Our Founder Raqui

     Raqui came onto the plus sized scene actively in 2002 after the death of her husband.  Left destitute with a young child, she began her career as Queen Raqui, Internationally know Wrester/Squasher. She used her strength, size, and weight to provide a service under strict guidelines, for a particular clientele. Using the internet  she gained World Wide status quickly, and has held the title of Heaviest/Tallest  Puerto Rican combination Squasher. Standing 6 foot 4, and weighing 600+ pounds, she dwarfs other people of size easily.


      But this was not enough, Raqui didn't want to be known as the woman who sits on  people.  She aspired to be more, and to make a difference for the Plus Sized Community she was growing to learn more about everyday.  During her searches of the Internet World, she rarely found reliable websites, that catered to Large People and had original content to read.   Websites opened and closed regularly, Broken links were abundant and resources were scarce and quite difficult to find.


     Raqui had an idea, create an online publication that was free to the community and would be updated regularly, something that lasted, and stood the test of time.   Having always been a woman of action, and being that she has some self taught skills as a Graphic and Web Designer, she took her well earned money as a Squasher, and invested in something she believed the Plus Sized Community needed.

     In 2004 LargeInCharge was born, Raqui and one other individual began working on her dream.  Writing articles, researching for interviews and visiting different establishments (businesses, night clubs, websites, casting calls, shows, model searches, pageants, etc.)  Bringing information on what was available to the Larger People across America, and World Wide.  Showcasing Companies and People making moves, so that People of Size could see (by example) that their were Large People out there, who were working hard to be successful. What started as a Newsletter with two writers now has becoming an Online Magazine with Model Searches, Features, Columnists, Interviews and so much more.

     As the years went by Raqui modeled not only for her own website, but for clothing designers, plus sized product companies, and Internationally know Artists.  She was showcased in numerous documentaries, magazines, on radio and television world wide.  She gained even more status in the plus sized community as an activist in the fight for Size Acceptance and Empowerment.

      Expanding LargeInCharge was  a constant desire, even though many mocked her and told her "she was a nobody who was unintelligent", she didn't falter.  Raqui was stalked continuously for years on the internet by those who said, "she was nothing but a poor excuse for a porn star" (Because her Queen Raqui site did not have nude material) and that "she was nothing but a Squasher", "so how dare she try to act like she was anything better."  Raqui continued because she knew there were those who benefited from her work.

     In 2008 Raqui started LargeInCharge Radio (on the Blog Talk Radio Network), after her appearance on the Tyra Banks Show. LargeInCharge Radio is a Online Show dedicated to life and the Plus Sized people who are trying to live it.  While the Show is something anyone can related to, most shows have a plus sized twist, so that the public has a place to discuss, and vent its thoughts or just listen.

     Now in 2010  Raqui's new project is LargeInCharge TV (a Online TV Channel via YouTube). LargeInCharge  has become a Triad of information for the Plus Sized Community.  Many have come and gone but LargeInCharge has been consistent.  It truly has been on the forefront for all Online Magazines who are catering to the Plus Sized Community.

Some of Raqui's Hobbies are:

  • Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Beadwork, Knitting/Crochet

  • Reading, Writing - short stories, articles, poetry, spoken word

  • Public Speaking, Public Performance, Travel, Playing Guitar

  • Photography, Video Editing, Audio Compilation, Graphic & Web Design

 If you would like to learn more about Raqui, her numerous talents, appearances, projects, or to hire her, visit the website below.


LargeInCharge is a site that addresses adult issues for Large People. Some Material may be objectionable for those under 18.

While LargeInCharge is NOT an ADULT ENTERTAINMENT site. We ask if you are under 18 to view with the supervision or permission of an Adult.


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