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  • Monthly Magazine Releases - 1 text a month

  • Weekly Radio Show Notices - 2 per week one notice Thursday with our show topic and one 10 min. before start of show.

  • Our TV Channel uploads - as updated approx. 6 per year

  • Annual Model Search and Voting - 2 times a month during December to February months

  • Other announcements or blasts - rare to 1 per month.

     We don't want you to be burdened with text messages you don't want, so we tell you in advance what your signing up for.

(You can opt in - or out at anytime).  We do not have access to your cell phone number or your identity.  If you can receive SMS text messages you can receive LargeInCharge updates.

     How to register?

  • Go to

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  • you will receive a text on your phone that you created an account.

  • Log into your account and choose to Join Existing Group

  • Enter LargeInCharge Group ID: yaevigu6

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How to opt-out:

Please note: It is completely free to sign up for LargeInCharge text message updates.  But please review the text messaging cost of your cellular provider.  You will be charged per text unless you have an unlimited incoming text plan.


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