vegas BBW Bash and San Diego BBW Bash and believes in size acceptance and health at every size.  


Kathy is a firm believer that people need to have a full life by going to the movies, dinner, bowling, dancing and anything that will make them a happier person and not wait till they are at the perfect size to start living their life to the fullest. 


Kathy is in her mid-40's and her children are grown and living productively on their own.   In her spare time she likes trying new restaurants, dancing, modeling, bowling and spending time with family and friends.



The Holidays and the dreaded Ex's

 with Kathy Edmondson


The holidays are a notorious time for ex's to try to get in touch with us and reconnect.  Why you ask?   They are alone and don't want to be lonely for the holidays so they think about what ex-girlfriend would make them feel the best and so the calling and texting begins.   I'm not saying you shouldn't hang out with an ex-boyfriend around the holidays, as long as you can see this for what it is, then I say have fun with it.  


I have seen friends in the past who thought when their ex contacted them, it was because they were still in love with them, and wanted to get back together.   I'm going to say this is probably untrue about 95% of the time because why would someone wait until the holidays to get back together?   There is nothing better than reminiscing with a past love about the time you spent together, but also keep in mind all of the times that weren't that great.   I would like to also caution everyone who decides to have sex with their ex to use the maximum amount of birth control possible.   There are so many babies conceived from having a fling with an ex, and then you are connected to this person for the rest of your life.


If you are certain that you want to spend only platonic time with your ex than absolutely do not have him come to your home, or go to his where you will be alone with each other.   I would recommend meeting them in a public place for coffee, lunch or dinner.    The holiday season is the time for some extra alcohol but how many times is our good judgment impaired by drinking so I think nonalcoholic beverages might be the best option if you are looking for just a friendly meet and greet.  There are a few tricks to keeping yourself busy over the holidays so you aren't lonely and can avoid the lure of spending time with an ex.


1.  Spend lots of time with family and friends


2.  Make sure to spoil yourself with manicures, pedicures, make overs and massages.


3.  Host a party at your house for close friends


4.  This is a great time for reorganizing your closets, drawers and home when you have some extra time off from work.


5.  Volunteering your time at nonprofits during the holidays is a great way to feel good and help out people in need.


6.  Make a list of reasons why you should not spend time with your ex's so you are ready and prepared to say oh no thanks to spending time with them.


Kathy Edmondson






Celebrating almost two decades as a Graphic Designer/Published Illustrator, Jean Nerestant Jr (Jness) got his start as a graphic artist in 1994, Still working as a graphic designer by day/ Jness devotes time to his hip hop Culture, comic book art and Plus size/BBW Art.




with Jness

One thing I have learned in forty something odd years of living is that life is richly and abundantly saturated with challenges that seem to be tailor made for the purpose of testing character and moral integrity. With that being said, I am sure that many of you might agree with that theory. Then if that is the true purpose of life’s mountains and valleys, we have to strive for that bitter sweet spot of righteous unwavering character. This is the very virtue that greatness is gleaned from. As complicated as an individual’s life can be, my careful review has lead me to believe that there are two ways to walk through life, with your head up or with your head down.

When you choose one of these methods of walking through life several things happen. The first thing that either posture can affect is how you feel about yourself. Walking with your head down makes your outlook one of defeat. For example a track runner would have a difficult time gaging a rapidly approaching hurdle with their head down.

When attempting to clear obstacles, it is better to keep your head up, because it makes a statement of confidence to every onlooker and challenger. Hence the second thing that is affected by your posture, the way you are perceived by others. Keep your head up. In reality every runner can’t win the race but, how it was run, and how you finish makes you a winner and a force to be reckoned with.

This month’s new illustration features a fashionable curvy beauty, and diva in the making. This piece is called CONFIDENCE. It makes reference to, how a person feels, how they want to be received, and most importantly who they are. Dress your best, be your best, show you’re very best, and don’t yield to every invitation that comes your way to distract you. You are far too valuable for that, Big, with much more to offer, beautiful in so many ways and ready for the world. You are poised for the challenge and confident of what the outcome will be.


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Hello there all my fashion loving friends. My name is Amy Lucas and in this column I hope to bring you some new outfits that will make you feel great and be Large and In Charge. My whole life has not been devoted to fashion as my background is in teaching Spanish, Math, and Science. I also have a master’s degree in Central Office Administration.


With that said, I have been wearing plus sizes for as long as I can remember so I do know the struggles we all face to find cute clothes. I come from a smaller town in Michigan, which means I have an even harder time finding plus size clothing in my area since the choices are so limited; as well as, the sizes and styles each store carries. 


Out of necessity, I started looking online instead of just settling for the places here and have found that other women could use the help too. I run a fashion group on Facebook called BBW Fashion where I post something fabulous each day hoping to help all those to find what they want in their size.


In my career, I've helped plus size students and their parents to find fashion in their sizes that would help them with their self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves. I have also dabbled in fashion before this modeling for three different stores, winning a cover model spot in July of 2012 in Large in Charge magazine, and I was Ms. LBC 2008 for Linda's Big Connections in Chicago. I look forward to showing you what is available in plus size fashion and help you to look even more beautiful and chic.



20 Outfits for the Holiday Season!
with Amy Lucas

The holidays are always a fun time of year since there are lots of events like holiday dinners and parties to dress up for. Luckily, there are lots of outfits right now with jewel tones, metallic colors, fur, lace, sequins, and rhinestones that will help you to dazzle the crowd no matter where you are. Of course, everyone wants to look nice on those days so make sure you check these outfits out before they are gone! 


Outfits for the Holiday Season  
Number 1.  


Completely Me by Liz Lange

Dream Seam Cardigan in Ivory,

sizes xs- 3x, $59.90,



Black Double Ruffle Blouse in Black,

sizes s-xl (12-24), $69.00 www.woledesigns.com


Jean Tulip Skirt in Black,

sizes 1-5x (14/16-30/32), $21.88, www.swakdesigns.com



Number 2.  

Lolita Plisse Plus Size Dress,

 sizes 12-30/32, $185.00


Number 3.  

Starlet Sweater in Black,

sizes 0-5x, $98.00



Lace Skirt in Grey Satin,

sizes 1-7x, $59.00


Number 4.  

“Pauletta” Sequin Peplum Jumpsuit in Black, sizes 1-3x (14/16-22/24), $238.00 www.monifc.com

Number 5.  

Faux Fur Trim V-Neck in White,

sizes 1-3x, $69.59 www.monroeandmain.com


High Waist Plus Size Maxi Skirt in Navy Blue from A Conversation Piece,

sizes 2-28, $169,00


Number 6.  

Rhinestone Trim Blouson in Double Cream, sizes 12-26, $41.70, www.ashleystewart.com

Number 7.  

Leopard Sweetheart Splice Dress,

sizes 12-26, $68.50,


Number 8.  

Rhinestone Ruched Top in Black,

sizes 12-26, $17.70, www.ashleystewart.com


Gold Print Pant,

sizes 16-24, $69.59, www.monroeandmain.com

Number 9.  

Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress in Red Lace/Nude Lining,

sizes 0-5x (10/12-30/32), $158, www.kiyonna.com

Number 10.  

Faux Suede Belted Jacket in Bone,

sizes 1-3x, $199.95, www.monroeandmain.com


Sequin Front Tank in Falcon,

sizes 14/16-26/28, $39.95, www.lanebryant.com


Plus Moda Women’s Plus-Size Hi-Low Faux Suede Skirt in Whipped Latte,

sizes 1-4x, $17.88,


Number 11.  

Peplum Top by City Chic in Red Cherry,

sizes 14-24, $29,



Riley Ruched Skirt in Twilight Grey,

sizes 0-5x (10/12-30/32), $58, www.kiyonna.com

Number 12.  

One Faux Fur Fun Vest/Dress,

sizes 16 -24, $129.95, www.monroeandmain.com

Number 13.  

Faux Fur Convertible Capelet with Sequin Detail by Sure Couture in Black,

sizes xs-3x, $24.36,



Sequin Bustier Top in Black,

sizes 14-28, $79.95,



Evans Black Stretch Bootcut Trousers

in Black, sizes 10-28, $49.50, www.evansusa.com

Number 14.  

Faux Fur Vest in Grey,

sizes 12-26, $47.70, www.ashleystewart.com


V-Neck Sequin and Stud Embellished Sweater in Sparrow, sizes 0-4x, $44, www.maurices.com


Average Signature Pant in Cool Bisque, sizes 12-26, $17.70, www.ashleystewart.com

Number 15.  

Peplum Dress,

sizes 12-26, $68.50,



Diamond Row Belt in Clear,

sizes 1-3x, $11.70,


Number 16.  

“Sybel” Velvet Sweetheart Dress in Wine, sizes 1-3x (14/16-22/24), $188.00 www.monifc.com

Number 17.  

Joan Rivers Button Front Cape

with Tie Belt in Black,

sizes xs-3x, $59.86,



Mossimo® Women’s Plus-Size Sleeveless Scuba Peplum Top in Snow White,

sizes 1-4 Plus, $27.99,



Carmakoma Skater Skirt

with Leather Look Discs in black,

sizes 16-24 (UK), $176.20, www.us.asos.com

Number 18.  

Leigh Plus Size Lace Dress in Gold,

sizes 12-30/32, $180.00


Number 19.  

Crinoline Bustier Dress in Black,

sizes 14-24, $129.99


Number 20.  

Claire Richards Tweed Prom Dress in Black, sizes 8-28, $63.00



Jay Hansen and Heidi Davis are size-acceptance advocates from Oklahoma and co-own Oklahoma's only social size-acceptance group, Oklahoma BBW, BHM, and their Admirers. Heidi was born in 1969 and has been a large woman her whole life, just as Jay has been an admirer of such plus-sized women all of his.


Heidi graduated High School in 1987, which is the same year Jay was born. The two met online in 2005 and quickly developed a friendship. In 2009, Jay graduated the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in English Education, and the following year he and Heidi started dating and quickly fell deeply in love.


Heidi is experienced, blunt, pragmatic, down-to-earth, and strong in every sense of the word, while Jay is intellectual, articulate, ideological, contemplative, and gentle. Heidi is eighteen years Jay's senior and nearly three times his weight, while Jay is 140 pounds soaking wet with a brick in his pocket. He's a king amongst nerds and all things geeky; she's a tattooed, rough-and-tumble, hard rocker to her core. Together, they are a beautiful personification of the old adage opposites attract.


"The Skinny on Big Love with Jay Hansen" was started in 2013 with Jay as the primary writer and Heidi as his muse and endless source of ideas and inspiration. Together, the two hope to provide people with a new frame of mind on love and relationships, promote open-mindedness and acceptance, ask intriguing questions, foster conversations, and prove to the world that titles such as weight and age, amongst countless others, should never stand in the way of one's pursuit of happiness.

Inertial Inhibitions
with Jay Hansen

Law of Inertia: An object in motion will remain in motion

and an object at rest will remain at rest until outside forces act upon it to change its state


No matter how confident, healthy, or proud a person of size may be, eventually mobility almost always becomes an issue. For some, this moment is casual and expected; some may even look forward to it in a way. For others, it becomes an unfortunate necessity that they bemoan accommodating and can often put it off far longer than they should, usually out of some misplaced sense of shame or embarrassment. The latter of these two categories often view a walker, scooter, or other mobility aid as a type of “scarlet letter” for the overweight, making them the target of the scrutiny and judgment of others even more than they ordinarily would as a plus-sized person, which is still far too great even under normal circumstances.


Heidi is definitely the latter of the two categories, as are many plus-sized women. Her aversion to it was so strong that even when her knee was injured for reasons entirely separate and independent of her weight she didn’t want to use the public-access scooters at places like Wal-Mart or the Zoo because, and I quote, she didn’t want people looking at her and thinking “ew look at the fat chick being lazy.” Mind you, Heidi is not bashful or ashamed when it comes to her weight, and yet even a woman of her confidence, self-respect, and self-love cringed at the thought of a scooter because of the cruel, unfounded judgment of others. This is why I ultimately decided to purchase her some sort of mobility aid on my own as a surprise anniversary gift.


Now bare in mind, such a purchase is not to be taken lightly, and discussing the topic with your partner, albeit mandatory, is a sensitive issue that must be approached tactfully and compassionately. In talking with Heidi I learned that she did not want a scooter because she still likes to get up and use her legs, so a walker was definitely a better choice. I also learned that she had borrowed a four-wheeled walker from her mother in the past and she liked it, so I based my decision off of that particular walker type. When it came time to actually shop for one, there were a great number of details I had to keep in mind - some obvious, some not.


Starting with the obvious, you always need to check the weight limit of the walker. Usually it's printed somewhere in the basic information, but you need to think critically about that actual number. For example, the walker we ultimately purchased has a basket under the seat to place belongings; how much additional weight might that be on top of the weight of the person in it? Most walkers are sold with weight limits in increments of 100 pounds (the next level up from a 300 pound weight limit, for example, would be 400, and so on); is the intended user of the walker near a 100 pound threshold? Heidi is somewhat near 400 pounds but still under it, so I ultimately chose to purchase a walker with a 500 pound weight limit just in case she gains weight or if someone else sits or leans on the walker with her in it. On top of that, going up that extra level also allows some of our larger friends to borrow it should they ever need help.


The next stats I looked for were height and width. Heidi's not exactly the tallest woman, but generally so long as someone isn't below five feet tall height shouldn't be an issue, especially considering that many walkers have adjustable handle bars. A bigger issue is width of the entire walker. I bought just about the widest on the market, and I sometimes struggle to maneuver it through doorways. If you have particularly narrow doors or hallways, purchasing a walker could be a difficult task, especially when taking into account user comfort, which is more pertinent to the last two statistics to keep in mind.


When I was shopping, I noticed there were two numbers often missing on product information pages; width of the seat and width between the bars. I wanted to make sure the walker I bought had a seat on it so Heidi could stop and take a break if her knees began to bother her too much. Many walkers are more marketed towards otherwise disabled people, so checking these two stats is imperative. I had to contact the manufacturers to get the width between the bars on almost every walker I was considering. Heidi has never been a particularly wide plus-sized woman, so finding a walker with suitable room for her wasn't that hard. The model we ultimately settled on had 22.5 inches between the bars, and like I said earlier, it seemed to be the widest I could find. Because of how walkers are built they can accommodate people who are a few inches wider than that, but if the intended user of the walker is significantly wider than 22 inches a walker might not be the product you're looking for.


The only other obstacle can sometimes be cost, but occasionally insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, or other state health programs can help pay for them if you're lucky. No matter what, if you're in the market, it never hurts to check. I paid for mine out of pocket, but it was worth every penny. I've never seen Heidi so utterly happy when she opened that gift, and it has helped save her knees and legs from unnecessary pain and injury on many occasions in just the first six months of ownership. Even though at first she seemed opposed to a mobility aid, it just took some patient understanding, willingness to learn what she wanted, and simple online shopping time and her quality of life has improved greatly because of it.


She loved it so much we even decided named our walker T.A.R.D.I.S. both because of its awesomely matching blue color and because it takes Heidi wherever she wants to go (the T.A.R.D.I.S. is the very, very blue time machine out of Doctor Who, for those of you who don't know). If you'd like to know more about the particular walker we purchased, just click on this link to see its page on Amazon (though the one we received after ordering from this page has more of a pouch than a basket).






I was born in San Diego, California on August 30, 1972.br>
Grew up in San Jose, San Francisco, and San Diego California. I Graduated from San Diego State University in 1996 with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism (Radio-TV News) and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science.

I interned with U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein from 1995-1996.

I interned with CBS News during the 1996 Republican National Convention.

Currently I'm a Licensed Sales Representative with Pacific Shores Real Estate, Inc. in Solana Beach, California

I'm Co-Owner of Club Catalina BBW Night Club in San Diego, CA.

And a newlywed, married to Kathy Edmondson as of December 31, 2012.

I am the father of one daughter - Safiyah Edmondson (8) and stepfather to two young men, Alexander Hernandez (22) and John Rhakman Macklin (21).

I enjoy bowling, basketball, tennis, football. I play 12 musical instruments. I also design a web page for a real estate company.

Tis the Season for Support

with David Edmondson


Christmas time is upon us once again and I am thankful for many things. First, it will be a year, that I married my soul mate Kathy. Second, I am thankful for a venue to express my thoughts such as Large In Charge Magazine. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and have made new friends. It has occurred to me in the brief time that I have been in the BBW community that there are cliques reminiscent of high school. These groups range from the popularity group to the jocks to the musically talented and so on and so forth. What I have not seen, (especially from men of size) is the camaraderie that comes from supporting each other. One would think that a group that has been picked on by so many other groups, would be the last to turn on each other but that would be a mistake.

 Here is a true story, one that has happened too many times before. A man of size walks through the room to the sound of snickering, turning into all out laughter as he exits; while another man of size observes this behavior but says nothing. Is it because he fears being mocked by the same group of people? Perhaps it was because he was somehow accepted by that group and didn’t feel the need to help someone like him. Yet instead of taking the lead and guiding someone like himself, he made that other guy feel even more isolated than before. While it was not known for sure, it would be good guess to say that this incident probably occurred many times during that period.

I know this story because it happened while I was in college nearly 20 years ago. I wish that I could say that this story had a happy ending, but it didn’t. That individual, whom was ridiculed for a 3 month period, took his own life, by plunging three stories to his death in a parking garage.  Sure, everyone felt bad after it happened, second guessing themselves asking themselves, what could they have done differently?  My question is why did it take that act, for an issue like this to be talked about?

 There are still so many of us that feel less than confident about our size and this feeling of negativity is even greater during the holidays.  No, you cannot necessarily teach someone to feel good about themselves, but you can change the environment and the atmosphere of that person significantly, by just encouraging him. If you see your fellow man is down in the dumps, try giving him an encouraging word or invite him to hangout. No one wants to be alone during the holiday season. I’m not saying that you have to commit to being a lifelong friend, but just a little gesture goes a long way. It may be the difference between someone becoming more isolated or gaining one more member into our community of size.




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